Saturday, February 27, 2010

National Geopathic Stress and the Weight of History

It has been a dream for some time to clear the energy of the whole country. I get bookings to go and clear houses. It may be a health problem, sleeplessness, bad luck or a frightening feeling or behaviour in children that instigates calling me in. I follow new directions to get there each time but very often find myself only half a mile or so from another place I've worked. Ireland is literally a spider's web of dynamics. There are houses where people have died under mysterious circumstances. Houses where every couple that has lived there has broken up. Then there are famine walls and mass paths carrying memories of hardship. Nearly every family has been touched by love, betrayal, abuse and addiction - in many combinations. The country's history of oppression and resistance holds these weighty attachments in place for generation after generation. Resistance is futile! Because whatever we resist persists. If we dig deeper, the granite and the immense amount of water that washes around, under and over the island, further embed these dynamics. What we have created externally is a recession and a chaotic climate to send us further in to fear and away from change and creativity and transformation. Don't fall for it if possible.

I was asking myself the other day what exactly was I doing, living here so long. I got the answer that it was a karmic journey. Payback time! So I've decided to go on that journey consciously. This July 4th, Independence Day in the States, I'll set off from Kilkenny on Windy and touch on every county. I think between us all we can release the merry go round of unconscious suffering nation wide. Farms and old buildings and grim local history will hopefully be acknowledged and I would welcome the chance in each place to work with other horses and people. Susi Allen - a key person in the conscious community here at this stage - put me up to it! Its her journey for another reason, which is that we will be raising money for the ISPCA animal welfare groups at the same time. She started a dedicated blog for it called Walkabout. I don't want to let her down but it is fantastically funny that she hasn't quite mastered putting 'New Posts' on the blog, only making 'Comments'! Technology is such a learning curve.

Monday, February 22, 2010

How does Energy Clearing Heal

It occurred to me that I haven't actually said how healing comes about. Even understanding, and occasionally feeling, the deep silence of realizing we are a seamless current in one ocean of energy may not seem to have helped! The rich texture of the individual life has many experiencing more of a whirl pool with the main pull being downward. So, for today at least, I will return to talking about people and not our wonderful unfathomable immersion!

So the situation is that we are made up of energy fields. Some of them are familiar, like mental, emotional and physical but we also relate to others; the spiritual, etheric (an approximately ten metre zone around each of us), giaic (our relationship - current, proposed and ancient - with nature) and of course 'entity attachments'. . . which refer to umpteen attachments we've made down the years to people and thought patterns, which have done us no good what so ever ... except having brought us the dubious pleasure of making us who we are today!!

Most of these energy fields you'll notice are intangible and invisible to our usual senses. But they are important as it is only after memories, shock, earth energies etc have been stuck and unacknowledged in them for ages that problems manifest in the body as pain! Often a deep genetic pattern emerges a generation later or a parents' argument takes shape as arthritis or a bad back shows a karmic burden has become too great and perhaps something should be done.

So that's what we are doing. We contact different energy fields and clear them, unravelling the source and the traces of disturbance in our outlooks. This changes the whole way we receive information. We consciously generate cellular receptor sites for generosity, trust and imagination, replacing old repetitive experiences.

Eventually, we diffuse the whole apparently personal situation. Nothing is personal, it is just happening and sometimes we mistakenly identify with it!! Healing involves stopping that identification with drama and old information and becoming well in every sense. Each person learns the tools for keeping their energy clear and meeting new difficulties with interest rather than fear. The body and mind regenerate and respond creatively to reflect that. Guaranteed!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sustainable Living

The Sustainable Degree we hope to offer will teach people to use whatever they have. The photos are by The Hollies, Cork's Environmental College and Thomas Reidmuller who runs it will be teaching the green building module here initially. One of the cob buildings is a green house and one a cottage. Participants will learn methods for using recycled and reclaimed materials. The cottage has a heating system that involves just a tiny fire in a cavity with the heat organically piped around in the seats, all made of cob. In the renewable energy module there will be more understanding again of renewable energies and how to incorporate them in our own homes and businesses. Then there will be the inner sustainability which includes the two modules I will facilitate - Conflict Resolution and Community Leadership. Again, what I want to awaken in people is an understanding that we already have everything we need, physically emotionally and mentally. These are our renewable energies that we must remind ourselves of and tap in to. The study days will be mainly active with an hour or so reflection included over lunch. I hope it will be subsidized so it will be free to people who aren't working. I hope people will let everyone know who might be interested.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Time out

