Saturday, September 28, 2013

Healing the conflict between the masculine and feminine by Michael Rice - today's Healing From Harmony Hall show!

Karaimi and Michael Rice

I am completely excited about my radio show this afternoon. You know when you have a friend that you wish everyone had. Michael Rice is that friend and at last I get to share him with everyone. I have long seen him as my secret weapon. I had a mega million euro plan for Kilkenny (and the world, exponentially!) fifteen years ago; to build an ethics centre or fourth-level university where academics and other experts, via experience, would gather and apply themselves to every sort of social and global difficulty. A think tank! 

Michael Rice was recommended as the leading eco architect in Ireland. He gave me so much more than a list of criteria to adhere to, to keep the building green. He designed a building within which every room, in shape and relationship to the other rooms, resonated the very best designs of Nature herself. The golden spiral, the eye-shape, each contributes to the healing of the heart and body. Being here, for a personal healing, a business meeting or even as a bed and breakfast guest, literally accesses your ability to go beyond black and white ideas. Michael Rice makes places where people can thrive and expand their awareness and acceptance; two key health-giving dynamics!  

It has indeed been dynamic for me to live here at Harmony Hall and our journeys have crossed many times since, through enterprising missions. One was energy clearing for a week solid in Vietnam and then staying for a further three weeks to ‘hold a space’ for the energetic shifts to establish. Clarity and focus are practically our middle names at this stage! So, you can imagine, as soon as I was given the hosting of the radio show, I was already thinking of interviewing Michael to hear his vision as it stands now. We have always both worked remotely. I remember, distinctly, the call when Michael had seen my building on his way back from a healing journey for someone else! I, conversely, use the coherent structure of the house to clear other peoples' homes. In a sense asking their buildings to come back to structural integrity and harmony on environmental and relational levels.

Miraculously, Michael has formulated and offers a pathway, to bring our masculine and feminine areas at last into balance. People have been feeling that men’s role is unclear as the patriarchal structures no longer work. Here we get a new understanding of how men can evolve, with fulfillment and other ecstatic results!

For any men reading this who feel ready right now or any other sense of urgency, to take these steps of self realization and mastery, there is an opportunity coming up. Michael’s Braveheart  seminar is in October, in the Czech Republic. It would mean four days away but everything is included for under €200 – like accommodation, food and a total transformation and life/happiness upload. So that struck me as a bit priceless! You can find more about Michael and Karaimi’s workshops at and see Michael's extraordinary designs at  In the meantime, I hope you can listen in to this show and share in the epic energy and positivity.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What a gift!

There is a great gift contained in each and every moment of our lives. We can get momentarily worried if things happen in a different order to what we had planned. O oh, things aren't going to plan, we might say, and there is a negative association and sense of everything falling asunder! That is a good moment to look deeper into yourself, for a better interpretation. Your emotional heart is always scrabbling around for 'control' - everything happening just when its supposed to! - and hoping for 'good feedback' - wow, haven't you done well!.... but underneath is the heart that equates with your energy clearing faculty. It accepts everything as fine, just as it is!

For me, today was to be a day of DIY and team efforts but happily it is turning out to be a day of tranquility - as in silence - and resolution - as in questions answered by my divine intervention inner team! Try and think of this whole weekend as 'time well spent'. Whether you were working, studying, visiting, arguing, caring for people or relaxing, or all-of-the-above like myself. You are the only one who can bring value to it, via your appreciation!

Thank you to Tatyana Petrovskaya for her wonderful Russian translation. Here is paragraph four of my self healing book, How To Live As One

