Monday, March 31, 2014

Please define 'genetic modification' and 'consciousness'

I have heard two foolish things this week by DJs on mainstream radio. One was laughing at the conspiracy theory: Genetically modified food is being widely distributed to intentionally reduce the world's population. The DJ said 'what, do they think that they are going to be attacked by a giant tomato?!'

This person clearly does not know that genetically modified means that insecticides and herbicides have been bred into the seeds, making the plants and produce poisonous. If a vegetable is poisonous to the bees and the birds, its poisonous to us. The chemicals are not processed by the body, they collect there. Yes, so over time, everyone's system is becoming knee deep in toxins and is killing people off, on the quiet.

I tweeted in to the show "526 million dollars have been given to the FDA by drug companies … that's how beholden the US government is to withhold natural cures, not ban GM crops and chemical trailing from the air". 

So yes, the intention is there. Monsanto and the other pharmaceutical companies are intent on monopolizing the food market. It has even become illegal to save your own seeds from crops. There is a patent on them! Farmers have actually been taken to court for not buying new seeds each year. Many seeds are modified to not reproduce at all. 

So yes you might get some giant tomatoes but they will be slightly poisonous. Genetically modified food is stronger in that way in that it can deliver good looking vegetables and salad. Bear in the mind though that the chemicals are simultaneously weakening the soil. Organic seeds will struggle to grow in this nutrient-reduced environment. Again, this is an intentional contamination of the environment, the soil and the air, to make the population more and more dependent on the massive modified food crops. 

Having said all this, there are some myths about organic food that I should dispel. 
1. For the moment, the earth is still good enough to support organic growing. 
2. An organically grown crop does not yield less than a genetically modified crop. 
3. If we only ask for and eat organic food, the supermarkets will have to source them and farmers will have to grow them. 
4. GM ingredients and the chemicals sprayed do not legally need to be labelled! 
5. An organic label has to be earned and is allowed only after the land has been a certain amount of years without fertilizers, the seed has to be organic, no chemical pest deterrents can be used at any stage etc etc. Even if horse manure is used, those animals have to have been fed organic oats, or their muck will be contaminated and the term 'organic' can't be used . 
This adds an unfair level of legislation to organic growers. Therefore, even if there is no organic label, I would recommend buying produce that at least confirms "no genetically modified ingredients" and "not chemically sprayed" as that confirms that good growing practice is intended, if not full organic certification achieved!
6. Do not let it go any further. The positive change-makers and preservers of health are tied in knots and given endless hoops to jump through, while the big business and pharmaceutical producers are let away with murder. Take for example, just this week, the fake sweetener aspartame has had a name change! People were starting to know how dangerous it was and it had gone down in popularity. What do the makers of aspartame do? Change some of the ingredients and give them nutritional content?Take out the harmful chemicals? No! Just changed the name! It is now called Aminosweet…yes, a hint at being an essential amino acid for the digestive system and a reference to sweetness, what harm can it do? Exactly the same harm it did before, except with new packaging!
7. We the individual have to wake up and not be sold to anymore. Make all your decisions consciously.

That was the other extra-ordinary thing said by a DJ, that I recently heard. It was about the famous couple, Gwenyth Paltrow and Chris Martin, who have said they have done a 'conscious uncoupling'
He laughed and said 'oh, does that mean they just know they've broken up'
Consciousness has a very specific meaning and many people do not yet know what it is. It is that you no longer think you are an individual, being impacted on by others. Rather than blame you realize your own participation in all the events in your life, commit yourself to making a positive contribution and that way master your thoughts, feelings and destiny.

For a fuller understanding of unconscious behavior and how to move towards consciousness have a listen to my radio show this week.

For a great interview with Organic Highbank Orchards about organic growing, the slow food movement (as opposed to fast food!) and the specific dangers of genetically modified food listen to my show:

 For help with your own conscious journey, visit my website. I also do energy work via Skype sessions. Skype name: Frances Micklem  

The Walk Your Talk Project - Petition

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tre Arrow as a conscious, peaceful leader!