The gentle breathing meditation is exactly that. Just breathe in and out through the nose. Before you do, choose your breath. Make it from the top of the Andes or a beach fire in Cornwall, surrounded by the negative ions off the sea. As we're all one, we don't have to inhale the immediate atmosphere. Then feel the the breath on the end of your nose and hold it quietly in your chest for a moment. This miraculously meanders effortlessly down through the emotional heart of feelings and interaction, the clearing heart of acceptance and awareness to the deepest sense of our heartbeat, our ancient self - all knowing all seeing. The whole system relaxes as we identify with this central part of ourselves. Then (if you haven't spontaneously combusted, because that bit is only supposed to take a moment not ten minutes to access) breathe out again feeling the warm air pass the back of your nose. If you are somewhere you can close your eyes, close them slowly. Notice how you'd usually snap them shut rather than intentionally close the lids over the amazing spherical eye ball, consciously turning your attention inwards.

The great Elaine Arthey from Suffolk, England was the one to tell me about and do this meditation with me. Thanks to her for her peaceful resolution of whatever she meets. You're truly part of the solution!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Strife separates the elements as Eternity combines them

First we understand that the journey must be back to ourselves. This process starts by noticing objectively our behaviours and feelings. We're delighted to find we can clear our attachment to these patterns and thoughts. We can let go of who we think we are, start to feel lighter hearted and that anything is possible. It occurs to us that maybe we are more than a sum of our parts. Maybe not just a linear life span including some successes and failures, some pain and some joy.

The difficulty we meet is that most fundamental of all we believe we're individuals and therefore small and inevitably powerless and on the receiving end of a looming vast reality unfolding! We spend our time in essentially hopeless mode or fighting mode, what about me? this is so unfair! We're sure that something needs healing, something needs protecting.

If we're lucky, someone, like me! reminds us that we're creating our reality. All of it. If we can come to terms with ourselves, we will stop creating hardship, illness, desperation and destruction. It is our fear and rejection of these elements that hold them in place. We perpetuate them.

Even if we're open enough to try clearing and keep accepting the whole spectrum of our feelings and judge none of it, this will involve a good long look at the self. Sounds lovely perhaps, being in control, being creative, choosing how we spend our time and able to be open hearted and honest but we still rarely identify with these faculties. We find ourselves facing an insecure self. Pause for a moment and ask yourself how you see yourself. It may well be a description full of doubt and distrust or an ego full of righteous indignation, or a sense of being faulty in essence and not fitting in or able for the task in hand.

There is good news though, there is a part of each of us that has been here for thousands of years, understands everything that is going on and is fine about it! In touch with this part is where we should be spending our time. I will relate a meditation next time to connect to it - doable even as you drive along (except for the closing your eyes part-call me health and safety conscious!) - Essentially we have always been here and the story lines of our lives are always on course to remind us of this. We can stay lost in strife but remember to touch down with love and eternity more and more. Feel free to ring if you want to know how old exactly you are but be prepared to accept that we really are slow learners!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clearing for the outside world too

I got lost in the outside world for a week or two and went to an exhibition of pictures painted by some children who survived the bombardment of Gaza last year. Two hundred and fifty schools were bombed with white phosphorous bombs, rained over large areas burning everything and everyone. A new technology adding gel to the bombs’ composition meant they stayed alight and burnt people as they tried to run. Fallout also re-ignites which made the place unsafe for days afterwards. There was nowhere else to go though anyway - the whole area is only 7 by 22miles. The second sort of bomb is called genotoxic. Thousands of shafts of toxic metals splinter and stay in the body undetected. They are invisible to the naked eye so cannot be removed. Their toxicity will lead to cancer now and in the next generation. I've been doing some detox clearing from here for those elements and the children's shock, don't forget to join in if you're up for it while you're tuning in anyway.

We all know more about these feelings and earth energies than we even realize. Maybe not from this life time but we can shift this stuff and finally lift the binds of conflict, personal and global, at the same time.