Thursday, December 20, 2012

21st December 2012 - A key date in our evolution

Its very interesting to be on the eve of the 21st December 2012. Been looking forward to it for a long time... or had it in mind at least. On one occasion in 2007 ish, Michael Rice and I worked out we needed to perfect getting into a tetrahydral shape so that we could exist in light particle form, during a super nova and return to solid form, if and when the dust settles. More recently, I've been holding a space for many people challenged by the increasing chaos and resistance.

I have started looking beyond this date though, in an optimistic way, to February 19th 2013. Then, I gather, the planet's kundalini energy will have established itself fully and feminine aspects of intuition and grace will be the main forces of nature. Obviously women won't have a monopoly on them, everyone will be on a roll.

Back to tomorrow though... I thought I wanted a quiet day at Harmony Hall for full consciousness but it looks like it will be more action packed. A clearing at 8am, another at 4pm, more at 8pm, the sauna in-between and hopefully a ride on beloved Windy. Please feel free to text at any time for technical support. My only advice would be to hold peace in your heart and trust that you are one of the few who is not attached to too much drama. You are well able to go with the flow and appreciate every moment as a gift...however different or similar to the previous one!! Think its going to be a magic solstice.

 The shamanic journey was fantastic on Monday, thank you Tony and dinner delicious, Jani. There'll be another Conscious Community get together in January. Don't mix up this community with the new Kilkenny Community Radio. Two presenters came and did an hour long interview with yours truly, which they loved. I obviously cleared them to within an inch of their lives and they went away on a buzz and excited to air the possibilities. Then Jani made them supper and was interviewed on recipes and technique as he went along...Strangely, an hour before the show, that sunday, the show was pulled-not allowed to air!

Somehow positivity and awareness are against broadcasting laws these days! The editor said people wouldn't understand! From my very useful reverse psychology perspective, it made me realize I really do have something crucial to say. It made me glad of this blog too. Don't everyone else forget to say what you want, when you want to. Don't let anything hold you back! Fx

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Positive Power Trip

Today is a day for counting your blessings, no doubt about it. For me, anyway, I am downstairs at first light to check the horses after the gale. The whole fence was lying on the floor and Windy was resting a front foot which its hard to see as a good sign. To draw the positives, though, they were both within the fence and didn’t tear out as I ran around, in my dressing gown, attaching it to the posts again. When the wind blows that strong, I feel the turbulence of the whole planet. Spirits seem to run riot. I know the only grip they have is through fear so I paid attention and didn’t fall for it. Now in the light of day, I have also recognized the eternal force of nature. That is what the storm was trying to remind us of. There is that power within each of us. It is only destructive if we fear it, in ourselves or the misuse of it by others. If you can, celebrate that power instead now. Its part of oneness, part of you. I’d go as far as to say its the bit of you with the most potential!! So that’s my plan anyway, to let the fear go and get the feel good factor going again.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Full Marks!

At last you can get ten out of ten. Most people learn the material for an exam or presentation and yet still have to hope that they can deliver, on the day. This is because their minds are hardly their own. Information, that you have gathered on purpose and committed to memory intentionally, is often hidden immediately by unconscious information. It is completely impossible to stay present - cool, calm and collected - as your thoughts proceed mercilessly to ideas like ‘I never remember anything under pressure’. ‘If I mess this up, I won’t get the job.’ ‘I didn’t do enough preparation’. Until you get yourself clear, you can only be run by these old programmes. They are fear of failure, fear of not being good enough and even more annoying ones, like fear of success and fear of loss of identity. You would be amazed how many people do not get promotions or management roles simply because it does not fit with their own underdog image of themselves. Your unconscious mind cannot let it happen and inevitably the sabotage and distractions begin, to make sure you get nowhere. If you would like to break out of this box or teach your children how to think, so they can trust themselves to achieve what they set out for, that is totally possible.  

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why is the moon important?

I know that, on the Nasa website, there is some mega footage of the moon and all the planets and even some supernovas that happened millenia ago, as their flames still show up as pink. If you looked at a science-made-easy site, about the magnetic laws holding us, the tides and the earth itself to certain planes, you’d glean some gems from there too. In energetic terms, though, the moon is a filter, the holder of all human emotional memory and a key to manifestation. 

The reason that a full moon can be so volatile, passionately or destructively, is because it is at its maximum reflection. What it is reflecting back, are the memories of human feelings. Imagine it, the vast relentless wave of bad feeling we have been sending out in our thoughts, actions and desperation. Millions of people feeling separate, poor and victimized. Luckily, conscious thought and a coherent heart are much more powerful than reams of chaos. Furthermore, we also know from Dr Emoto that water, like the moon, holds memory. Hence, I was off holding my water ceremony on Tramore beach late last night. As I’m not, by nature, a conductor of, or even an attendee at, ceremonies I didn’t have a plan but it was magic nonetheless. There was not another soul on the beach however far we walked in the shallows, along the path lit by the full moon. After uploading every song with ‘love’ in it - mainly Lennon, The Beatles but also Westlife ... and then every song with ‘thank you‘ in it - mainly Kirsty McColl, I had a think what else was needed. I remembered the swiss man who healed so many with the acknowledgements; I love you, I’m sorry, forgive me and thank you so I put them out there too. I will elaborate on the moon as a filter and creative force another day, if that’s alright!  

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Up until now, we have had our lives upside down. Taking action is only the tip of the iceberg, of our participation in life. There are emotions, just under the water, intensifying our motivations and intentions. There are mental processes, even further below, comparing our actual experience to our beliefs and expectations. There are constant environmental forces, lapping against the edges. Our history, both individual and collective, is embedded in every ice crystal. 