Look what's happened to this poor pacifist! This interesting article shows the argument between what some call eco-terrorism and the others call economic sabotage, in the name of saving the earth! Forest workers with chainsaws climbing up to him 100 feet in the air and being told to cut off the branch he was sitting on. He himself wouldn't harm an ant. It raises interesting questions as to conscious leadership, if you can't work through the system, you can't lobby for change because it doesn't work, you can't defend a person or place by standing up for it, peacefully, physically being there. What can you do? What's worrying is that you have a whole generation of disillusioned people knowing all this and ready to jump into action and aggression if asked. To fight the good fight! But then the cause loses its moral high ground…to an extent. This morning I will be clearing for a conscious awakening for the people in these big businesses and legal system (when he fell the hundred foot from the tree he was charged by the sheriff with trespass before being taken to hospital! Surely, forgive us our trespasses in this instance, no?). The conscious awakening can come however it comes…through inner crisis of conscience, financial crisis or natural crisis…but so that no innocent individuals are blamed. That is so old paradigm!! So I am also holding a space of safety and magnitude for the consciousness to come in. The people protecting the Earth, the animals, the people and the oceans of the world are not a minority team, the underdog! We have, in reality, all oneness, all our very mild super powers and the infinite organizing power of Nature to help!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Today's a good day to cut and paste, if you want, and get an objection in!

As promised, here is my latest letter to stop in its tracks the wind farm, pylons and power station-arama that Galetech is trying to push through! In good old fashioned fountain pen and note paper, I sent this to Carlow County Council as a formal objection today, to the 140 metre high windmills planned.

The Planning Dept
Carlow County Council
Athy Road

To Whom it May Concern
Objection to application 14/36
The insane plan to put some of the biggest windmills in Europe in the heritage site of Old Leighlin.

We object on the ground of noise: Families have not been able to block it out even with 2 inches of board and 2 duvets across the windows.

On grounds of health; continual vibration, the electro magnetic charge of power stations that would inevitably follow.

On grounds of Nature; loss of habitat, contamination of water, killing of birds and bats in flight. My address is Baurnafea, widely know as Bat Valley.

On grounds of big business corruption; we know the pre planning meeting discussed 4 such windmills and the resulting application is for 21. I am grateful that this gives you, the planning department, easy grounds to refuse the application too.

Many companies, including Galetech, have a track record for lack of regard for people or the Environment and shouldn't be allowed to profit from their destructive businesses: For example, farmers have been promised money for use of land and rights of way. The money has not been paid, the land is useless, the wind farms aren't functional and have been sold between companies until no one is responsible for the debts, or the upkeep even, any more.

Everyone is united in objecting to this application. There were hundreds of people at the meetings, worried about all the above. Few may have a spare €20 euro to formally object and many feel the ordinary person should not have to pay to stop a major business ruining a neighbourhood.  But still, make sure it doesn't happen!

Yours faithfully, Frances Micklem
Harmony Hall

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Climate Summit Petition and New Insights For Change!

Dear President Van Rompuy, … I wrote!
I am a distance healer and I have cleared all your attachment to old ideas and made space for new solutions to be presented and agreed at the climate summit. They should obviously include a blanket ban on genetically modified food and other chemical poisons. Also for the Tesla free energy technology to be widely brought into production rather than withheld. Drilling anywhere should be stopped, as should HAARP's intervention in our mental, emotional and environmental quality of life. Vegan diets should be considered for their harmlessness to people, animals and environment. Fracking must be banned.

Ireland should be encouraged and supported in exporting clean harvested water rather than industrialized with old style windmills, massive pylons and power stations, contaminating water, air and soil, to export electricity. Thank you for your clarity and influence in implementing a new perspective and positive, radical change to match the crisis you're addressing. Best of luck. Kind regards, Frances

This is the link to the petition and hot line to President Van Rompuy to add your voice and insights to the climate summit happening the day after tomorrow.

If your company needs new insights for change, contact Bernadette Phillips on or hear my interview with her first this saturday at 4pm
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Applying applying fresh insight and ancient wisdom to all too common problems- Positive Change!

Happy St Patrick's Day! I can't wait to talk to Bernadette Phillips, from New Insights for Change, this saturday on Healing From Harmony Hall. Read the brilliant insight below to get an idea of how a new perspective and understanding can lead to real change. I will be asking if she can apply her amazing psychic awareness as well to specific social problems such as homelessness. Did you know that there are 5 million homeless people in Europe and 8 million empty houses? Did you know that mortgages are sold following arrears and evictions? Sold off cheap - for example a 350k loan may be sold for 50k. The only people who aren't allowed to bid for it are the family who've been paying it for the previous decade or so! Like some sort of righteous punishment, when the loan sum becomes manageable again, it is sold to investors abroad.

