Friday, January 22, 2021

The Seaweed Swindle Catastrophe of CETA: The Canadians could Sue & Bankrupt Ireland in 6 Months

Green Party Asked Members for their questions about CETA, this is mine:

CETA is an agreement with Canada

 Canada's main interest in Ireland is our Seaweed Resources.

How can it not a catastrophe to ratify the CETA deal when 

1) the Government has already significantly contravened the trade agreement.

a) by selling resources, mechanical harvesting rights and licenses and even ownership of some of Ireland's coastline to Canadian Corporations.

b) The Canadians are now looking to start harvesting

c) The government promised (and sold) resources  to the Canadian companies that belong to Irish seaweed harvesters. 

d) Since the previous government sold the resources, the Oireachtas Committee Committed to Protecting the Rights of Traditional Seaweed Harvesting License Holders. 

e) Mechanical harvesting was tried and had to be stopped within days as it was so destructive to the marine environment.

f) Secretly, some mechanical harvesting has been started elsewhere.

g) The government intends to shaft the Irish Seaweed Industry: It wants to plus it will be required to, by CETA, to honour the agreement with the Canadian buyers. 

h) This is evidenced by the National Seaweed Mapping Project at which thousands of pounds has thrown. I have in writing that the government does not want the traditional seaweed harvesters even approached about mapping the seaweed they are responsible for - they should of course be the 'ground truthers' with whom the drone footage should be compared to the species and quantities people actually measure/assess on the ground. They do not want those previously licensed stretches on the coast, on that map. They do not even want the map on open sourced software, it has to be private, secure and commercially designed (the tender proposal by Marine institute and Small Innovation wrote). Only the purchasers will know what is where and no mention/protection of individual inherited rights. I know this as I applied to map the seaweed using open sourced software provided by the National Biodiversity Data Centre and recruiting the 6,500 seaweed harvesters as the ground-truthers.

i) No mention/protection of how much is harvested and therefore like the fisheries the foreign interests will not pay a tax, or generate any sort of income for Ireland or work.

j) With private maps created only by drone footage, there will be no oversight of environmental impact.

k) If the government try and say sorry, you can't after all mechanically harvest or have access to that stretch of coast or ask for a tax that was not going to be charged to start with - all these things will 'affect the corporations' profits' and they can sue our government.

l) Plus you've rendered the only resource Ireland has left to foreign management and will need to support Ireland's coastal dwellers. 

m) If instead the government got the existing licenses and licensed areas on the map now, they could get the incoming purchasers or themselves to pay a handsome redundancy/pension for their ongoing lost earnings. We  could also train them up as stewards of the resource and coastal environment - I have already written a Fetac Level 5 Climate Action Leadership course to qualify our traditional seaweed harvesting license holders For all my climate action leadership training courses, see my website

n) Beween 50 and 80% of our oxygen comes from the sea and we already have just given licenses for one 800 hectares of shell fish farming - where there is already a problem with toxicity.

o) The traditional seaweed harvesters must be left in control of their stretch, making an income from what is taken and also (like forestry) receive grants to put in and manage mobile carbon sump seaweed forests.

p) Ireland will be instantly sued and bankrupted if they take any stance for people or environment.

How is that not a disaster?   

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Ireland's NLM - No Lives Matter Movement

Black Lives Matter in the States but No Lives Matter in Ireland.

Inpunity and Desperation

Before we accept increased Garda powers and fines as ‘necessary’, please consider that only three demographics of people are moving around despite the restrictions. 1) The very rich and 2) their enslaved workers travel. Both go wherever they will or daily grind, respectively, as before. Both groups 1 & 2 move around the country and travel on air and ferry with impunity – They may be a Mr Quealy to his pig slaughterhouse or a Joe Blogs to fill shelves in a supermarket. Equally granted safe passage are terrified student nurses to volunteer and equally demoralised more experienced doctors and nurses to work on  Covid wards. Oh yes, and farmers – although no one has explained why that is but I carry my Farmer’s Identification with me so that I can go somewhere if I need to. Which brings me to the third group the gardai are stopping. 3) the very desperate with no other choice. 


There is no fourth group – some sort of wild minority of people who do not believe in the pandemic, who do not respect the law, who are not trying to protect the lives of their families, the lives of frontline workers and protect against the spread of the virus. Think about it, there is no one getting up in the morning thinking Sod it, I’m going out. The only people who are going to get fined are the people who HAVE TO go somewhere to do something or at worst are just getting out of their domestic situations and have no intention of leaving their cars. 


It was only recently, when I saw this video, that I realized how tragically desperate people already are. Around the world, people like us were all living ‘hand to mouth’, ‘month to month’ even before the pandemic. Within one month of lock downs, people were defaulting on their house payments, be they mortgage or rents or business leases. Small businesses made up over 90% of Irish employment and Income tax for the country for that matter. Nonetheless, straight away we were all shut down, leaving only the corporations and banks to monopolize all industries including food and health. And most importantly a monopoly on our countries’ economic policy – eg tax breaks-arama to increase their profits and also commanding a cut of the recovery monies too. And still the Department of Finance won't give us our public banks - such sadists and gimps to the private bankers.


