Thursday, December 12, 2019

Vote The Conservative Party Out Today, UK

Voting Day

Last chance, UK, for tolerance, democracy, ethics, conservation, inclusion, prosperity....please VOTE. I went to England twice to canvas for the Liberal Democrats. Good people, sound policy. Can find their way back from the UK's billion pound weapons deals, providing the slaughtering machines and ammo for Saudi Arabia and Israel. Or aren't there enough dead children in Gaza and the Yemen yet to make a move? They can find their way back from funding a new Trident nuclear submarine of UK's own. We don't want to use that, we'll never want it used or to annoy even another, more trigger happy country, of which there are many. 

Security is not provided by military force, it's generated through peace and wellbeing. Well being isn't created by good technology, fast internet speeds...That is a con. The great wealth is your health and that brings me to food. You don't want those factory farms that are coming thick and fast to the UK and getting planning permission. There's lots of vegetarians and vegans in Labour too who will make better decisions for farming, with the future in mind. Both Lib Dem or Labour can find their way back from the devastating division of Brexit. You don't want to miss this chance!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

My Story : Frances Micklem of Healing by Franc

Franc Micklem was born in England with an English father and Irish mother. Educated at Queen's University Belfast, she got a First in Philosophy (Maths) and Scholastic Philosophy (Theology) She was told by her professor that she could achieve something special through her powers of independent thought and lightness of touch with complex subjects.

This took tangible form through four years in Social Work, running a resettlement project for homeless and people with dementia for which she received many accolades.

Living full time in Kilkenny for the last 20 years, her work led her initially to run Foulksrath Castle in Kilkenny and explore the history and legends. This interest in old sites and introducing thousands of visitors to the links between traditional symbols and their resurgence in present day Irish Architecture brought her to build a sacred geometric house designed by leading eco-architect Michael Rice. This space has enabled her distant healing work to take place for clients all over the world.

She says 'I am fortunate to have a house that acts as a doorway to all spaces for all people. I can create a lamina flow (a turbulence free path) through the darkest of regions and difficult of households from here.'

Franc also holds a Pianist's Performance Diploma from the Royal Victoria College of Music in London and has played for the Kilkenny Academy of Dance ballet school as well as recitals at The East Anglia Festival.

She says of her work. Healing is an interesting path towards identifying what information you're meetiing with in others and in the environment. To help me distinguish what's happening and causing problems I stay very healthy myself. Using the training and study of Hsingi Kung Fu I work with many new ways of channelling energy and transmuting elements, like traces of metals and water, trapped in the body. I also ride my dressage horse nearly every day.

When people book a healing for themselves, home or animals I initially use the energy clearing method. The pendulum can guide to the heart of the matter and the dowsing rod can show how close you are coming to resolution!

Perfect Pitch - Harmony Hall's Piano tuned to 432 hertz

2018 celebrated Harmony Hall taking back the heart frequency. The piano was tuned down to 432 hertz and I recommend you do the same if you have a piano in the house … and don’t take no for an answer. 

We have been held in a state of discord. In 1918, it was decided that all musical instruments should be tuned to 440 hertz, slightly harsher than the 432 – the numerical structure of reality itself: A tuning so resonant that if you are ill, you will be better, if things have got hostile they will be brought back to harmony.
Music was weaponized in this way 100 years ago, to create a schism in our energy fields, an opening for mind control and emotional influence. However hard musicians tried, they were not able to create harmony but something just off -maintaining a level of discomfort and unconscious conflict. 
Remedying this and bringing people and situations back into resonance are now central to our healing capacity. 
Maybe we can help you with healing or maybe you’d like to hear a Chopin Nocturne in C Sharp Minor – another significant frequency, 273 hertz - or play and enjoy yourself. 
vegan accomodation
Art currently displayed at Harmony Hall & The Kitchen CafĂ© in Bray 

Book & Limited Edition of Angel Cards 

Music and Energy Clearing Classes in Kilkenny

1. Piano Lessons 
For those who would love their children to discover the joy of music or their own voice. Children can start as young as six although many people start much later to fulfil a long-held dream to play. Learning is guaranteed great fun right from the start. Lessons are held on the Kilkenny Carlow border, at Harmony Hall near Paulstown and can be arranged around school, work and weekend schedules. Contact

2. Art and Art Classes 

3. Vegan Transition Workshops 
More information on request

4. B&B Accommodation 
Top class organic fare and a great holiday atmosphere

5. Have past energy and geopathic stress cleared from your home. 
Distance healing is facilitated by the geometry, which acts as a blueprint for other places. Subatomic particles of light bilocate instantly to impact bioenergetic fields miles apart. Frances Micklem has 18 years' experience sending these biophotons; healing energy sent via focused intention, clarity, consciousness and compassion.

6. Come in person to heal, finish your thesis or rehearse. 
A range of residences are on offer from Bed and Breakfast to fully catered workshops on the principles of healing and supported retreat. Frances' ability to navigate the many dimensions of life and revive the spirit and purpose of each person, allows for the realization of dreams and the correction of difficulties that might have been in place for generations. 

