Monday, March 13, 2017

Just back from Auschwitz-Here is one story I was Reminded Of and Have Permission to Publish

We are the Dust of Stars

I was born some months ago or maybe years, I am not sure. Here inside, everything is confusing and all of us are crazy. Time doesn’t belong to my nature but for some strange reason all of us know and we understand it. It is as if the men that control us have contaminated us with their experience and knowledge. This is unless it is just some of them because about others I cannot rise to know.

I was separated from my mother so soon, too soon, and I saw some of my brothers assassinated and the others were taken away from me. To the others that survived that madness and I, they mutilated us, without anaesthetic. We felt huge pain.  

What is my name? Have I a name? I can’t remember.

I exist with others in a big and dark place with an unbearable stench and full of excrement, filth and disease around us.  They keep us alive but with what purpose, I can’t imagine. I am scared out of my wits.

We barely have space to move. Often we injure and hurt ourselves. Some live with huge open and infected injuries. A lot of us are both victims and perpetrators of cannibalism, as a result of the madness of the life to which we are subjected. Sometimes, one of us cannot support this Dante-esque hell and dies. No one comes to retrieve the cadaver for hours and hours.

They feed us with a paste made from modified flour and putrid water. In the eyes of my peers I can see the anguish and despair. All of us know that we will die. We don’t receive kindness or sympathy from our keepers. They do the opposite, they shout, insult and hit us. The cries and shrieks are the demonic music that we are obliged to hear, day after day, week after week until our final day because no one will come here to rescue us.

What is my name? Have I a name? I can’t remember.

Recently they returned, they do this regularly and they take away some of us by force. I hear a noise outside, a familiar noise. I have a bad feeling. I think this time that they have come for me. The doors open and some of our keepers approach us with sticks…my heart races and my hope disappears. We are beaten, kicked and shouted at. Scared, we obey their orders and are herded into a metallic corridor that has only one direction, a transport truck. Where they will bring us, I do not want to think about.

It is cold, so cold. It is night and for the first time in my poor life I can see the stars through the slats. Some of my companions have fallen down and due to the small space we have, they are not able to get up and are being trampled by those who are still standing. The truck is started and the cold intensifies. I do not think that I can hold out much longer. I’m scared, I’m cold, it hurts my soul.
Why is all this happening? Who am I? What is my name? Have I a name? I cannot remember.

A few minutes ago, the truck stopped. From where I am, I cannot see that much but I smell food, real food. The situation inside here is sad. Some of my mates, the most weak, were not able to support themselves, they collapsed and were squashed and then died of asphyxiation. The rest of us, we know what end awaits us. I want to escape but nobody that passes near the truck helps us. Nobody sees us. Nobody wants to see us. The driver came back and the truck starts on its way again and our desperation rises. After one day en route, without water and without food, we have got to our destination. Again, we are obliged to get out of the truck, being hit and herded. This time they use electric prods to make us obey because the resistance we put up is bigger. We know what is in store for us. We are not stupid.

They usher us into a line in another metallic corridor. It is so narrow that it is impossible to turn around and run away. There are others in front and behind me, the only possible way is forwards. Those that do not move are hit and electrified. I saw how they broke the leg of one of us who did not want to move. To make him advance, even with his injury, they put a hook through his face to pull him forwards. In the distance, I hear cries and screams of extreme desperation that cannot be real. It is like a horror movie but is really happening.

Who am I? What’s my name? Have I a name? I cannot remember.

The queue moves forward, the smell of death is more and more intense and the adrenalin passes through my whole body. Nobody wants to move but there is no alternative. We cannot stop. They will not let us. I see he who is in front of me enter into a small cabin. How he screams. I smell his fear and suddenly collapse. The cabin opens and one of our keepers hooks a chain to my friend’s leg. When they haul him up, I see a tear fall from his eyes. His look is lost but without doubt he is conscious. I see him blink. It is my turn.

I want to go back but I can’t. I cry out. I cannot understand why all this madness is happening. My life like my friends’ lives has been torture from beginning to end. They have stolen all my mental health, my dignity, any possibility to love, to live and to enjoy. They stole it all from me but for what? I am pushed into the cabin by those who come behind me. The space closes in around me and then I can’t move. To my right, I see the death, the cruelty and the evil. I can’t believe what is happening, it must be a nightmare. A row of my equals are hanging from their legs, with throats cut and bleeding out, while still convulsing. One of them has come loose and has fallen, where it writhes and drowns in its own blood. 

Someone approaches me. I hear his footsteps. I look ahead and there I see him. A man dressed in white overalls, dirty with red. His eyes do not meet mine, they do not want to see me. I am terrified. I panic, I cry and cry as loud as I can. I know that I am going to die. My body releases more adrenalin and cortisone. My heart speeds up and my blood pressure increases. My pupils dilate, as I watch as they put pincers in my head.  I cry! I cry! I want to flee! I want to live! Do not do this to me! Electric shock left me unconscious. I recover my consciousness. It takes me a few moments to realize where I am. I am hanging, head down, hooked by one of my legs. I see the waterproof boots of someone wearing a white apron stained red. My head is numb but I’m beginning to regain my senses. Something pierces my throat. I feel like a knife comes in and opens me in a channel. Blood starts to flow. I cannot breath without stopping to swallow. Why is this happening to me?
I try to break free but I cannot. It hurts. I move. I get dizzy. The ground moves beneath me as I leave a huge puddle of blood in my wake. The sight clouds me and I lose consciousness little by little. I recover my senses abruptly, I try to move desperately. The pain is infinite. I am in a pool of boiling water, they’re scalding my skin. I try to swim but I do not have the strength. Life escapes me as I remember who I am or what I was. In another life I was the slaughterer, the executioner and had a human name. Today I’m just a pig.


