Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lights on but no one home?

Are your lights on but nobody really at home?
With the best will in the world, this is currently the situation for many. There is a feeling of living a half-life, subdued by some kind of drudgery or pain. I asked the universe earlier if it is the same for everyone or if everyone has their own cross to bear, so to speak! I gather that it is a very dense physical situation caused by changes in our environment. This is more to do with climate change than where we work or live. It is really happening to everyone.

As someone special said to me ‘I used to have a really sparkling personality!’ As our personalities drop away with our ego and we start to merge with oneness, we are maybe starting to feel a loss of identity and individual significance. Do not let this be the end of the line though. Some fleeting disappointment is acceptable but move on swiftly to realizing some of the magnificence of your new connections. The more glad you are of every aspect of your life, the more alive you will become. Rather than your energy being sustained by your chi flow, using your kidneys - which may well be nearly exhausted by now - you can ignite another source altogether – your inner still point, Stillflow (Freya Lawton) or tap into all that there is!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans…

John Lennon, I think! It sums up my day at the office today anyway. I was sent an invite that seemed to consist of 150 invites, all of which needed a response. Then I got a call from my B and B guest who had just left on his push bike. Serendipity had stopped him by an old wall where he had found a tiny kitty cat.

He could only think of calling me as he lives abroad. Because I am reading The Magic, I remembered right away that everything in life is a gift, whether it is apparently good or bad! So I jumped into the defender and found a sorry sight behind that wall. His little sister had not made it and was just lying there beside him. He was sorry to leave her but knew he was starving so let me catch him. There was a knife and a plate lying around there, so someone may have been feeding them, just enough to keep one going, it turned out sadly.

Instead of sweeping around the garden pulling out all the stray grass, I covered about 20ft, as I had to make sure the dogs didn’t eat him, when I wasn’t looking! Do not think I am overly protective; Softy curled up in between Cupid’s legs earlier for comfort and suddenly found his head in Cupid’s mouth. I had to literally prise his teeth open. All in all it was a perfect summer’s day; shiny and sound horse, adorable kitten drinking tea out of a deserted mug, two dogs treating him like gold dust since, one rendition of Strangers in the Night, two of the Fur Elise (by someone on the piano rather than the hounds!) and also received word from old friends and made several new ones…if Linked In counts?!

The moral of the story is that we are all one massive life force. Softy is purring so loudly its interfering with my internet connection. Don Juan is worried if there’s a new level of competition, is there really enough love to go around? Yes, there is thank God.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What is the emotion behind the words 'thank you'?

Thinking the words 'thank you' serve as an emotional pivot from a place of poor feeling to an empowered magnanimity. It is simply choosing to give thanks rather than feel sorry. There is nothing more important than developing this ability to shift one's perspective. Whether you feel sorry for yourself or for something not done or done against you, saying thanks a lot is still, luckily, the way forward.

All interactions in life give you a chance to express the love you have inside you. Sometimes your best intentions might feel thwarted by difficult people or your own self defeating habits or doubts. When practicing directing your thoughts in a positive direction, have fun at these times, rather than getting lost in them. You can say 'well, thank you, that was character building!' or 'thank you for showing me how far I've come' or 'thanks a million for this great reminder not to take things personally!'

To ensure the whole day goes brilliantly, picture yourself wonderfully surprised and grateful at the other end of the day. Luckily the infinite organizing power of nature can organize the details in between!

Today I have joined the Gratitude Bank on Facebook so I will report back even more evidence shortly of magnificent creations and resolutions found this way!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The spiritual path is not one that should necessarily be travelled alone!

The Conscious Community, started here nearly 5 years ago, encourages people to come together and enjoy the trials, tribulations and adventure of a healing journey. We have an event every month and the next time is 4th July: Independence Day for some good people and hopefully independence of thought and presence of mind for everyone.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

We are swimming in an ocean of infinite possibilities and that means we can pick some out and have them happen!

Making things happen – Cooperation, collaboration, consciousness and all the other ‘co’ s you can think of, within reason!

We often think of energy clearing as trying to not let things happen; not have memories manifest in the body as sickness, not have differences become arguments etc. Have you tried, though, consciously creating something? What do you desire rather than what do you want to avoid?

When you realize, even momentarily, that everything (and everyone) in life is connected, you get a glimpse of a field of pure potential. You do not have to just follow the course you are on at the moment. You can pluck some experiences from this bigger, rosier and yet more simple energy field, consisting of all there is. These creations are both testament to your level of focus on a conscious choice and to a collaboration between you and all of nature. For example, if you want a soul mate, ask for one. If you want to run a successful business, ask for that. If you want to be strong and healthy, see and choose that outcome. Take heart and feel glad of the fact that everything is possible.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Should We Make Hay While The Sun Shines?