We can understand peace in this way, whether it is peace of heart or world peace, that you want. It is actually the deepest spiritual energy that needs to be healed first. We know we need to relax and practice forgiveness but no one knows how to do it. Out of the gloom, war has erupted or stress on a grand scale. The human being is not at its best when out of control and reactive. Try not to DO anything! Look beneath the conflict that has manifested  and shed light on the gloomy undercurrents. Every personal, social and global problem is due to lack of acknowledgement. It is not important to trace your historical and geographical background or its likely progression and prognosis for your life. We can, instead, use energy work to give each other the recognition we need. It is the recognition that we are not even separate. The realization of our fundamental unity and brotherhood. You can melt back into that ocean whenever you are ready and take shape as something else, entirely more fitting for who you are right now!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Perfect Timing!

Timing is important, until you realize that the time is always now. Until then, you must worry about punctuality; consider when you are ready to talk; decide when somebody else is ready to hear. If you are dancing, you must count the beats and follow the music. If you are performing, you must embody the rhythm in your playing or movement. It is all structure and adherence to someone else’s composition or timetable. Don’t get me wrong, millions of magnificent projects, books and buildings have been created and completed in this way. The down side is the rush and the fear and the external goal. The best thing you can ever give anyone or any situation is presence; your full, unhurried, attention and acknowledgement. That is what everyone needs. Denial and avoidance have run their course, lets cool down the pace for some quality time.      

Monday, August 20, 2012


Living well does not involve a lengthy analytic process of doing the right thing, what you should do and at the right time! An attempt to act in accordance with right and wrong and should and should nots is exhausting. The good news is that, at this stage, you can assume that you make spontaneously correct choices. You can follow your intuition. As you develop this trust in your own inner compass, guiding you moment to moment, to communicate, tidy up, rest, play, exercise, finish a job you have started, you start to get into a flow. One of the meditations you can try is visualizing yourself climbing into a rowing boat and finding, as you push away from the pier that there are no oars. Sitting in the stern is Jesus Christ himself though and he says ‘Don’t worry, have faith that you are completely taken care of’. Most people are hanging on to the shore for dear life and not letting themselves be carried by the rhythms of life, the natural direction of the water let alone any kind of hope that they are participating in a bigger picture, a wonderful sustaining ocean, which is always happening perfectly. There is one thing you can do right away to allow yourself to move forwards. That is practice non judgement. Every other living creature is in the same boat as you. Keep remembering that everyone is doing their best. Furthermore, we can help each other through loving connections and being catalysts for change. Continually recognize our common ground. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A cluttered but perfect environment!

Are you living your life with complete acceptance today? Imagine someone sitting smiling in front of you, reminding you that you are perfect as you are. You don't have to fix anything. Priority number one is to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Soften your heart to the world around you. From a compassionate perspective, every environment is sacred. Even a factory teaming with life. A hospital, in its race against decrepidation - that's a word I made up myself - sort of a mixture between trepidation and disintegrate. Fear of becoming decrepid! Then there are of course the obvious places and people that make it easy to watch the world with love. Wherever you are, have confidence that you are part of that sacred splendour...even if you don't feel like it!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


How can we develop patience in ourselves and with each other? We could be hard on impatience and say its source is always fear. We are being driven by the fear of losing a person or an opportunity. We might, alternatively go too easy on impatience and say its source is love and the wish to live life right now. But focusing on our impatience will never lead us to patience. Looking around for a definition of it, I understand it as fresh air. It is both a celebration of there being something you’re looking forward to and a trust that it is coming your way. Each breath brings you closer. That’s all we need to know.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Life's a lot more than what you make it!

Today I would like to remind everyone about their spirit. Your being here on the planet is a really good thing. Underneath daily life, stress and differences you have some love to express. Everything is energetic and so let some of that spirit seep through the cracks of your everyday tasks. You will notice by new feelings. Instead of effort, you will feel you are taking part in the natural cycle of existence. Whether you are a man or a woman, take a break from your regular perspectives. These might include; you have to make a living, you have to get up in the morning, you have to look after your family, you have to pick up washing up liquid and so on. Adding the arduous nature of thinking you ‘have to’ do anything, ‘should’ do anything guarantees a zero joy rating, a zero appreciation rating, as you look back on your For a time every day, develop new ideas. Instead of actions you must take, look around for ways the world is supporting you. Choose to receive glimpses of the eternal and the beautiful and let them sustain you. For example the air, the oxygenating trees, the rain or sun, the gaze of your partner, the playfulness of the swallows...or perhaps they’re preparing to move on. But all these things are transient. They are all things that money can’t buy or that you can go out and get in any other way. It is your spirit that can be nurtured like this purely by being, forgetting about your personality for a time. Be sure to receive what is already there and freely offered! Pity not to.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Final Sublaw 16: Mastery

Mastery is almost the most important sublaw to making the law of attraction work for you. This is because you must agree to being the powerful conductor of your own orchestra, rather than continue playing second fiddle in a cacophony of white noise! If you think you are hopeless and stuck, you are. When you know yourself to be an evolving masterpiece, you are. You are being offered the most valuable power of all, to direct your thoughts. The mindfulness training makes you steadily and comfortably aware of initial ignorance; through to noticing revelations; through hopeful anticipation; seeking solutions; decision making; discovery; energy clearing; out-picturing current situations; release; participating in the one mega energy field; keeping a focus on your objective; secrecy until you have made it happen for yourself; seeing yourself as a nature reserve; nourishment for all aspects of yourself; resistance as a good thing; through to this - mastery. Bring it on. Every experience is of your design, so you are now at the end of a cycle of victimization in your life. Happiness and personal achievement awaits! Its a time of transition, savour every moment! 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sublaw 15: Resistance

