Tuesday, December 28, 2010

At last, the last part of the meditation!

Well, I for one feel like I've been in a constant state of meditation, clearing and full on hibernation for months so I'll just start up where I left off! This is a painting of Windy and Beckett I did for Ann Marie who has been keeping them warm against the odds for weeks.

The soul is not gentleness, the soul is just love, joy and harmony. its movements are in line with its rhythms. It doesn’t need gentleness. Gentleness is a step down for the soul. However, living physically as we do in chaos, responses and reactions, we need a bridge into our intangible true nature, our soul. We have misrepresented love, joy and harmony. Love is not an emotion, a benevolence or charity. Love can sometimes let you fall on your face. Love is a state of being that encompasses everyone and everything at the same time. It is based on rhythms, so it can’t harm. It is always in joy. We can only interpret and reinterpret this until we develop a technique to get us in to that place.

Gentleness is a tangible semblance of what the soul might be and so we learn to get our bodies into that state. The soul is greater than we ever imagined, but we have to prepare our selves to experience it. We are bringing our spirit and personality into one for a time and that is our only way to bring our soul in to our bodies and live from that aspect rather than our physical aspects or a disembodied spiritual approach or even a karmic unconscious state that most people are in. Only the soul can connect us to the divine. Through meditation, the physical body is coming into its etheric equation and saying oh wow! I’m not only physical I am also light! If I bring these two together, they won’t oppose each other as do the spirit and the personality. They get in union and the soul says aha! You’ve stopped being separate so now I can come in. And that’s the difference between the spirit and the soul. The spirit is really just a bridge to the soul.

One slight problem is that we have many new age courses and workshops that develop the spirit, which is just the etheric nature of the personality and people erroneously call that the higher self. All they’re really doing is enladening themselves with even more chaos and disturbing information which then dumps back in to the body. People see it as heading for enlightenment or self development. But what they are NOT doing is feeling the body in all its chaos, ugliness, symptoms, agony or whatever emotion its in. They throw things into the etheric body from the physical body believing they’re dealing with things but they’re not. Its just a vicious circle because the body will just dump it back in to the physical. We’ve got to have a language and an energetic science that reveals this because it is dangerous to meditate or do any energetic technique that doesn’t have a clarity about what the soul, disturbance, fire and spirit truly are, behind it. When its explained, everyone says yes that makes sense but if you leave it to God or the love of the universe, a reiki idea or consciousness - ‘all is love’ - you get lost in the science of energy and you play with energy but you don’t know what you’re playing with because disturbance can come in many colours. It can come very bright, very sweet and as soft as you want it to be but none of that is the truth. Basically, if there is something wrong with you, feel it. And then deal with it, but don’t try and suppress it.
So this gentle breath meditation came mainly from www.universalmedicine.com.au. but I haven't looked them up or visited so I'm not sure whether we're all on the same page in other ways. Still, all interesting food for thought!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dream Big

Hi I have been working on this little poster to encourage new people to learn the ropes to clearing their energy. Although I am snowed in a couple of counties away, I am hoping to be back for these two space clearing training evenings
Wednesday the 8th December
Wednesday the 15th December
and obviously before that for our shamanic meditation and clearing this Friday 3rd
I'm saying 7pm start for all of them and €20. I'd love to create a biome like they have in Cornwall. A full size subtropical world with avocado trees and a little bay and sand dunes. I think I can do it, but won't have it ready for Friday I'm afraid!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Essential Meditation - second part

So while you're developing a rhythm, stay mindful. Keep affirming the conscious choice to breathe gently. You will start to feel the intake of the breath at the tip of the nose. Its all quite mechanical at this stage. We are preparing the body for the quality of breath that will bring the mind in line with the heart, when the chatter of anxiety or busy ness will take, at last, a break.

So we're on to the out breath. Concentrate on the out breath, raise your awareness of it. You are in control of what you breathe out. You are saying "I am not breathing in the chaos or stress or illness anymore" but furthermore, on the out breath you are expressing yourself consciously. "I breathe out the way I want to express myself, which is as gentleness". Keep the mind in line. If we perfect this, we are moving the power to within ourselves. Instead of being on alert for the external environment we are meeting; be it work or the shops or any environmentally dense energetic spaces (everyone and everywhere!), you now choose what you are breathing and are also asserting your self, deciding how that environment is going to be. This is a conscious action of deciding to be a gentle presence and influence on the environment. So that's what you're affirming mentally. Physically, you will notice that the out breath has its own rhythm and speed. Some people’s out breath is longer than their in-breath, for some its shorter. It has a warmth, not an uncomfortable warmth, its fiery and again gentle. The reason for this exact quality I will explain in the final part but, trust me, its not used in a flowery sense, aim for quite literal gentleness. It is being used as a medium for something much greater!

So with the out breath, we are further developing our focus and awareness. We are bringing ourselves back into ourselves. We are saying to the world, this is who I am. We are saying, we are gentleness. We are way more than that obviously but we are still gentleness, as opposed to say tension or resistance!

The next stage is embodiment. This is translating the gentleness of the breath to your body. Make sure the rise and fall of your chest and ribs is complying with the gentleness of the breath. You will be surprised initially how hard you have been holding your chest, as if braced for the next bit of bad news. It can be called embodiment because the body always responds second to the light. We have our etheric, emotional and mental experiences first and then it manifests in the body over time. The body we end up with is the choices we have made, there are no accidents, no incidents. So, now we are telling the body consciously to express the ease, to mirror the gentleness of our breath. When you express or exhale, make sure the shoulders are gently depressing or releasing. You will notice that you have been holding the ribs and therefore putting pressure on your spine. The breathing, let alone anything else, is tricky for many initially. This relates back to sinus problems when young or ongoing! All of these tell you that you have contractions in your heart. They point to difficulties receiving love and that you are holding back your love from others. If you don't believe me, just ask the pendulum and I bet you fifty euro you will get a yes and huge clearing will take place in every area. So, breathe out with affirming thoughts like, I am alive, I am love, this is gentleness, this is me. The me factor only comes in when you have successfully breathed your own breath. It is completely unnecessary to get sick or get diseases. The quickest way to get ill is to keep breathing other peoples' illness, chaos and stress. . . basically, other peoples’ emotions. To develop the me is: to choose the breath you breathe in and release it in the way you want the world to be, for you. You’re also telling the world how the world is going to feel you, experience your presence. The body then takes up and embodies the rhythm gently and makes you whole - aligns your body and spirit! Rather than a willow the wisp buffeted from one trouble to the next, of your own or others, you find instead that you're basically flying it!

I hope I am impressing on you how important it is to get on top of this! I have spent about three hours today concentrating on it. Luckily, as with all energetic medicine, it can be done amid other tasks like driving the car or at the gym! Its best application is just when you're clearing others though. Don't breathe in what you hear or feel around you, decide to breathe in air from the Rockies or Kerry or just a gentle void you create yourself to work from! A space of gentle acceptance.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


A time of meditation in your day is crucial. I know some people don't like it and just fall asleep or feel there's not enough time. Its absence is a bit of a disaster though. This is because it is essentially a daily choice to breathe in only gentleness and clear air rather than reel from environment to environment breathing in the chaos, illness and anxiety that you happen to meet. You then go home and dump it in your own environment, on your pillow to pile up over time. Through meditation one can learn to breathe only your own breath and express only your own energy, also of gentleness and joy.
The aspects involve the closing of your eyes, your in-breath, your body alignment and finally your out-breath, which is your own expression of how you want your world to be. You are creating all of it. So the more conscious our choices, the better job we'll make of it.

The imprint on which you close your eyes is important. You are taking you back to you. Many people are closing their eyes to shut out the world. That's just a numbing and a distraction. So the quality of your intention as you close your eyes will determine the quality of the meditation. If you find it hard to do this, look down and then slowly and lovingly close them the last bit. This is a strong gesture to you and for you. Posture-wise, there is no need to sit cross legged! Just be comfortable sitting or lying down. We are preparing the body for the breathing we are going to do.