So, where there have been unjust, self-sabotaging practices, we are committed to finding solutions! Bernadette has made 2014 a year to develop conscious leadership. She is an international speaker, social scientist and intuitive.

"I have learned, that when we find the 'Why' we can deal with the 'How' to make 'real' positive changes, and that 'Rock Bottom' experiences can indeed be the 'Solid Foundation' on which to rebuild and live an Authentic life. Bernadette Phillips - New Insights For Change ♥♥♥
True authenticity cannot be faked, it flows as easy and as natural as a clear mountain stream. There is an energy and buzz about people who are working and living from their authentic self. Not that they don't experience challenge or disappointment, but rather they have learned to live life with passion and purpose.

When I have the blessing to meet such inspirational people, I note, that they have not only learned to live life fully in the moment, but also they have a 'WHY' that propels them forward and so can deal with the ebbs and flows of life as part of the divine plan for their lives.

The Philosopher/Author Friedrich Nietzsche wrote
"He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how"
This is so very true, I see it in the the lives of my clients when they find a 'Why' and a reason to make real changes, they can deal with the 'how' to bring this about, even if this is really challenging for them. In fact they have often noted that finding 'Why' has enabled them to use their 'rock bottom' experiences as a 'solid foundation' on which to rebuild their lives.

A key NEW INSIGHT that I have learned through my work is, that when a 'Why' is found it brings back power, control and choice to a persons life and so helps with reducing stress and anxiety. In essence with personal control and choice there is flow, alignment and authentic power of purpose. This gives the clarity and focus to the 'how' in dealing with, and responding positively to, adversity.

Re-discover your Authentic Self through an Intuitive Reading and Holistic Intuitive Coaching Session. Bernadette Phillips - New Insights For Change 087-2756282. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

We have 9 days to object to Galetech's plan to erect 140 metre high wind turbines, lets put pen to paper!

Another big Friday night out ... at a meeting about the ludicrous government and corrupt business (this time Galetech's) plans to turn the whole of Ireland into a highly charged power station (this time Old Leighlin, a sleepy little village with a school, long views over the Slieve Margie hills and a village that was once the seat of a high king of Ireland too. So, yes, we're talking heritage site, past, present and future).

'Highly charged' are the words I'd definitely use for it; emotionally, magnetically and financially… I gather that the 'new infrastructure' (aka the 'exporting renewable energy business plan at the complete expense of the people' - ) will add approximately €650 on to each household's annual bill! We watched some some telling footage of the miserable pulsing drone of a wind turbine that even 3 thick duvets and two inches of polystyrene over the windows can't block out! People in tears. Farmers who were all promised €7,000 each to allow access and use their fields and not one of them received the money. Discussion of the sensory over load to people with special needs and the elderly and fragile.

Wait for it though. Someone had been studying Eirgrid's 10 year plan! That hapless shower is planning to generate and transmit 23,000 megawatts of electricity. That is 5 times what we have bandying around now. The danger of electro magnetic fields, remember, is the strength and duration of our exposure to them. People have argued that only on the coldest days would the full 5000 be sent through those cables but actually if its being exported, it will bare no relation to our electricity needs. It will be continual and it will be 5 times the level we're exposed to now. And, if we don't stop it, it will be so concentrated too. There isn't an inch on the map where there is not planned a 45 metre high pylon with up to 6 cables (400kV rather than the 110 domestic cable we're accustomed to), or a 100 metre high wind turbine with another 40 metres of blades on top (if that was horizontal it would be considered a race - a legitimate distance to run! They are vast! or probably worst of all as no one's brought them up yet the 'conventional power stations' to process all this electricity.

It is completely insane but I came away excited by all the brilliant coherent and committed speakers. There were about 25 on the committee each one skilled, inspired and I thought wow, here is a force to be reckoned with. They have each put in a lot of personal money to oppose the plans and all we have to do is get behind them and put in our own individual objection to Carlow County Council. These companies have been stopped before. There is not too much in bribery being offered this time either so we just need to stand up and be counted. The other person to watch is Kieran Hartley who has given up his job to go into politics and straight to Europe to act on our behalf.

I came away excited by the emergence of conscious leadership. I found myself singing in the car on my way home, 'Finally the tables have started to turn, talking about a revolution, oh yeah!' by Tracy Chapman.

I will write again when I have formulated my submission, in case that helps others formulate theirs. The people to ask are No To Wind Turbines! on Facebook. Wind turbines, pylons, power stations they are all part of the old paradeigm unconscious creation and its time to come up with something better!