Now you have set out your desires with great clarity, cleared all the self defeating habits and beliefs from your past and are racing towards your goal. It feels good, you smile at your partner every morning and say ‘I am so grateful everything always works out for us’. You are very very close to mastering the law of attraction. You are remembering that the better the story you tell of your life, the better your life gets. Be ready, though, to acknowledge resistance when it arises. This, penultimate, sublaw of resistance might sound at first more like Sod’s Law. Until now, when you met a pitfall, a hold up or an obstacle you will, no doubt, have had one of two reactions. Either, feeling thwarted - what’s the point, it was never going to happen anyway - or bloody minded perseverance - Do I look bothered? I’m carrying on, if it kills me. The understanding we actually need of resistance is that it is crucial, positive and a very good indicator that change is really happening. Any negativity around resistance will only block progress. If you welcome resistance in any form, you will start to get the consistent results we’ve been priming ourselves for. What you touch will turn to gold as long as you don’t stop the transformation every time it gets uncomfortable! 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sublaw 14: Nourishment

When we describe someone as malnourished, we suppose they are both impoverished and neglected. Hardship and ignorance are the same two atmospheres we put around our dreams though too. We assume they will be hard to achieve and we don’t know how to achieve them. On this sort of fallow soil, nothing much can grow. The sort of nourishment needed is encouragement. This is from the inside out, from you, not waiting for external support. Mentally, this will mean feeding your mind with positive imagery. Physically, it will mean investing time and action, every day. Emotionally, it will mean loving what you’re doing and making yourself laugh - one woman cured herself of cancer completely in three months by reducing stress, I gathered from The Secret DVD! She watched non stop comedies and released all the toxicity she had held in her body through having the craic and cracking up. The same woman demonstrated the spiritual nourishment needed. She would say, every morning, ‘Thank you for my healing’. This attitude of gratitude literally facilitates your interaction with the great sea of possibilities there are.  You are letting the universe know what you want and how glad you are of it. These, in combination, are a feast for your creative force.

Friday, August 3, 2012

No.13 Sublaw of Reserve: You are an ocean wave

Think of yourself, for a moment, as a huge reservoir, maybe stretching a mile across! Your edges are concrete and your water is dark blue and silver with occasional white horses and many ducks gathering on the far side. On the nearside, there are fifty little dinghys and a hundred youngsters come every afternoon, in their life jackets, to sail around buoys, race and practice retrieving ‘man overboard!’ Life is good; sailing skills improve, friendships blossom and ducklings arrive. You offer your water to everyone and yet nothing depletes your supply. Pipes draw gallons to households in the city nearby and the rain replenishes your levels to the brim again. You are a nature reserve. You can only be successful if you value yourself as such! Maintain your boundaries and welcome only healthy living pursuits.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Its was supposed to be a secret!

The Sublaw of Secrecy
Some people, like myself, are very keen to share an idea as soon as it comes to them. They feel like they are sharing the enthusiasm and optimism of having found a solution, even if it is still at the concept stage! In fact, you should keep your goals to yourself at first. This serves to preserve the seed of change. Let your own excitement and strategy develop, however minimalist. Make some investigations and paint a picture in your imagination of how you would like things to turn out. That might be a job application or a look at courses or a book under your pillow on how to make flying machines. I was reading the other day that Angelina Jolie not only bought her own plane and learnt how to fly it but also flies it into poverty stricken countries with supplies, herself. I read it on the internet so it is not much of a secret but it has only come to light now, when she’s actually doing it. On a more personal note, I got only one pass in my school exams and was told I had blown it. On the quiet, I did independent exams when I was twenty three and went on to get a 1st in Philosophy from Queens Ujiversity. Picturing myself strolling up to receive my degree and telling no-one built the energy and motivation to succeed. So pay close attention to the seedlings you are growing but keep them close to your chest until they show forth fruit!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Sublaw No. 11 Objective.  I am hoping that I am talking to some people with great focus who instinctively keep their eyes on their objective? The sublaw of objective has three ingredients. Firstly, worry not as to how exactly you will manifest what you want. The one universal intelligence has countless ways of bringing things about much more easily than you could come up with. A useful phrase to keep your objective clear and the means to get there unlimited is to say ‘Thank you for taking care of all my bills’, ‘thank you for my healing’, thank you for ... fill in the space with whatever vast altruistic wish or vast personal item you want! Secondly, keeping your thoughts on your objective, means not letting them go back to past successes or failures. This is it, right now; you are a grown up, in your most powerful position so far to carve out the life you want. Don’t victimize yourself by saying you can’t, never could, never will be able to or they won’t let me! The third aspect of objective is as an opposite to subjective. When you’re subjective, you’re saying I need this and that, I am this and that, I want this and that...but, in reality you are not that small. When you’re objective, you’re saying ‘As a participator in this massive intelligent energy field, I choose this and I choose that. This is the key to conscious creations that will reliably benefit you and everyone else.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

You are the alpha and omega!

The tenth sublaw to use is that of one mind. To get our individual heads around this, even a little bit, accept first that the smallest common denominator is energy. That goes for everything on earth and in space. The human body is one creation out of that pool of energy but literally everything emerges out of it. This great fluid catalogue of possibilities has, for a long time, been a source of healing. Cranial osteopaths and other energetic medicine practitioners, like myself, can just ask for a realignment of an imbalanced creation - like an injury - and correct it there and then. This is because we are interacting with this fluid field, not the solid, apparently damaged, flesh and bone body. In terms of the law of attraction and our aim to consistently achieve what we set out for, the one mind is even more superb. There is nowhere where there is no energy (even though you might feel low in energy, you actually contain enough energy to light a whole city for a week, you just have to become aware of your participation in this one mind). Furthermore, all energy is equally magnificent as it holds within it every possibility. Where we humans have the advantage is that, we have this awareness and can literally draw forth what we want from this cosmic soup. Nothing is impossible or even difficult. Just look for the need and ask for the inspiration to meet it. It already exists and was just waiting for you to ask. Download whatever you want for yourself and others.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Release - Sublaw number 9