The next move is to begin the rhythm - the in-breath entering through the nose. One can concentrate only on the in-breath for weeks I gather (although don't forget to exhale or you might explode). The more one does focus on a step, the more aspects you identify about it. Try and make sure from the start that it is a gentle breath. If the intention is honestly gentle then the gentle breath will eventually come. This is not a soft breath or a slow breath. If the breath comes through the entire circumference of the nostril it is just a soft breath and is just a full breath of disturbed air, in whatever way; very unhealthy!The quality is gentleness and the rest becomes a rhythm, an ease and a speed that meets the need of the body.

Meditation is a conscious beginning. It can be worked on methodically and mechanically and develops a focus. Get to feel the quality of the in-breath. Soft breathing is just slowing down the body, it doesn’t connect you, it just puts the anger, frustration and anxiety in to an arrest of some sort. We don't want that, it doesn't deal with your own or leave it where it is in your environment. The breath naturally moves itself towards the tip of the nose. Gentle breath at the tip of the nose has its own sort of quality - a coolness and it retains that wherever you might be, in a sauna or a hot humid country. Try and remain mindful and not mindless. Its impossible to make the mind quiet, without it being an escape. All one can do is bring the mind in line with the impulses of the heart and then the chatter stops.

Then we have to engage the mind again to release the breath gently. We become the master. We don’t exhale by sighing or even releasing. It is just a gentle exhalation. If you can do the in and out breath consciously and gently, you can have complete mind control. You have brought your mind in line with your conscious intention, where you want to go.

You will find the room goes in to a stillness but also a coolness because you're not releasing endless disturbance in to the room, the stuffiness that is really just emotion. This is the real key to being centred, to not impose your energy on another. No more dumping it.

So focus on the tip of the nose as the breath enters. Make it gentle. On its way out, it has its own rhythm, its own speed. For some people the out breath is longer than the in-breath, for some it is shorter. The quality of the out breath you will notice is warmth. It is a fiery warmth, a gentle warmth, no discomfort. It is not soothing or comforting though, because it is not emotional in any way.

Once you've got things going, let go of the focus a bit and allow the rhythm to develop. You will find how deep you need to breath. Gentleness knows how to caliberate itself. Notice you are not zonking out, you are not going in to any sort of bliss, you are not going into escapism, meditation is really about raising awareness. But I'm really keen for everyone to start doing it as the repercussions of unconsciousness are serious. In as much as, if you don't chose your air carefully! and express the best of who you are on your out breaths, positive change is highly unlikely, on the individual or the wider level.

This DIY kit to meditation I got from a CD made by someone at www.universalmedicine.com.au who is obviously a great vibe merchant. I will outline the other part when I write again. I'm hoping to get everyone meditating and then move on to nutrition. The basic premiss is that we need to keep cultivating our relationship with the self, don't get distracted by the troubles around you. So, look after yourselves!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Where the wildlife should be!

Now she's here on the outside looking in, thank god...the mouse that is. She kindly left for my B and B guest's visit all last week. I was put on to some interesting clearings also around thyroids, chakras and streams of energy between organs. Really worth an exploration if you know what you're doing. I don't suppose it matters actually, where you generate the flow, its just the paying attention that moves things along so intently. It also led to another boat sculpture, much to everyone's amusement and two new paintings.

Come on Friday if you can. 7pm its journeying time again and dinner and of course energy clearing. Should be groovy. Always is. Lots of love Fx

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inner team and outcome

At last the new motor has arrived, what else would you want to be driving?

Aspects of the self that its about getting up and running too:
One of my inner team is Nike. She flies a little like superman except with an arm up - hence the tick shape of the Nike symbol. She was a goddess of something in the past, victory maybe or games, I'm not sure. Her input has led me to a new core class on tuesday nights in Kilkenny. Its both peaceful and painful and totally the way forward. Then there's the paliaedies - or however that constellation is spelt. That group of stars emanate a 5th dimensional understanding, showing things in the light of acceptance, unconditional love and is generally in the clearing mode all the time. This has led me to return to stillness within seconds of an interruption or worrisome thought. On thursday nights I have been going to Cahir for a meditation that sometimes involves a channelled intergalactic upload from them. Bring it on! My own thought control is being helped by the Christian trio; God, Mary and Jesus (and the donkey - Susi's determined one's team should include the donkey as the unsung hero) and they are all guiding me to replace every wired occurrence and thought with one of self trust. Emotions are choices, they mention to me from time to time, and could I take a lead in emanating happiness and self assuredness instead? No more allowing old favourites airtime, like have I messed up here or should I try harder. Both red herrings. Then of course there's the angels everyone's talking about. I have only recently incorporated Fhelyai, angel of animals. Seems to be wielding a bit of power already.

One of the occupational hazards of invoking and activating countless powerful aspects of oneself is that the first thing you create is your own worst nightmares. For me it was poltergeist activity, a flood, a swarm of flies and a trapped unspecified creature in the gutter all at Harmony Hall. What inner guidance actually does is create opportunities to show you and heal the invisible ceilings and parameters we've operated within to date - usually fear related. Their job isn't to protect from some external world and create a padded cell for ourselves but more to expand us beyond what we know so far. Everything was resolved by acknowledging and clearing energetically, what had showed up.

Sirius is another constellation that is also involved. That lot emanate 6D understandings of the structure of reality. They have led me to study further the tetra hydral arrangement of the heart muscles and their limitless ability to hold millions of frequencies and bits of information, way better than the mind. They have also led me to spend most of the last three weeks in creative endeavours. Several paintings and countless pendulums and a few clay sculptures that a friend has fired for me (Susan Boland delux pottery, Castlecomer Estate Yard. I've made everything with sacred geometry, the 1.618 golden mean ratio. Everyone who's seen them seems to love my perspective and there's been several requests for more boats and people! What an unexpected speciality, picture Wallace and Grommit but more heartwarming! Can you get more heartwarming actually? Anyway, best of luck everyone with your healing and clearing and star child responsibilities-its a dirty job but someone has to do it x

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peace, the final frontier

Cellular clearing is an accelerated way to fully embody all these guiding lights of understanding in ourselves and watch them affect our whole physical world.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday 10.10.10

Bit of a landmark date, lots of couples getting married in China and the day was celebrated around the world as Earth Day and Angel Day. I turned 40 and after initial resistance - why change the habit of a lifetime - I totally enjoyed the parties.

I had a lovely dinner at the Indian Restaurant on Patrick Street. Then we went on to the Set in the hope of dancing. The music was pretty funky, not really my thing but it was the volume that was noticeable. I’ve been to my fair share of gigs in my time! including ACDC and the only concert where it was as loud as the Set was when I went to see New Kids on The Block when they were in their hey day (that lasted for about the release of two songs back in ’91 and the noise was only so insane because the average age of the audience was 13 and they screamed throughout and waved banners of their favourite New Kid ... I don’t need to justify my own presence at the gig do I? Maybe I will anyway! I was there for work, we were recording it in the Manor Mobile. So yes, the Set. Instead of screaming kids it was trumpets and big range soul singers and it was quite simply unbearable. We persevered for about ten songs and danced and everyone kept smiling at me but I could read in their eyes that we could set off home anytime!

Everyone was smiling I think because it was ‘all about me’ for the weekend. It was a very new experience. Although everyone smiles at me anyway, I felt a bit under pressure that time to have fun - its a dirty job but someone has to do it! I have also turned another corner on the being seen front. I agreed to do modeling for a life drawing group. I could hardly believe my inner wisdom led me in this direction but I can safely say its done me a lot of good. No more ‘don’t mind me’ energy and a lot more ‘radiant goddess’ energy.

On the actual day of my birthday, off we went to Angel Day on Tramore Beach, Waterford and sang our hearts out for about two hours with three hundred other people. I gather that’s up on U tube now with a comment made in the first few minutes of ‘f....... hippies’ ! Fantastic. I do like the hippy values: Live and let live. Make love not war. Love is the answer - All good in my book. The Song for the Ocean that we sang was lovely and extremely catchy after our thirty fifth run through! Then I swam in the surf for half an hour. There were oceans of surfers out and I wished I’d had my board but felt good that I was the only one hardy enough to be in, not wearing a wet suit! Mags and Susi had gone on a reconnaissance mission to find somewhere to dine but luckily there was a big queue and they’d returned in time for Susi to spot the tide wash over my clothes and coat and towel! It was a perfect day with chips on the way home and a magnum of champagne that night at Windy’s with more friends. Thank you for all the birthday greetings, they really made me feel loved and like I have almost as many friends as Ivan...maybe next year!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life as Guided versus Misguided!