How much of the world is wonderfully warm but almost just a rocky mountainous desert? What struck me in Tenerife is that there is not a blade of grass. Windy would not put up with it for an instant. There were cacti, aloe vera plants and fantastic flowering trees but that combination only really allows for the one obscure incident; falling over a cactus, applying some aloe to sooth it and looking up at the foliage as you lie down to recover. Nearly every other life event seemed unsustainable...mainly as the land is so dry and even the tap water is said to be off limits. Thank God we can purify food and drink simply by being extra glad of it. Full recognition can heal anything...your water, food, people, memories, places, relationships. Don't tell me we can't because I am living proof!

I came back twice as grateful to see the green fields of Baurnafea and all the leaves that had come out. For a minute I felt relief from the winter anxiety too. There will be grass and then there will be hay too later, when we need it. BUT I got a 'no' to that sort of thinking. Fears and worries are not the way to go. I read the statement ' I will not gather my possessions for the day of adversity. I trust that my future is certain and bright.' Praise the lord. So maybe we should not make hay then....but be extra grateful to those that do!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Lets make beautiful music!

How often do you listen to music these days? If possible, which of course it is, play something every day. Maybe Damien Dempsey singing ‘Lord, won’t you give me the strength to be strong and true, because when the devil gets into my head, I’m so blue’ or The Black Eyed Peas ‘I’ve got a feeling, that tonight’s going to be a good night’. What great days you will have. You are setting a tone, so try not to make it too desperate like ‘Tragedy! When the feeling’s gone and you can’t go on’. Music takes your spirits beyond your immediate setting.

Creating even further synergy, sing the song yourself. To have your own dreams come true, write the song yourself. They say that everyone has one good album in them. I gather that the Beatles released 13 in 7 years! So I recommend raising your personal bar of productivity and start writing, on the quiet.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Reflect with renewed enthusiasm!

Today can be a day of reflection, soaking up the memories of what has come our way so far. As a child, no doubt, there were meals and outings, all paid for by some kind benefactor. Probably then there was school which will have been a mixture of investment by your parents and the state. What gifts and adventures there have been! Most of us had a home, which we know now do not grow on trees, even if it was a timber framed home, so we can be glad of that too, however ramshackle.

Next move on to the jobs you’ve had, the money you have received directly. A hundred here and a hundred there, it should all be well received today, as you look back. Too often, we think something cost too much or we weren’t paid enough but that energy is blatantly ungrateful and unfortunately stops the flow of prosperity in its tracks. I recommend a systematic clearing today of each year of your life. Simply to tidy up those unaddressed grievances; the ice cream you didn’t get, the space hopper you forgot to mention was your best present ever, the piano lessons that you thought initially were a bit of a drag. Feel the appreciation now and let it sink into every fibre of your being. That will help you muster up the feel good factor about your finances in the here and now. 

One example I have is my job, for a few months, in a health food shop last year. At the time and since, it had felt like a long way to travel and a big commitment of time for a basic wage. I had seen the shopping centre, in general, as quite a toxic environment and gave everything I had to trying to lighten the weight of history there and the recession fears, through space clearing. I also shared my energetic insight with all the customers that came in with an apparently third dimensional issue. I knew it was time well spent but my attitude was positive and ethical but not actually grateful. Today I came up with 6 reasons for gratitude for the job.
I was paid each week
I got a discount on all my favourite foods
I was employed to sell lovely organic produce
I received all the left overs as soon as they went officially ‘out of date’.
I was busy for forty hours a week and therefore saving money too for that period.
I received an excellent education in herbal medicine and nutrition.

What riches! You, too, can come up with at least two reasons to be grateful for any income you have had.

There is only one true reason for not having enough money and that is a lack of gratitude for the money you have. Fears and complaints or even qualifying statements like ‘thank God for x, but I really need to get y’ are dynamic disasters. You’re setting yourself up for a shortage. The more thankful you can feel for every little detail, the better it is going to get. You’ve probably given the difficulties enough attention already, haven’t you? Lets keep our focus on the up side!

Remember that money, love and time are all the same energetic frequency so look back at all the people you have spent time with too and see the gifts there. Then you’ll definitely get more fun in your friendships as well, in the future.

If you are still on a roll and want to share the love, try upping the game by clearing your whole country up to 100% gratitude. Every country has been supported by visitors and money from another country at various times. Summon up some of those moments to reflect on. I bet you fifty cent, collectively we can improve national economies this way too.