Notice for a moment how your thoughts plough on. Perhaps you are worried about someone in your family or feeling bad about something that was said to you. Don’t pollute your own mind with any negativity. See it for what it is, a challenging experience, and let it go. The release technique I like is to ask ‘do you know what to do about that? No. Are you beating yourself up about it? Yes. Are you willing to let some of that self disapproval go? Yes. And a bit more? Yes. And are you ready to give yourself some approval? Yes. And a bit more? Yes. And a bit more? Yes. Funny as it may sound, this is an extremely effective way to bypass your habitual brain patterns and appreciate yourself again. Slapping yourself about internally just doesn’t get the results! Releasing, in its context as a sublaw to mastering the law of attraction, is slightly different. Once you have decided what you want and start taking steps towards success, you have to release your attachment to reaching your goal or receiving your large stash of cash or whatever you asked for. Trust that it is coming your way. I can hear people groan at the word ‘trust’. They think that nothing happens if they don’t make it happen, or nothing happens because someone else won’t let it happen! Neither is the case. A release technique for this is to say ‘I have sent out a request for the best possible outcome and I will now just gladly accept what comes. Keep yourself light and receptive because that’s all a human being truly is anyway!

Friday, July 27, 2012

8th Sublaw: Outpicturing...which I suppose is like out-smarting or out-running except with wilder and more vivid visualizations!

You might find that you are the first to visualize the worst case scenario. Many people are even paid to quickly appraise a situation and make a projection of the worst outcomes possible. For example, health and safety professionals, first aiders and even managers in every field are expected to only make cautious estimates. When you understand the universal law of attraction, you realize that what you forecast is exactly what you get. Unfortunately, nearly everyone is forecasting drama and disaster. On a grand scale, people push away sustainability by focusing on the recession. On a personal level, many push away their relationship by forecasting an eventual repeat of past hurts. Once you have a clear mind, you can start to pull out different images to give your attention to. All you need to get started is a handful of magazines...not newspapers!...and cut out every image that appeals in some way. It might be a holiday destination, a smile, a recipe, a boat, a car, a figure, a building, a surfing scene, a party, a phone, an expensive sofa and anything else. Then put them in a box and glance at them from time to time. What you are doing is outpicturing what you see in your life currently and planting seeds of what you would like to see. What you see, touch, smell and everything else now is just what your thoughts created in the past. Expand your ideas for your future and just watch how it all comes along.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fresh Water Diet

We are gradually moving ourselves in the mental framework for achieving consistent success. The seventh sublaw to mastering the law of attraction is clearing. This is obviously a bit of a speciality for me and any one I know or have worked with. We have been energy clearing for some time! Once you have discovered what you’re good at and what you want to do, you must set about clearing any old ideas you believe that would stop you taking the action to make the success really happen. These ideas would usually include fear of failure, in fact fear of nearly everything! To make real change you will also probably need to clear your family history, if it includes abuse or poverty and cultural discriminations between men, women, young, old, race, education. You name it, we can clear it! I would go as far as to say, though, that you need to clear your whole mind because it has become a seriously muddy pool of clouded judgements. It doesn’t matter how much clear thinking and positive energy you pour in, it’ll be green and polluted instantly. As this is the pool of thoughts you draw on every morning for refreshment, put time aside to do a complete dredge and install a filter system to ensure you allow only the best for yourself, from now on.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Next Sub law is Discovery!

The next thing to notice and act on are the discoveries you make. You are learning how to make your life work for you. Most people observe other people’s lives more than their own. However, it is within your experience and your knowledge that you will find the only way forward that is true to you; joyful, fulfilling, interesting and lucrative for you. It is different for everyone. What anybody else has or doesn’t have is nothing to do with us. Any comparisons are de-centring but until you get out of the habit of comparing yourself to others, practice praising success wherever you see it. Then at least you’re keeping your attention on the positive. So, back to you! The sorts of things you will discover are old forgotten talents, people skills, hobbies and studies. You will know which discovery is the key to unlock the challenge you face because of immediate coincidences that follow. You may be offered a free studio space to work in, asked to help a child via grinds, see an advert for something ... I guarantee, if you start to appreciate who you are and what makes you tick, you will discover why you’re the best candidate for the job of creating your reality.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Make some good decisions!

The fifth sublaw is that of 'Decision' Now would be a good moment to make the crucial decision to only focus on solutions. It doesn’t matter if you do not know yet exactly what they are. Keep remembering this decision and do not let yourself drift back into focusing on the problem. A problem has a completely different vibration to its solution. They do not even cohabit the same part of the mind. However closely you look at a difficulty, you will never find the inspiration within it to change it. You will simply expand the problem, by giving it more attention and more of your energy. Worse again, you are putting yourself in the wrong mental state for trouble shooting. You render yourself depressed and powerless, which can only invite more of the same bad buzz. When you decide not to put yourself down anymore and commit yourself to keeping your eyes peeled for opportunities, then they will arrive thick and fast. A practice to develop might be lateral thinking, such as jotting down twenty money making ideas. The first six will be the ones you always come up with, squeezing the next fourteen out will generate much amusement and no doubt some surprising nuggets of possibility.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wrap up the 4th Sublaw: Seeking

Now you know there is an answer and feel the surge of energy to go looking for it, we come to the fourth sublaw to mastering the law of attraction; seeking. It is obvious at the moment that however much you need money, the way to get it is not to go out and look for a job. Nor is it to notice a clever little niche in the market and design a labour saving device. Nor is it to start a band and try and reach massive popularity. The answer should be sought inside yourself. Take some quiet moments to reflect on what you actually want, what you’re naturally good at and what you really care about. Reaching clarity about these three creates a powerful concoction of intention and ability. Its the only reliable way to establish a productive way forwards. Many people find they can’t listen to themselves and only hear the ideas indoctrinated by their parents, church or the media. This is understandable but still no way to live. So, if you would like your own mind back and to expel the effects of negative upbringing in any way, I encourage you to come for an energy clearing. Its as easy as that!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The third Sublaw is Anticipation - Always expect the best