Create a life of wonder and vision, heal every one you know of lifelong illness and other problems.
Develop your system for instantaneous communication with your inner wisdom.
Create vast amounts of money in very short periods of time.
Increase the love in your life by 1000%, construct a new modus operandi for life.
Create a legacy for generations.
Un-captivate your heart and soul and drastically change your life. I assure you there will be nothing drastic about it.

Break through healing evening 15th October.
Personal Healing happening all the time €60
Home healing available €120
- the car above will be the car I'll be arriving in, if I'm not mistaken. How enjoyable is that?
Animal healing discount available for the next couple of months. €20 per session.
Courses starting in Clearing and Animal Communication. Ivan Kelly and I are going to do them.
Talking of whom, can someone please raise 30K so he can keep Rex.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The joy of being consistent - Intuitive holistic living

Life has become a whole lot simpler. All it took was a commitment to listen and act on my little spark of divinity / intuition consistently. A whole heap of sparks have activated, a veritable bonfire seems to be ready to ignite and apply itself to any choice apparently major or minor. I l get a clear unequivocal transmission every time and act accordingly. Even the healing is now a team sport. God knows who's involved but its working. Really working, every time, in every context, for everyone, near and far.

One might be initially nervous that one's inner wisdom might not be aware of and taking into consideration things like the bills and one's other responsibilities. That is why I'm prepared to do this controlled experiment. I will not argue the toss or think I know better or reason my way to any new conclusion for four weeks and just see if everything is taken care of. I have it on quite an authority that it will be. I at last know what it means to 'get out of the way'

Life has changed beyond recognition, complete relaxation, half the rushing around, zero uncertainty! Trust is an experience I really hope you will all try.

The next drumming circle is the evening of the 15th October 7.30pm at Harmony Hall. Healing all round and food of course.

(I just put Susi at Newgrange up at the top for inspiration!)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reprogramming oneself from seeing only chaos to seeing only stillness

These pictures are of Windy getting a massage and his most recent saddle fitting from Lesley Dempsey from Carlow. I sometimes like to say that he is hard to handle but this captures his complete ease with any given scenario. Loves it! The goats are his beloved field mates for the moment.

Three people have asked me this week what is actually happening when you clear?
I thought I talked about this the whole time but maybe not, so in one sentence:
We are re-routing the neural pathways that always pursued the same courses to emotionally charged areas, ideas and experiences. This frees up receptor sites on cells throughout the body to receive new information. This makes change possible as we are letting go of both our fear of and attachment to reality. The receptor sites had been tuned to the miserable occurrences we've routinely witnessed and we'd come to assume this was the only reality out there. After clearing, endless possibilities arise. The whole spectrum from health and peace to forgiveness become available as new ways of being. Our shadow territory storing pain, grief and anger can be explored without fear and in acceptance. This reveals many other senses and abilities hidden amongst them to work with. The reduction in resistance and stress allows the central nervous system and other systems to function at a new optimum and the body returns to health. All you have to do is just listen to yourself and practice trusting that there is less going on than you think!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Harmony Hall's Sacred Geometry

I will endeavour to explain the energetic symmetry between Harmony Hall's geometry and the heart! By it mere existence - the house that is - it has an impact that stretches from personal to global healing. All architects learn about the golden mean but give it lower priority in their designs. A big mistake I think!

So, we live in an energetic world. Everything we see and experience is energy compressed in to various forms, some tangible some not.

Emotion is a cascade between short and long wave frequencies. This can be understood as immediate feelings given momentum by memories from your past. Imagine if you could consciously move every feeling along that resolutionary spiral, depicted above, to the still point in the centre. That is what happens here and it is also what I teach.

The geometry and the heart space that I hold, offer a reconnection to the stillness that underlies all the apparent chaos and fear and a perfectly enjoyable way through all the denial, avoidance, pain and panic along the way!

Sacred geometry is also concerned with successful manifesting.
1. It assists in bringing thought in to form. The spiral is the only geometry that facilitates and will allow energy and information to fall in to its centre. As energy gets compressed, it goes the speed of light and therefore comes to inhabit time.... becomes manifest! At Harmony Hall we have the gold spiral at the centre, making it a very creative space to set out your goals. They then can't help but take shape in 3D.

It is also concerned with health
2. In a human being there is a build up of electrical charge and power. Feelings and experiences eventually take shape in the body as dis ease. We are stuck with a compelling illusion that we are separate from everyone else and we spend our time trying to fend off the pressure from this outside world. We fear judgement, pain, violence, destitution and all that kind of thing! And guess what, we keep attracting it because the fear is familiar. Furthermore, we think we are solid, limited and, what is worse, we think we are deteriorating! Most people have altogether forgotten that energy is flowing from and to us all the time. Potentially changing our very composition (like a microwave changes the nutritional composition of food but better!!). We are not solid but fluid, energetic beings made up mostly of light and space and water. The spiral can’t help but create a spin path for all these conflicting and demoralizing bits of energetic information we've identified with. Instantly, with the release of this stagnant information, stress in our systems also falls away. Look in to vortex technology if you want to know more. Or come here to experience it...or build your own sacred geometric space to turn things around in!

It is also concerned with effortless change
Most people don't know that we have only adopted an idea of who we are and then become it. We can now change very simply by changing our ideas and bringing them into form - becoming something else instead! Limit yourself if you want to conventional healing methods but realize that you're swallowing inevitability and fear as a way of life. I can confirm that change is possible on every level. Emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and environmental. Don't assume all is lost in regard to love, time, money or health...however long you've been ill or despairing.

Sessions here consciously raise more and more old beliefs, damage and resistance that were stored. Resistance is futile! All you have to practice is seeing all of life as an opportunity rather than a challenge, learning to let go and become powerful in your self awareness and honesty. Do not horde all those bleak moments as what makes you you! You'd be amazed how we do.

In geometric terms, a human being is a linear projected force but the spiral geometry here creates a non linear spin path where there is no resistance. The nervous system of the human visitor to Harmony Hall is literally swept in towards the central stillness. Infinite compression is possible of apparent conflicts like right and wrong, sick or well and positive and negative.

The heart of the spiral in human terms is a still point of focused awareness and compassion. So, by my doing healing here, I maximize the velocity of the spin path and multiply its results. So, in personal terms, a wish or a thought is the centring force in the body and surroundings. If your thoughts are not based on love they produce a toxic centre or no centre at all. How many of your thoughts about your self, body, life and other people are based on love? The work is to centre ourselves in a forgiving understanding of ourselves and others. That is the still point that this geometry and this healing work re-establishes in you. A clear heart makes us available to be of service to the universe. Therefore, on a micro level, the heart allows infinite cycles to nest together and maintain health in a person. The infinity cycles are also spreading the healing exponentially.

More on this when it comes clear to me!
Hope you're well. If you see my advert on facebook by chance would you 'like' it, to spread the word? Thanks alot Fx

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Integrating information into resonance at Bling Hall

We have heard of some very admirable people recently and some very undesirable types too. All unloved parts of the self no doubt. The admirable was a family friend who goes to war torn countries to support people living under threat. The reasoning is that people are less likely to gun down a whole household if there's an international observer there. As someone pointed out, one would want to be clear about how to say who you are in that particular language or you might not be much of a deterrent. Susi and I hit on the idea of designing an internationally recognized blue peace keeping outfit to save time (and lives), so that's what I've been working on. Maybe one day we will literally become an internationally recognized peace keeping outfit.

On the other side of the coin, there has been a burglary. Dodgy pieces of work but forgivable I suppose if one sees everyone as just wanting security but finding themselves a little out of balance...well, I'll have to develop my understanding in this area!