Testimonials for Healing By Franc

Space Clearing and Training
I first came to hear of Franc and energy clearing about a year ago. At the time I was very sceptical of what exactly it involved. All I knew was that something needed to shift for me to move forward with my life.
At the time, I was going through a hard time with anxiety and panic and I was very stuck. To leave the house, go to the shop, go to work or do every day things was a battle against fear for me. I was dependent on people, scared and didn’t know how to change my life.
The first session with Franc was to clear my house. Both my flatmate and I had often noticed how once we were in the house after work; nothing could motivate us to do anything, which included leaving the house.
After the clearing with Franc, unbelievable things happened. Our house started to feel bright and warm when we came in; We could actually relax and enjoy the surroundings of the house. Parts of the house which were previously abandoned were decorated and most exceptionally many of the triggers of my anxiety began to dissolve into thin air.
Shortly after this, I attended one of Franc’s clearing courses- to learn what exactly was involved in this method. I learned how to clear myself, others, houses, work and absolutely anything. I learned how to take this on as a way of life. Most amazingly I discovered that anything is possible through clearing, that the power to do anything was within and the only obstacle was myself...but again, these obstacles could be cleared.
Things started to move forward in my life...I let go of people I depended on. I started doing things on my own with ease. I got a completely new set of housemates and I signed up for a course in Limerick. All these things...even as ideas would have knocked me for ten a few months prior. Now I could see they were possible and that I could actually do these things. I think it was safe to say at this stage that my life had moved forward; my fears were diminishing and my confidence growing. I left behind many ways of thinking, beliefs and attitudes and began creating things in my life.
I am now a different person to when I first heard of Franc and energy clearing. My life is more tranquil; the chaos has been removed and I am learning to become an absolute expression of who I am. Clearing has helped me to remove beliefs, attitudes and drama from my life. I now stay calm in situations that would previously shake me. I observe the drama in life 100% more rather than getting wound up in the middle of it. I have also been able to help my family, friends and animals with clearing.
The first time I had the house cleared marked a transformational time in my life. Franc has made a huge impact on my life in introducing me to energy clearing and has been an absolute rock of support when I take a tumble. Franc’s unbelievable natural compassion makes the journey ten times easier. I would absolutely recommend a session with Franc to anyone for any reason, no matter how big or small, the benefits are infinite.
We asked Franc to come into the office to do space clearing, this took three visits over the space of 5-6 weeks. During Franc’s session with us, she helped us to identify dynamics in office. Each of us spent time with Franc individually. During this time Franc spoke to us about the stress in the office and personal problems that may also effect our work and how to release this stress and helped to clear our personal space.
Franc made us realise that our stress in the office was actually being shifted from our clients to us and how to deal with this in a less stressful manner.
It is difficult to describe the many effects Franc’s space clearing had on our office and accountancy business. The most immediate was that the sessions energized all the staff, raising confidence in our roles in the company. Productivity noticeably increased as did commitment and interest in the work.
The clearing also worked wonders on office management problems that had seemed permanent. Since the clearing, there seems to be half as many difficult clients if any at all and an all round improvement in the atmosphere and daily running of the company.
A clearing session with Franc puts you back in touch with your sense of humour and your power to be generous and proactive in a difficult situation, as opposed to just being in reaction.
When I received my first personal clearing it was with some scepticism but from that first time I have not looked back: with improvements in confidence, lessening of anxiety, release of many fears and phobias and destructive thought patterns. Also I have a greater awareness of and connection with nature and all living things.
Franc certainly has a way with animals. Our horse had been beaten before we got him and even years on he’s been hard enough to handle. I have never seen him as quiet, easy and trusting as he is now.
Monthly Dinner/talks
I would be quite surprised if you don’t see us again, as we took away so much from the last wonderful evening.

Harmony Hall Sacred Geometry HQ Directions

Frances Micklem
Working around Ireland and England throughout the year.
Harmony Hall
County Kilkenny
R95 NY03
How to Book 
You can use the Paypal button below to send me the agreed payment.

Directions from Dublin
Take the M9 (towards Waterford) and come off at Junction 7 Paulstown.
At the roundabout turn right, onto the old Kilkenny Road (712)
After 1km you will go under a railway bridge
Take the next turning right (signposted Castlecomer)
Go straight for 4kms ( passing through two small crossroads)
Harmony Hall is the third house on the left, tucked down off the road with red windows and door.
From Kilkenny
Take the N10 towards Carlow and Dublin
Go past Paddy’s Pub
3rd turning left after Paddy’s (signposted ‘Castlecomer 20’)
Go straight for 4kms ( passing through two small crossroads)
Harmony Hall is the third house on the left, tucked down off the road with red windows and door.
From Castlecomer
Leaving Castlecomer on the Athy/Dublin Road
Cross the bridge at the end of Castlecomer’s high street.
Take the next right (signposted ‘Coan’ and ‘Paulstown’)
Go straight for 10km (passing through all crossroads)
Come to a Y fork in the road, go right.
Harmony Hall is immediately on the right, after the fork.
From Athy
Follow the N78 towards Castlecomer
0.5kms before Castlecomer there is a large rock carved with ‘Welcome to Castlecomer’
Take the next left (signposted ‘Coan’ and ‘Paulstown’)
Go straight for 10km ( passing through all crossroads)
Come to a Y fork in the road, go right.
Harmony Hall is immediately on the right, after the fork.

