Thursday, February 25, 2016


Pigs help people laugh at absurdity and hypocrisy. There is denial of our emotional truth going on. We fear we are going to be walked over, that people will not be looking out for us or reciprocating loyalty. With cows, it is different, they look at us with trusting eyes, never assuming that those who care for the intend to kill them or separate them from their young. But pigs keep their heads down, they have the measure of us. Avoid eye contact, screech in complaint with the uncertainty of every touch. Someone said to me yesterday 'but God they're a nightmare on the lorry' Well of course they're a nightmare on the lorry. That is what is called a last ditch attempt to survive, not go to the abattoir. Obvious response I'd have said.

Farmers, Elections and Community Supported Agriculture

Fine Gael and Fine Fail say they will double the national herd.

Major Parties blatantly ignore Ireland's Climate Change Commitments

All have agreed to doubling the national herd. Guaranteed to knock down prices they get for animals and milk and drive up overheads. And don't forget trade deals (TTIP) go both ways. If they take our produce, we will have to take theirs (American meat, american dairy. Its horrible but it will be cheap and there will be no way to tell the consumer to pay the extra for home farmed. 

Double Your Income and Reduce Overheads

The one farmer that reduced his herd and went organic saved 40,000 euro on fertilizer in his first year 
and the price he got for his milk shot up from 30c a litre to 60c a litre. 

Only vote Green, Independent, People Before Profit, Direct Democracy, Anti Austerity Alliance and for all those human beings who know that Intensive Farming = 51% of CO2 Emissions

First thing to do is do not vote Fine Gael/Fail/Labour. If you do, you really do not care whether there is still an Ireland above water for your children to live on.

Community Supported Agriculture is Brilliant For Farmers

Paid up front? Surely unheard of for a farmer in these times. We can help set up Community Supported Agriculture. The beauty of this? Your locals pay you in advance for produce, taking the risks and guaranteeing its sale. 

Cut out the processors, the supermarkets, the flooding of Ireland with International produce at rock bottom rates.

Cut out the supermarkets and the meat processors. Did you know they meet every Friday to discuss how much less they are going to offer farmers, for their animals? You are being stitched up! And it will get worse unless you get the green party in and some independent socially oriented politicians. This is our one chance for a just government.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Simon Coveney Repeatedly Shafts The Farmers and like a Bad Husband, They Still Love him

Not For Long... I Hope All Ireland Will Wake Up In Time

30% of Farmers on the poll (pole) today said they still love him.

Bit like an abusive husband?
All the signs are there:

1) He treats me bad but I love him
2) He makes all the decisions and never considers anyone else
3) He's insecure and sends his friends down to check up on me every ten minutes, on the pretext of checking tags and testing for TB but doesn't like it when we ask him where the BSE came from last year.
4) Or why he let the processors drop the price of animals by 40% in one move
5) Or why he covered for those big money boys and protected their deals but screws everyone else, be they four legged or two.

The man has gone to the dark side. Can farmers not see that? Or are they so cowed that they think their loyalty will count for something.

Oh yes, he just encouraged them to expand and get into more debt. I suppose they want him in place to come good on those America/China deals.

Cut your losses and reduce your herds. This is the message of Ear To The Ground last night. One guy who went organic saved himself 40,000 euro in the first year, just on fertilizer. He reduced his herd from 160 to 120 but now gets 60c per litre rather than 30c per litre he was getting for his non-organic.

Follow the man with a plan in Meath, Manchan Magan. A candidate for the Green Party. Now they would offer farmers a sustainable and valued use of their time, money and land.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pre-election message 3 "For those with a mortgage" and 4 "For those who work for charitable concerns"

This podcast covers everything I've found out at the Think Tank here, in regard to what the current government have done and plan to do to mortgage holders. What to bear in mind and what sort of government will guarantee the roof over your head.