Harmony Hall, now known as Bling Hall, has been painted and everyone is very welcome to reconvene with the Conscious Community there on Friday night at half seven. We're going to get together every two weeks from now on, instead of once a month - one a friday night, the next a saturday lunch time so hopefully there'll be a drumming to suit everyone who's interested.
The only people who have tried out Harmony Hall as a full retreat so far are my parents and they loved it. Hopefully it'll get more popular or maybe it'll just stay quiet which is also good.

The clearing is going amazingly and feeling like a real therapy for the soul, personal and global. I hope it is the same for everyone. New leases of life for all creatures great and small and other awakenings.

Friday, August 27, 2010

How to survive Valentia without moving there permanently

I would love to see other ways of life and yet see them from here - if you see what I mean - rather than land myself in the middle of India or Spain and try and grasp what's going on. Or Ireland for that matter. I got a chance at a friend's party in Westport last Saturday. It feels like a lifetime ago but there were some interesting people there. Not one of them minded where they went next and when. One guy from Spain who had just been to climate camp in Tyrone. Why do I always think of Snatch when I hear that county? I think its Tyrone who's hopeless but is supposed to be driving the getaway car. Anyway, there was also a couple from England and France who'd been travelling together for a couple of years. They really got on well and were the personification of aliveness and relaxation. They were only about twenty but I learnt a thing or two. Like 4 breaths per minute is really plenty.

Sort of as a result, I've decided to concentrate on making this place a retreat centre, keep it cheap and let people come and wind down and be well however they want to. Just offer the space. Energy healing, silence, music, sleep, food, outings and a help exchange to keep the house, woods and stream maintained can all be options. Wax on, wax off as they say in the Karate Kid is a totally valid spiritual practice! God knows, I've been two days solidly doing it; painting my windows in the sunshine.

After the party, I was just coming back to Kilkenny to a clearing and suddenly it wasn't happening so I was free again. I found myself driving south listening almost exclusively to Bruce Springsteen Tunnel of Love and The River albums. It did occur to me that only the boss really can refer to people as Baby and to himself as Baby too in certain circumstances. I just couldn't see it through. A friend of mine did once but it was nipped in the bud! Maybe one needs the drawl. I can imagine obviously calling a baby Baby but then once one is in charge of a baby one should really know its real name, no? Anyway, at the moment I'm not, so it hasn't cropped up. But I have been thinking I'd like a star baby since the Inter galactic conference. How would you know what you're getting though? I suppose you hope for the best and then can be happily surprised if it starts to show very mild super powers. So, to be absolutely sure how much I love Valentia, I went down to the island again.

So many people are missing parents already it was a moving time to see mine. To be precise, to be surfing with my Dad and Mum and all my family on St Finians for two days. My Dad is probably 82 this year and I can't think of anything I love more than looking across and finding him on the same wave. My sister's more dangerous as she makes me laugh and then I can swallow water and drowning becomes imminent. Couldn't go under this time though, as there were so many children to count and make sure they hadn't been dragged out on the rip tide. My brother's children were there too and other friends. People getting married and people addicted to chocolate and people who'd rather be on Glanleam Beach but fitted it in before dawn or after dark so as not to disrupt the wider plans.

I heard there was a derelict hotel and airport on Reenroe Beach nearby and hit on the idea of restoring it with fractal energy and sacred geometry and making that my centre. It was a right red herring once I saw it. I'd be clearing for years the vibrations there and having back to back torturous Wuthering Heights moments on the windy cliffs. Probably not make it. So I gave the lads a lift to the ferry in Cork and came home. Is it ok to jack it all in and just float around in the sea all day? I have reached a temporary compromise and am swimming a mile in the gym every day. 76 lengths and for each length I acknowledge the equivalent dimension and melt back in to reasonableness and productiveness for the rest of the day. I have also worked out 'You are an ocean wave my love' or whatever its called on guitar.

Thanks to Ivan Kelly for the african art detail in my room, Phil Blackman for the cranial osteopathy that has got me back to centred, Stef for the beautiful bird table and Eric Dowsett and co for the clearing when I was knackered. Its all back on with life now and I intend to sing my soul mate in - which is an interesting idea I got from the film Australia. Think I might get some lessons in or it might just have the opposite effect!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tetrapods, tetrapaks and tetra hydral lights formations

We’re back in County Kilkenny for the moment, pretty delighted with progress. We’ve been trying to review what we actually did, what we’ve made so far and what will happen next.

1) Kilkenny
2) Carlow
3) Laois
4) Kildare
5) Offaly
6) Wicklow
7) Dublin
8) Meath
9) Westmeath
10) Cavan
11) Louth
12) Tyrone
13) Down
14) Antrim
15) Fermanagh
16) Derry
17) Donegal
18) Leitrim
19) Sligo
20) Mayo
21) Galway
22) Connemara
23) Limerick
24) Clare
25) Kerry
26) Longford
27) Roscommon
28) Tipperary
Then there’s Cork, Waterford, Wexford still to do and can’t think of the last one.

The plan was to raise money for the welfare charities in each county and to generate extra funds by doing the healing work for who ever was up for it.

It turned out everyone was up for it and made us very welcome. Although, as someone pointed out, who wouldn’t be if you just show up and say I’ll help you with whatever you, your family and business are going through?! There was no need to overcome any fear or even acknowledge there’s anything going on! What came up for me was that I was hoping that people would make a donation in exchange for the work. What actually happened was that after sometimes ten hours of personal clearing, people didn’t end up giving even a fiver. Plus we ended up saying endless thank you’s for giving us the use of a field for the horses. It made us laugh eventually as we realized that as we’re not great earners at home, we were never going to rake it in for the charities. All the money in the charity account so far is from about 8 max generous people. We don’t know what to make of that!

The way we approached healing the energy of the country was:
I’d start with the county - many square miles - and clear the environmental, historical, financial and health issues. To be concise, which is not my speciality, I phrased this ‘chaos to clarity’, ‘conflict to peace’ and ‘lack to abundance’ Goodness only knows what the repercussions of the work will be. Hopefully widespread and miraculous.

Then we also did some healing for whatever animals we met. These were also grouped into specific areas - traumatic memories, predispositions to illness and re-alignment which seemed to wrap up the past, future and present. Sometimes we just cleared pain or whatever the animal was blatantly dealing with. Sometimes there were umpteen animals. The most was 70 horses in one day at the IHWT, then clearing for all the staff individually and the premises, including a depressing derelict house. But there were all the battle sites, with thousands of spirits to clear and many cultural histories, including Newgrange. The spectrum of time we acknowledged went back as far as 385 million years ago, when tetrapods first walked out of the sea and breathed air as opposed to oxygenated water. Pretty epic, they looked to all intents and purposes like crocodiles but not quite so aerodynamic. More meandering than loitering dangerously, I’d say, from the drawings. The fossils are in situ on Valentia Island, which itself they reckon was on the equator at the time. Presumably that means we were all on the equator at the time. How lovely would that be?

There were so many people and spirits to clear, it got a bit mad at times. There would be a clearing arama, then five minutes pause in the lorry and then an unrefusable invite to dinner...which slightly meant to me another 3 hours clearing for me.

Suffice to say, we made our way home, completely shattered, needing to process the vast amount of information that had passed through my system. I lost my voice and coughed myself to exhaustion. Susi lost her livelihood and another set of challenges.

Strangely, it was the tetrapaks that sent me packing again. Dairy ones, meaty ones, bird carrying ones.

After I'd been holding a space for resolution to take place in the bigger picture of Nationwide, I came back to find the smaller picture had gone downhill bigtime! An animal loving, hard liquor drinking person with a possible eating disorder had moved into Harmony Hall. . . and surely there’s only room for one of those in any household.

After sorting through the remains of many chicken dinners and other debri in the recycling and up and down stairs, I at last got the place back and replaced the smell of TCP and cigarettes and litter trays with all the lovely incense and candles I’ve been given down the years, for exactly this type of emergency it turns out!