What I saw on the video were protests happening all over the world, since last summer, Ireland included and none of them reported in the national media in Ireland or the UK. Their cry was unanimous: Don’t shut down livelihoods and everyone’s ability to survive on the strength of faulty PCR testing, heralded as a golden standard but actually 30% false positives. And inherently flawed calculation of all deaths, as caused by Covid. 


The policing response in each area has also been unanimous: Heavy handed, violent, armed, dressed in riot protective gear arriving to ‘clear’ the initially peaceful demonstrations. After 6 weeks of protests in Spain, the police took off their helmets and joined the people, marching in solidarity. A metropolitan policeman (UK) was interviewed saying that just because your line of command tells you to go beyond your remit to keep the peace and use force and make arrests it doesn’t give officers a right or reason to do so. He cited the Nuremburg trials where Nazi officers said they were told to commit atrocities and that was not sufficient for them to be freed of accountability.


Mainstream Reporting Devoid of Logic & Conscience

I write this down as governments, media and tech companies are spreading a narrative devoid of logic and conscience. I want to share another understanding of what is happening with the intention of people resisting the punitive divisions and outrage people are being encouraged to aim at each other. No one deserves a fine because if we think for a moment, or ask anyone who is driving, why they are driving, they will give a perfectly valid reason and will be taking every possible care to be stay safe and keep others safe. 


There is one caveat to No Lives Matter in Ireland. If you are visible and have public support, you matter. But no one is visible now and no one has public support or even community support. We are all in our unnaturally separate experiences and we could all die for all they care. They are keeping an eye though, but be sure it is not for the ‘public good’. 


How New Racist Feeling is Being Generated every day.

There is a lot of coverage about Black Lives Matter and how Trump promoted racism but today I put two and two together and realized that for the Irish and UK government, no lives matter.  I think that’s a lot more serious and that Trump may be a caricature and distraction. In the UK today I heard that there is fear of the vaccine.  One headline says ‘there’s no pork or meat in the vaccine but fears persist’. Well that could be the fear of Bell’s Palsy, the paralysis, the loss of use of limbs and strength, the fevers, the chills and the allergic reactions including death. A lot of the people who are not taking up the vaccine are Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME). 

                                   Some of my muses for social change; Becky, Legend and Angel

Government Raises Public Support For Forcing Vaccine

Instead of sticking to the plan that the country needs a 75% uptake and resting assured that 75% want it and are waiting for their turn, a minister today said that there should be a concerted push to get the vaccine into the BAME demographic. They don’t want it. So why not find your 75% with the others? Answer? Well, they’ve spread another story too. That many of our nurses are from those backgrounds and nobody wants to be treated by someone who might get Covid! They have managed to create a Covid fear and further community and race division around the uptake of the vaccine. Meanwhile 23 die in Norway after the Pfizer one and thousands react in California so they had to ‘pause’ the roll out. Pfizer say ‘they are not alarmed by the numbers.’ 


Big Tech Breeding Racism

Telecommunications Companies Receive All the Funding & Collect Our Data & Manage The Information & Access We Have

Ireland is no better and here they use technology companies to spread loathing. When you need help or a refund or to deal with any of their horrendous service from your telecommunications company, you are met with waiting on hold, there being no email contact, to not helping, to not being able to authorize a refund or a cancellation or resolution of any sort…that is their first line of defence: the Indian customer care centres. When you have nearly decided to top yourself and/or get out of your contract once and for all, you are at last transferred to another centre, where they are all Irish, sound, relaxed, capable, apologetic and able to resolve the problem as they speak to you. This is intentional. You come away (even I came away) beyond irritated with the foreign correspondence and relieved at the local solution. 


What has been allowed while we were restricted

And then they let you down with your connection repeatedly just before the text comes through saying that 5G is available in your area. Your local TD says that WHO says the technology is ‘safe’ and that no studies will be one in Ireland on people, biodiversity or environment and no peer reviewed studies from elsewhere will be looked at either. I rang my phone provider 6 months ago to ask about 5G. She said, 'oh yes, all the companies have been told to roll it out when they’re ready….no regulation whatsoever…. And they were hoping it was going to be 2020 but because of the restrictions instead it would be 2021'.  

Military Security Level Surveillance under the heading 'broadband update'

As it was, they did get it in by October 2020. Think about that too, if you will: The new technology needs new infrastructure that no one witnessed going in, although we all saw a huge amount of trees being cut down in the summer apropos of nothing. This is the sight line that 5G masts need, So much has happened while we’ve been locked in our houses, it really is sinister and worthy of your time and research – while you can still find out more on the internet. 

I share this video while I can. But probably even more importantly, I ask you to support a public banking movement in Ireland, a bank able to provide credit for the rebuilding of our indigenous industries (and I’m not talking mad eclectic trad, I’m talking basics like fertilizing the land with seawater and seaweed – (not mechanically harvested seaweed either…but that’s for another day) and food security. 

More information on public banking on my financial membership page here

A good summary of what is going on behind the amateur dramatic scenes of Trump and the fear-mongering tragedy of the virus and lockdowns!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

The Tragedy Vaccine of Auto Immune Attack

 On Pfizer's own website it says that the vaccine has not been trialled on the elderly or any pregnant women and yet Ireland's government has promoted these two groups as the first who should receive the vaccine. Pfizer also advise that each person should consider their own medical history and the occurrence of auto immune problems, where the body attacks itself. What happens is an immune system storm, made unstoppable as those who have received the vaccine have attached this response to the generation of every future cell. That means that people won't be able to fight any future infection. There have been NO STAGE FOUR TRIALS STARTED OR COMPLETED. 

