Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Its was supposed to be a secret!

The Sublaw of Secrecy
Some people, like myself, are very keen to share an idea as soon as it comes to them. They feel like they are sharing the enthusiasm and optimism of having found a solution, even if it is still at the concept stage! In fact, you should keep your goals to yourself at first. This serves to preserve the seed of change. Let your own excitement and strategy develop, however minimalist. Make some investigations and paint a picture in your imagination of how you would like things to turn out. That might be a job application or a look at courses or a book under your pillow on how to make flying machines. I was reading the other day that Angelina Jolie not only bought her own plane and learnt how to fly it but also flies it into poverty stricken countries with supplies, herself. I read it on the internet so it is not much of a secret but it has only come to light now, when she’s actually doing it. On a more personal note, I got only one pass in my school exams and was told I had blown it. On the quiet, I did independent exams when I was twenty three and went on to get a 1st in Philosophy from Queens Ujiversity. Picturing myself strolling up to receive my degree and telling no-one built the energy and motivation to succeed. So pay close attention to the seedlings you are growing but keep them close to your chest until they show forth fruit!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Sublaw No. 11 Objective.  I am hoping that I am talking to some people with great focus who instinctively keep their eyes on their objective? The sublaw of objective has three ingredients. Firstly, worry not as to how exactly you will manifest what you want. The one universal intelligence has countless ways of bringing things about much more easily than you could come up with. A useful phrase to keep your objective clear and the means to get there unlimited is to say ‘Thank you for taking care of all my bills’, ‘thank you for my healing’, thank you for ... fill in the space with whatever vast altruistic wish or vast personal item you want! Secondly, keeping your thoughts on your objective, means not letting them go back to past successes or failures. This is it, right now; you are a grown up, in your most powerful position so far to carve out the life you want. Don’t victimize yourself by saying you can’t, never could, never will be able to or they won’t let me! The third aspect of objective is as an opposite to subjective. When you’re subjective, you’re saying I need this and that, I am this and that, I want this and that...but, in reality you are not that small. When you’re objective, you’re saying ‘As a participator in this massive intelligent energy field, I choose this and I choose that. This is the key to conscious creations that will reliably benefit you and everyone else.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

You are the alpha and omega!

The tenth sublaw to use is that of one mind. To get our individual heads around this, even a little bit, accept first that the smallest common denominator is energy. That goes for everything on earth and in space. The human body is one creation out of that pool of energy but literally everything emerges out of it. This great fluid catalogue of possibilities has, for a long time, been a source of healing. Cranial osteopaths and other energetic medicine practitioners, like myself, can just ask for a realignment of an imbalanced creation - like an injury - and correct it there and then. This is because we are interacting with this fluid field, not the solid, apparently damaged, flesh and bone body. In terms of the law of attraction and our aim to consistently achieve what we set out for, the one mind is even more superb. There is nowhere where there is no energy (even though you might feel low in energy, you actually contain enough energy to light a whole city for a week, you just have to become aware of your participation in this one mind). Furthermore, all energy is equally magnificent as it holds within it every possibility. Where we humans have the advantage is that, we have this awareness and can literally draw forth what we want from this cosmic soup. Nothing is impossible or even difficult. Just look for the need and ask for the inspiration to meet it. It already exists and was just waiting for you to ask. Download whatever you want for yourself and others.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Release - Sublaw number 9

Notice for a moment how your thoughts plough on. Perhaps you are worried about someone in your family or feeling bad about something that was said to you. Don’t pollute your own mind with any negativity. See it for what it is, a challenging experience, and let it go. The release technique I like is to ask ‘do you know what to do about that? No. Are you beating yourself up about it? Yes. Are you willing to let some of that self disapproval go? Yes. And a bit more? Yes. And are you ready to give yourself some approval? Yes. And a bit more? Yes. And a bit more? Yes. Funny as it may sound, this is an extremely effective way to bypass your habitual brain patterns and appreciate yourself again. Slapping yourself about internally just doesn’t get the results! Releasing, in its context as a sublaw to mastering the law of attraction, is slightly different. Once you have decided what you want and start taking steps towards success, you have to release your attachment to reaching your goal or receiving your large stash of cash or whatever you asked for. Trust that it is coming your way. I can hear people groan at the word ‘trust’. They think that nothing happens if they don’t make it happen, or nothing happens because someone else won’t let it happen! Neither is the case. A release technique for this is to say ‘I have sent out a request for the best possible outcome and I will now just gladly accept what comes. Keep yourself light and receptive because that’s all a human being truly is anyway!