To really recover, I headed for Kerry again for three days amongst lovely people, old friends (some cross over there) and family (some cross overs there as well)! Instead of clearing, I really recommend surfing and swimming and re-surfacing in a supported environment. This can be beautiful, bedecked with montbretia, dinghys and views that drag one’s perspective from the immediate to the eternal. . .

Talking of which,
I went to a conference on extra terrestrial engagement with human beings. The disclosure of all the evidence is imminent, in fact already happening. The likelihood is that they have stepped in at different times in history. I have had one sighting myself, when the planet Nabiru was in view, a couple of years ago and am also very interested in crop circles. Once or twice, when I have had decent internet reception, I have gone on the Lucy Pringle website and downloaded a recent one and sleep with the image under my pillow. Try it some time! Maybe I shouldn’t mention some of these interests and practices but anything I can do to raise awareness and activate extra brain cells and faculties, dammit I’ll do it!

Some people are interested in 2012 and think the evolution of consciousness will peak then. One thing I heard is that there may be a supernova - which I think is an explosion at the core of a planet. The way to survive this is to let go of your attachment to the way things are (shouldn’t be too difficult as I haven't heard anyone totally pleased with how things are recently! but I mean really let go of your ideas on reality. Like, imagine looking out the window and seeing a caleidescope of colours rather than your usual landscape) and learn how to get into a tetra hydral stance and hold it for upwards of three hours. I think martial arts training is the way to go for this. Michael Rice might help, he’s a black belt many dan in Karate and coincidentally the architect of this place. If I have any easier survival tips though, I will report back. Maybe we should all meditate at once on what’s in store for us. If we concentrate hard enough, we might achieve a subtle shift of the earth on its axis, just enough to get us back on the equator again. Growing avocados and apricots would be great. I came back to just one solitary sunflower and 82 black currants. Self sufficiency is going to take a bit more practice I think!

So, in the meantime, if you have friends with disturbed houses or histories or any other trouble, inner or outer, please let me know as I’m looking for work and, after that trip, I would say that I am ready for anything. Any problems or illness will be a tea party to heal after what I’ve witnessed and Windy’s carried me through...and Susi of course. I was on energetic duty and she was on practicalities. Now we’ve actually done it, she’s hoping that more people will make a donation to the cause and we can divide up the winnings in September, so they can do some good.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A river ran through it and so did we

Since the Burren and Limerick, we have travelled through counties Roscommon, Offaly and Tipperary. Everywhere we’ve been, we’ve been given such a brilliant welcome. Great food and the prime spot for the horses to put their feet up. There hasn’t been much grass growing all over Ireland and people are still feeding hay and hard feed all summer long. This must be pretty expensive and it means many horses haven’t got that great summer condition you’d want them to. We rode out with the intern students working at Derek O’Byrne’s Western riding Centre. He and his team were just back from winning several trophies at the championships in Germany. He had several gorgeous stallions there as well, one white apaloosa called Don Juan which was like a picture postcard or straight out of the Silver Brumby.

As soon as Rosie’s hooves hit the grass, she was immediately in the mood for a blow out. In the end it was just a little stroll in the sunshine. Both horses got their opportunity the next day in Birr Equestrian Centre who kindly put us up the following night. Two helpful youngsters said their stables were ready but we could put them out if we wanted ‘in that field, there’s no one else in it’.....famous last words. They then mentioned that the mare in the next field might come to the hedge and say hello. There was in fact no fence between the fields and so off they all went. Then a trek passed through. 4 peaceful ponies on lead rein with tiny children on board. Windy led the herd at full tilt between trekking pony two and three. I was watching on mortified and helpless. Then six or so more horses spotted them and jumped the car tyres that separated them and suddenly there was ten horses on the horizon going flat to the boards over endless fields with Windy at the head. At one point he took on the cross country course. Up the biggest bank and down over two jumps, just for the sheer fun of it. As I texted Susi for help, it turned out she was ringing me from across the fields at the same moment. We met half way to try and extricate our two before a) they got injured or b) before we were kicked off the property for disturbing the peace. Noel Cosgrove, who’s place it is, was in the arena showing ponies to two small children and their parents with a view to maybe selling. I dread to think what happened to that plan after the stampede and the resulting bucking and running amock of the two ponies, one child being briefly run away with!

Again the young helpers there were great; finding us tonnes of hay, a lamp and electricity and generally taking care of everything. And of course loving and admiring Windy and Rosie who are huge in comparison to many of the horses we’ve met, especially the pintos and other colourful western breeds. The next day we had a lovely ride in the arena and along their avenue.

That was quite enough though of sleeping in the lorry and travelling around with the horses, so we made a break for home and went to Susi’s near Goresbridge. The horses had a deep field of grass to play with for their last night together. We rode up to the local woods and it was heaven. Miles of wide grassy tracks in between the trees and the horses flying it.

All too soon after, it was like heart break hotel. We were loading Windy up to return to a field up here. He’s on his own again now, except for the goats who were pleased to see him. He looked at me a little askance as I left, as if to say, where did I go wrong? Know the feeling!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 30 something; Co. Kerry

There were so many highlights to the Kerry leg of the journey, I can't begin to tell you.
On the first day, we went to the brilliant health food shop, Hemp and Things in Cahirciveen on the Iveragh Peninsula. They had said from the start that they would sponsor us but I had not anticipated such amazing generosity. They had the postcard I'd written up behind the counter and Suzan the manager brought me out the back to the organic vegetable room and gave me a crate. I tentatively was deciding on one or two items - probably avocados because life is really about them - when she said something like, 'please, knock yourself out, I'm not counting' Talk about heaven on earth. Then we went to the grains section and, as I looked for the rye flour in my slightly frugal way, she suggested I pick another ten items! Quinoa, Tartex (happiness in a tube), oat cakes, almonds, wild rice, vegetable mince and liquorice . . . I felt we did need chocolate but I couldn't see it and it seemed a bit frivolous. Then I was on to the vegan cheese and tofu. Count me in basically.

The next night was the quiz on Valentia and just a few guys came from the sailing school. We decided they probably had such a nice attitude as they know what's involved in getting something like this mission off the ground; as they teach summer camps and keep kiddliwinks alive on the water all day long. It was a classic night.

Now we are in Offaly heading out on a hack by the canal.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Reflecting in pictures now we're back on the road

The horses have had their well earned week's rest and so have we. These are some of the increasingly ancient places we were frequenting and probably why a pasuse was needed - A wonderful side saddle lesson at Castle Leslie, the castle itself, then Markree Castle in Co. Sligo and Newgrange, Co. Meath.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Caught between a rock and a hard place!

From Westport, Mayo we made it to the outskirts of Galway, Oh lord the fields of Athenry. We had a fantastic time staying with friends who have a lovely stud farm...hang on, Susi’s just lost the use of her good arm re-opening a bottle of wine. Only one tooth missing though, so where were we. We were staying in the Gatehouse. Sounds cosy but in around Michael Collins’ time the Gatehouse was occupied by the steward who collected the taxes. He was highly disliked, shot and killed. The whole area has been beset by tragedies, which I spent two exhausting nights clearing. It was a very active time, energetically, endless presences making themselves known. Even throwing our vast tupperware container off the table. Don’t believe the hype, by the way, tupperware does break! I went quietly, if rather urgently, back to saying 'this is neither good nor bad this is just happening'. We thought we might get a break the second night, as we’d had a great supper, chats and watched Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. Infact, new, even more disturbing, information arose. It took literally hours to bring everything back into a sufficient state of stillness for me to nod off without being rudely awoken, moments later!

The highlight was an amazing ride. Many many miles. We suspect that our hosts hadn’t done that hack since the motorway was built so we found ourselves having to take on an aerial view and cross it. Rosie lost half her body weight in fear. Her racing name is Grainne Whale - please excuse spelling - and she was bred at this stud!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 7,500 ish: County Mayo!