Important information to hear before you vote if you work for a charitable organization

This podcast exposes how the current government has set about privatizing all the organizations that endeavor to offer a social function. Charities for example and state facilities for example. How they are being starved of public money. The large public tenders are going to ill-equipped private companies who intend to profit rather than offer a service. This is happening to services for the most vulnerable in society and it is happening across the board. Part of the reason is the structure of local councils, who's management do not even need to tell the elected councillors that a public tender is coming up, let alone allow their participation in the decision process. Only if we have a Dail made up of Independents, Green Party, Direct Democracy, Anti Austerity Alliance and People Before Profit, will we have the transparency to expose this misuse of public money and insist that the actual process changes in favour of the charitable organizations that are actually motivated to help. Instead of public contracts worth hundreds of thousands going to private companies and charities receiving under 20,000 per year for epic, focussed undertakings, a new government would turn that around. Do not support any of the parties as they cannot and are not motivated to bring about change. There is simply no motivation among these parties to look at anything except the economy …. and what does that make the people? No more than 'the market' and the masses from whom taxes can be extracted. This last sentence came there and thereabouts from the not-for-profit organization The Peace Intention. For more clarity, contact Freya Lawton or download the handbook at And/or Listen in to my daily messages before the upcoming election on

Monday, February 8, 2016

Election Message: What Parents Should Remember Before They Vote

As we hit 2016 and the 1916 anniversary, we are reminded of the fights that have been fought for independence. Back then there weren't the choices of governance. This month we have our own General Election, we can choose what we want.

This is not a moment for complacency, when we've been given a choice. Do we want to sign and agree to five more years of evictions, poisoned food, health care cuts and privatization…And perks, breaks and privatel outs for multi million euro businesses and individuals? The answer has got to be know….and No!

I've also been thinking about the past. My Dad was evacuated during the war, 7 year's old and responsible, on the boat for two younger brothers. But it is his father, my Grandfather, who I am guided by right now. He broadcast for the BBC every single day of that war, in German, to the German People to let them know what was happening in concentration camps and in their country's name.

We, in Ireland are being kept in the dark in the same way. In food, natural resources, energy, war vs our neutrality. Most importantly and currently, we need to refuse, reject and vote against the TTP (Transatlantic Trade Partnership).

We can actually foresee, if we care to look, what sort of place we are leaving for the next generation. The podcast above is a few things it'd be great to consider before you vote this month. Make sure you make your vote independent, democratic, green and only candidates that put people before profit.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Farmers: ABP/Slaney Deal. Coveney ditches farmers once and for all, in favour of the big dirty meat processors.

In December, I saw in the Farmers Journal that farmers had to write to the CCPC - (The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission) at once to object to the ABP/Slaney merger. I did and this is the response I got. They basically pretend that no one's mentioned it to them yet, so they can't review it.

Absolute lies.

Minister Coveney has hung you out to dry once too often, hasn't he?
And today, I hear that his brother is about to become Director General of RTE. The closed shop knows no bounds. Your demonstration … and any concerns in the future...will probably not even be covered in any detail.

So, I'll say it one more time. Well done for protesting but DO NOT VOTE that man in again. He is a liability to the land and the people.

Cormac Keating  12/23/15 at 3:14 PM
Sean Manley
Message body
Dear Mr Micelle
I refer to your email of 17 December 2015 regarding the proposed acquisition by ABP Group of 50% of Slaney Foods.

One of the CCPC’s statutory functions is to review certain mergers and acquisitions relating to markets in the Republic of Ireland, as provided for under Part 3 of the Competition Act 2002, as amended (“the Act”).

For a merger or acquisition, within the meaning of section 16(1) of the Act to occur, there are a number of legal and financial thresholds which must be met. If the acquisition of Slaney Foods by ABP Group meets these thresholds then the acquisition must be notified to the CCPC providing the combined turnover of the companies involved does not exceed the European Union Merger Regulation thresholds in which case it must be notified to the European Commission.

Where a transaction is notifiable to the CCPC (or the European Commission) there is no deadline by which the firms involved are required to notify the CCPC/European Commission. However, the transaction cannot be implemented unless and until the CCPC/European Commission makes a Determination clearing the transaction.

At the time of writing neither the CCPC nor the European Commission have received a notification of the acquisition of Slaney Foods by ABP Group.

Under the procedures adopted by the CCPC for the review of mergers the CCPC will, within 7 days from the date of receipt of the notification, publish notice of it on its website.  At the same time, it will give notice via its website advising third parties who wish to make submissions about the merger that they must do so within 10 days of publication of the notice. In this regard I note the submission you have provided by way of a copy of article from the Farmers Journal.

