Tuesday, December 28, 2010

At last, the last part of the meditation!

Well, I for one feel like I've been in a constant state of meditation, clearing and full on hibernation for months so I'll just start up where I left off! This is a painting of Windy and Beckett I did for Ann Marie who has been keeping them warm against the odds for weeks.

The soul is not gentleness, the soul is just love, joy and harmony. its movements are in line with its rhythms. It doesn’t need gentleness. Gentleness is a step down for the soul. However, living physically as we do in chaos, responses and reactions, we need a bridge into our intangible true nature, our soul. We have misrepresented love, joy and harmony. Love is not an emotion, a benevolence or charity. Love can sometimes let you fall on your face. Love is a state of being that encompasses everyone and everything at the same time. It is based on rhythms, so it can’t harm. It is always in joy. We can only interpret and reinterpret this until we develop a technique to get us in to that place.

Gentleness is a tangible semblance of what the soul might be and so we learn to get our bodies into that state. The soul is greater than we ever imagined, but we have to prepare our selves to experience it. We are bringing our spirit and personality into one for a time and that is our only way to bring our soul in to our bodies and live from that aspect rather than our physical aspects or a disembodied spiritual approach or even a karmic unconscious state that most people are in. Only the soul can connect us to the divine. Through meditation, the physical body is coming into its etheric equation and saying oh wow! I’m not only physical I am also light! If I bring these two together, they won’t oppose each other as do the spirit and the personality. They get in union and the soul says aha! You’ve stopped being separate so now I can come in. And that’s the difference between the spirit and the soul. The spirit is really just a bridge to the soul.

One slight problem is that we have many new age courses and workshops that develop the spirit, which is just the etheric nature of the personality and people erroneously call that the higher self. All they’re really doing is enladening themselves with even more chaos and disturbing information which then dumps back in to the body. People see it as heading for enlightenment or self development. But what they are NOT doing is feeling the body in all its chaos, ugliness, symptoms, agony or whatever emotion its in. They throw things into the etheric body from the physical body believing they’re dealing with things but they’re not. Its just a vicious circle because the body will just dump it back in to the physical. We’ve got to have a language and an energetic science that reveals this because it is dangerous to meditate or do any energetic technique that doesn’t have a clarity about what the soul, disturbance, fire and spirit truly are, behind it. When its explained, everyone says yes that makes sense but if you leave it to God or the love of the universe, a reiki idea or consciousness - ‘all is love’ - you get lost in the science of energy and you play with energy but you don’t know what you’re playing with because disturbance can come in many colours. It can come very bright, very sweet and as soft as you want it to be but none of that is the truth. Basically, if there is something wrong with you, feel it. And then deal with it, but don’t try and suppress it.
So this gentle breath meditation came mainly from www.universalmedicine.com.au. but I haven't looked them up or visited so I'm not sure whether we're all on the same page in other ways. Still, all interesting food for thought!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dream Big

Hi I have been working on this little poster to encourage new people to learn the ropes to clearing their energy. Although I am snowed in a couple of counties away, I am hoping to be back for these two space clearing training evenings
Wednesday the 8th December
Wednesday the 15th December
and obviously before that for our shamanic meditation and clearing this Friday 3rd
I'm saying 7pm start for all of them and €20. I'd love to create a biome like they have in Cornwall. A full size subtropical world with avocado trees and a little bay and sand dunes. I think I can do it, but won't have it ready for Friday I'm afraid!