Case Studies: Energy Clearing

Case Studies -
Work carried out with individuals, homes, businesses and residentials 
Practitioners including a GP, hospital doctors and nurses, kinesiologists, reiki, acupuncturists, massage therapists and 3 fully staffed spas. In addition to the stress or symptoms people presented, a major amount of pain, fear and personal information was passing through their energetic fields daily. 
Taught a simple daily process of clearing themselves and the treatment rooms and ensuring they were clear. Developed their abilities to perceive subtle energies emanating from others and not identify with them. Healing included building self regard and practices to put themselves into their schedule of who will receive their energy on any given day. 
Personal Fear 
Woman in her 30s facing her driving test for the fourth time. She was incapacitated by the inevitability of failing it again and thought she was not equipped to deal with the fear that arose in exams. She said that was just what she was like and it would always limit her success. 
We cleared the emotional charge around her first related memories and released their hold on her as a strong trigger. After one session, she passed her exam and her confidence also grew in other areas. 
Woman in her 20s having panic attacks, working at a full time job where they wanted to give her more responsibility and promotion. Doing advanced accountancy exams in the evenings. 
Identified a harsh emotional climate at work, related to abuse and environmental factors including industrial machinery. Over the course of a year, raised awareness of family parallels and how to clear the impact of the past and ongoing negativity. Held a space of clarity and competence, from a distance, on the day of each exam. Synchronicity increased incrementally and her speciality questions came up and miraculously whole areas that she felt weak in were not even on the exam paper. She realized how consistently we create our own reality. Supported her successful transition to self employment. 
A married man in his 30s was wracked with guilt having been unfaithful. His wife had forgiven him and understood the circumstances but he could not forgive himself. Identified that guilt is an ongoing judgement that takes the good out of all experience even before anyone has done anything concrete to warrant it. By releasing attachments to old ideas about who he was and how he had betrayed and alienated himself from that sense of self, he was reconnected with his own authenticity and integrity. 
An estranged couple with 2 small children in an old house with some strange sounds day and night. Cleared the spiritual disturbance. Released the couple’s individual relationship history. The husband had already been married once but not been able to relate to his wife when the children came along. The same pattern of isolation and conflict was happening with his new young family. The outcome was the couple are happy to share a room again and several unprecedented family outings had gone well. 
Space Clearing 
Three houses in Laois with problematic poltergeist and other spiritual disturbances. 
Houses in every county with geopathic stress - gamma radiation, microwave energy, and eletromagnetic stress. 
Farms and homes with underground water, stagnating the land and in some cases causing depression and or bankruptcy. 
Accountants, Refuges, Car Dealerships and many other businesses cleared to achieve better productivity and conflict resolution and team building for staff.

Products, healing, teaching and venue at Harmony Hall

What's Available at Harmony Hall 
Soul Retrieval
Geopathic Stress
Electromagnetic Stress
Energetic Medicine
Spiritual Healing
Meeting Room
Acoustic Performance Room 
Catering for special diets
Piano Lessons
Ceramic Pendulums €7.70
Clay Sculptures

Healing From Harmony Hall Podcasts & Storyboards

A past client describes a new understanding of three decades beset by grief, self-destructive tendencies and medication. She describes how she knew she needed energy work rather than feeling merely that it could not do any harm. Also that it took her several years to actually make the first booking, as it marked a shift from attempting to get out of it (life/consciousness/blame) to getting into it (life/consciousness/forgiveness). She attributes the resulting confidence and tools to clear her own energy as the necessary foundation she needed to get herself through the withdrawal from the maximum strength anti-depressants that she was on. She says that friends have stopped, amazed, mid conversation and said that talking to her is like talking to a completely different person than before, she is so well-adjusted and has such a great perspective. She has pointed them all to my guide book “How To Live As One” and talks here again about how the book can also be used to understand and grow, like she has. In this both candid and compassionate conversation, we show the new lease of life possible through studying oneself and reality through the energetic model, taught at Harmony Hall.Be The Change - Radio Show With Frances from

I challenge the consensus that people are just ignorant and destructive arrivals on the planet and start with the reminder that we have been incarnated at this precise moment, to stand at the end of a 225,000 year cycle. We can afford to assume that we are well-equipped for this lifetime and what this point in evolution asks of us. For those new to energy work or already some way along, I discuss the process of becoming aware of the vocabulary you use. We are told not to be negative as that will lead to a negative creation in 3D. I point out how gaining perspective and awareness of the words you use and the thoughts you entertain can bring another layer of negativity in the form of self criticism. The energy training shared in this podcast is to release the emotional charge that holds old vocabulary in place and practice using more conscious language. Looking at each word in turn, it emerges that there are negative associations and dynamics attached to the very words that could empower us. For example we hear ‘generosity’ as the likelihood of being taken advantage of. We hear ‘power’ as power in the wrong hands. We hear ‘truth’ as some sort of unforgiving home-truths session. We hear ‘trust’ as naivety and we hear ‘peace’ as something unrealistic. These misunderstandings are cleared up and daily practices are offered. There is a window of insight as to the mirror of support that is offered in one-to-ones at Harmony Hall. Music is by and Further studies are available via Vimala Rodgers on She writes: “Everyone feels some way about their handwriting. My focus is to guide you in adopting writing changes that draw out the positive, uplifting, and unexpressed gifts that live within you, and support you in designing a life you love.” Then, of course, there is my book "How To Live As One" which can be found on Amazon or from my website.
One Client's Story