The third addition to mastering the law of attraction, is the sub law of anticipation. Once you have realized that the world holds many possibilities that would solve everything, you must start to get a spring in your step. This will feel like a new optimistic air of anticipation, replacing the habitual anticipation of impending doom, or things going from bad to worse for example! This is important because you are raising your expectations from that of Eeyore, in Winny The Poo, expecting rain from his own personal rain that of, say, Buzz Light Year of Toy Story, always on his way ‘to infinity and beyond’. Remember that what you think about, comes about, so make sure you’re anticipating breakthroughs and miraculous triumph over adversity. If you do not deliberately raise your energy like this, you will only be attracting more unhealthy situations to deal with. As you wait, with great excitement and curiosity, say to yourself ‘all good things are coming my way’.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The second sublaw - Realization

Having accepted a level of ignorance as to what is actually possible, the second sub law to mastering the law of attraction is that of realization. This year is, for many, a year of realizations. Nearly everyone mentions that things have changed. Maybe saying there aren’t as many customers or they won’t be going on holiday, they’d be glad of a night off at this stage, let alone a night away! Simultaneously, thank God, people have realized that money isn’t the be all and the end all. There are lots of family outings happening, people helping each other out and home improvements going on. The realization that you must work on though is grander than all these. It is; For every desire that exists in the world, there also exists a full realization of that desire. Really let it dawn on you. There is an unlimited number of things and experiences arriving all the time. Everything is possible. So whatever the challenge you’re facing, keep in mind that a totally satisfactory outcome exists. It doesn’t matter if its financial, health related or a problem facing the whole world. Let the realization that there is definitely a solution cheer you up every day.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Thought Police

Everyone has heard of the law of attraction with a brief understanding of it, such as ‘like attracts like’ or ‘you create what you think about’. Furthermore, many people sense that they must try and think positively or they will draw more negativity in. However, there is a distinct lack of mastery of this law. It is the exception rather than the rule when someone relates the story, “I focused on getting a 6 figure-salaried job and visualized myself still having the time to enjoy the renumeration and within a year that was exactly what was happening.” In fact I’ve never heard that, but definitely some more ‘realistic’ success stories. If I mention the law of gravity, there seems to be more consistency in our evidence. Everything always falls if you drop it, whether its heavy or light. Defying the law of gravity, though, are airplanes. They can fly because some people understand the sub laws that have a bearing on the law of gravity; such as lift, thrust and momentum. I hope you will start to familiarize yourself with and practice the sublaws to the law of attraction. It will culminate in the same consistency and you’ll be creating the life you want. The first sublaw is the law of ignorance. This means daily noticing that you don’t KNOW of any solution to your problems but then spending another few moments accepting that you also don’t KNOW that there isn’t one! Allowing the possibility is not unrealistic, it is literally an acknowledgement of what you cannot know. This daily practice lets in hope via the side door as it gives your thoughts a few minutes off from fully convinced gloom and doom. There are sixteen sublaws, so try and have this one up and running in time for next week’s installment. If you are so lost in the inevitability of how deep your problems run or a belief that they are all caused by someone else not you, you could benefit from an energy clearing which I could also provide!

Friday, June 29, 2012


   In our culture, we have a very three dimensional understanding of what happens to us. However, long before injuries and accidents happen in the physical, they exist in our spiritual blueprint. These are patterns of strengths and weaknesses, remember the original story of our term ‘Achilles Heel’. You may have already noticed that when you’re nervous you feel it in the pit of your stomach, when you get a shock, you feel it as an ache in your hips. The burden of responsibility sits on your shoulders and the weight of your past hits you around the knees. If you can acknowledge that you are more than a sum of your parts and take care of your spirit too, two things can happen. Firstly, you don’t have the stress crying out for attention and manifesting in ever stronger and more painful ways in your body. Secondly, you activate a much more effective recovery system in your body. This is simply because the body is solid and can only be treated with pain killers, surgery and rest etc. The spirit, on the other hand, is fluid energy, the very fabric that underlies everything physical. In this realm there is no such thing as permanent damage and every possibility of  returning problem areas to their structural integrity. Try energy healing first, not as a last resort and literally make your weaknesses become your strengths and bring a stop to recurring injuries.   

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ideas on Success 2: Competition

What is a healthy sense of competition? I would think that an unhealthy competitiveness is more often seen and includes an intention to win at all costs, wishing defeat and ill will on your opponents! Ideally it should be a dynamic in one’s life that encourages us to challenge ourselves to meet greater athletes without minding too much if  we win or lose. If you feel considerable anger or disappointment when you lose, you are attaching too much to the outcome of your actions. Many people have thoughts like ‘I am useless’ or ‘they didn’t play fair’.  Your actual sense of self worth has been compromised. Working with sportsmen over the last ten years, I have used energetic medicine to shift any divisive spirit in their game. When people become aware that everyone they compete against is a reflection of something in themselves, they are able to emulate what they admire and lightly delight in or forgive whatever the outcome. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Idea 1 on Success

