You can listen to Frances Micklem's latest radio show which features a reminder of the powerful and wise words of Chief Seattle -- It is almost too late to turn the tide of destruction. Listen to Frances Micklem of Healing from Harmony Hall and New Directions from Kilkenny, Ireland and comment below.
Here is my recent interview of Frances. Enjoy. 

Q: What’s it like being a radio host for the Creating Calm Network?

Frances Micklem: Its exciting in two ways for me. It feels like a chance to participate in a movement, the evolution of consciousness you might call it, with people from all over the world. Secondly its given me a much needed channel to get out there, say what I need to say…which is quite a lot!

Q: Yes, how did it come about that you do two shows a week?

Frances Micklem: It was funny actually as I started with the Healing Show –Healing from Harmony Hall where I’d embark on an epic healing of some aspect of the human condition or tools to maintain an attitude of gratitude etc.  Then I became so passionate about life and recognizing the divine spark in other people, animals and even inanimate objects that more and more awareness of the very opposite came to me. I discovered that there are lots of soul-loss situations going on but nearly everyone was afraid of flagging things up or not being heard. So the founder of the network suggested I record a Social Activism show. That’s how New Directions started.

Q: Do you think the New Directions show creates calm or is there a risk it’ll bring up anger and grief?

Frances Micklem: I have come to think that clarity and compassionate acknowledgement of even the worst injustices are a relief for people. I try and keep the ingredients balanced, some empathy, some recognition of the mirror, some humour and lots of deep healing, with a view to better outcomes! I also think awareness is a necessary phase of transformation. We have to see clearly what we’re doing, what we’ve blindly been participating in. 

Q: Do you mean like being wasteful of water and fuel and indifferent to the suffering of others?

Frances Micklem: Yes, once the denial and avoidance falls away there is a painful moment but also the opportunity for conscious change.

Q: What changes have you made recently?

Frances Micklem: Good question! I see change as a life long, infinitely refine-able mastery, like martial arts or ballet. The basics I continue to work on, in this context, are to be true to myself and not look for justification or approval from anyone else. As my heart clears of old nonsense, I am becoming more independent. There is more room for love. Defensiveness, denial and avoidance are all but gone now, which is a real freedom that I’d love everyone to experience.

Q: What haven’t you been able to change?

Frances Micklem: Well sometimes I feel completely defeated which is probably not helpful. I get crowded with thoughts like people are still eating animals when there’s plenty of alternative nourishment, even when the industry is exposed as cruel and corrupt – with for example five species found in a single DNA sample. Even when they are told that 51% of environmental destruction and soil/sea toxicity is down to animal waste. Even when they hear that enough grain is grown to feed 13 billion people and there are one billion starving because the grain goes to animals. Even when they hear that 70 million animals are killed every year.  That is a lot of dying. It can’t be good. But I can’t change others’ perspective, activate their moral compass or make them feel significant enough to make a difference, via their own shopping and eating choices…that doesn’t stop me trying though!

Q: On a good day, what’s your perspective on all the people and animals that are suffering?

Frances Micklem: I think we are just witnessing what we created in the past. The tail-end of an unconscious creation. I fully believe that with this radio network, all the positive initiatives world-wide and the critical mass of conscious people visioning a better world, we will get to see that come to fruition too!

Q: Have you had any nicknames?

Frances Micklem: Yes, many! I had a mohecan at school and was called Rare hair and Fogsie. I was also called ‘the first ambulance to the scene’ at a 12 step workshop once! This was because I was always running to support anyone in crisis, which I’m giving up any minute now! I have always been occasionally referred to as the Queen of Positive Spin as I can usually see the gift in a situation and come up with a solution when nearly all is lost!

Q: If you had to choose one animal that you would like to emulate which would it be?

Frances Micklem: The Snow leopard. Wow, with that agility I would be an amazing salsa dancer. They are also a great force of nature. But then I love the benevolence of cows and all herbivores too.  To my trusty steed, I used to say, like Shakespeare ‘How do I love thee, let me count the ways’ and then reel off several great attributes, like you have beautiful ears, you are well bred, you are the king of the understatement, you are fleet of foot! I think the key is to notice your animals afresh every time you see them. Do not value their familiarity so much as maybe their constancy, loyalty, beauty, keen senses etc.

Q: Is there one thing in particular you’d like to say to people?

Frances Micklem: Absolutely. The world is still a beautiful place, stay hopeful and remember your own immeasurable value. None of us are here by coincidence; we are crucial aspects of this intense period on the planet.

 Thanks you Frances.

Visit her at New Directions and Harmony Hall