It's hard to tell your parents that all their friends will be dead within 6 months but it's harder still when a parent is determined to have the 'vaccine'. In the same way I refused to help an Old Leighlin farmer round up lambs for slaughter, I will not drive my old Mum to the surgery. Whether she's signing her own death warrant or not. She wants to go it alone. I wonder if one of the other siblings should do it who have been pressurising her to have it. Who is right, we shall see. More importantly, will be still be a close knit family. Do your research before you do anything else or tell anyone else what to do.

❗️Recent Pfizer Covid19 vaccine data⬇️

FROM THE CDC;  3,150 people vaccinated in ONE DAY are "unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work" after vaccination. 

This is a massive 2.7% of people who can no longer work after having the Pfizer vaccine. 

Portuguese health worker, 41, dies two days after getting the Pfizer covid vaccine as her father says he 'wants answers'

Mexican doctor hospitalized after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Hundreds of Israelis get infected with Covid-19 after receiving Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

Wife of 'perfectly healthy' Miami doctor, 56, who died of a blood disorder 16 days after getting Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is certain it was triggered by the jab, as drug giant investigates first death with a suspected link to shot.

75-year-old Israeli man dies 2 hours after getting Covid-19 vaccine.

Death of Swiss man after Pfizer vaccine.

88-year-old collapses and dies several hours after being vaccinated.

Thousands negatively affected after getting Covid-19 vaccine.

Hospital worker with no prior allergies in intensive care with severe reaction after Pfizer Covid vaccine.

4 volunteers develop FACIAL PARALYSIS after taking Pfizer Covid-19 jab, prompting FDA to recommend ‘surveillance for cases’.

Investigation launched as 2 people die in Norway nursing home days after receiving Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.

Hundreds Sent to Emergency Room After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines

U.S. officials report more severe allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccines.

NHS told not to give Covid vaccine to those with history of allergic reactions.

COVID-19: Single vaccine dose leads to 'greater risk' from new coronavirus variants, South African experts warn

CDC reveals at least 21 Americans have suffered life threatening allergic reactions to Pfizer's COVID vaccine

Woman experiences side effects of COVID-19 vaccine

COVID Vaccine Side Effects More Common After 2nd Dose.

Bulgaria Reports 4 Cases Of Side Effects From Pfizer Covid Vaccine.

Two NHS workers suffer allergic reaction to Pfizer vaccine.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

The National Biodiversity Data Centre has No Data & No Means of Analysing Data...that's how they keep it!

Data a few years ago and data now

Data is a new concept to many people, with some associations with the character called Data on Star Trek who could number crunch and instantly calculate risks and precedents and produce a considered opinion. Then there was the need to protect your data from bank fraud or identity theft. But now, as Le Carre says, the protection of data has become so misused that it is the problem, not the solution as it is barring the democratic access of information and blocking accountability. And he should know as he was a spy and protecting the people who took huge risks for other people was paramount. Not any more. Now we only protect people’s profit. 


Recoup a small percent of profits & redirect to Nurses, HSE & local business recovery before CETA means no Redress

This will instantly spiral out of control if the CETA Trade Deal is ratified. What we should be doing right now via the public servant (??!!!) Paschal Donohoe and the rest of the Department of Finance is looking at who is busy, able and allowed to work and who is busy, desperate and required to work. As a recovery measure or sustainability measure, 10 cent on every item sold by supermarkets and on line stores should go to the front line workers. People do know that Ireland’s student nurses are now a year into their unpaid ‘work experience’. Pay the poor sods a wage and pay them all danger money out of the riches being made by the multinationals and financial services. Every time a small business is told it can only take card payment, the banks rake in more money. That little card machine they have to obtain costs a lot and it’s ongoing. 

Have unpaid full time student nurses got enough 'work experience' for you yet, Minister Paschal Donohoe?

Data used to manipulate us 

But data has been valued from the start in the 60s maybe, where it was used mainly to sell products and influence the ideas of people watching the big screen and then, later, millions of little screens. Small groups of people were handsomely paid to join forums where they established what products would be welcomed and how to make them more appealing. After a while, data became a product itself with people finding that their details had been sold on a list to other organizations who had something similar to sell to us. This is not innocent. It is no coincidence the data supporting sales is promoted and the data on the risks, toxicity or threats is hidden under the carpet. We need to wake up to the reality of being sold to. I heard someone only yesterday saying what a nice bit of lamb’s liver they had had for dinner. To a person who is able to listen, that sounds absolutely macabre but it seems almost mean to burst the bubble and suggest consideration of the short life of enslavement and slaughter that the lamb will have gone through. A world of suffering and millions of people indifferent to the suffering and not prepared to change. That doesn’t bode well for the people in countries affected by climate change first or war. It doesn’t bode well for animals and public interest in regard to the many billion animals mercilessly killed each year. Mercilessly might sound dramatic but if people don’t care they are without mercy full stop. That is without considering conditions and killing methods. 