Once a notification is received, the CCPC is obliged by the Act to determine whether the acquisition will or will not substantially lessen competition in markets for goods or services in the State.  The analytical approach adopted by the CCPC when reviewing mergers is set out in its Guidelines for Merger Analysis.  Once a proposed transaction is notified, the CCPC has thirty working days to make a Phase 1 determination (unless a Requirement for Further Information is issued to the parties, in which case the deadline is extended).  On or before that date, the CCPC will either: (i) clear the transaction or (ii) move to a Phase 2 investigation.  The CCPC has a further 90 working days to complete a Phase 2 investigation which involves an in-depth investigation of the competition implications of a merger.

For your information the European Commission implements a similar process (Phase 1 and Phase2) and applies a similar test.

I hope the information above is helpful. If you require any more details please contact me directly at

Dr Cormac Keating
Director of Mergers
The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission


Friday, February 5, 2016

Get Independent: Off the Medical Card, Social Security, ESB and The other Demeaning Institutions to Human Life

Health Advice Tip, numero duo! 

Rely On Yourself

Physical Self Reliance
Rely on yourself. Interestingly, the first step you can take right now is to engage your abdominal muscles. Yes, your stomach muscles, commonly called Your Core can hold you all together, instantly raising your posture and sense of self mastery. 30 seconds minimum at a time, is what is needed to develop core strength and evenually tone. Sinead Keaskin told me this once and she would know as a super-experienced and brilliant ballet teacher!
Emotional Self Reliance
Then rely on yourself for your own emotional state. Choose joy and peace. If its not fun, don't do it.
Mental Independence
Then rely on yourself mentally. It matters not what others think of you, only that you can create and sustain a respectful relationship with yourself. In other words, have the strength of your convictions.
Spiritual Clarity
Then get independent, spiritually. That will mean facing the fears and negative interference objectively and directly. It also makes it your job to remind yourself that you are a being that is greater than your parts and of unquestionable value.
Freedom From Society 
Then tackle the institutions. Get your own generator and micro turbine, get off the ESB. Grow your own organic food, get out of the retail industry. Start making stuff and doing what you're good at and get off the social security. Prioritize your own healthy balance of work, rest and play and get off dependence on the Health Service and medical card.
Journey At Harmony Hall in The Direction of Self-Sufficiency
I have been interested in all these things for years and it is not 100% easy to extricate yourself from generations of conditioning and institutionalization. I built a geodome, it blew down. I arranged a water turbine and couldn't get the loan. I came off the dole, went back on it again to a lesser extent. But its the dignity of independence and living in keeping with your own learning that will kick start your recovery to all that you can be and all that life is supposed to be…so start today!

Off Grid Efforts Renewed

In celebration of a big step towards being off the grid, here is my Stanley Cooker that arrived this morning, with Cupid and Don Juan already sunbathing in front of it!

Manage your own Exposure to Wifi Micowave Energy

No. 1 Health Advice Tonight 

Wifi signal is 2 million hertz more powerful than your Electrics Electro Magnetic charge.

Turn off your router when you're going to bed. Electricity registers in the 50 hertz range, wifi registers in the 2-4 gigabyte range. That makes wifi 2 million hertz more damaging to your body. Yes I know those signals are everywhere but make sure they're not homing in on you.

Use a Lead to Your Computer

I use a lead now and only wifi when guests are here. Before you go to a doctor with headaches, fibre neuralgia, stress or a life threatening disease don't look any further than your internet. We can mind ourselves a lot better than we are. Talking of guests. I had a couple here who designed mobile phones. They said, having worked all over the world, companies are only interested in designs that are smaller and faster. It was never in their remit to make one that was more safe to use, with less microwave and radiation emission.

 More Speed but No More Safe

So, yet again, that means the industries aren't looking out for you. We must do that for ourselves. Do you remember when Veronica Geeran was killed. The most damaged side of the brain was where she had held her mobile phone constantly. So talk on speaker if you have to talk at all and then catch up properly face to face! Its old fashioned I know, but worth it! Also, turn off the internet on any phones you have by your bedside, or otherwise they will be looking around for a signal too all night.
Even hearing this information again now, will be part of your healing….if you can let it change the way you mind yourself.
Be well!