In this episode I deeply explore the health merits of gratitude as a mental attitude, a practice, an important part of the energy spectrum and a good feeling. I first describe the obstacles to recognizing that gratitude is for you; the waiting for things to be right in your life and the addiction to suffering that is so prevalent. I interchange the idea of gratitude with the idea of warm acknowledgement, in order to give people a sense of ‘doing’ something when they are developing a sense of gratitude. Using the example of the knee joint, I explain the many assumptions and demands we put on our bodies without offering any particular regard for the wonderful functions and freedoms we have been given by having a physical body to play with in the first place. To avoid the problem of having to be thankful for, apparently, not much (the excessive humility that can keep spiritually evolved people in a low impact position), I explain the link between gratitude and power. One’s personal power is increased by being able to bring oneself into a glad and appreciative state, at will. A vibration of upset, pity or even acceptance does not have the same frequency as gratitude. The latter, emanating from you as thought, word or deed improves the health of every cell and the vitality of everything you apply yourself to. I describe the way that the energy healing and teaching at Harmony Hall enhance one’s ability to experience gratitude and send a remote healing to everyone who listens in. The energetic knowledge, skills and attitude that I teach also offer a gauge of success. You will be able to tell when you eventually muster up the genuine article of gratitude. Lucinda Drayton’s song ‘Thank You’ is there (Many albums and meditations to be found on and JP Ryan’s song ‘The Great Devotion’ is played at the end (Two great albums can be found at This upbeat classic, with words that resonate in every heart, I thought would be good to help people remember what music they are glad of in their lives, as a good start Developing Gratitude.

In this show I introduce and cultivate the idea of oneness, what role it may give humanity in the universe and what individual life purpose it can reveal. I start to look at concepts of quantum physics that might have supported the arguments that 1) at the smallest level all things are made up of the same matter, including all animate and inanimate objects. The implication of this is that all things are connected, have value and an element of consciousness: People, animals, plants and everything else. 2) That there is a biology of belief (Bruce Lipton's research), that demonstrates how our observation of, thoughts and feelings about and inherited beliefs all impact on reality (on what actually happens), in a measurable way. On the spur of the moment, that was difficult to articulate so I described oneness in the light of healing, as that is how it is utilized at Harmony Hall. I describe how the drama, polarity and sense of differentiation are all superficial and that beneath these illusory divisions there is an oceanic energy field from which we actually emanate. Energy clearing, in this context, is used to notice and clear the illusions of separation as they arise. It is used to bring people back to peace by ducking beneath the surface conflicts and feeling the magnitude of our existence. I also recommend playing with the recognition of oneness. Using the examples of musical performance, agility and joy, I suggest that you call on the energy of those, living or dead, mythical or historical that can help you. For me it was Beethoven to perform his Sonata, the Snow Leopard to dance at the congress and the Hedgehog to remind me to enjoy life whatever is showing up. I describe how the tools and teaching of energy work at Harmony Hall allow growth from a limited sense of self to an ever-expanding realization of one’s origins and potential.   How All Life Is Connected

The first step to healing is to care about something (anything at all will do) and the second step is to come to care enough about yourself to honour your awakened heart and mind by making changes to your life. This show describes two current events and seeks to understand what went wrong with these valiant attempts to 1) facilitate a compassionate lifestyle – the sale of Alpro, the leading vegan products company, to a Dairy giant in America and 2) to engender empathy and win sanctuary – a High Court Case for a chimpanzee already used by a research facility for 23 years. To develop an independent mind that can alight on situations with compassion and without emotional charge is one of the great gifts of the teaching that Harmony Hall provides. Over time, as fear of going against the grain falls away, one can also develop the confidence and commitment to let what you learn change you. It may be that you come to change your buying habits and your friends and decide to live harmlessly, via a vegan lifestyle, as I do. I also offer our vegan retreat here to support the changes you make, release any anger that can arise and love the new authentic you. My choice to follow the news story of the Animal Rights court case was deliberate as it is an area that is least questioned. When you are sick, people will often take whatever medicines are prescribed. As your awareness of money outweighing ethics and cruel means of production grows, there is no need to go into denial again. There are great research centres that do not test on animals, like the Hadwen Trust in Oxford. Indeed as you understand your own energetic make-up, you can heal yourself better than any outside source Raising Social Awareness and Empathy

A full list of my radio shows, with links, can be found here: 
If the list doesn't come up, click the SEARCH RADIO SHOWS box on that page. 