Data misused for credibility

In addition to selling, some people who have these lists of our data, weak spots, vulnerabilities, needs and google research enquiries, have stopped trying to sell to us and perfected scamming people, using their familiarity with people’s details as credibility. This became hacking which was cracked down on with full on masters degrees in cyber security, examination in which required that entrants had to try to penetrate greater and greater security systems. Nowadays, our data is used to control us. People themselves are the collateral, the waste and the value of a market. But value, not valued I hasten to add. And look who looks after our data, 'the cloud'? Who owns that? And now they want old coal mineshafts to store data. Banks own all our data, our deeds, our income. Our savings are no more than an entry in their database. Last year alone, 3 made a mistake which they admitted at once but never paid back the 400 euro, despite at least 200 calls and 200 empty promises. I discovered on on-line banking that I was being scammed €60 per month. They were known to the bank's fraud squad but they hadn't bothered to run a scan and see if any other of the bank's customer accounts were paying out to them unfairly. Even worse, they wouldn't even write to ask for the money to be repaid. Believe you me, no one is 'protecting our data' let alone our health or environment. We must individually do it ourselves.

We are not free on any level. We have given ourselves away to big tech, in exchange for a better internet connection and a chance to stream a whole film without interruption. Did we think about it? Think about 3 or 02 or any of the phone and internet companies. Think of Google or any of the instant messaging and social media fleeting post options like FB's 'add to your story'. Your friends may only see it for 24 hours but you can bet your life that someone is harvesting the data from those postings.

We are the collateral

The population are something that a country can borrow against. 10 million Irish have been exported and are living abroad. We must find a way to bring the ones that want to come, home.

The National Biodiversity Data Centre 

Miss-spending of Public Money - AGAIN

And I, a consultant with far reaching solutions 

 Being me, it occurred to me how data could be used constructively. The opportunity came 6 months ago when Ireland’s National Biodiversity Data Centre came up for tender: Just under half a million public money annually. They have five or so academic staff on a salary that they would want to hold on to and therefore not ask questions; between 40 and 50,000. The centre pays a nominal rent to WIT Waterford institute of Technology, for a run down, out of the way one story office with a 10m2 wilded patch of land at the front where they study butterflies and other plant and insect life that arrives. Apart from the staff, the other couple of hundred thousand was off under the headings ‘informatics’, software’, ‘GIS analysis’. 

The NBDC have no data and no means of analysis 

But there was no analysis being done. The National Parks and even concerned citizens and local governments, with their Climate Charters, are supposed to be able to request reports from the data centre…eg shall we allow a PET (plastics) factory in that area of special conservation….you know, basic stuff that might need protecting or assessing. More importantly than no analysis being done is that little data is being collected. All the data is collected by volunteers, with no incentive at all. And I don’t mean financial even. 

Solution to lack of biodiversity monitors

There are plenty of people who would love to learn to identify pollinators, wildlife and walk the same stretch of road or hillside, year after year to observe changes over time. Education would have been enough. There are community groups with water, permaculture, pollinators and other environmental remits. There are social centres promoting mental and emotional wellbeing through re-connecting with nature, there are farms under pressure to transition to organic - And they need not be in the dark or start from scratch. There are many farms that have come to understand biodynamic and permaculture methods and learnt through trial and error which pests can turn out to be beneficial insects and how long soil takes to regain its structure or crops need to generate what they need without recourse to chemicals. There are special interest groups and there are colleges with clubs and societies. All these have a budget to co ordinate and implement systems for monitoring and supporting biodiversity. 

Ireland is Despised and Fined by Europe for Our Inaction

In addition, Ireland is being fined by the EU, for every day, that we have failed to comply with our agreement to survey and protect conservation areas (this is nearly twenty years). As everyone in Ireland knows, if any developer wants to do anything, they can. So the team who tendered outlined in detail the ways and need to raise the profile of the Data Dentre (NBDC – www.biodiversityireland). The government needs to be able to report on our climate agreements and application of the European Biodiversity Directives. 

Our Economy Depends on Biodiversity Data 

Ireland needs to be able to draw down money to take action on those agreements. Local authorities and lawyers need evidence of negative impacts, if they’re to argue against a destructive industry project. So as well as a citizen science recruitment drive to submit data through the open source software app the NBDC uses, we also planned to facilitate the analysis of data too. We would have a forum of doctoral students from different disciplines, who could interrogate the data and extrapolate the implications from their perspective, be it historical, geographical, scientific, environmental or political and their job would be to collectively arrive at and deliver a considered opinion. At the moment, if a report is requested from the data centre, no response is received. These doctoral students would have received a stipend of 10,000 euro a year (7,000 is standard) for their participation and contribution. 

Education: Every should know how to monitor 

Local pollinators & Species Loss

Our team included a national training school, ready and able to survey and recruit a broad base of citizen scientists and a multitude of groups to support and coordinate their projects. It is only these volunteers who learn how to identify the different species, for example, different bees or butterflies or distinguish fresh water insects from life found in polluted water. Our training school was well known for its expertise in designing and offering vetac accredited courses. With qualifications attached, this crucial observation and data collection jobs would be recognised. 