Set off for Mayo - the foot of Croagh Patrick to be exact, in readiness for the pilgrimage weekend. Left the horses there and went to Oughty, near Killary Harbour to stay with Sophia half way up a mountain. We climbed at nightfall and fell down many ditches and into streams and wondered if we’d bonded sufficiently with the local inhabitants, mainly cows. Had an amazing supper which got even better with a courgette and cumin pancake experiment. We went back to the mountain to try a little collecting the next morning. We got a few pennies towards the cause. Literally a few pennies, most of which I’d put in myself to show people where it could go! It rained solidly and very few people got the hang of it. I think because they were heaven-bound.

Sophia had made a great sign but we thought afterwards this might have been better...
“When you get to the top of the mountain, to those pearly gates, God won’t ask you what you saved. All he’ll want to know is what you gave!!”

Some classic characters there doing a penance in bare feet to the top. We actually heard there was 40 injuries so I probably should have been doing some space clearing instead. I have been more on the case with the Galway Races, hoping to clear any chance of accidents and incidents.

I tried to go for a ride from Croag Patrick stables but hadn’t bargained on Windy's separation anxiety. He whinnied and snorted and stamped his feet the whole way past the pilgrims and I slightly wished I hadn’t got Please Support Animal Welfare written on my back as my trusty steed was so obviously upset and felt it was blatantly my fault! I did make it to the beach eventually but by then I felt ready to go home again. The silver strand I had in mind manifested perfectly into a nice contained sand arena where we did some exemplary maneuvers.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sligo riders were tentatively happy to be reminded that the personality of one's horse is a direct reflection of oneself!

Before we left the north, Susi had to take a horse to Antrim to have an xray to confirm tendon damage. Antrim is on the way to Derry, Londonderry as its officially known, and it has the Giant’s Causeway and other beautiful scenery there. As with the rest of the North...and possibly the whole world!.. its mad busy with people being busy!

Eventually, we left Caledon in Tyrone. Just on our way Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, we encountered 3 road blocks. Think there was someone they were looking for but luckily not us. We were waved through by very smiley policemen which was possibly even more unnerving!

Fermanagh is the home of the lakes. The lorry part was a grim trip with me in the back trying to hold a space for the horses and Susi with white knuckles on the steering wheel concentrating and negotiating the roads.We'd made more room for the horses in the back but, for that leg, they had too much room and were falling about the place. I seriously recommend anyone with horses travel in the back with them for a stretch as its actually a bit of a nightmare to witness and motivates whole new considerations!

In Sligo, Windy and Rosie were looked after by Markree Castle, home of the great Cooper family, who have several very loved animals. We ourselves moved on to Mary Lang’s who bred Hedge Hunter. His brother, little Monty almost came for a hack with us the next day but suddenly there were other jobs. Mary is a nurse and lives with her brilliant parents. Another highlight was the pizza and the full bed and breakfast treatment...wonderful.

I did a talk at the riding club after watching a lesson at McGarry's and we received donations for the cause. Really friendly, interested people and made me feel like joining the Riding Club at Nuenna, Freshford, again as soon as I get home. Their venue in Sligo though was literally chockablock with Dolmens, more than anywhere else in Ireland. The Riding Club is the oldest one in the country too. We were given a pretty magical guided tour at dusk to see Queen Maeve’s tomb on top of her own mountain. She’s buried standing up, I gather, ready to do battle again if necessary. This is also how Susi, Windy and Rosie sleep for the same reason! We were also shown amazing beaches where people are washed away every 10 minutes because the tide rises so fast. I cleared all the riding club horses and the mares and foals and the cob who also had the demise of a young girl on his conscience. Plenty of geopathic stress there and illness but balanced well will love and friendship.

Next morning we went for a ride around the estate and woods, ancient trails and trees and good for the spirits. Windy dealt with gates and was a model example as usual. . . although I am a bit biased.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 18 - Gratitude and perseverance

There are so many people to thank already for their generosity, welcome and support.

Firstly sponsorhip to get going!
Thanks to Ivan Powell and Sinead Keaskin at the Kilkenny Academy of Dance for getting us on the road.

Emotional Support
Maximum love and appreciation to Michael Rice and Mags Denmeade for ringing in at crucial moments when I was losing the will to go on and making me see the funny and sunny side of things, respectively!

No foot no horse
Thanks to James Carroll, fantastic farrier, for getting Windy's hooves back to symmetry over the last couple of years. Also for pre-shaping a 2nd set of shoes for the trip and pins for slippery terrain - a very generous donation. Don't even get me started on Ivan for helping me keep Windy in one piece, James and Kate Powell for the lovely grazing and slopes for practicing our cross country canter on. Much appreciation to Lady Jane Alexander for casting her expert iridology eye over Rosie and Windy yesterday. There was not a stress line in sight. It was unheard of, she said, to find an eye so clear! All their organs are in perfect order. On her advice, we've got cortaflex for them both now to boost the joints in their hind quarters. We have had some gorgeous rides around these village roads.

Home away from home
Lots of love and gratitude to everyone who has invited us to stay. Its been amazing. We're also looking forward to meeting everyone at the Sligo Riding Club tomorrow. In the hope of donations and also because I always do, we will be clearing all the horses we meet. I hear there will also be a beloved great dane. The next day we'll hopefully get to brilliant Sophia in Westport. She has got us official authorization to fundraise all day Saturday in the carpark at the foot of Crogh Patrick...this might seem like a remote spot but there are to be 20,000 people there this weekend for a pilgrimage. We just might do well...or find God..or both!

Thanks to Redmills for 4 bags of Simply Natural, thanks to Thoroughbred Remedies for the little treats for the next quiz, fly fringes, pens etc. Thanks for the great books as well. The Book Thief is turning out to be interesting. But there better be a happy ending! Thanks to KSPCA's Anton too for the lend of the video camera. I must look up the generous camera shop who provided it too.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paypal Arrangements for Donations on line

At last the charity account has been attached to a paypal button so people don't have to go in to a permanent tsb bank to make a donation. It can be done with any credit card now through the website. So, on the www.healingbyfranc.com website there is an 'Animal Welfare' Page. The Charity Account 'The Susi Allen Roadtrip for Animal Welfare' Paypal Button and info is there. We have a target of a thousand euro a week! Please ask any animal lovers you know to put a couple of euro in. We've had a great response all round including other countries. Off to Fermanagh, Leitrim, or Donegal tomorrow or all of them! we've rearranged the partitions for the horses and have only a major leak in the drawing room to contend with now...I use the term loosely!

Day 17: Poetry and planning our next move

When we did the quiz in Wicklow, some people waited outside for an extra ten minutes because they listened at the door and thought I was reciting poetry!!

I took that as a bit of a compliment so I'll just put a bit of my all time favourite poem here. Its from Derek Walcott's 'Omeros' which is a re-write of Homer's 'The Odyssey' but set in Jamaica with Hector and Achilles as fishermen and Helen of Troy as a village girl. What a classic! And he shows he's also in to stillness underlying every journey which is pretty relevant too!

You aint been nowhere, Seven Seas said,
You have seen nothing no matter how far
you may have travelled. Cities with
shadowy spires stitched on a screen -

which the beak of a swift has ravelled and unravelled;
You have learnt no more than
if you stood on that beach watching
the unthreading foam you watched as a youth,

except your skill with one oar; You hear the
salt speech that your father once heard; One
island, and one truth. Your wanderer is a
phantom from the boy's shore.

Mark you, he does not go; he sends his narrator.
He plays tricks with time because there are two
journeys in every odyssey, one on worried water,

the other crouched and motionless, without noise.
For both, the 'I' is a mast; A desk is a raft for one,
foaming with paper, and dipping the beak -

of a pen in its foam, while an actual craft
carries the other to cities where people speak a
different language, or look at him differently,

while the sun rises from the other direction with
its unsettling shadows. But the right journey
is motionless; As the sea moves around an island

that appears to be moving, love moves around the
heart - with encircling salt, and the slow travelling
hand knows it returns to the port from which it must start.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lots of old ruins that were beautiful and could be again

It is a balancing act coming to clear the energy of a place. I have to hope a moment arises when a person can reconnect with their sense of humour and self awareness. Then it can be totally great and funny and much appreciated. I love that part...brief though it is initially! We always go into some deep subjects about the inhabitants, flora and fauna and animals. They all bring up a serious social commentary, such as history of abuse or environmental deterioration or something. This can be a bit tiring because people want to pour over the details one more time. I don't! I want to acknowledge things and move on. It can also take its toll on one's nervous system, spending so much time in amongst chaos and trying to suggest an underlying moment of calm. Luckily going riding returns one instantaneously to full capacity!

