Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is compassion and is it for me?!

What is compassion one might ask? Is it not just something for Mother Teresa or Florence Nightingale? I met a relation of hers last week! Or is it not just ordinary kindness? Well, that would do nicely...Except, maybe that ordinary kindness is a bit like common sense. Its not that common! I think what I'm asking for are those two things - common sense and ordinary kindness. To get them operative in daily life. So first to use the senses,to really see, hear, touch and feel. Common enough capacities but assumptions get in the way of the sensory information really having an impact on us. We are anaesthetized.

Historically, we've also tried to impose our will on the world, rather than listen to and allow what life has in store for us. When we live in our senses -at least occasionally - we are inclined towards the appropriate response of ordinary kindness. Not resistance, not trying to come up with a different outcome. Who are we to think we can come up with a better master plan than nature? So lets get back in touch with it, stay alert, trusting that what is happening should be happening and ready to respond and take part...It literally can't be any worse than fighting every day for justice or recognition or a few extra euro. Live every moment to the maximum.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

International Ambassador of Good Will

I applied for a scholarship a few years ago that had this title - International Ambassador of Good Will - and always fancied it so I'll just say that's what I'm doing now! I am going to Malta to meditate on peace and see what can be restored energetically. Also, I hear the radiation has already reached Irish and English waters. I guess they're keeping it quiet but I recommend not falling out with anyone unnecessarily and keeping the bigger picture in mind. I also recommend not falling out of a boat now I think of it. Hopefully the oceans are so vast that everything is well diluted and rendered harmless but still! The world is a small place in some ways and I think it needs us in a way. On a personal level, I think its important to spend one's time not worrying or complaining about the small stuff and appreciating everyone and everything that has crossed our paths so far - as part of life's rich tapestry. Globally, I think that the chaotic environmental energy is bringing a lot of fear to people who don't know how to assimilate it. What we can do is remember we actually do have the power to balance everything ourselves. Its not out of our hands. Every drop of positivity and compassion - wherever it be directed - helps.

Also the key is to not judge difficulty and situations too harshly. Keep centred in your abilities and creativity and realize the lessons we're learning. One expression of fear is that people are being triggered back to their past. They are literally regressing to being as powerless as children. Angrily they lick their wounds, many too hurt to give any love to anyone else. So lost that they can spare neither interest, openness, trust, play or friendship. If you get that triggered, remember its the fear that's bandying around the place, its not yours. It might remind you of something that happened in your life but its only a tiny aspect of your spectrum and ...more importantly, a real waste of precious time. The clearing that cracks it starts with the decision to acknowledge your own heart fully. It breaks down mental barriers and the connection creates new energy that can be released into your reality. We need to embrace a new perspective. It is much bigger than the ordinary.

I also read somewhere that anyone who is attached to their physical appearance ensures a lifetime of suffering as they fight the process that started at their conception! So clear for 1. non attachment to appearances and 2. acknowledgement of your heart. 10% at a time works for me and gives plenty of time to notice what you're learning as you go along.

I think its all about participating at the moment in any way we can.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I reckon redirect the war funding to help Japan

I hope everyone will find twenty minutes every day to clear for Japan and clear for Libya. Obviously, there's other things going on that are personal and global that might be close to your hearts too, so don't let me hold you back on any topic arising for you!

I heard yesterday that there was still a question mark over whether Gadaffi himself was a legitimate military target. As far as I can ascertain from every dimension, he's the only legitimate target. Every one fighting for him is only doing so because they have been threatened with death if they don't. I would be interested to see how many Irish or English people backed an independent uprising here. Sweet f all I imagine, seeing how closely we adhere to any old laws, down to not parking on a double yellow line. It takes great courage to put one's head above the parapet, so to speak, and a conviction that hardly any one has. So the one's fighting for change are brave and the ones fighting for the regime are scared, neither of those groups are legitimate targets. The two 'supporters of the regime I have heard interviewed said Gadaffi is a bad man, I had no choice but to follow his orders or he would have had me killed. Another one was pictured, about twenty something years old, pretty stressed out looking, unarmed, with a poster of Gadaffi held up in front of him. The paper said it was to show his loyalty but I doubt that very much. He was trying to give a big visual clue as to who he was, to reduce his chances of getting shot at as a suspected opposer.