The Government & Industry Do Not Want To Know 

The Data or Address It

A database and website are worth nothing with no data and no way of using the data. Think of the difference in recognition between a few outdoorsy do-gooders with their birdlife book and the old-fashioned swatch from the NBDC (National biodiversity Data Centre) going out and searching the leaves and grasses for occasional sightings of their favourite thing as opposed to groups nationwide monitoring before and after biodiversity presence around every new wifi mast. The latter would be much more useful. Probably at least half the people who are in the Green Party are concerned about the impacts of wifi on the navigation of birds and pollinators but the party line is ‘we have studied many papers on both sides and have distilled them into a rigorous monitoring policy for human health and that of wildlife’….Oh no, that’s not what they said actually. They said ‘WHO says it’s safe’

Technology Has Altogether Too Much Power reports Financial Times

WHO Says Technology Is Safe

Yes, Ireland has refused to do any studies of technology safety just take the EU money with open arms and give it out with inpunity. 


Back to the NBDC tender. At least they use open source software. This is not a given I found out as a month later we tendered for the national seaweed mapping project. We wanted to use open software again. It would be a pity not to as then all the seaweed harvesting license holders could be in on the mapping, including their boundaries and the multitude of conservation applications seaweed can bring….but no they wanted software that can be sold abroad….most people don’t realize that our seaweed resource, including previously licensed stretches of coast have been sold to foreign interests already. They don’t want the Irish seaweed harvesters even aware of the map. This is who the Small Innovation Authority Gave It To, It Would be worth seeing if they are Irish and how they intend to commercialise the software they create. Remember that if something is to be commercialised it is the very option of a resource being considered for protection. 

Instead of qualifying our seaweed harvesters and paying them as seaweed mappers, they want the big companies to send around people in canoes to guesstimate what is on the shore and do the rest by drone. It is a world of corruption here when it comes to distribution of public money. Because most people don’t understand what foreign direct investment is and they don’t realize how there is no tax or income of any sort from FDI, all the money just flows away from Irish industries and skills. The government and all of Europe think the people are completely stupid. 

Please consider how recovery grants are now stopped for Irish but to be continued for Foreign Businesses

Even this week, Enterprise Ireland didn’t get their recovery grants renewed but the IDA got theirs. Therefore, Irish businesses can’t apply for Business Continuity grants this year. Who worked that out?  


Whistleblowers Must Be Protected - Simon Coveney Said Once...and then hung her out to dry

There are few people who have tried to wake people up to the  terrible corruption that damages lives, livelihoods and environment world-wide as Julian Assange. For a long time, he has been the only person who actually wanted to be informed and or listen to the truth if someone needed to share something. This is about data too. Now he is in prison. Somebody complained that he had released data about some dodgy industry leaders or politicians or both. Somebody else pinned some heinous sex assaults on him. Seems very unlikely to me that someone with a moral compass as determined as his is a terrible deviant but whatever shortcomings he has, he has yet again exposed another part of the previously unseen rout of civilization – US Prisons. On the movies you hear about isolation for a  few nights to break or punish someone but as this article says, isolation and depravation are the normal conditions for political prisoners. I know a lot of people who deserve that length and level of reflection but he is not one of them. This article was interesting I thought. Also keep an eye on him as there was another key information person – a scientist at the beginning of the Iraq war who swore blind there was no justification for the war as one or other countries did not have nuclear weapons. They said he ‘committed suicide’. In this article, they describe Assange as a ‘high suicide risk’. It maybe that they plan to finish him off as well rather than risk his oceans of data and credible and incredible information becoming public knowledge.

 What I read more about Julian Assange's narrowly avoided extradition from UK 

Vaccines and Technology under the shroud of Covid

I don’t know if readers had put two and two together but six months ago, Ireland had not yet rolled out 5G, the higher speed internet, that uses a shortwave frequency with a multitude of smaller masts for transmission, rather than the tall masts for 3G & 4G, that there was some but minimal concern about a few years ago. Independent studies have shown that these masts emitted frequencies that were disruptive to the human body and to wildlife.  Why not watch? Why not check? Why not protect public health or the environment? If we had been given the management of the biodiversity centre and the public were not interested in monitoring the developments in their neighbourhood so be it! 

But the reality is, that NO ONE is regulating or monitoring the massive influx of technology, let alone the nano technology in farm sprays and therefore on food and/or how they are interacting. We are heading for genetic modification in a big way and soon we will be controlled externally, by the great remote control in the sky.  Stay discerning if you can and keep your warmth and interest in other’s welfare. 


The RTE, BBC and all can't decide whether to talk about Trump or the Virus. They don't mind as long as we don't hear about anything else

We are living in a time of intentional distractions. The fascists were rising long before Trump so don’t let irritation with him keep you busy. There are people who need your attention much much closer to home.  Who thought there was democracy in America before the crowd at the White House, anyway? Did everyone notice that not one weapon was drawn by police - very different from the BLM (Black Lives Matter) protests. And, all the time, news readers talking about the sanctity of the voters' choice … when even I've seen footage of the fire alarms and evacuation of the counting halls in Scotland while they adjusted the independence votes and of course the incarceration of the Catalan Prime Minister who had been voted in fair and square. Come on EU, UK and Ireland, we're hardly squeaky clean ourselves. The news never covers what is relevant, it is just stirring up a fear and a need for lockdowns, crack downs. To save the HSE?! To help the NHS? To shield the elderly? To stop the virus? To protect democracy?! The powers that be are about as interested in the above objectives as I am in my friends and family taking a vaccine that will genetically damage their immune systems a bit later ... just later enough for the two events to stay unconnected. If anyone is wondering, I don't want that at all! 