We are the dust of stars. The heaviest molecule that can be formed in a massive star is an iron molecule. Molecules, heavier than iron, are formed in Supernovas, supermassive star deaths. Iron, which formed billions of years ago, in the death of massive stars, Novas, has been coming to the Earth as cosmic dust or meteorites.  The iron molecules that are two hundred and sixty million years old, that were part of the blood of dinosaurs, are the same molecules that run today throughout the blood of animals, other mammals, other humans and yourself.

In addition to iron, the human being is made up of about thirty other minerals. When we die, our bodies decompose but the molecules are not destroyed. An iron molecule will be forever, unless it is transformed into another heavier molecule, in the supermassive star death of a Supernova.

At the physical level, reincarnation exists, even in a small portion of molecular matter. What happens to us at an energetic level? Do we have soul? And spirit? What is consciousness? As quantum physics shows us; to believe is to create. The mere fact of observing modifies matter at the quantum level. We also know that people often attract what they project. What does consciousness have to do with it? Does our energy die when we die? Or is it recycled in any way? Will this consciousness remain intact in our spirit or will it become fragmented?

What I propose with this story is an ethical and philosophical approach. We are ethical and rational animals with a conscience. We have empathy, self awareness and are aware of our environment. There are other ethical and rational animals, with a conscience, with empathy and who have self awareness and an awareness of their environment, sentient beings who both rejoice and suffer.  It is true that they cannot structure their emotions through language but that does not make them less than us. They have other abilities that we have forgotten or lost but which are as valuable or more valuable than speech.

Precisely our ability to speak, to develop complex thoughts through language makes us think abstract ideas. We can come to deep philosophical thoughts that other animals cannot reach.

And it is this capacity that forces us. It forces us to protect them from ourselves. A lion kills out of biological necessity. We do not have that biological necessity, since we can choose to feed ourselves without causing death or pain to another sentient being. Yet we inflict the great suffering known in the history of planet Earth.

We enslave our evolutionary brothers, feed them with genetically modified organisms, torture them, breed them, rob them of their mental health, separate them from their families, inflict extreme pain on them, kill them, cut them up and eat their mutilated and diseased bodies, full of substances and toxic hormones, released during times of stress before their death and during a lifetime of suffering.

Do you even think her flesh is healthy? Do you think it gives you the nutrients you would not find in any other food? Awake!!!

You eat meat because the meat industry has managed to brainwash you. The reification of animals is their most powerful weapon, reducing them from a being to a thing. We serve them chopped, so that we do not distinguish their morphology. What is called steak, fillet, sirloin and bacon are, in fact, corpse meat cut into strips, coming from a sentient being who has been subjected to torture and has given up his life against his will.

They make us believe that without the flesh we will not get the necessary proteins for our sustenance and it is not true. The truth is that we eat too much protein, intoxicating our livers and kidneys. We have to get rid of the protein we do not use. The excess of protein causes the plasma concentration of ammonium (NH4+) to increase, which means acidification of our organism. We overload the liver, which tries to transform ammonium into urea, which is less toxic. We also overload the kidneys, which generates more urine to eliminate it, which causes dehydration.

The consumption of meat also acidifies the blood and to compensate, our body uses alkaline minerals like calcium in our bodies to balance the pH. In the long run, this can lead to osteoporosis and kidney stones. Keeping the body in a state of permanent acidity is a perfect scenario for cellular aging and cancer, among many other diseases. Our sedentary life is a time bomb if we eat meat.

For every kilo of meat put on our plates, fifteen thousand litres of water has been expended, about 25 times more than a vegetarian diet. For each kilo of rice for example, about 500 litres of water are used and per kilo of wheat, 230 litres.

To produce a kilo of meat, 16 kilos of grain has been used to feed cattle. If we used the same hectares that we use to grow cereals, for fruit and vegetables instead, the ratio would increase considerably.

Approximately 40% of the world’s cereals are destined for animal feed and 60% comes from developing countries, where the population suffers from nutritional deficiencies.

The high consumption of meat is a direct cause of hunger in the world.

To all this, we must add the problems of deforestation of the jungles and primary
forests. They are turned into arable land to plant cereals that will be used for animal consumption. Every year, 300,000km2 are lost.

To produce one kilo of animal protein, 25 times more energy is used than to produce one kilo of vegetable protein. The production of a single hamburger consumes the equivalent of driving a car for 40km, or the equivalent of 17 showers. An omnivore on a bicycle contaminates more than a vegan driving an SUV.

Eating meat is your final choice but not your personal choice.  A personal choice only affects you whereas eating meat has an impact on another. If you have come here and read all this, I invite you to reflect, to empathize with animals. Maybe some day, it will be us in their place.

Do not take the story I wrote as a fantasy, but as a possibility.

I leave you with your evolutionary process and your decision.

Thank you with all my heart for having read my story.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

One for The Lost Wawel, please! - Favourite sentence of the journey so far!

Beautiful Friesian and Apaloosa horses everywhere but not fully loved sadly, the word on the street has it.

In front of the Basillica - If one is going to receive direction direct from God it would happen in there; the most epic, gold, 100 metre tall stained glass windows and vestal virgins looking down from every alcove in blue.

The Lost Wawel with human remains strewn about and a mulitu

This bullock has a serious frown - nearly 10 lines...have felt like that mysel for his kind too

Dave Adam playing Collars in our hostel

Comprehensive and Beautiful Health Food Shop for Adaptoka mad herbs, Quinoa and Coconut oil - all the essentials

Glonojad Vegetarian Bar Vegan Tacos - Polish Stylee