Loser’s limp I read a book called Champions about an equestrian who won gold at the olympics. She described a phenomenon common to all sportsmen, the ‘loser’s limp’. It is a perspective that limits your success. The one she had to overcome was the belief that someone who had only started horse riding at forty years old could be as good as someone who had ridden all their lives. For a Carlow footballer, that I did energy clearing for, he had worked excessively on his fitness, 500 sit ups a day, to get the speed and stamina for selection. The underlying belief was that he didn’t naturally have the conformation for speed. Many people I have worked with have felt they didn’t have the backing, be it financial or encouragement, to succeed. For two reasons, a loser’s limp can be very damaging. Firstly, because it creates an ‘against the odds’ atmosphere around your training. You continually put extra strain and stress on yourself to excel that will manifest in the body as injuries or other set backs. When I’ve cleared these beliefs, the attitude you bring to training is one of ‘doing what you do best’, simply honing a God given gift that is already yours to play with. Secondly, with a deeply held belief, perspective or negative expectation, your whole unconscious focus is on it, however productive and healthy your conscious plans are. This dynamic moves you inexorably towards failure. Think for a moment if you have any negative thoughts about your chosen sport. Awareness is half the battle won!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Be true to yourself

  Bring to mind any person you know. There are many subtle and not so subtle expressions of their energy going on. Take your good self for example. You are sweet, fun loving and bold. You are imaginative, hopeful and persistent. These are the qualities of your spirit. This part of you has seen it all before. It isn’t troubled by past experiences or other peoples’ opinions. Listening to one's spirit can be forgotten though when lost in the details of life. In many relationships, past hurts lead to every interaction being defensive. With the briefest acknowledgement, grievances can be forgiven and insecurities released. Learn how to come back to an open hearted way of being with each other. It is always your choice. In practical terms, this involves a commitment to let your past go and not personalize anything that is said or done. Your new participation will be one of understanding and curiosity. This way reignites your passion for life.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Move On

What sort of atmosphere do you bring to the party? As you start to realize that a generous and ongoing awareness of yourself and your partner is all you need to be happy, you often quickly see how clouded your own energy is. It is mainly clouded with judgements that you think are true. You have thought them so many times, that you have compromised your mental health with them. You have depressed yourself! This dynamic, or rather stagnancy, is not easy to pivot into a positive spin because it stems back to some old horror tucked away in your unconscious. What people don’t realize is that, in a relaxed and methodical manner, they can wake up and heal these aches, pains and fears. When old feelings don’t dominate you, you can really start to live. Instead of all your neural pathways leading backwards, strands of intuition, creativity, solutions and forgiving explanations start to flood in and show a way forward.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Learning how to direct your thoughts

Thoughts should not just be things that flood in and out of your awareness, lets order them and make them constructive.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Choices

Here we have a real opportunity to bring more joy into our lives and relationships. We make choices all day, every day but mainly we don’t think about them. If we can go back a step and notice the choices we’re making, we are, one, slowing down, two, becoming less reactive and three, becoming more aware of ourselves and the others involved. This awareness is no good if its just room for more judgements. Like ‘no, I definitely won’t be pushed into this’ or ‘actually, I don’t just dislike the noise from the neighbour’s, I hate it’! That is just reinforcing an old thought with more emotion (and drama, be it anger or hurt). Real awareness is applying two principles as often as you can. These are, we are all connected and the other is non attachment. When you start to see yourself as connected to everyone else and all situations, you don’t need to fight them anymore. Your mind invests in a positive outcome and instantly sees the innocence of the thing or person you were about to judge. Once you accept things in this way, problems pass more easily. Non attachment is mainly about starting to see what you are excessively attached to. Instead of focusing on the current choice, notice the theme. It might be that you are constantly pushed by shoulds and shouldn’ts. You may be defensive about you do. There are always things that get us going and making us make subjective, emotional choices. If we can crack this, the first choice we will always make is not to be offended and not to personalize anything. Sometimes we may need divine intervention to forgive, grow and let things go but our choices are good place to start!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Loser's Limp

I read a book called Champions about an equestrian who won gold at the olympics. She described a phenomenon common to all sportsmen, the ‘loser’s limp’. It is a perspective that limits your success. The one she had to overcome was the belief that someone who had only started horse riding at forty years old could be as good as someone who had ridden all their lives. For a Carlow footballer, that I did energy clearing for, he had worked excessively on his fitness, 500 sit ups a day, to get the speed and stamina for selection. The underlying belief was that he didn’t naturally have the conformation for speed. Many people I have worked with have felt they didn’t have the backing, be it financial or encouragement, to succeed. For two reasons, a loser’s limp can be very damaging. Firstly, because it creates an ‘against the odds’ atmosphere around your training. You continually put extra strain and stress on yourself to excel that will manifest in the body as injuries or other set backs. When I’ve cleared these beliefs, the attitude you bring to training is one of ‘doing what you do best’, simply honing a God given gift that is already yours to play with. Secondly, with a deeply held belief, perspective or negative expectation, your whole unconscious focus is on it, however productive and healthy your conscious plans are. This dynamic moves you inexorably towards failure. Think for a moment if you have any negative thoughts about your pursuits. Awareness is half the battle won!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The spiritual energy field

Living well might be seen as getting a balance between work, rest and play. These days, it is almost more acceptable to only look for a balance between our responsibilities to others and to ourselves. That smacks of all work! Rest and play are dismissed as the time-wasting pursuits of the weak and immature, respectively! Our spirits are tired from lugging our responsibilities around though and from constantly being judged on our time keeping, house keeping, handiwork or sales record. Our spirits are eternal, timeless, perfect and valid, regardless of these daily details. Our spiritual energy field is one of our best, I reckon, although they are all favourites of mine! Its not just a little area that we can ignore. We are only 20% physical and we are 80% spiritual. Although not many have looked into this consciously, I can confirm that our spirits love to play and serve. They can quickly transport us into a stream of giving and receiving on every level, that brings us everything we need.