Friday, July 27, 2012

8th Sublaw: Outpicturing...which I suppose is like out-smarting or out-running except with wilder and more vivid visualizations!

You might find that you are the first to visualize the worst case scenario. Many people are even paid to quickly appraise a situation and make a projection of the worst outcomes possible. For example, health and safety professionals, first aiders and even managers in every field are expected to only make cautious estimates. When you understand the universal law of attraction, you realize that what you forecast is exactly what you get. Unfortunately, nearly everyone is forecasting drama and disaster. On a grand scale, people push away sustainability by focusing on the recession. On a personal level, many push away their relationship by forecasting an eventual repeat of past hurts. Once you have a clear mind, you can start to pull out different images to give your attention to. All you need to get started is a handful of magazines...not newspapers!...and cut out every image that appeals in some way. It might be a holiday destination, a smile, a recipe, a boat, a car, a figure, a building, a surfing scene, a party, a phone, an expensive sofa and anything else. Then put them in a box and glance at them from time to time. What you are doing is outpicturing what you see in your life currently and planting seeds of what you would like to see. What you see, touch, smell and everything else now is just what your thoughts created in the past. Expand your ideas for your future and just watch how it all comes along.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fresh Water Diet

We are gradually moving ourselves in the mental framework for achieving consistent success. The seventh sublaw to mastering the law of attraction is clearing. This is obviously a bit of a speciality for me and any one I know or have worked with. We have been energy clearing for some time! Once you have discovered what you’re good at and what you want to do, you must set about clearing any old ideas you believe that would stop you taking the action to make the success really happen. These ideas would usually include fear of failure, in fact fear of nearly everything! To make real change you will also probably need to clear your family history, if it includes abuse or poverty and cultural discriminations between men, women, young, old, race, education. You name it, we can clear it! I would go as far as to say, though, that you need to clear your whole mind because it has become a seriously muddy pool of clouded judgements. It doesn’t matter how much clear thinking and positive energy you pour in, it’ll be green and polluted instantly. As this is the pool of thoughts you draw on every morning for refreshment, put time aside to do a complete dredge and install a filter system to ensure you allow only the best for yourself, from now on.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Next Sub law is Discovery!

The next thing to notice and act on are the discoveries you make. You are learning how to make your life work for you. Most people observe other people’s lives more than their own. However, it is within your experience and your knowledge that you will find the only way forward that is true to you; joyful, fulfilling, interesting and lucrative for you. It is different for everyone. What anybody else has or doesn’t have is nothing to do with us. Any comparisons are de-centring but until you get out of the habit of comparing yourself to others, practice praising success wherever you see it. Then at least you’re keeping your attention on the positive. So, back to you! The sorts of things you will discover are old forgotten talents, people skills, hobbies and studies. You will know which discovery is the key to unlock the challenge you face because of immediate coincidences that follow. You may be offered a free studio space to work in, asked to help a child via grinds, see an advert for something ... I guarantee, if you start to appreciate who you are and what makes you tick, you will discover why you’re the best candidate for the job of creating your reality.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Make some good decisions!

The fifth sublaw is that of 'Decision' Now would be a good moment to make the crucial decision to only focus on solutions. It doesn’t matter if you do not know yet exactly what they are. Keep remembering this decision and do not let yourself drift back into focusing on the problem. A problem has a completely different vibration to its solution. They do not even cohabit the same part of the mind. However closely you look at a difficulty, you will never find the inspiration within it to change it. You will simply expand the problem, by giving it more attention and more of your energy. Worse again, you are putting yourself in the wrong mental state for trouble shooting. You render yourself depressed and powerless, which can only invite more of the same bad buzz. When you decide not to put yourself down anymore and commit yourself to keeping your eyes peeled for opportunities, then they will arrive thick and fast. A practice to develop might be lateral thinking, such as jotting down twenty money making ideas. The first six will be the ones you always come up with, squeezing the next fourteen out will generate much amusement and no doubt some surprising nuggets of possibility.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wrap up the 4th Sublaw: Seeking