20. Mahalia Lind Diamond, song writer and Abbie Zulock, psychic join Frances Micklem and share their skills and experience volunteering on organic farms. Follow on Facebook. 
19. Highbank Organic Farm’s Rod Calder-Potts joins Frances Micklem to shed light on the difference between organic food, genetically modified food and the Slow Food Movement.
18. Frances Micklem is interviewed by Margaret Denmead about her book How To Live As One and her vegan lifestyle and philosophy. Book: and Harmony Hall BioArchitecture Retreat on Facebook. 
17. Frances Micklem is interviewed by Margaret Denmead on the question: What healing happens at Harmony Hall. Book: and Harmony Hall BioArchitecture Retreat 
16. Freya Lawton of The Peace Intention explains how to make peace a reality, Part 2
15. Vesco from Tantra Ireland shares his inspiration and insight about Tantra as a healing and manifesting modality.
14. Freya Lawton of The Peace Intention explains why we must make peace a reality. Part 1.
13. John Carmody of ARAN Animal Rights in Ireland and around the world talks about what we are dealing with and how we can address fairness to all life, through kindness. and John Carmody on Facebook. 
12. Lucinda Drayton, whose beautiful songs are played in every show, talks about her amazing spiritual and musical journey.
11. Frances Micklem demonstrates how to focus on and heal 12 areas of Life, using archetypes and healing the shadow. with reference to her book.
10. PreConceive Fertility Enhancement. Matt and Nuala Ronan, Evolve, Natural Health Food on its 20th anniversary join Frances.
9. JP Ryan is the amazing songwriter & musician on his international win at weightlifting.
8. The Susi Allen Road Trip, where she and Frances cleared karma in all 32 counties of Ireland with their horses, to raise funds for animal welfare. Susi Burton Allen on Facebook. 
7. AnthonyAuffret, an experienced salsa teacher develops self-expression and synergy for both men as leaders and women as followers, on the dance floor! Salsa nation
6. Michelle O Donoghue’s programme of retreats for therapists in February, March and April of 2014. Michelle O Donoghue on Facebook 
5. Richard Cook worked at NASA and within the financial banking system. He shares his philosophy of infinite intelligence.
4. Margaret Denmead is a hypnotherapist and cognitive therapist heals anxiety on the show. 
3. Michael Rice - bio architect of Harmony Hall - shares great insights from his men's seminars
2. How To Live As One is Frances Micklem’s own book and this is the second part of the audio version, including healing on each section. 
1.How To Live As One is Frances Micklem’s own book on healing negativity and self healing and this is the first part of the audio version, including distance healing on each section.

Frances Micklem - Eco Art To Heal Your Heart

Paintings on Saatchi Art 

Harmony Hall as a Venue So Far

Are you a yoga teacher, musician, artist, chef, healer, looking for an acoustic-designed, sacred geometry venue to deliver your programme? Or would you like to attend workshops in vegan cooking, organic growing, healing, piano, meditation or a conscious awareness support group?

Musicians JP Ryan, Suzanne Jarvie, Kate Fenner, Chris Brown, Tony Scherr, Fionntain and David Corley, amongst others, have played at Harmony Hall. Piano lessons on the baby grand are available all year round, for those who have always wanted to learn.

Clarity Writing and Editing Services


Book published in 2012 How To Live As One, by Frances Micklem
Conscious Healing Angel Cards made in 2016, available only from 

Tutoring and Editing
Would you like to do well in your studies as a mature student but find the essay writing and editing challenging? This is my specialty – writing, on any topic, for all academic levels. 
References and booking also possible on First Tutors

Gardener and Horticulture Tutor, Kilkenny and Carlow

Lady Gardener
Would you like help weeding and deadheading your herbaceous borders for winter but do not want a man that you do not know, coming to your garden?
Would you like help getting a vegetable patch or greenhouse organized and cleaned for an organic harvest next year, free of pests and diseases but also free of chemicals? 
Qualified in Horticulture, and character references are also available.

Energetic Medicine Practiced and Taught at Harmony Hall,

Energy Medicine 
Space Clearing – Environmental problems and traces of trauma, from your home
Personal healing – Clearing the burdens of the past and anxieties of the future.
Workshops – How To Use The Pendulum and Dowsing Rod for energy clearing
Book – How To Live As One, my book on identifying what to heal for a happy life. 
Working with Nature, Sacred Geometry, the art of Divining and Intuition 