I write to protect people and give them a clear point of view without pushing an agenda for my own financial benefit. I will help people in any way I can. for Professional Wellbeing for Help with Public Contracts and Tenders

Monday, January 4, 2021

Time for a crisis of conscience?

 The black rapper Chuck D makes the observation that young black Americans and British want to associate with the white sons and daughters of the men that oppressed their parents and grandparents, and brought them as slaves from their own countries. They want this more than connecting and working with people with whom they share a culture and building something integrated from there. Isn’t this exactly what we’re doing with the banks and Fine Gael and business bosses? People are all hoping to stay on the right side of the 'money bags'. Have some decided that the rich are in essence better than the poor? Have others decided that they hate the rich on the quiet but divulge their entire power of choice to them inadvertently at the same time?

People have voted for the infantile Leo Varadkar, even though he is the biggest bigot & bully of all time, with his Means Test Officer hench men, doing his bidding, chasing people in financial trouble for repayments. People have voted for Pascal Donohoe, clearly a gimp for the banks without a notion of economics. No one even asks who he meets in that bank when he’s giving away Ireland’s natural resources for a few extra quid for the country’s reserves. Meanwhile, he looks the other way as Ireland Inc cream off billions, annually, though foreign direct investment and no one making money is paying any income tax. And people are voting Simon Coveney the minion of the meat bosses. Covering up for their fraud, punishing the food safety managers who take the rap for their contaminated entrails. He thinks he can get away unaccountable as his brother is director at RTE. I suppose controlling the national media is a good position to be in but that doesn't mean he's not acting against the national interest time and time again. I refer to his military engagement, joining Ireland to NATO, allowing endless nuclear weapons parts to be made here as they don't count as the whole shebang.

Who is there in our bank who is up there being a less conspicuous evil being. #JohnLarkin, #IanMurray or #LisaCarty, one wonders? They are in Financial Regulation at the Central Bank. But although they really like to bring people to account, that is only when the person who 'done bad' cost their own financial services group money, it turns out.

I have been exploring what the UK media cover, like RTE compared to the BBC.  Sure enough they did not mention the senior MEP who went on hunger strike for 21 days to insist that financial services be taxed by 0.001 as a very substantial (and possibly only) solution to Europe making any sort of climate response, or Covid recovery. He is a hero of the people, the citizens; the only MEP in those budget negotiations not towing the banks’ unchallenged profiting line. 

In addition to a tiny tax on all financial transactions, we need a public bank, Europe needs a public bank. Please people, get your head around it that is it not only banks that can create credit. Every state has a sovereign right to create it’s own money. Every full bank, managed for private profit or societal good, has a right to lend at 6 to 10 times what it has in reserves. The European Parliament have shown time and time again that they are not supporting the public banks that some countries have achieved. It's madness. Europe is not our side. There is a massive wealth extraction operation from each country of its resources. Every bank can create money without charging interest. Every bank can have a lending criteria that is committed to non-damaging industries. Ie the public banking I promote holds land and our water as its reserve. No credit could then be extended or generated for manufacturing with a harmful impact. 

So, going back to CETA and that trade agreement soon to be discussed: Ireland is thinking of ratifying an agreement that corporations can sue governments for laws that affect their profits. At the moment, every law (if it was enforced) would affect their profits. I give an example off the top of my head of the Charles River Laboratory that commited the worst non-compliance to animal welfare law ever witnessed by the inspectors. The laboratory was not forced to close, they chose to move their operations. The 600 animals in there were left at the laboratory for the same people who had abused them to care for their recovery, in readiness for rehoming. The 600 dogs turned out to 350 dogs and 400 cats and then the numbers changed again. No one was allowed to see the animals. I am pointing to the unbelievable level of protection afforded to this non-compliant American company, with damning reports against them. It was thought that many of those animals were stolen and or seized by pounds and had been sold to the labs. People would have loved to nurse their animals back after the ordeal. In the end, the ISPCA had to do all the re-homing and pay for all the travel, care etc. None of the animals were re-homed in Ireland, all in the UK and we only ever saw a handful of beagles seeing daylight for the first time. There is no record of the other hundreds and who survived or they decided to put down, as part of their ‘continuum of testing’ which is their tag line still on their website. 

In a more current instance, Covid Recovery money has gone to compensate the Mink farmers. The government decided that farmers should be compensated to the tune of €50 million, even though they didn’t stop farming and the meat plants didn’t stop butchering, for a heartbeat, this year. Not one penny went to organic farmers, the majority went to the intensive feed lots of Larry Goodman’s ABP (Animal Body Parts). Oh yes, but again there are more people up there profiting from this mad and cruel exploitation of farm animals. Do remember that not all farms are equal. 

So ABP also has #Nigel Boardman, #Fergal O’Dwyer, #Chris Martin and #John Moloney on the board. No information on the Liechtenstein ownership aspect of ABP. There are millions in turnover in Luxemburg with no employees at all registered there! No tax paid. And the one fly in the ointment or maybe clue is that Larry’s son Mark Goodman was removed from the board in 2019. He’s a good looking chap too. I wonder if he had a crisis of conscience and couldn’t stomach the International plan or chlorine’s chicken and massive operations with animals receiving none of the five freedoms. They own at least a third of the abbatoirs in Ireland and we know that they ‘process’ so many animals that many are conscious and still writhing when they start to take the cuts for sale. 