We're really acknowledging broad social problems as much as personal ones. Its all one and the same I reckon. For example, I have witnessed recently how trapped people feel. Trapped in to their housing arrangements and limited in their financial ability to make any changes for themselves or the bigger picture. Caring for animals is the one issue we're obviously noticing most...and it doesn't really seem to go smoothly for anyone! There seems to be a shortage of one or other aspect, be it knowledge, having time, strength, routine, money, veterinary care, farriers, dentists, healing, interest, love, grooming, exercise, training, turn out, nutrition, water, supplements. If we can pay attention to all these things, then humanity'll get on a roll, I'm sure of it. I'm also learning how to bring up difficult topics honestly, without emotional charge and without judgement. So this trip has already shifted a fear of causing argy bargy (that's a technical term!) and we're still on speaking terms with everyone. Susi pointed out though that we have caused a whirlwind wherever we go. We seem to be literally blown in to places and out of them again. She has turned into a ninja since i last wrote. You never hear her cross the floor and she's the only one with enough spring to get up to the mezzanine level in the lorry. Past life training no doubt.

In the clearings, embedded memories are being relieved of the families, animals, houses, fields and surrounding areas. All sorts of amazing things fall into place and take shape ... over the next few lifetimes ... I mean, hopefully sooner like over the next few weeks and months! Some animals may pass on naturally, some will get better. People seem to have lots of wonderful open communication with each other at last and adventures abound. I'm trying to wait for my body and mind to process all the information I pick up, before writing the days’ account, but I am trying to write something every day so there is a continuity to the trip. So I apologize when I'm off on an incomprehensible tangent! Wishing you all much love and clarity x

Friday, July 16, 2010

3rd Day Across The Border

So the order of events is:
Stay present

We have connected with some very brilliant and decent people already. They have really shown me the spectrum of experience people live with. Some in great hardship and some millionaires. Some millionaires in fact who fear great hardship and some hard up people with large-scale dreams fit for a king! There’s been some with great influence and some with great commitment. Lots with skills and qualities! Every last one was fraught though. Unexpectedly, our fresh perspective seems to be literally brand new to most. So it was worth coming on the trip just to let people know how to breathe again, move on, make changes and resonate ok with this crazy ride we call life.

I am trying to emphasize that there is literally nothing outside ourselves to blame. No danger outside ourselves to fear. There is also nothing to hate or even judge as bad. It is all just residual bad feeling. It is surfacing, nothing more. As the queen of positive thinking, I am also able to confirm that this bad feeling is in fact a blessing. It is not supposed to be overwhelming and lead to crisis. We are supposed to recognize these moments as wonderful opportunities for healing!!

It seems that it doesn’t naturally occur to people to spot fear as it arises in oneself. They rush straight to focussing on what the perceived danger is. It becomes attached to a story line in one’s own life, like fear of rejection or not having enough money or getting ill and then its chewed over like a pitbull with a ragdoll. No one sees their ideas for what they are. Thoughts and fears and horrors and cruelty and differences are just persistent waves breaking on the shore. We just have to let them pull out again as they naturally do. People have to stop fighting. Its actually harder to stop fighting for good or righteous causes than just fighting to let off steam. The good causes and the great reasons and the deep feelings evoked are all relevant but our job as human beings is not to fight and hold things up but, instead, total surrender is called for and total forgiveness.

Spending this little bit of time listening to myself amongst these new people has shown me many things about my own shadowy parameters too. Frustration, claustrophobia, indecisiveness, fear of violence and defensiveness to name but a few. I am coming to love these energies in myself. Just like every one else, I’m a bit of a classic combination that’s all. As we go along, I have been daring people to acknowledge themselves in this way. A right old mix of frequencies, all perfectly ok and no longer giving one more air time in one’s mind than others.

One might have thought that people would want peace and to be able to support themselves emotionally and mentally but sadly not. For most, personal pain is embedded in so many layers of apparently valid tragic information that it has become the very fabric of their being. It has become essentially a true story or a self fulfilling prophecy. This hidden pain has been mirrored back so consistently in one’s experience that we fully believe the pain isn’t our own but someone else’s! The starving young and other creatures of the earth, the terrible abuse etc etc. We each have only to deal with ourselves and all this experience will change. We have been lucky on this trip to get a chance to spend two nights/three days ish in each place, clearing, sharing ideas and really holding a space for the penny to drop and clarity or optimism or calm to shine through. The idea being, blame no one. Not even yourself. Learn how to let things go. This is done most simply I find by affirming to oneself...This is not yours or mine this just stuff bandying around. Every turbulence whatever size is just a mere wrinkle in an otherwise perfect squiggle... That last one’s my favourite. It is the real beauty of an energetic universe, its completely fluid, silken and oceanic. Nothing is really stuck or damaged. So don’t fall for the illusion.

We are working in the North this week. With visits to each county, we have done already the three specific clearings - returning the structure of the land from chaos to clarity, from conflict to peace and from lack to abundance - for County Down and County Armagh. We are also keen to work with individuals and businesses on environmental and health concerns on the off chance we’ll earn either some diesel money or some donations for the cause. We have seen some amazing work but all of them need money and people to offer long term homes for the animals. Its also occurred to us that we are promoting a holistic way of life and are hoping that each family might sponsor or take on one animal. These are two things I’ve had on my vision board all year: ‘€10,000 trip for animal welfare’ and ‘someone to love every person and every animal.’ Make it so No.1...Well that’s what Captain Picard says to his computer on the starship enterprise so it might just work for us too!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Louth, Monaghan, Tyrone

We were on our way to Carlingford Lough but we are now in Caledon, Co. Tyrone. We passed through Slane, which is a beautiful place but it houses 'one of the most haunted houses in Ireland'. We cleared it, metaphysically and earth energy-wise but don't know the people who live there. We can only think of sticking a note through their door saying 'go ahead, enjoy your house, you can head upstairs now'

The horses are in acres of pasture with ancient trees and loads of grass but Windy seems cross and fragile so I'm glad we're here for a good few days recuperation. We're staying with an iridologist and equine masseur.

Mega clearing is booked for the Art Gallery, Castlewellan on Thursday at 2pm if anyone is near at hand x

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We've cleared all 60,000 from the Battle of the Boyne, are we still on target?

We are aligning ourselves with Newgrange, Co Meath. It was built 5000 years ago when the planet Nibiru was last in between us and the sun. The next time the planets will be in that order will be 2012. We can feel a fantastic pulse emanating from it. If people aren't resonating well though, what happens in the presence of power is fear, chaos and violence. That is what this wonderful sanctuary is up against.. There have been countless break-ins, threats, thefts, abuse and a sense of vulnerability for people and animals around the area (a mere 600 metres as the crow flies from the monument). Yesterday I was clearing solidly from 2pm to 1am. Many vortecies and stress. We've been hoping for fabulous donations so who knows what's in store.

At the Donard long distance race Susi did in preparation for the trip, someone gave her the dubious title of the galloping granny. I'm hoping we can come up with something more disinguished. She has taken to calling me the happy medium. Or asking when I'm whiter than usual, if we have got caught up in a re-make of The Others!

On the relationship front, we've encountered some resistance. One lady announced that even if she was approached by 'Jesus Christ, fresh off the cross, (she'd) run a mile with her arthritic leg in the opposite direction' So much for love springing eternal.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day Six: Welfare Aware

Well the most amusing thing I've heard recently was a woman bemoaning her last boyfriend. "He just couldn't seem to take me out for a pint without trying to sell me to someone". Sort of heartwarming but I can see why she gave him the slip. We caught a photo of the most dashing man we've seen so far but I gather we're not to lash up photos on the computer without permission. So he'll be forever mine, if in a rather transient way.