Raw Organic Vegan 'Meals On Wheels' in Ireland

Harmony Hall in Kilkenny, Ireland 
Raw Organic Vegan Food
the norm rather than the exception!
Meals on Wheels Service – so far available in the Kilkenny Area For the well but busy, the unwell and agents of positive change. 
 Raw - Vitamin profile & enzymes of all ingredients remain intact and available to the body because the dishes are not heated beyond 40 degrees. 
 Vegan - No animal products: free from meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey and palm oil. Only use of animals is as moral support and motivation to launch the brand and provide a crucial alternative food industry. 
 Organic - No chemicals used in fertilizer, pest or weed control, cleaning or preservation – and bear in mind that everything that is not organic has been sprayed at every juncture. 
 Locally sourced - Irish nuts, grains, seeds, vegetables and fruit – but we have yet to source good Irish lemons and coconuts! We do what we can and look towards the future for full certification! 
 Sustainable - Mindful use of water in production. Less electricity used by not using ovens. Re-use of cartons for local customers. When products go on sale in the shops, packaging will be card rather than plastic. , 
 Gluten free and sugar free - No flours or processed sugars are used in the crusts and bases of our sweet or savoury lunches 
 Home made – All recipes developed by Frances Micklem of Healing by Franc 

Healing for Your Pets or Animals in Training

Animal Healing & Communication
Animals respond well to energetic clearing. This is a simple non-invasive process that is helpful in resolving difficult behavioural patterns. The process has also been beneficial in alleviating recent physical injuries and chronic conditions.
"Many thanks for taking the time to come and talk to the class about animal welfare. It was much appreciated and enjoyed." RF Athy 
"I love hugging Windy." SM Oxford 

This includes a clearing of all energy fields of the animal and provides a catalyst for their improvement. Please also ring if its urgent.

Personal Energy Clearing at Harmony Hall or On Line

Adults and Children 
Most health and behavioural patterns are caused by avoiding difficult emotions. Through personal energy clearing, you can gently download all the old memories stored in your body. Once acknowledged, they lose their emotional charge and need no longer take shape as illness. We are made up of energy fields that can be accessed via many names like attachments and mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, etheric and gaia fields. There are also ‘original 8 cell’ intuitions that are powerful for cellular change. From depression to eating disorders to releasing creative blocks and living without fear, this work is crucial in getting back in the driving seat of life. 
Awareness and actively accepting whatever comes up become an empowering way of life where you experience unprecedented health, potential and a sense of calm and purpose.
Personal Clearing Training - €60 per hour at Harmony Hall. For one person (or suitable for friends who’d like to come together)
6 weekly on line clearings. Please send your name, general location and any particular issues you’d like to address. I will send you back my findings and the orientated clearings I’ll undertake with you. Each week will include a follow up email to share our awareness of the changes as they happen.

Geopathic Stress Clearing For Your Land or Farm

Farm Clearing
Many earth energies are influencing the quality of the land for crops and the health of the animals being raised. These include faulting pressure, where gamma radiation is released through cracks in the ground. 
Microwave energy is often present. Negative magnetic fields will be distributed, no doubt, around any size of property. Disturbances from naturally-occurring underground water can be identified and shielded against. As more fertilizers and machinery are used, technology and pollution will be affecting the health of the land. Space clearing shields the land and stock from adverse effects. In addition to all the natural and industrial dynamics, less people are helping on the land and this leads to a lack of support and physical hardship for farmers. Space Clearing can shift illness and other problems from you and your property for good.
Farm Clearing €120 Plus travel costs
Please send a map (hand drawn is fine, it doesn’t need to be to scale) with a list of the names of the residents, types of animals, crops and note any particular problems you’d like me to address, by email or with a cheque to the postal address below. I will tune in to the space and return the map to you with my findings and suggestions, when I have cleared it.

Energy Clearing For Your Business

Business Clearing 
This usually takes a day or can take place over a few weeks. A programme is agreed whereby a particular team, part of the building or pressing issue is approached at a time. This is a catalyst for change and problems like time-management and conflict fall away. I have undertaken considerable visioning and strategic work with teams in economic, health management and social work spheres. 

Premises Clearing €120   Plus travel costs.

Please send a map (hand drawn is fine, it doesn’t need to be to scale) with a list of the names of the staff, in the message box on the bookings page or with a cheque to the postal address below and note any particular problems you’d like me to address. I will tune in to the space and return the map to you with my findings and suggestions.

Space Clearing For Your Home

Space Clearing for your Home
Ireland, England and On Line
People spend considerable lengths of time in areas of disturbing energy such as low frequency electro magnetic waves, microwave radiation, geopathic stress and with other people who feel limited, confused or depressed. We can be unaware of it but the body reacts nonetheless, in its attempts to keep an equilibrium. An example of this may be someone who inadvertently has their bed over a natural underground waterway and is experiencing insomnia and illness. There are always many natural and metaphysical energies at play.
Space clearing is a completely effective method of healing negativity in one's work and home. People often request a distance clearing, using map dowsing, to identify and defuse the primary source of the problem. I also do home visits.
"Somehow you made mine a wonderful home again. We're also back to playing beautiful music, thank you!" SS Mayo 
Home Visit €120 - Plus travel expenses calculated from Kilkenny for Ireland and Oxford for England. Includes a two-hour space clearing, with an option for you to ask me to continue or return. Space clearing includes considerable personal clearing to integrate the energies of those who live there.
Please send a map (hand drawn is fine, it doesn’t need to be to scale) with a list of the names of the residents to the email address or postal address below and note any particular problems you’d like me to address. I will tune in to the space and return the map to you with my findings and suggestions, when I have cleared it.