Now you know there is an answer and feel the surge of energy to go looking for it, we come to the fourth sublaw to mastering the law of attraction; seeking. It is obvious at the moment that however much you need money, the way to get it is not to go out and look for a job. Nor is it to notice a clever little niche in the market and design a labour saving device. Nor is it to start a band and try and reach massive popularity. The answer should be sought inside yourself. Take some quiet moments to reflect on what you actually want, what you’re naturally good at and what you really care about. Reaching clarity about these three creates a powerful concoction of intention and ability. Its the only reliable way to establish a productive way forwards. Many people find they can’t listen to themselves and only hear the ideas indoctrinated by their parents, church or the media. This is understandable but still no way to live. So, if you would like your own mind back and to expel the effects of negative upbringing in any way, I encourage you to come for an energy clearing. Its as easy as that!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The third Sublaw is Anticipation - Always expect the best

The third addition to mastering the law of attraction, is the sub law of anticipation. Once you have realized that the world holds many possibilities that would solve everything, you must start to get a spring in your step. This will feel like a new optimistic air of anticipation, replacing the habitual anticipation of impending doom, or things going from bad to worse for example! This is important because you are raising your expectations from that of Eeyore, in Winny The Poo, expecting rain from his own personal rain cloud...to that of, say, Buzz Light Year of Toy Story, always on his way ‘to infinity and beyond’. Remember that what you think about, comes about, so make sure you’re anticipating breakthroughs and miraculous triumph over adversity. If you do not deliberately raise your energy like this, you will only be attracting more unhealthy situations to deal with. As you wait, with great excitement and curiosity, say to yourself ‘all good things are coming my way’.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The second sublaw - Realization

Having accepted a level of ignorance as to what is actually possible, the second sub law to mastering the law of attraction is that of realization. This year is, for many, a year of realizations. Nearly everyone mentions that things have changed. Maybe saying there aren’t as many customers or they won’t be going on holiday, they’d be glad of a night off at this stage, let alone a night away! Simultaneously, thank God, people have realized that money isn’t the be all and the end all. There are lots of family outings happening, people helping each other out and home improvements going on. The realization that you must work on though is grander than all these. It is; For every desire that exists in the world, there also exists a full realization of that desire. Really let it dawn on you. There is an unlimited number of things and experiences arriving all the time. Everything is possible. So whatever the challenge you’re facing, keep in mind that a totally satisfactory outcome exists. It doesn’t matter if its financial, health related or a problem facing the whole world. Let the realization that there is definitely a solution cheer you up every day.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Thought Police

Everyone has heard of the law of attraction with a brief understanding of it, such as ‘like attracts like’ or ‘you create what you think about’. Furthermore, many people sense that they must try and think positively or they will draw more negativity in. However, there is a distinct lack of mastery of this law. It is the exception rather than the rule when someone relates the story, “I focused on getting a 6 figure-salaried job and visualized myself still having the time to enjoy the renumeration and within a year that was exactly what was happening.” In fact I’ve never heard that, but definitely some more ‘realistic’ success stories. If I mention the law of gravity, there seems to be more consistency in our evidence. Everything always falls if you drop it, whether its heavy or light. Defying the law of gravity, though, are airplanes. They can fly because some people understand the sub laws that have a bearing on the law of gravity; such as lift, thrust and momentum. I hope you will start to familiarize yourself with and practice the sublaws to the law of attraction. It will culminate in the same consistency and you’ll be creating the life you want. The first sublaw is the law of ignorance. This means daily noticing that you don’t KNOW of any solution to your problems but then spending another few moments accepting that you also don’t KNOW that there isn’t one! Allowing the possibility is not unrealistic, it is literally an acknowledgement of what you cannot know. This daily practice lets in hope via the side door as it gives your thoughts a few minutes off from fully convinced gloom and doom. There are sixteen sublaws, so try and have this one up and running in time for next week’s installment. If you are so lost in the inevitability of how deep your problems run or a belief that they are all caused by someone else not you, you could benefit from an energy clearing which I could also provide!