Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Letter sent to local politicians to stop the 43 metre electricity pylons on the Black stairs mountains!

1.     Please could you explore if some money has exchanged hands in regard to the planned pylon scheme for the black stairs mountains? This idea has only been presented to the public at very short notice, to render objections difficult to establish, in time to be effective. I know this is true because, when I went on line, there was a very long standing and high profile opposition in place, to putting wind turbines along the mountains. There was nothing about the pylons. http://www.blackstairsconservationconcern.com

2. Please don’t believe that, just because there isn’t the same number of expert articles spelling out the absurdity and flaws to the pylon plan, that people somehow agree. The truth is that the wind energy technology companies were not wealthy enough to push through their project and the ludicrous environmentally destructive fossil fuel, oil and fracking crisis companies are. Do not let greed and corruption waltz unchecked through Ireland.  I know this letter will go to political figureheads who can assess the situation appropriately. Please do it.

3. The very same objections apply to the pylons and probably double-fold:
It is not cost effective
Generates no energy
Wildlife threatened
Natural habitat
Unique land forms
Conservation area
Tourist attraction ruined
Achieves no objective what so ever as there is already electricity delivered to the south east of Ireland.

It can only serve and perpetuate the monopoly that a few very greedy organizations have on power distribution.

4. EirGrid wrote back to acknowledge my last note. They said there is a ‘feasible 1km wide corridor’ being discussed up until the 26th November. I am not sure why they are already describing it as feasible. Feasible financially, I’m sure, as that cost will swiftly be passed on to the customer.

5. Make sure that whatever decisions made now will sustain the environment and encourage independence for Ireland. We can generate our own electricity – zero point energy technology is available now. Wind and water turbines have an epic unlimited source too. Do not dismiss them for their limitations. Invest in them and allow them to be successful rather than us all be rail roaded by a few wealthy organizations.

6. Please suggest that electricity lines are UNDERGROUNDED. Ie buried underground.
Electricity pylons create two sorts of electro magnetic stress; electrical and magnetic fields. To reduce the impact on a household, people would need to put a mesh in their windows to disperse the electrical field! There is no metal barrier strong enough to protect against the health threatening magnetic fields.
Furthermore, high electric cables attract all sorts of airborne pollutants – for example any pesticides, other field sprays, traffic and factory smoke are drawn to them and then come down in the rain or are wind borne, as they go along.  And Yes! It is linked to cancer and lots of other childhood learning and developmental problems.

We need some strength, integrity and purpose. This should include energy that is not destroying the environment, banks that are not the only people to get paid back and everyone else held desperate. Get your vision in place please and do not let corruption or misuse of power decide what happens next. If the pylons are allowed it is greedy on the behalf of some and pathetic and lazy on the behalf of others. Everyone needs to use their power and abilities to the good. No more victims of circumstance. Some of my friends have their chains ready if they need to take a stand on the mountains. 

Please put a stop to the pylon idea at the negotiation of phase one. Please!
Best regards, Frances

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The body cannot distinguish between thoughts and actions! Wow, think of the implications of this!

It has been proven that the body cannot distinguish between thoughts and actions. Think, then, how important it is to master your thoughts. Do not let them give way to bitterness, blame or negativity. You are making the field around you toxic and difficult to breathe. But do sit around with happy imaginings. Cultivate them in as much detail as you can. See yourself at your goal and be glad.

If you fall into a gulf between your goal and your current situation, don't fight it. Don't hate it. That is like attacking yourself. Instead, explore your emotions and see if you can shift your perspective. Start to look for the gift and the new self awareness that apparent problems bring. If its an illness, look for the source of it and notice the high emotional negativity you feel about it. Both the source and the feeling are holding it in place.