When they had a pre planning meeting with Carlow's County Planning Office, it was for 4 turbines (the biggest in Europe). The actual application is for 21 of them. I gathered, however, that if it was for 4 more, the planning application would have to go straight to An Bord Pleanala. The difference for us is that it is only €20 to put in an objection to Carlow County Council and €50 at least to lodge an objection to An Bord Pleanala! So we've got until the 24th to object. Even if you're not nearby, we're setting a precedent to support each other in guiding each country out of the environmental crisis its in.

 Here's to a human development politics replacing the economic growth one…why not.
I'm reading a book called Creating Capabilities by the brilliant philosopher Martha C Nussbaum, she spells it all out. Even in the first pages she describes an activist in India who has helped more than 50,000 women with micro investments, health, legal support, education and nourishment, to help extricate them from domestic violence. We really can move mountains!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Self Restoration!

First a brief period of silence is recommended. Then the quiet repetition of your name…until an answer is received. Then a gentle placing of hands on the neck - then read the mind for its vibration. This essence is a vibration of love, but it is depleted. Pour a glass of water and imbue it with as much love as you can. Not just your own love and good wishes but tap into the boundless love that everything essentially resonates from…believe it or believe it not! Then drink the water.
Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
Dr Emoto shows how the human vibrational energy effects the molecular structure of water

For energy healing, clarity and conscious leadership support, visit or Harmony Hall BioArchitecture Retreat on Facebook

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A self awareness exercise!

If we go back to the basics of self awareness, it consists of a monitoring of one's own thoughts. If you hold negative expectations, you will have plenty of equivalent happenings. Imagine the extent of the sabotage we all start our day with. We can have the greatest, most productive, go-for-gold itinerary in our diaries but our thoughts are telling a completely different story…setting a completely different mood …and creating a completely different experience…than the fulfilling day we had hoped for.

Hang on, we hadn't hoped for it, that was the problem. Our minds are busy with possible shortcomings, a fear of not meeting the mark, letting someone down, letting something slip, if not a full on belief that nothing goes your way and the whole world is against you! Not hopeful at all! Stoic maybe, determined, committed maybe but the energy is reluctant rather than hopeful, in anyone's book. So you're creating a reluctant outcome. This might be succeeding 'against the odds', it might be 'making it through'. These heavy expectations take the form of 'what if…'

In my case, the worst this morning were: what if Windy pulls the board down on himself in the stable, what if Don Juan has decided he can't use the cat flap any more and has made a mess, what if I start the mower and ruin the engine again as the petrol has gone off, what if I didn't plant the new stretch of willow fence deep enough? what if that pony, that ran down the road last night, was Magic?

I can hear Windy lumbering about in his stable from my bed so, at its best, its like Mr Ed The Talking Horse. However, with those 'what ifs' rumbling about in my mind, I'm actually listening to an accident waiting to happen. There is an anxiety and sense of foreboding, rather than an elevated leap out of bed at dawn, feeling the full promise of the day!

So, this day's focus on self awareness has revealed a situation of anxiety and negative expectations. So what do I do? I relax about it, get neutral and ask how much are negative expectations coloring my day? 80% I get for an answer. Oh lordy, I could say, but no! That's fine, I'll just acknowledge them in general, remember that I more fundamentally trust in oneness and that everything is working out in perfect order, for the greater good, and I come back to peace. And positivity. From this perspective, the day will be a much better creation; full of optimism, joy and service to all! What are your expectations?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Peace Agreement, between Mother Earth, Russia, Ukraine, HAARP, Europe and you and I!

I was recently asked what motivates me to raise social awareness, heal people and facilitate people's awakening to their magnitude and creative capacity. What emotions lie behind my actions! I answered off the top of my head; "love, friendship, hope and a little fear of the negative creations perpetuated by continued unconsciousness".

When I went out to talk to Windy about it, we focused on these residual fears and how I myself might be bringing about bad outcomes. I cleared a couple of major areas - The Environment and World p

I've been made more acutely aware recently of the inappropriate use of the earth's resources; water, beauty, health, Nature, fossil fuels, pylons, fracking, chemicals sprays and pharmaceuticals and genetic modification.