I also don't know where the funding for the military intervention is coming from. That money should be going to Japan to help if there's enough to bandy around. If those radiations keep radiating, life won't be worth living over there, let alone their homelessness and general vulnerability. Energetically, I think we need to keep our focus on peace and off war. At drumming meditation tomorrow night and over the coming 7 days, we will be holding a space for recovery and restoration. Please tune in if you have a moment. I think there's strength in numbers x

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hold On To Unity if Possible

Conflict can appear out of nowhere amongst even our strongest comrades. This is pressure on our inner circle. I don't know if its personal or intended on any level. Disaster can happen on the most monumentous level, like the earth plates moving. We can acknowledge everything the same, via sensitive truth-telling. Like acknowledging that this is all karma and maybe heading our way. Send love to each situation if you can and this will heal disunity on the micro and macro levels. Try not to let divisions last.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Old friends - How it all can work

Some people think I just do some healing modality which has helped or not helped them feel better. I have actually got a complete vision that I hope to manifest. The seeds of this vision were the realizations that:
We create our own reality.
We are awakening a consciousness of what we have created so far.
We can notice this information and learn not to judge it.
This increasing acknowledgement and acceptance of ourselves, others and our life situations dissipates the pain and other tension around events
- past and present, conscious and unconscious, environmental and personal.
As this inner turbulence subsides, the outer reflection of our lives quietens too and a space appears for the conscious creation of reality.
It is a new reality that is intended not inadvertent.

The clearings I've done today to move this forwards were
All resistance to what is.
All tendency to be prescriptive.
Allowing help from happiness and wealth.

I am staying with and helping an older couple at the moment. Therefore, I have also cleared all environmental information here that culminated in a stroke for one and all personal memory that resulted in a heart attack for the other. You might be well to do those clearings for your households too, while we think of it. I am learning about the joy of simply being. Here, they have a life and friendship where there are no longer lofty goals and ambitions, no hoping for a complete change of scene or anything new. They enjoy breakfast, the garden, conversation and looking out for each other.Its quite a refreshing perspective for me who has been fairly driven all my life (driven to sit down and mull it over admittedly but driven all the same!)This is a new level of acceptance. It is also a celebration of one's friends' continued existence full stop. No more expectations or fears just a mood that says 'glad to see you're still here!'

How To Live As One by Frances Micklem - a guide to releasing negativity and from old paradigm thinking to new

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrating Spring

I would be interested to hear how everyone else is planning to make transformational changes this year? I for one have somehow managed to get my self esteem up to an all time high of 110% if there is such a figure. This has been a huge relief on my whole emotional and physical system to which such affirmation is almost completely brand new!I also find myself enjoying true feelings, true friends and true stories (although I don't feel any need to check them!) Just to know they're there is exciting.

My paintings I think were a wonderfully cheerful and zealous expression of my life path and recaptured the innocence of being a kiddliwink. Please feel free to give me feedback if you see the exhibitions either in Castlecomer Library or Esquires Coffee Shop Kilkenny(You have to give me that I am atleast productive and prolific!) Meanwhile I am writing my novel and that's my creative outlet for the moment.

Joining the two projects together is a box set I was kindly given by my recent B and B guest: Transform your life through handwriting. There is a soul quality to each letter and ways to manifest its intention. There is also a lot of no no s when you look at your own old writing afresh. The one tip to check for is never loop backwards, always forwards. The former says, I half think this but don't mind me. The latter states, I think sunny jim you'll find that this is the case so listen up.

I will let you know as the transformations form. One shift was in regard to caring. It used to be accompanied by the inner conflict that I have to, its my job or calling and I know how to. Then it would swing to I don't have to, resisting caring and feeling dragged, used up and spat out. That polarity has gone now and been replaced with an ease and a willingness and an inner knowing that we're making an epic difference for the good. When I say 'we' I mean everyone who is taking the trouble to wake up, get conscious and get creative and healing with it. Luckily everyone I know at this stage!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Express Your Gifts

Hi I keep finding tiny spiders' webs around the house and so I looked them up. They symbolize the importance and joy of expressing yourself through writing. The message is always the same: Pay no heed to whether you're good at writing, love to write letters of have something you think you want to say ... or you even promised yourself you'd never put pen to paper again after you left school. Just try it. Get imaginative and see what happens. No doubt you will discover a new format or style, will probably start channelling deep stuff from universal consciousness or write a best selling love story.

The drumming was an amazing night. The next one is Saturday March 12th at lunchtime. Noon!