My Original Explanation of Energy Clearing Benefits (2007)

Do you know that something needs to change but you don’t know what or how? Maybe you don’t want to rock the boat of an already productive lifestyle. We offer a complete therapeutic on line service to clear your personal energy from stress, negativity or illness. We also supply space clearing for your home or business. Clearing is based on physics. It allows for the dispelling of the many signs of energetic turbulence and disturbance in both people and buildings. We use our own premises as a blueprint for clearing your environment. It is an original geometric design that provides a template to work on any property. 
The initial clearing facilitates a shift in your experience and outlook of life. The IEC designs a customized package of this initial clearing and a membership to teaching and training sessions. These sessions allow clients to do the follow up work themselves. Through our meetings and literature we present a wider understanding of how energy clearing works. We offer support through our partner sites to further enhance balance in your life. This package makes a priceless gift for yourself or friends.
At the IEC we stand for rehabilitation without medication. The power of perspective is central with the premise; what we think will happen, will happen. With energy clearing, you free up your thoughts to successfully manifest what you want. This allows us to avoid the norm of casually held beliefs that hold us back. 
20% of our profits go to charities in keeping with a forward-thinking vision – for example ISPCC, Greenpeace, PETA and our Irish Olympic hopeful. 

Public Contracts I have Tendered For - This is how I know the Process

1. Operation of Local Authority Dog Shelter and provision of dog warden services. 
Mission Statement: 
To develop a higher principle of operation. Including, responsible dog ownership, pet retention, care, education, rehabilitation and rehoming. To support the network of support that already exists to facilitate rehoming, homechecks – ie PAWS, Carlow Lost and Found, Last Chance, ASH, Kilkenny Animals. 
2. To provide a Local Authority Horse Project 
Mission Statement: 
To offer classes and Facilities to teach the traveler community about care, physiology, soundness, feeding and watering basics and racing horse/pony fittening and training programmes. 
3. To architecturally design and build public buildings, including a 7-storey new wing for Trinity College and other educational facilities, country-wide. 
Mission statement: 
To use the principles of bioarchitecture to create sustainable buildings, with designs that help get past black and white thinking and reflect shapes in Nature that facilitate life itself. An example of our principles is Dreamfields in County Laois, by architect Michael Rice. See photo. 
4. Dog Foods for Prison Service Dogs
For this we are presenting Benevo, a vegetarian, organic pet food provider. 
Mission Statement: 
To provide plant-based food of quality ingredients, rather than scrapings off the factory floor. To provide a balanced feed, with herbs included, to reduce the smell of excrement. To provide a feed that facilitates healthy and highly trainable dogs, while minimizing aggression. 
Bright Ideas Competition by KBC Bank, in May 2015. 
Healing by Franc made the following seven entries: 
Magnet Technology – Prototypes of full range: Mobile, Household and Commercial 
Develop magnet technology – Business plan and design complete already Each person can buy one, no need for grid for remote places 
Water Exchange – Logistics/Partnerships fostered 
Twin towns in Ireland with areas in countries where there’s drought – exchange fresh water for natural sweetener, restore soil alkalinity and health. Cultivate a spirit of global community, empathy and mutual contribution. 
Self Sufficiency Centre – water turbine/off grid 
Inner Sustainability - Offer Confidence training and recovery courses, advocacy Outer Sustainability – Organic Growing and care, build your own generator, water and wind. Build your own sheltered growing space. 
Community Radio, Website and Newspaper 
Good news Radio. Sharing advocacy, skills and independent news – Each county gets half an hour every day 7am to midnight. Harmony Hall is already an acoustic design 
Animal Project – Form charity/ purchase land/ build shelters and park/ sustenance for animals and Care 
1) Farm Animal Sanctuary and Shelter for Pets and Wildlife 
Culinary Support for People with Intolerances 
1. Meals on Wheels – 7 Day Supply 2. Cooking Courses 
Build Community Garden 
Fully self sustaining, edible, ornamental and hydroponic garden and run courses. 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