Параграф 4

Вы начнете с того, что будете замечать произвольные параметры, внутри которых работали. Это могут быть идеи или убеждения, которые сдерживали, или образцы, которые саботировали сознательные усилия. А также вы осознаете как какое влияние на ваше здоровье оказывает окружающая среда - как на земле так и в зданиях, которые вы часто посещаете. Как только вы будете приводить к основательной неподвижности каждую бурю на своем пути, то ваше здоровье значительно улучшится. Вместо того, чтобы погружается  полностью в новые проблемы, вы научитесь наслаждаться возможностью излечивать сложившиеся ситуации, а не бояться их. Вы начнете, в буквальном смысле, резонировать на новой частоте со все меньшим сопротивлением и без конфликтов. В процессе энергетического очищения изначальная сила природы организовывать поможет перестроить внешнюю реальность, чтобы отразить ваше новое равновесие. Волновой эффект сознательных мыслей и действий сказывается на таких глобальных проблемах  как мир во всем мире и проблемы окружающей среды. Сознательные мысли и действия характеризуется ощущениями радости, энтузиазма и принятия, которое является последним средством если вы на самом деле ставите себя перед испытанием. Все другие энергии вытягивают все хорошее из вашей реальности, чувство вины является самой низкой энергией. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Free Your Mind With This Deep Clearing and Параграф 3!

We have a once in a life time opportunity this morning (okay then, every morning!) to disengage from all the programming that might have kept us small!

I won't write it all out but prepare to free your mind. I am clearing

1. All mind control agents and technologies
2. All illusions of duality ... we are one massive force, when we remember that we are all connected to each other!
In their place, in your suddenly great and receptive mind, I am activating your DNA - not just your physical potential but your divine DNA too.

I was picturing this amazing photo of our galaxy we've just received. It turns out we are living in a vast blue oval bubble with the sun at one end. I am quietly confident that the clearing above reached the outer limits of everyone and everything! Have a fantastic day and make the changes you need to make with are back in the driving seat!

Here is paragraph 3 of my book, How To Live As One, in Russian for those great people on a path to consciousness, in that part of the world!

Параграф 3

Предугадывание - это превосходный метод для того, чтобы убедиться в том, что вы очистили часть энергетического спектра. В прошлом, использовался маятник для определения. На него можно было положиться получая ответ "да" или "нет" на такие вопросы как "Родится у нее жеребенок мужского или женского пола?", " Как глубоко нужно капать, чтобы получить источник чистой воды?" B этом контексте, тем не менее, покачивание маятника позволяет определить проблемную область и показывает разложение бури. Когда начнете, можете с уверенностью предположить, что излечение будет ценным в каждой области, поэтому не зацикливайтесь на детальных движениях и точных ответах. Просто начните покачивать маятник и когда он сам замедлится или остановится - один аспект очищен. Имеете ввиду, что самый большой риск в жизни остаться в подсознательном, себя подпитывающем пророчестве. Это означает, что недостаточно только познавать настоящую действительность.  Ваша формулировка вопросов изменится от "Найду ли я работу?" к "Могу ли я преодолеть те препятствия, которые мешают найти работу?" или даже от "это заболевание меня убьет?" к "Могу ли я очистить источник этой болезни и тем самым излечиться?" Скорее вы движетесь в направлении, которое приведет к лучшему результату, чем определяя наиболее вероятное на данный момент. Читая эту книгу вы пройдете путь очищения и приобретения конструктивных методов мышления, которые приведут к непрерывным положительным результатам.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ama the living saint and Параграф 2

A few years ago we went to see the hugging saint, for an upload of unconditional love. The heat her hug transferred made me a bit concerned that I might have taken on some terrible fever but she held on tight and did a sort of exorcism over us, talking urgently and with conviction. Two things about that occasion stayed with me. She believed we should always bless our food before we eat it. This is as much an energetic participation as a slightly holy one. What you observe and acknowledge, you improve the condition of. So, water that might have given you an upset stomach, now purely rehydrates you. I am observing the breakfast I am making for my guests. There are mushrooms, vegan sausages, waffles, tomatoes and home made bread. Even the pumpin seeds that I sprinkled on top were grown and sent by careful hands. So that's my recommendation for today. Be thankful and aware of your food.   The saint's name is Ama, meaning Mother. I get that same heat whenever I do an energy clearing for someone's relationship to their mother. Its a powerful relationship for good or not so good. Maybe be thankful and aware of your mother too today, for good measure. That 256 year old man everyone's talking about said his secret was to keep a calm heart. Observe your own heart and choose to keep it calm. Seems a pity not to, now that we've cracked deliberate action and can do anything we like!

It is with pleasure I attach Paragraph 2 in Russian for my readers in that neck of the woods!