Sadly, this field hardly gets a look in, in our culture. It falls at the first hurdle - I’m just using my Cheltenham vocabulary to get the racing feel because life is short, 8 furlongs at most! It is important that we have an understanding of our place in the bigger picture. The hurdles go on and on. All I’m saying is don’t fall for them! Sometimes its the church being seen as responsible for centuries of conflict. Sometimes its abuse, sometimes the misuse of power and wealth. Some feel that The Bible stories are impossible guides to a good life - for example the virgin mother is a hard code to embody! Others are put off by the makeshift spirituality of holistic practitioners, who use a bit of shamanism, many buddhist ideas and also have used the healing power of prayer and calling on angels to help. Yes, some of these might get on your nerves and make you cynical but no, none of these are reasons not to have spiritual beliefs of your own and build a trust in your own spirit.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Take Your Time

All we really need is quality time. This can be defined as time when we are simultaneously grounded and engaged. Both these are energetic states. I refer to a reality that takes place in time but is not exclusively physical. We don't have to be sitting down with quiet music on and the washing up done to be grounded. We do not need to be reading a book and paying attention to how we feel about the story, to be engaged. We don't need to 'do' anything. When we are working with energy, it is dealing directly with the non physical formations and dynamics. We are going straight underneath the obvious. We are systematically getting grounded and engaged. Everyone knows there is more going on than physical developments. Ideas are happening, climates are changing, waves of feelings are shaping our experiences. Everyone knows that stress is the cause of illness and accidents. People try and use physical solutions to address these non physical problems. They get a massage or an anti depressant etc. This is only a turning away from the learning, the life and any chance of positive change.

I am starting to run the healing courses again to offer people guaranteed quality time. First we will talk about the whole spectrum of applications - environmental, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental - and then we will deal with them. Notice and deal with, become aware of and heal, be hurt by and learn from, judge then accept. Resist then allow. Holding on, letting go. These are the true movements of a healthy life form in 2012. You must evolve your own consciousness and share the resulting peace of mind and joy that follows. Difficulties that are karmic (repetitive destructive patterns) can be cleared. Once you have these out of the way, you no longer need to look askance at yourself and others, wondering if its all just more of the same s***/different day. You can start to trust yourself, establish faith that you're on course, exactly where you're supposed to be right now and build some more love in to this ol' thing we call reality. Nature has it wrapped up, constantly carving out new improved ways to get to where its going. Like this waterfall at my place!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Acceptance, Joy and Enthusiasm

I gather that all actions should be done with acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm. Acceptance, actually, as a last resort if you can't muster enjoyment! All other approaches to your 'to do' list, I'm afraid, are unconscious! The puppies seem to be even more conscious than I am already so! Nevermind, come if you can to the drumming on Friday night and we'll push on through to some new dimensions x

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kilkenny Paved With Gold Series of Paintings on Saatchi Art but then this one from Valentia Island

This is the latest painting I have sold. The beach on Valentia Island...if its not immediately obvious!

I started doing a few paintings set in Kilkenny, called the Paved with Gold series but no matter how much gold leaf one uses, buildings are, on the whole, grey! So I’m taking a break from urban scenes again. Last night I captured paradise finally and then made a start on a venetian sky line with dolphins in the foreground. The appearance of particular animals, as with the appearance of a particular ailment, always has a symbolic meaning. For example, sinuses represent the emotions, often stuffy or sometimes streaming. Lungs are where you hold grief and quite literally how you breathe is how you live your life so one can be totally subdued by the former. Sometimes you’ll breathe deeply and realize that you’ve only been inhaling to quarter capacity all the previous day! With animals, dolphins help with difficult communication. If a hare shows up, it may mean you are fooling yourself about a plan or a relationship and need to take a reality check. I saw a hare recently and realized I was fooling myself about nearly all my plans and relationships!! Killer! The snake can get you out of a tight squeeze financially and a dog is a reminder to trust yourself whatever is going awry in your life. Don’t get me started on the other organs of the body. I am great on source and healing, but not great on physiology and what resides where exactly!

I was thinking of doing an opening or a clearing day at the Regazzi coffee shop in loughboy as it is they that are kindly letting me put up my work as it comes. Maybe angel readings or maybe just coffee. Hope everyone is on a creative roll x

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Things to do in 2012

It is 2012, the end of the Long Calendar, written by the ancient Mayan people. The calendar marked the ‘evolution of consciousness’. This can be understood as the process of human beings becoming aware. We were supposed to widen our circles of understanding. With that would have come the realization of how we are intrinsically connected to everyone and everything. Compassion and regard would have followed. But no! People widened their circles of knowledge instead. Some saw how they could use that information and everyone else started to get distracted from any meaningful pursuit at all as they became preoccupied with their poverty and basic survival. Those that are ready need to step out of these effects and into our appropriate causal role. The goal of the conscious individual is not power, greed or disempowerment through conflict. Neither is it hopelessness and a fight for fairness. It is leadership based on the recognition that we are creating all of this. It is the honesty to notice our own contribution objectively. It is making the choice to come up with and implement a new vision. If you are ready to embark on this spiritual adventure and awaken your innate gift, then I would love to help clear the way. This might well include clearing the toxicity from your home, releasing the memories and mental habits that sabotage and freeing you from the overwhelm piped into your system from the television. Or go ahead without me, that's fine too! For many, their attachment to being the underdog is too great.Hopefully not for us lot x

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Campaign Tonight

The Property Tax
How can your household take part in the Anti Property Tax Campaign? Mother Theresa said she would never attend an anti war rally but would accept any invitation to a pro peace event. I have been tuning in to establish how I can participate in political activities without being anti loads of things and opposed to another load of things. I understand deeply that we are all connected and resistance is futile! It leads to anger, stress and vicitimization. Luckily, I have found the way. In any healing journey - which applies to the personal and the country’s - the process is to notice what we have been doing. Identify unhealthy practices, addictive or fear-based behaviours and STOP them. This creates a space in our neural pathways (brainwaves!), heart and daily itinerary (time!) to explore new, more mindful, compassionate practices that honour ourselves, each other and hopefully all living things - animals, woodlands, the ocean etc. So I have my sign up ‘I am not paying the property tax’. In my understanding, I am stopping a collective, unhelpful practice of asking more of the poor, in a crisis. I am also supporting others to stand by their conviction to make a change in their lives. The result, at best, is that it will free up our imaginations as to how to tap into the real riches in Ireland - how to motivate the key five percent, who have the money, to invest. Please don’t think this is too difficult. In the even bigger picture we are already abundant. In terms of the world, we are all in that top, most wealthy, five percent. I recommend getting your sign up and practicing being grateful and thanking, especially, the wealthy for willingly coming forward with the money, to turn the economy around. If we can all feel this, it will come about.