Another good example is weight gain or loss. For many people, their weight fluctuates. You might say 'why am I fat when I want to be thin? I have pictures of times when I was thin. I picture myself in those great clothes I love and then I get despondent'. Everything is showing up to tell you something...But it is NOT to tell you that you should eat less and exercise more and berate yourself for slip ups in between! It is to tell you about stress, self destructive behaviours, addictive patterns, low self esteem or motivation that you need to acknowledge to move yourself forward, in ANY area of life.

The energy field uses whatever ways it can, to make you notice and come to know yourself. Welcome the information and harmonize it! Very simple, but takes mental discipline, everyone up for it?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Come and get truly reconciled! How workshops work here!

Retreats are lined up for February to July 2014 

Feb 21st-23rd - €380 Kerry

March 21st-23rd - €380 Kerry

April 25th-27th - €380 Kerry

May 3rd-5th - €380  Kilkenny

June 20th-22nd - €380  Kilkenny

July 11th-13th- €380 - Kilkenny

Link to my radio show on the Creating Calm Network - called Healing From Harmony Hall, every Saturday. On this show, I interview Michelle O'Donoghue with whom I do the retreats. 

My book is called 'How To Live As One'.

To come and get reconciled with and comfortably aware of your inner world and in touch with your conscious governing self; I do energy clearing here at Harmony Hall or clear geopathic stress and spiritual problems from your home or business. I also offer a full retreat with energy clearing, body work and vegan detox. Then, of course, there's always my book to help people get on independently with their own journey. 

For the time being, do not let anything vex you! Many people are in danger of wasting their time away, lost in anxiety... I won't hear of it! As Barry White says, 'Just because its here today, doesn't mean it won't be gone tomorrow' So, yes, those are the facts, things are uncertain, but you can choose the conclusion you draw from these facts. Barry chooses to appreciate what is 'right here, right now, (he) don't need to look no more' but many people choose to worry instead. Appreciate or worry, I know which one I'd advocate! When you find yourself indignant with what is allotted to you at the moment and suspicious of what is to come, stop it! Energetically, you are perpetuating a void, a discrepancy, a dissatisfaction inside yourself - between what is the case and what you think should be! And between your present moment and some imagined future time. If you know how to clear, tune in and clear any inner conflicts right away!

Now is the time to get a healthy attitude. You have the facts of your daily life, your past and situations ahead. Reflect quietly for a bit of every day. Cultivate a perspective that has you yourself as part-divinity and as part of the whole. When you spend some time in awareness of these eternal aspects, you wake up. Rather than being like children with parents, accepting things exactly as we receive them, even while sometimes getting cross(!) you can start to rate what you see, from the perspective of a fully fledged adult. If it is unjust or not in accordance with your nature or what you think is good, reject it. Pay attention to what is happening (in your own household, your community, country and internationally), be glad of what you know and take a stand for everything you rate as valuable. Everything else is a distraction!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How Should We Spend Money?

This is the Heart Math's image of a torus, in relation to the human heart. Send this geometric image circling around every project, situation, person or animal you want to help. Today, I am directing this flow around the finances of the whole world, to include everyone. 
It is worth developing a coherent energetic framework for your relationship with money. Following several meditations, I established how money should consciously be spent, to keep the flow going. First we must receive it well, graciously and with gratitude. Then release any fear around it. These sorts of fears include
1. The fear that you will then be beholden to someone.
2. That the amount you are receiving isn't going to be enough.
3. Many people also fear empowerment, in this case in the form of increased money, which might bring  responsibility to do something useful, above and beyond just coping with your 'lack' situation, that might have kept you busy, to date!
4. The fear of rocking the boat. This might be that you have benefits and/or other support networks and lack the confidence to support yourself.
5. Fear of loss; the income might be a one-off and will probably slip through your fingers.