My fear of electro magnetic charge and its effect on many of my clients down the years had been holding me in judgment. I had been repeatedly thinking; This cannot be a good thing! The resistance was bringing an intensified negative creation. For example, I had fought 45 metre high pylons on the black stairs mountains to discover the favourite route planned for them was across my own road near Paulstown. Then I addressed that and spoke up, only to find that the pylons are now intended to meet 100 metre high wind turbines right here in the Slieve Margy foothills. There was a meeting today in Carlow Council to discuss them. Windy helped me and we cleared any personal participation in these creations. I bet that this will actually stop the advance of these plans.

My fear of the polar bears all drowning and the gulf stream moving off its course and causing huge floods and temperature fluctuations across the globe, brought the situation of the earth's atmosphere to my awareness. I gather that the cloud of gas that once held the poles in place and the currents as needed has been dispersed into little pockets of atmospheric gas, all around the earth. I cleared my concern for the demise of all the wild life and people in low lying countries. I asked if the melting of the arctic and antarctic was irreparable. I got a 'no' thank God and have pieced it back together energetically. I look forward to seeing how this correction will manifest. Soon, I hope, for the polar bears!

My other fear was human intervention in the Earth's atmosphere. Mainly by HAARP. They have, at times, raised the temperature on purpose up to a 1000 degrees to see what happens. Their climate interventions were described by an ex employee of theirs as 'sinister' to say the least. This information has served my awareness but had also fed a fear. It is an old illusion to fear a part of reality. We need to make peace with all the fragmented parts, from a position of coherence and unity. So I worked on that as well.

For readers, the order of events is; Acknowledge your fear or abhorrence of a situation, clear yourself, so that you are emotionally neutral and get confirmation that you are no longer perpetuating the problem; then ask to correct any damage done and rebalance. It doesn't really matter what methodology you use, its the awareness, acknowledgement and new intention that's important!

Then I cleared for Peace. There is a situation brewing in the Ukraine and no one being taken at their word. As far as I understand it, an intervention in Ukraine was needed and it can still be resolved peacefully. I cleared my fear of war, how it seems to start inexhorably, bad decision after bad decision and then the deaths and bad feeling escalate. This too, is not beyond our remit as conscious participants in sharing the new paradigm. Be aware, notice any fear, acknowledge and clear your unconscious hand in proceedings and then set the new intention. Peace, agreement, support, trust and the learning path of forgiveness.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

European Parliament's plan for the Environment and what we can do!

"The world's resources are being exploited as if they were inexhaustible, which has led to increasingly frequent natural and environmental disasters". 

I came across a European Parliamentary report on the Environment and what to do about it, including this statement above, plus about 120 other matters for concern. I had wondered how a handful of people get their heads around such a multitude of social and environmental issues. I realized that politicians don't actually hold everything in their hands, they have about six or seven priorities each and say the rest is beyond their control. 

When I went to both Kilkenny and Carlow council offices with concerns about the Eirgrid 400kV cable racing unchecked and rough shod over the country, the local councillors that were gathering there to discuss it (and eventually decide it) only knew a tiny fraction of the story. They didn't know about the export, the transport, the cost, the health risks, the level of continued exposure to electrical and magnetic fields, the differences between the two, the visual impact, the scale, the options. The idea of disputing the whole project and stopping it had not even occurred to any one of them. And these were all councillors who wanted to do the right thing and act on behalf of the people who voted them in. 

I have since realized that governing needs a woman's touch! Not a woman who is immersed in the strongest masculine energy she can muster - which creates the politicians like Margaret Thatcher, women operating within rigid parameters of fact, absence of compassion, corruptibility and dominance. We need the highly energized and cooperative will and ability to address everything - the reality facing each one of us and around the whole world. This is made possible by coming to understand that we are able to participate in all of it. We must put aside compartmentalizing and boxes and the ability to 'park' problems and get on with ordinary life. 

The process can be started very simply by taking a moment to say 'This is probably not even true'. Your idea of your life as 'ordinary', for example, is not even true. It is clouded with illusions of inferiority and separation. The idea of lacking power or resources also show us more illusions of separation we hold in our unconscious. Through consciously dispelling these illusions as they arise, we connect in again with a magnitude much more fitting for the task in hand - putting the world to rights! This expansion of consciousness is not limited to women, it can just be understood as a feminine dynamic. To this end, I am going to intuit a response to each of the minutes of the following report and send it to the european commission of the environment. You might notice that the report is several years old…and not one of the problems has been resolved using the old paradeigm. I think we're all ready for a new perspective!|PRG@QUERY|APP@PV2|FILE@BIBLIO99|NUMERO@5|YEAR@99|PLAGE@1&LANGUE=EN