Thursday, December 31, 2009

New and old ways of saying the same thing

'If you want to learn, nothing could be easier because every single thing you can perceive is waiting to help; is longing to wake you up.' Up until now we couldn't really look at what is going on, we didn't really have the stomach for it. Each of us finds a focus to fuel our avoidance. For example, I haven't got time or I have unsupportive friends and family, I am not well enough, I need to make more money before I think about anything else. There is in fact profound information and support coming from all sides in all shapes and forms. We just have to get out of our tunnel vision. What our clearing work together does is disperse the emotional and electrical charge around our most dominant and recurring feelings. It opens up the spectrum of experience to include health where there was sickness, love where there was fear and leadership where there were only victims of circumstance.

'Palms-so narrow and closed in-have been poured over people's limbs. But countless worthless things keep crashing in, blunting their cares. During their lifetimes they see such a little part of life and then they are off: short-lived, flying up and away like smoke, totally persuaded by what each of them happened to bump into while being driven one way, another way, all over the place. And they claim in vain that they have found the whole. Like this, there is no way people can see or hear or consciously grasp the things I have to teach. But as for you: because you have come aside here, you will learn. Mortal resourcefulness can mange no more.' Empedocles

We need to be ready to make the necessary effort to become conscious agents in our lives and I hope to provide many occasions throughout the year to work on it.

My recommended book from 2009 is Reality by Peter Kingsley.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Energy Clearing Process

This work isn’t an optional extra, one of various health options, an academic exercise or some spiritual work that we can do at the weekend. I really want people to understand that this is the most important bit of information that they can ever hear - we create reality. We can either continue doing it unconsciously, haplessly, hopelessly and reactively or we can learn how to do it consciously. It is the only truly important realization and work there is to do. Literally, all other tasks from nursing to teaching to governing to art are all just power struggles or placebos if they are not done with awareness - the awareness that each scenario and person we meet we have created ourselves. An opportunity to meet ourselves, know ourselves, come to terms with our fears and find a way to reconnect with our power and ability to respond. We do this by clearing the fields where all our conditioning resides and then ...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Religion as understood through the story of Black Beauty!

I'm sitting by the river in the last light of the day. Its St Stephen's Day. Everyone has been ringing or turning up reflecting on the year and telling me how much they've been able to let go. Its like the whole conscious community has softened. Our focus has shifted from self healing, relationships, political and money worries and we've all felt at last that a change has really taken place. We've also glimpsed and been delighted with our core stillness. Well handled everyone.

I heard that hindus believe we start behind a veil of delusion, the buddhists believe we start from a place of suffering and christians believe we start inevitably in original sin. (This original sin though is a mis-translation from the original Greek language which actually meant 'missing the mark' ie. generally missing the point of our existence). All these starting points seem to resonate a little. There seems to be some truth in the idea that we can breathe in suffering and transmute it by breathing out compassion - like Black Beauty does, in ...Black Beauty!

I wish everyone a great, peaceful and transformational New Year.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Sacred Geometry of Harmony Hall

This is the beautiful golden spiral at the centre of Harmony Hall. Symbolically, a spiral represents the resolution of conflict. Every shape in the house, and its layout, mirrors nature. This is what is meant by the terms sacred geometry and bio-architecture. The spiral is the most common form found in the natural world; from DNA to seashells to whole galaxies. A spiral is therefore the fundamental form to hold the frequency of structural integrity. In healing terms, this means that coming to the house literally returns people to their own structural integrity, through a relationship of sympathetic resonance. The ventricles of a human heart also operate in a simple spiral movement. We can see how the heart to heart clearing work amplifies this resonance and magnifies the power of the call back to health and structural integrity - because it is at once in spiral form but also conscious, active, intentional and compassionate. The body can't resist, the heart can't resist. Stress starts to resolve, structural change occurs and it marks a true return to form. 'Human' form hopefully but of course anything can happen!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Conscious Community Christmas

Thanks for coming to the clearing party last Sunday, really loved it.
The next shamanic journeying, via drum will be on the
23rd December at 7pm, €20.00 Here at Harmony Hall.
Everyone welcome as always!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Be who you were born to be

I have recently heard of Self Esteem as comprising four components - Personal Power, Significance, Values and Self Confidence.
How are we doing in each of these?

It dawned on me that this was an important place to come back to with our conscious creation work. We have acknowledged that we are hugely creative beings attracting experiences, health or illness, success, love, people and things into our lives. I, for one, have developed a vision board which has world peace, someone to love every person and animal, wish lists for specific friends and clients right through to a wonderfully massive, orderly log pile and other personifications of love and warmth!
But we should have the same clarity about who exactly is doing the attracting.

Through energy clearing, we have acknowledged and released our old concepts of self, limited by memory and saddened by a mistaken sense of separation. There is a new sense of hope and possibility. Many feelings of need have gone and a lot of attachment to particular roles and identities. This is good, it means we have almost a clean slate; good health, a fantastic ability to respond and even easy access to our soul and other remembered guidance.

Paradoxically, this is the exact time for us to consciously create a new self; Powerful in its connection to nature's infinite organizing power, Significant as a representation of love and acceptance, Values totally apparent through its great clarity of intention and Confident in its complete realization and fulfillment. So its back to the drawing board to state clearly who we were born to be...and then, no doubt, be it!

Monday, December 7, 2009

How Distance Healing Works

We often live like isolated dot-to-dot puzzles, striving to piece something together, looking for a coherent form or familiar image, be it in work, in relationships or at home. We are in fact one fluid energetic mass. As Einstein said 'our task must be to expand our circles of compassion to all living things and all of nature in its beauty.' So in compassion we remember our connection and also have a chance to consciously reconnect. I call it energy clearing and learning to love every frequency there is.

I want to remind everyone that we can all heal. In compassionate mode we are everywhere all at once, healing turbulence in the energetic whole whether its being experienced by one man or a whole planet. All that just by being peacefully present. What else would we want to be doing?