I identified 5 conscious expenditures.
1. Do something memorable (that you wouldn't have been able to do otherwise, maybe a trip or a purchase)
2. Invest in yourself (a course of study, some counseling or, in my case, publishing my book)
3. Put aside a nest egg (something towards an unexpected bill or new addition to the family)
4. Pay a debt (or part of a debt)
5. Be generous (a friend or charity or even someone you don't know...as in the classic film 'Pay It Forwards')

This particular combination of 5 conscious behaviours works whether you come by a tenner or €100,000. Even better, you are generating more money. Especially by investing in yourself and giving to others. Watch a new balance and self respect return too. Even if this is just a revisioning mission to start with or a meditation exercise, you are inviting  the occurrence into your 3D experience too. Magnification on every level! This big 5, I think, will also work for conscious loving and conscious time management, so apply them to those too. I will report back how they go for me!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thank you for the clarity and meditation on the world as it stands today!

The work of NASA came to Coombe Bank House, Knightstown, Valentia Island, County Kerry. Christine Tyler hosted an extraordinary talk by Richard C Cook and his wife Karen, two weeks ago to raise funds for the new centre for Autism in Cahirciveen. 

I'd just like to thank you for this wonderful day in advance! It is good to be alive. It is also great to be a part of this upsurge in consciousness. Rather than it being overwhelming, I am most grateful for the tools to process this tide of information arriving. Instead of helplessness, I feel an increased clarity about the task in our hands. Meeting Richard Cook on my show today, is like a cascade of such information, flowing from years of experience at NASA and within the financial banking system. Even after all that, he has reached a parallel vision to ours; we are all connected, there are enough resources to sustain everyone on planet Earth, if we take the power back from the greedy, and our method should be to recognize the divine within ourselves. He grounds this philosophy in the mathematical precision of the planets' movements and the infinity of galaxies and the consequent infinity present in everything.

Richard and I will be running a retreat here in Ireland next summer, no doubt making the most of the sacred geometry of Harmony Hall, Kilkenny and the spirit of Coombe Bank, Valentia Island.

Interview with Richard C Cook
The following passage is yesterday's meditation by Richard, for a taste of his understanding and to help galvanize ourselves into action!

Meditation on the World Crisis
by Richard C. Cook
October 11, 2013
Humanity is in the midst of a cosmic transformation. We are in the End Times. Simultaneously we are experiencing the gestation of the New Earth. Established structures are using modern technology to erect the most pervasive web of totalitarian control in history. Yet this technology is also facilitating the creation of the global village where spiritually awakening souls can find each other instantaneously.
As of this writing, 7,183,840,474 human beings have convened on the planet to witness and participate in the great change, a number that increases by 215,000 daily. The amount of resources and level of effort needed to keep such a number alive and functioning is staggering. In many locations the system of extraction and production has faltered. The gulf between the haves and have-nots seems to be growing. The number of people falling through the cracks can be seen through statistics on growing poverty, malnutrition, competition for food and water, even human slavery and genocide. The suffering is exacerbated by the breakdown of traditional religions and their ability to invoke what may seem to be outmoded systems of beliefs to address unprecedented opportunities and problems. The incredible power of technology also tempts elites, institutions, and nations to use it to exploit their fellow humans for wealth, power, and ego-gratification.
What is going on here, and will spiritual awakening lead humanity to enlightenment before the forces of darkness destroy it? We have to admit that we don’t know. Optimists believe it will; pessimists that it won’t. Neither can prove themselves right. But each of the 7.1 billion clearly has a choice of which way to lean: on the side of altruism and service or that of selfishness and greed. Of course many others postpone the choice and simply go along to get along, losing themselves in the many available distractions along the way.
How long can the present rising tensions continue until something finally has to give? How many people are too many? How much demand on resources is too much? How many small-scale wars can be fought until a big one breaks out? How many earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes and cyclones can there be before the Earth, Sun, comets, asteroids, and comet dust clouds erupt with such force as to create global havoc?
Something has to give. It can’t go on this way forever. Science has breached the barriers to infinity at both the levels of quantum physics and trans-galactic astronomy. Yet science cannot predict the future of the planet or its inhabitants. It cannot say if Armageddon or a Golden Age lie ahead or both. It cannot predict new discoveries of consciousness or new economic crises. All it can forecast is the constancy of change.
So what can individuals do in the face of such uncertainty? The one thing we know for certain is that the animal body that each of us inhabits while living on this planet will sooner or later perish. Death at the individual level is the constant that awaits each and every one. So beyond the minimum required to keep the body alive and reasonably healthy, what else should we strive for? Why not strive for what really makes us happy at the deepest emotional and spiritual levels, for what really and truly brings a sigh of relaxation and smiles to our faces? Why not strive to know, help, and love ourselves and one another as best we can each and every day of our lives?
Richard C. Cook is a former federal analyst who now teaches meditation at the Lifestream Center in Roanoke, VA, USA. His latest book is “Return of the Aeons: The Planetary Spiritual Ascension.” His websites are www.richardccook.com and www.meditatehealascend.org.
Copyright 2013 by Richard C. Cook