By hate I mean distrust - for the suffering the Finance Minister brings

Dear Finance Minister,

Let’s just outline the lies, misleading, incriminating and very telling way you handled the tax of health supplements.
I received a copy of your written answer to why you slapped VAT on food supplements. 
It starts by saying that you did it in 'response to complaints from the IHTA'. I looked up the IHTA to see if they were some organization with lots of big pharma directors on the board. I reckoned it was only the ‘medicine’, drug, vaccine pushing people who would want to block the public’s access to supplements that boost our natural immune systems. But no, the IHTA represent the health food shops. 
They didn’t complain, did they? They asked that there be consistency in the zero-rating for food supplements and the Revenue not sneak in VAT for new products, on tenuous and unfair grounds. In your 'written reply' you implied that the IHTA complained and insisted you review and tax all food supplements. This will lead to pricing them out of the market, independent health stores will close down and price their products out of range of the normal human being. I rang the IHTA to check why you had put on the VAT to respond to their complaint. And I gathered:
They actually complained about how revenue were slipping vat on to lots of products that should have fallen under the zero rating. 
I gathered that the subject went before an Oireachtas Committee where the two points in question were unequivocally cleared up: Are food supplements food? Are they of benefit? Natural food supplements are food. They provide the protein, vitamins, minerals and probiotics – digestive flora – and antioxidants that are sorely missing from our artificially ripened fruits, our chemical-laced vegetables and preservative-injected meat. Secondly, Dr Eilis Clare put a strong case for the benefits of natural food supplements. The Oireachtas Committee made a unanimous recommendation to you to keep the zero VAT rating and make it consistent for all natural health supplements.
You ignored their recommendation.
Then there was the IHTA and the 121 shops; the petition signed by 1000s of people who rely on their local health food shop as the only place where ethically sourced, natural health supporting products can be found. Fianna Fail pointed out how this move to charge VAT will put many businesses at risk of closure.
You ignored all the Public Participation, the trade representatives, the doctor’s advice and we asked ourselves, whose advice are you taking?
You say that you were guided to put this tax on health by the Revenue. But your written answer gives away your real guiding force. You say it’s ‘important to clarify’ that certain products would not be impacted…all eyes turn to them. Who could they be?
Registered medicines – pharmaceutical manufacturers
Registered foods – Infant formula (Do you need to support the dairy industry and Nestle’s profits further? Are you so removed from real life that you haven’t heard that two thirds of all women now do not trust that they can feed their baby through breast-feeding. Obviously we should be boosting women’s health and confidence in their ability to look after themselves and their offspring? Have you not heard how dehydrated infant formula is sent all round the world where water is not clean enough to rehydrate the ‘milk’ safely? Have you not heard that Nestle holds the keys to deep clean aquifers in these countries but will not allow access? 
Have you not heard that the pharmaceuticals coat their pills with casein from the dairy industry – a carcinogenic product – that can only increase the public’s ill health and guarantee return customers for their medicines? Oh look, another exemption….fortified milks. So no VAT for the added Calcium and other random additions to milks. 
Unlike the marketing gurus who add calcium to milk for example, health supplement producers are skilled, small scale experts. They have explored how the human body can best detox, expel, absorb, be nourished with - whatever it needs.
You are deliberately creating a nanny state where the public are unable to keep themselves well and fend off ill health. On the other hand, you simultaneously allow State supported adverts for flu vaccines for pregnant women and elderly people. Seriously vulnerable people subjected to medicines supplied by companies that are completely unaccountable. You only have to look at the courts and the narcolepsy hearing that found the vaccine to have caused the life-long condition... AND somehow the HSE and the State (so us) are to foot the bill, not the manufacturers. 
You should be ashamed of yourself letting only the money interests have the sway, especially as if you did budget fairly, those big players (Pharmaceutical, Nestle, Kerry and Glanbia, Queally, Kepak, Goodman meat and the agrichemical giants would pull their weight and the revenue would recoup plenty of tax. This could then be used to finance every other project needed now, to patch up the damage they’re doing - to public health and the environment .
Take Round Up...and you do in every meal. That is accumulative in the system and disables four main digestive enzymes, rendering people unable to break down food, let alone gluten and contributing to Ulcerated Collitis, Chrones, and Lupus, IBS etc etc.
Oh yes, that’s funny you lied about not having any choice too. There is a 9% VAT bracket but you didn’t choose that. And there was the recommended zero rating but you didn't choose that either. You choose 13.5%...
13.5% Same as 'take away food' (fondly referred to by The Streets as the 'shit in a tray merchants' – That’s a little ‘counter to positive health policy’, don't you agree with Bobby Aylward of Fianna Fail on that?
Oh yes Sugar is still 0% - zero-rated for VAT
Sugar that blocks Vitamin C getting to the cells and feeds cancer cells like they’re going out of fashion.
So yes, I hope you can’t sleep at night. And while you are lying awake, please do some research on health supplements as one day you will need them, you probably need them now as the building blocks to a robust immune system…but perhaps you can get them on your expense account or quickly get them authorized as ‘medicines’ by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (I can't wait to look them up and see whose on their board), as and when you need them? By then it may be too late. The health food shops in the UK for example have all shut down. It's not cheap to produce organic grains, pulses, trace elements, vitamins and everything kindly produced - not tested on animals. These things are important to people. And not to be found in any other shops.
Personally, we think you should listen to public opinion, or are 1000s of signatures not enough for you? We think you should listen to the recommendations of the Oireachtas Committee? Presumably that is made up of several competent people specifically in order to hear the presentations and investigate properly and then advise the government how to best proceed. …A bit like the 17 million to the greyhound industry. 
Does it ever occur to you that you are responsible for public money? All you are doing is heavily regulating and killing off the independent efforts, lifetimes of industry, skill, good practice, survival and sovereignty of small businesses and producers, by fleecing everyone apart from the industries that can afford to pay. For them; no tax, no vat, no compliance, no ethics, no standards. What they serve up is not food. That would be right. Poisons, toxic to land and consumer. But health food supplements, really?
You must know this but just so you know, we hate you for it and ask you to put things right.