 Параграф 2
Это подсознательная, темная сторона , которая так инструментальна на нашем опыте, не так уж и плоха. Да, она содержит боль и страх, что заставляет нас не хотеть исследовать. Она содержит обширную предрасположенность к заболеваниям. Но тем не менее, она также состоит из нашей креативности, безоговорочной любви, врожденных и потенциальных знаний.  Мы - энергетические создания, наполненные духовностью и мышлением, чувствами и всем вокруг нас. Я хочу убедить вас начать осознавать ваше энергетическое существование, потому что в нем есть очень много плюсов. Каждый из нас обладает большим спектром энергетических частот. От сострадания к отчаянию, от счастья к негодованию, от гениальности к невежеству. С самого рождения мы ограничиваемся несколькими из них и решаем что этого нам достаточного. Но к счастью, определяя полярность низких и высших точек, обнаруживается это теплое море. Можно назвать это либо исключительностью, либо основной неподвижностью, либо это все что есть. Вы увидите как вернуть все к умиротворенной энергии.  Вместо того, чтобы  позволить стрессу образовывать болезнь или хаос, вы лечите его. И достаточно всего лишь захотеть, намерение - уже сила.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keep your expectations low and your spirits high! + paragraph 1 in Russian

Even if you haven't pursued one of your favourite hobbies for some time, you can still revive it. Furthermore, having been away from it, you might find it easier. That is the great news of the day. It is unexpected as you might fear you have lost the little grasp on the matter you had. It was the piano, for me, that first alerted me to this miracle. I could not get my head or hands around the F major scale. Having left it for ages, I mean over two decades, it was effortless. The same happened last night with salsa. I thought I would be very rusty, we all did, after our summer off. In actual fact, we swirled around like whirling dervishes. Everyone had balance; the steps were straightforward to learn; expectations were low and spirits were high. This is the way to enjoy life!

I was excited to learn that the majority of people reading my blog are in Russia. They are obviously well able to read English  and for that you have my undying admiration. Nonetheless, I am going to include a paragraph of my book in Russian, translated by my friend Tatyana Petrovskaya   

Глава 1

Рост и свобода

Вы готовы взглянуть на свою жизнь и ответить за то, что вы создали?  В прошлом мы не могли этого сделать, и у каждого человека находилось свое оправдание. Одни приводили в причину недостаток времени или поддержки со стороны семьи и  друзей, другие жаловались на недомогание и что они хотят, в первую очередь, поправить свое физическое здоровье. Но сейчас люди уже пришли к пониманию и принятию того факта, что все случается изначально в сфере не физической и  материальной. Ситуации и проблемы со здоровьем или финансами образовывались и накапливались в нашей эмоциональной и умственной среде прежде чем материализоваться.  Духовное банкротство всегда предшествует фактическому нарушению. Итак, мы должны начинать на самом глубоком уровне. Вы должны хотеть пойти туда, чтобы вернутся действительно одним целым.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Be who you really are, not just a slightly distracted and vague version!

Today is a day for an almost imperceptible rebellion. It can go on inside. Decide not to reduce your energy and momentum, whatever happens. You will notice how often an ambush comes: A few thoughts of things you 'should' do: A few feelings of 'guilt' at your own unwillingness to do them. A few 'irritations' at other's requests and a handful of other 'aggravations' to your peace of mind...if not a complete day under attack, where you do not even get your head over the parapet. I, for one, am taking a leaf out of John Martyn's book. Troubled he might have been but he instinctively did not comply. He knew that he himself was the absolute authority on what he should do, what music he should play, what record label to sign to, what track list to perform to best express what he wanted to say. Plus total conviction that it was worth saying. I recommend working on the expression of the most authentic you, you can reach, from now on. I'm not suggesting a new contrariness with everyone you meet. I am saying to dig deep. No longer ask 'what is called for' in any given situation, just continue being yourself. Stride forward knowing that you are always in the right place at the right time. At most, still observe how your personality and presence affects others, but don't try and change anything. As soon as you step away from what you were doing, you are soon ungrounded. Once ungrounded, its a short step to becoming unhinged and then a very small step to being beside yourself! Avoid this escalating helical and reclaim and preserve your peace of mind.