Today was a great day even though it rained gently the whole time. I cleared every horse and pony I could find, all the staff too and the two alsations. By lunch time I was asleep in the back of the lorry but the yard was vibrant. Susi managed to keep going about five more minutes. They had a huge foal born there on Sunday who is the personification of vital energy and then there's some more fragile ones. Whenever I asked about one, they'd say in a low tone of horror, that's another 'Kilkenny' one. It was a bit like being English all over again. Wherever we come from, seems to have caused most of the problems and then we roll up to answer for them!

The IHWT has a new video that was made for them for free featuring lots of great riders who pause mid pirouette and say 'here, we're welfare aware' or something like that and it promotes a new ethical practice standard for yards. The project is called Welfare Aware which has a great ring to it I thought. They were delighted with the fundraising night we did yesterday and our lorry and pleased to have us there to do some healing. For each, I cleared entity attachments, spirits around them, traumatic memories, pain and alignment. Seemed like a coherent set to try if anyone reading this has friends or pets that are bogged down or freaked to high heaven. There's an empty house up there too that is no doubt the main drain on the property. Dereliction is always a bit of a vortex.

Over breakfast we helped celebrate the Woodenbridge Hotel's 400 years as an inn. We did it our way by helping the hundreds of guests that never really left move on! Susi is great at identifying and witnessing specific eras and illness. So I can confirm, most of the living dead had died of smallpox or in battle. No one dismembered, just parts that no longer worked. Gruesome! But they've all gone to the light now, thank goodness. This afternoon though we went for a ride along the tiny high roads looking out over this wooded valley. This is the best air we've ever breathed x

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day five: The first quiz

Thanks to good friend Alan Keiskin who did the questions. One table lost the will to live, they were so obscure! One complimented us and said they were frequent quiz goers and the questions were top notch and a third were pleasantly surprised and had inadvertently known all the answers and won the prize. We made €271.71 and handed it straight over to the IHWT - irish horse welfare trust. People were so generous, even with the raffle for which we had rather meagre prizes. It felt good to make some money for someone. We were expecting 3 people and got 6 teams!

At last we have beds and a hot shower and breakfast served in the morning. We can't wait. Susi's delirious from driving the lorry for 3 hours and then having to score the quiz. I keep wishing Ivan was here to double check Windy. He rubbed his back leg in the lorry. The horses are up in the yard with Moscow Flyer and some other distinguished retired race horses. We are down in the Woodenbridge Hotel. They gave us 4 bottles of wine to give the winning team and this lovely room for 2 nights.

The Trust have lent us their jeep to get up and down. I have a full day of clearing tomorrow and Susi has work all day there also, tidying up the foals and other rescued animals. I have already done some healing with two horses recovered from that guy who just got sentenced to two years. I felt pretty unwell afterwards but was bound to as that was a long bleak situation.

The last photos were of Michael Lecombre and their classic place in Laois. These ones are of Mag's yurt in beautiful Kildare.

Day Four: The Grand Canal, Naas, Edenderry, New York, Athens and the Camino Walk through the Pyrennes

We stayed with Mag McCormack of Kinelagh, Kildare / Offaly border who is an energy clearer too. We spent the day exploring places near and far. The worst scene she'd ever happened upon was lions in the centre of Athens in a tiny concrete pen. The best place to spend time was identified as New York - lucky we can astral travel as well as go in person!

We hit on the idea of going collecting in Naas but we found that lots of other people had had this idea as well - people hoping to sign you up for Concern (which I luckily already am) and the Lung Foundation too. We raised not a cent and after a little while we took a coffee break.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day Three: The move

It was a huge relief to get to Allenwood. We had paused to do a little fundraising at Kildare Village and found Windy really tired in the back of the lorry. We didn't bother getting out obviously then and I travelled in the horse's quarters for the rest of the journey.

I realized that Rosie still associated the lorry with going racing and all in all there was still some clearing to do for the lorry! I got on with that while hanging on to the partition.

We are staying on the Grand Canal, from cowboy country to the Siberian Steps - as we spent the evening in Mag's wonderful yurt. Lattice walls and arched doors and low seats, its an epic creation and no sign of a house for miles.

Susi reminded me Kildare is a particularly challenged county, environment-wise. Its got tin mines and quarries and the turf cutting. The earth is effectively left wide open here and there's a lot of ravagement. So that'll be our clearing for the day. A heal the earth day. Clearing Laois fully yesterday almost killed us off so we're trying to pace ourselves. We're getting better and better at letting things go.

Windy is back to full spirit now he's back on terra firma. . . not sure how that's spelt but not solid ground is the thing.

Sorry about last night's 'Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy' comment if you read it. It was a slightly amusing caption on a poster I thought, especially for a rescue centre.
Off fundraising in Naas and Newbridge today. I wonder how that'll go.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day Two:

Windy and Rosie have settled in. They were like old friends dozing nose to nose outside the Tower Inn in Timahoe this evening. Over a bottle of Heineken, we were introduced to three beautiful dogs, rescued via Brenda Stone in Inistoige! One very small Jack Russel type, one very friendly, but distinguished looking, Mastiff meets Rotweiller and an old Collie. Everyone on the green loved the horses.

It was our second outing of the day, so we are totally wrecked . . . I had no sleep at all last night and Susi had maybe even less. We are not experienced campers, Susi was freezing in her wing of the lorry and I was so claustrophobic in my pen...I mean bed! that I had to break out at about 3am. Tonight's looking a lot more promising.

We cleared the whole family here in the end over various cups of coffee. The recession has even reached this wonderful place and stress had been catching up. What is really represented here is following your dreams and creating one's own little piece of heaven. We watched Michael training a youngster, using his quiet natural horsemanship method. He also came and tuned in to our two. Its so sunny and mellow and inspiring here, none of us want to leave and have almost already forgotten why we need to!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day One:Do you remember the good old days before the ghost town?

We are in a stunning cowboy ghost town, complete with saloon, wigwams, jail and miles of horizon in every sort of red. All the horses are paint horses, pintos and apaloosas resting after a hundred gathered here yesterday for a trail day of western riding. I can't believe we've made it. Where else in the world would someone just make you a cup of tea and give you the keys to the whole village and go off?

County Kilkenny
To start as we mean to go on, we filmed a horse / owner combination to demonstrate how a horse should be kept. Rex and Ivan. If I can edit snippets as we go along, I will put them up. In short: groom them every day, if only to pay attention to changes in their condition and to notice their mood and if they have got any scratches. Make sure they have access to loads of clean water and that you start every ride with at least ten minutes in walk to let them stretch. It is really the message we want to spread about animals; If you have one, learn about them and closely observe them.

We are attempting to acknowledge every aspect of the scene as we go along. The first thing we saw after we left Susi's was a rabbit - at the Bright Eyes stage of its life. So our first clearing was animals killed on the road. It is important not to be traumatized by everything or we'll just create more of it. I got clearing while Susi drove. She asked if we could draw the line at clearing bugs on the windscreen or we'd never get a break. A compromise was reached that we'd only do a bit for them every day!

County Carlow
I cleared Carlow. Always the first thing is to clear our own relationship to a place. There was initial resistance but we got there. Then we did the 'clarity, peace, abundance and love' set. Carlow was a bit short of love, it turned out, but its the first county I've done in one go so we can only see what happens now. It could become the next San Francisco.

County Portlaoise
Huge thanks to Michael and Esther Lecombrey for this magical place they've created in Timahoe. Also Siobhan at Glasrai Goodies in Gowran, who provided the most supreme evening meal for us today. Thanks to everyone who came to the party on Friday. It was a brilliant, high energy send off and made me not want to leave such good friends and times. Thanks to JP for playing and Mags and Fintan and some classic french pianists - don't ask how they got there!

The clearings done here have been 4 people, one place, 12 horses, a Siberian Husky puppy, Scout, and Blackie a very old husky- 19 years old. We will cover some serious ground tomorrow so I must sleep now.

Recommended happinesses: Coming here, going to see Twilight Eclipse, Cappuccinos on Gowran Green, listening to songs that say what you mean to say but can't quite think of how, live!