This would be like John Robbins who was set to inherit Baskin-Robbins the world’s largest chain of speciality ice cream shops.  But going around with his dad Irvine ‘Irv’ Robbins showed him the life and times of dairy cows and laying hens etc and he wrote the book ‘Diet For A New America’ where he outlines what he saw and what could be done about it. Personally, I have been vegan for 20 years this year. That is what happens when you start to explore the supply chains of the foods you love.  All we have to do is think! And even if we don’t really care about people being misused and poisoned and unpaid in other countries and even if we don’t care about animals or the environment….would you want to give these abusers the pleasure of buying their products? Any one of us turning a blind eye is directly profiting these corporations and industries., at the expense of independent, ethical and sustainable industries, producers.

Not only have we 56 new billionaires since the start of the pandemic, we have a law about to be passed that they can bankrupt the country. They can now own us.  We mustn’t let that happen. We mustn’t ratify CETA.Let’s look at the most likely outcome, in just 12 months. Each country buys millions of vaccines that do not work sufficiently for people to open their businesses again. Each country suddenly owes millions to big pharma. They take country by country to court with their superior legal teams and their new trade laws. They keep appealing until the government and country are bankrupt. Few taxes are being recouped from the other organizations like supermarkets and big tech that are doing well and so we have to sell our countries to the ECB (European Central Bank) and beyond, to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). We are at a pivotal point with the climate & with public health and all those Paris agreements committed to prioritizing conservation and protection above profits and trade. 

Here we are 5 minutes later, ready to abandon any leverage at all for those lofty goals. I wonder why the government, or at least the Green Party are ready to say yes? It occurred to me that maybe Eamon Ryan might have been admitted into the masons or something. We should probably have got Catherine while we had the chance but all these politicians are just small fry in the power struggle. Keep looking up who is behind all these deadly developments and with a new acute and astute awareness hopefully karma will catch them in time before they do too much more damage. I bring to your attention the Oxford vaccine, just approved. At least the Green Party have tried to explain CETA to people rather than hide it

Let's all relax the 'Oxford' vaccine is approved, we can all trust that....or is it that Oxford is being used as credibility to roll out another hideous ordeal with consequences. It occurred to me to look up astra zeneca's track record and they have had to pay so far $1,148,775,284 Penalty total since 2000: in healthcare related offences. Think how many offences, especially to old people who wouldn't have been able to take on a legal battle or just died anyway, were never compensated or charged. 

Saturday, January 2, 2021

So Many Risks and No Helpline


Jan 2 2021 

How to Take Responsibility

When I say people should take responsibility for the jobs they are doing, I don’t mean they should feel guilty. After all, it is not one or two managers of TESCO who have bankrupted the town councils of England appealing their right to build superstore after superstore on river banks that were once home to biodiversity and many now extinct species, and contaminated the water ways. 


Although, #KariDaniels, Chief Executive, #GeoffByrne. Chief Operating Officer, #SarahGallagher. Legal Director, #JoeManning. Commercial Director and #CathalDeavy, Customer Director are all playing their suspect role by perpetuating the multi national misery in Ireland, in recent years. So what should they do? They should gather their evidence and leave their organization to share it, while they have the credibility. 


An example of this was my friend who shared the short falls of the shuttle disaster and won an award for moral courage in business and government. More recently, Head of Research at Pfizer left saying that a vaccine ingredient would render women unable to carry babies full term. What response does he get? Well, interestingly, the internet ‘fact checker’ declares to know better that the man who gave up his career through conscience. 

ex-Pfizer head of respiratory research Dr. Michael Yeadon and the lung specialist and former head of the public health department Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

But we also hear that you should not get pregnant for two months after this vaccine. Why not? And in Ireland, the government issued advice is that if you’re pregnant right now you count as vulnerable and should have the vaccine at once. What an un-reassuring combination. And there’s no helpline. Big pharma are taking no responsibility themselves, to even answer questions. Call your GP if you’re not sure! At least that head of research at Pfizer will have his own peace of mind that he acted independently and shared the risk of mass sterilization and heartbreak for so many of the population.


But how do we take responsibility for ourselves, if we’re not in such a big position, wielding such information? We use discernment in our participation in the bigger story of saving our humanity and becoming stewards of the countryside and sea…remember one instance of awareness and kindness reverberates through the whole.


For myself, the way to express this unity was to visit my parents at Christmas. There was no way I was having some poor uninformed volunteer stick a swab up my nose and down my throat (surely everyone knows to deal with these orifices separately? Like the anal and the urinary tract, they might tell you something but you don’t want them tested with the same swab, not to put too fine a point on it). It is an unreliable test of 44 cycles and would be to see if the virus was active in me. when even Fauci, who seems to want all us plebs dead, says that 33 cycles is the maximum where a test can show a reliable ‘positive’. 

The Great PCR Scandal


Also, once they have you, they keep wanting you back; in 5 days, after another contact, after another 5 days. 