Friday, October 4, 2013

Try and get off the grid!

Come on everybody, lets get a little independent. We've got to get away from our dependence on oil and on bought electricity. Think if your little patch could blow life into a wind turbine. Could it sustain your household via a few vegetables? Think about the water you're drinking too. It is full of fluoride, ruining your brain cells. I've just signed a petition to help those of greenpeace who got on an oil rig. We all should be fearlessly doing something to free ourselves from our unhealthy dependencies. The drilling is so harmful to the earth. Now they're starting drilling for gas (fracking) in England and Ireland. There have already been little earthquakes. The planet doesn't want it. It is best if the plan isn't just to hope for the best. That is leaving the power in the wrong hands...and spending another lifetime owing them money, to boot! For your house, your heating, your transport, your food. In regard to the programmes of need that motivate us and limit us, I will be talking with hypnotherapist Margaret Denmead tomorrow, on my show and getting liberated!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New retreats planned, a special offer offered and Глава 2 Параграф 1

I'm just back from Valentia Island, planning retreats for early next year...anyone like the look of it? Our idea is a complete emotional, mental, spiritual and physical detox. We will be using, of course, energy clearing, massage, silence and great vegan food. It turns out to be impossible not to have a great night out on Valentia though, so bring your dancing shoes...

talking of which...

Tonight marks the end of an era, as Anthony Auffret taught his last salsa class in Kilkenny. It was my favourite form of self expression. I loved the energy, the people, the synergy and fluidity of movement, in the partner work. Anthony is a phenomenal teacher and you can still catch classes with him out west. The problem was a three hour drive to us each way and not a massive class. I thank him for his dedication to date. I think it was 11 years he came for without canceling once. I do not want to dramatize the occasion but...

What reason now do I have to stay in Kilkenny?! Seeing as everything else I do can be done on line. Maybe this is the gift in it ending. Maybe it is time for my voyage of discovery. Like Bill Bailey's Jungle Hero, I can go off and film my quest and share it on the Creating Calm TV station! Yes, this may be the answer. So, to this end, I would like to offer a special offer. 6 distance healings for the price of 5! An autumn frenzy of clearing to get me on the road and you a good six steps closer to where you want to be. Maybe in love, maybe creative, maybe more prosperous or more healthy. Everything is possible!

Глава 2  Параграф 1 of How To Live As One, translated by Tatyana Petrovskaya

Неизбежность - предрасположенность к заболеваниям.

Очень важно очистить свое чувство неизбежности.  Неизбежность принимает форму всяческих убеждений и приводит к укорен елям динамическим жертвам. Это происходит потому, что с неизбежностью вы предполагаете, что не в силах изменить себя или окружающую обстановку. И в очередной раз повторяете себе, что жизнь посто происходит с вами, и ваше участие не имеет большого значения.  Вы несете всю ответственность за свое здоровье и действия. Вы предполагаете, что ваши убеждения правдивы и подтверждены фактами действительности. Эти предположения делают невозможным успешное устранение проблем, потому что вы предали им большую вероятность и основатель носить и не можете отпустить.