Monday, January 30, 2012

We are all of one skin, same blood, same soul

The dynamics of nature work more successfully if we nurture growth, rather than take a stand against pollution. It is the same with money. We are more successful if we feel enriched rather than fight poverty. So it is in disagreeing, resisting and fighting with each other that we set ourselves apart, weaken ourselves and assume a victim role. Victims are both bully and bullied. Both ways of life assume, wrongly, that we are separate and need to defend ourselves. Be it against a big bad world, government or other people. In relationships too, this power struggle rages on. In this microcosm, don’t try and corner each other by being against betrayal. Be for building trust instead. In the past, people thought the options were ‘free and single’ or ‘trapped and married’. There is a new term, however, ‘mature monogamy’. This is the ongoing creation of a safe space between you where you can be one hundred percent honest, hopeful, hopeless, silly, serious, imaginative and loving. No pretence, true to yourself, the good and the bad laid bare.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Evolve or devolve further?

With patience, we can actually observe that humanity is devolving. People pay little attention to each other or the world around them. Their minds are already on their own destinations or fear of observing what is disfunctioning, lest it be catching. Indifference is resolute and hardened to the information that should shock. We tolerate and even condone this disregard. My eternal optimism that love underlies every situation is seen as a dangerous dream. The real illusion though is that we are not all connected. People seem to think they can criticize or ignore each other without any repercussions. But it destroys the very fabric of your soul, your self esteem, your relationships, your work and your health. Don’t be justified and right, be patient and breathe fresh air and warmth into your daily interactions!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Etheric Residue

So 2012 is here at last, notable for being the end of the long mayan calendar. If we are ever to do it, now is the time to see ourselves through our spiritual eyes rather than the eyes of judgement. We have given our energy away for far too long, to minor tasks and demeaning anxieties and comparisons. We have given our power away too, to the more ambitious ego personalities, the employers and other authorities. We haven’t succeeded in fixing the external reality. Some have made some money, some have participated in great families, some have achieved impressive goals but even those are kept on the run, through fear of losing it again.

We neither gain nor lose anything in life. It is always here in its entirety. It is just our internal world that is shut off from it, most of the time. Stuck in illusions of being separate, unique, better or worse than everyone else, we have kept looking outside. Sometimes we look for reassurance, for love and a feeling of belonging that we lack. More often we look with distrust and fear, in a ‘small dog‘ mentality, hackles up, certain that the world is a big bad place and we are small and powerless.

Our lesson for this year is to participate fully, in the confident knowledge that, if we are awake, we are an extremely influential part of the whole. Refuse to get lost in details and apparent differences. Always see the spirit in the people you're speaking to, it is there. In the morning practice visualization of a happy outcome. Then do your list of ten things or so you are grateful for. At some point in the day clear your energy fields. Finish with clearing your etheric field as it is residual bandying around in this field that is taking its toll on your current reality. Freshen up, do something different!

Friday, January 6, 2012

DIY Soul Retrieval

Most of the people we meet have come through many life experiences and their souls are damaged. Often lost altogether. In the past, soul loss was considered the primary cause of death, above any illness or accident. Nowadays, it is only alluded to by the term ‘losing the will to live’. So this isn’t occasional or only happening to people who get mixed up working with spiritual forces. It is commonplace and I would guarantee that if you ask about your own, you will find some part missing, awol, stolen, lost, exchanged or splintered. I recommend retrieving it at your earliest convenience. DIY is the only way, I’m afraid, as I’m worn out trekking off to negotiate. Many people think they can’t or are fearful. My feeling is that as its 2012 we have to get empowered fairly sharpish. So, the order of events is get your team together. They can be holy like Jesus for compassion, God for power and the holy ghost for the transition between worlds you’ll have to make. Or angelic, maybe Azrael for grief and Sandalphon for strength. Or shamanic, the polar bear for protection and eagle for vision. Or inter dimensional; Pleiadians from 5D to heal, Sirians from the 6D to repair the soul’s structure. Then off you go.

I dowse to see how many parts the soul is in. Then to find where they are. It may be underworld, where there is a lot of darkness and they tend to covet the light. Here one has to be firm. It may be in purgatory where there are countless lost souls, which you will probably see as shadows. The work I do here is to clear all I meet. Then they’ll bring you what you’re there to collect. Then there’s Olympia, the seat of the Gods. The likelihood is that you will have negotiated your soul in a previous existence to save someone you loved or save your own skin. Happily, at the moment, these divinities have stopped competing with each other and have expressly said that we need as much light on earth at the moment as possible. It means they’ll give you your soul back literally on request. Parts can also be left with or stolen by individuals. You don’t need to find out who or when. Just visualize the meeting and asking for your soul to be returned. Clear for everyone you meet to go to the light or be at peace and clear all attachment to you and vice versa. This process has an epic ripple effect as you are clearing residual difficult information for thousands.

When you have retrieved all the pieces, clear any resistance to accepting them back in to your body. I have heard that it is very painful when it is done by a shaman but we have the tools to clear our resistance and accept whatever it brings. No doubt you will have interesting dreams and some deep changes. Just go with it and remember that now at last you have the chance to live fully. Ring me if you run into problems. Happy New Year x