So I decided that I would quarantine for 14 days rather than 10 and then I would be sure that I was absolutely fine. Goodness knows, I have kept myself to myself since the beginning. The circus started to appear. People know that I think everything through, but no one has asked me for my reasoning. Some thought me irresponsible for questioning the restriction decisions. But the restrictions said only 10 days quarantining.  So I looked into both and it turns out that the reduction to 10 days is only arbitrary and probably an economic decision or peer-pressure decision and yet another way to foist other test and trace controls on people. 


Still the way I did it, I connected with the people it was important to see, I put no one at risk, we stayed al fresco that boosted all our immune systems and it got us off-line for a stretch.


Please everyone keep making your own decisions and don’t rush yourself or the ladies in your lives or your parents to have the vaccine or you may only have 17 more good minutes with them or a pregnancy problem. These vaccines have DNA and RNA connecting material plus goodness knows what else (ie nano that will help technology pull strings in you forever) and it doesn’t wear off. 


I really believe we are all stronger without it, at very least. And live our lives in self trust and secret joy. It has to be secret as I gather that the most we’re allowed to display in public is being asymptomatic.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Winning The War Against Humanity


When I first heard the stag had killed the huntsmaster I didn’t see the significance. Just 24 hours later, I woke up with the realization; this is how the revolution is going to work, just as Dr. Doolittle foretold. Wildlife are going to coordinate and deploy and see the destructive people off, like a guard dog barking at the approach of someone making use of the darkness. This killing was a shot across the bows of the mother nature ship.


The darkness is the pandemic, the empty roads, the closed businesses, the now-enforced delusion of us all being separate and not a united humanity. We were getting so close to that consciousness that we are all connected, we are all one and reflections of each other. We were just beginning to understand that what we do to others we do to ourselves and learning to concern ourselves with the environment and animals and people in slavery, in supply chains. Then the pandemic came along and arbitrarily changing restrictions designed to bankrupt people financially and spiritually, in fear and isolation. 


Why pick on a family man with 3 children though, I asked when there are major corporations and grander scale destructive industries than hunting? The answer I got was that corporations and banks are too ‘indistinct’. The law can’t penalize them as there is no one, no person, accountable, no one to take responsibility. I know for example Monsanto has been sued for poisoning water but you can bet it was not the man himself who stood trial, just a team of lawyers and some representatives. This is where we need to raise awareness of who is doing what, so that redress can happen.  


What sort of redress am I talking about, karma? Well, sort of. I heard a joke once, if kings run kingdoms who runs countries?!! Even if you don’t like the word, which obviously I don’t, you have to admit that is funny.  So, actually, I don’t know what will take place, how things can work out, I just know that we as people need to put names and faces to the corporations and banks, so that the raising consciousness can shine a light so bright on them that they snivel back in to the darkness, like Smiegel whispering dejectedly ‘my precious’.  


So who knows 5 bosses at Nestle? 5 bosses at Kepak? 5 bosses at TESCO? 5 bosses ABP? 5 bosses at Bayer? 5 bosses at Shell? Whatever your local parasite sucking your community and environment dry, just look up 5 people connected with them, let’s really know who is working for who. This might be national or local managers, it might be global. Big businesses are only made up of inflated individuals, hiding behind a brand and a fabricated Corporate Social Responsibility policy, at best. And then think of the Central Bank, the pillar banks, the World Bank, the EMF. There are flesh and blood people there too. There might be mechanisms and unworldly forces behind them, orchestrating their cruelty and destructive agendas, but we need not fear these either. They are not even incarnated. We, yes us lot, good, cultivated, humane, loving, industrious, self sufficient people are the actors in the play, in the whole theatre. 


Unexpectedly as we start to write our own script, I suggest that you give yourself and your families a wormer dose. It is our parasites we are up against, not a virus. Have you wondered why mink and dogs and lions and all sorts have tested positive? It’s because we all have hundreds of viruses in our bodies and it is our worm burden that triggers them (parasites are fed by sugar by the way, which also blocks Vitamin C one of our main immune defences). 


We have heard that Ivomectin is effective against corona virus. Personally I thought Ivomectin was too strong and highly not-organic as a wormer to give my horse, I only gave him Panacur and other lighter doses. Anyone who has a pet will worm them regularly. Why not ourselves, we should be asking? Since I started growing and eating organic vegetables with good old natural soil just washed from them, and keeping animals that I groom or cuddle and hold close when they’re cold, I started including myself in the worming programme. My friend who raised her children in Africa said that everyone there keeps their children wormed. Not here though. Even the chemist sought to shame us the last time. Is it an acute infestation she asked in a loud voice. Like I was asking for a morning after pill and whether I was going to see the guy again or was I a dirty stop out! The judgement was palpable but I brazened it out. I said just the ‘regular maintenance wormer for families’. This is what it looks like if you’re looking for it.



We have heard that Remdesivir is what helped Trump and many others . It is an anti-parasitic drug. Instead of the government insisting the Chines threw their pets out the window and killing all the mink and in Denmark or wherever, they only needed to order that they be given a worm dose.


Take care of yourselves everyone and take the power back. Get informed as to who the main players are in each exploitative industry and that alone will bring their heads above the parapet for nature to step in and bring them down a peg or two.  It’s not that I want the bad buys and gals dead, I just want them to wake up to what they’ve given their time and effort to and take responsibility for setting about undoing the damage or owning up.