Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The value of a five year plan, even a vague one!

At last I've noticed that I've realized my five year plan. It involved building, setting up and operations for an ethics centre, offering education, healing, accommodation and food. All this has been achieved and much light and lightening of heart has taken place. Two guages - relationship and money - had blinded me to a full appreciation of this multidimensional blessing. I had felt occasional failure and fear in those areas but even they have now changed. My heart is healed. I trust myself. I see and connect with the loveable spirit in others, without exception. I cannot put a put wrong as I am guided and supported by the divine aspects of myself that I seem to be continually in touch with, broadly understood by other people as intuition.

Financially I am also more secure. I am not earning more but I have a network of income that covers food, mortgage, travel and a social life. This change has been gradual. I am surprisingly building tangible and reliable results simply by being true to myself.

My next 5 year plan involves an intention to keep writing and sharing the unfolding of my world vision and the healing that is possible for and happening for everyone. I will eventually encapsulate a programme that is an accessible inviting prospect for men, women, children, animals, homes, businesses and whole countries. Or maybe, instead, some other way to share this gift will present itself. I know that gratitude and generosity are the keys and releasing the inclination to help or try.

The clearings I’ve been doing this week are 1. going with the flow. 2. etheric energy. 3. eyes. 4. simple pleasures of being together 5. tolerant and openminded 6. noticing how my personality affects others...I noticed I mainly cheer people up! Better than wrecking heads, you’ve got to admit! I wonder what effects you would see yourself having on others?

The shamanic meditation was great and I cleared everyone there from attracting endless karmic lessons to attracting only love. Think we might be creating a whole new world! Recommend all those clearings if you have time. I will report back when the next meditation is x

Friday, April 8, 2011

Warmth and Clarity

I heard of one great thinker from Malta, Edward de Bono. Brilliantly, his speciality is clarity! He is still a professor at the university there. He’s famous for his model of reasoning using six distinct hats of thinking. This is taught as part of the business studies masters. Since I got home, I've even seen his books in several friends' houses, so its a sort of self development system too that we can all try. So the colour system is:
Think of a life or work situation you want to move on then identify
Blue - Overall Objectives
Red - Feelings
White - Facts
Green - Possible Creative Solutions
Yellow - Pros
Black - Cons

1. When problem solving you should start with the blue, outlining the whole picture.
2. Then feelings should be acknowledged, so the red mode of discussing the effect on the individuals involved has to be addressed.
3. That allows the white, the facts to be set out dispassionately.
4. Then creative solutions can be proposed, from the Green thought processes.
5. Then pros and cons explored. One should always look at positives first and then negatives. If you outline negatives first, even at this stage, they tend to saturate and stall the process of resolution.

On top of hearing this man’s theory, I received another instruction to practice distinguishing my thoughts. (I had previously assumed they were all good, intuitive and guided ... or... dredged up bleakness from the past and my main job was to notice and not fall for the latter!) So, the second message I got came from that brilliant yellow monkey I met. I looked up the meaning if a monkey shows up and it read - ‘be very distinct, congruent and clear in your thoughts, body language and actions’. So I’m going to put some of my current ideas about love, reality and music through the Edward de Bono system and see what happens. In regard to aligning my body language and actions, I made a leap of faith instead! This was in the form of some cliff diving at St Peter’s Pool. There was the clearest water at the bottom that I’ve ever seen but still I was scared stiff for a very long time before I did it. I hope it will be the start of many leaps of faith and confident steps in to the unknown and completely exhilerating. For me there had not been flight or fight, only freeze! Thankfully, the thaw has begun.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ireland and Imagined Love Limitations

Well, its taken a trip away to realize how intolerable the atmosphere here in Ireland is. I watched all the faces on the street as the bus passed through Dublin, Naas, Castledermot and Carlow and didn’t see one smile - Grimace Central! There is still something to smile about isn’t there? Maybe people are saving their facial muscles for when they get home and their eyes alight on their family. Hopefully. I am listening to Rumi’s love poems set to music. No. 14 goes

From the beginning of my life, I have been looking for your face.
But today I have seen it.
Today, I have seen the charm, the beauty,
the unfathomable grace of the face that I was looking for, the day I found you.
And those who laughed and scorned me yesterday
are sorry that they were not looking as I did.

I am bewildered by the magnificence of your beauty
And wish to see you with a hundred eyes.
My heart is burning with passion.
I have searched for ever for this beauty that I now behold.
I am ashamed to call this love human and afraid of God to call it divine.

Your fragrant breath, like the morning breeze, has come to the stillness of the garden.
You have breathed new life into me. I have become your sunshine and also your shadow. My soul is screaming in ecstasy, every fibre of my being is in love with you.
Your effulgence has lit a fire in my heart
And you have made radiant for me the earth and sky.
My arrow of love has arrived at the target.
I am in the house of mercy and my heart is a place of prayer.

As well as the smiling that only goes on behind closed doors, maybe this is how everyone’s talking when they get home too! Stirred up with the feeling and wonder of each other...hopefully.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Experimenting with Instant Quantum Healing

Practicing quantum healing. Deepak or as we affectionately refer to him, six pack, gave two definitions of it. One is that one mode of consciousness - the mind - spontaneously corrects mistakes made in another mode of consciousness - the body. The second definition is that quantum healing makes peace! This caught my attention. A fragmented consciousness manifests conflict and illness. So I cleared from fragmentation to wholeness for myself and Ollie who I'm staying with. Feel rock solid now.

Then I did Libya and Japan. The current Maltese problem with Libya is that Libyans are doing a runner from there and seeking asylum here. I did what they called a Temple Walk yesterday. An archeologist, historian, lightworker and dowser man led it. We traced the history of some energy points back 50,000 years. Most amazingly, yesterday was the actual day in the calendar of awakening consciousness called the Malta Cross Porto. Like a download from celestial beings aimed here in particular. Perfect timing for me to be here. I also gathered that Malta is the Pancreas and Solar Plexus of the earth energetically. You know how Glastonbury is supposed to be the heart or the head or some other key part of the anatomy/earth chakra key point. Well the role of the pancreas and Malta is to process the negativity of the earth and transmute is back into light. How uncanny is that, that I picked here for the mission? Anyway, it was wonderful to meet at least 30 like minded and energized people and do a meditation in the sun with them all. The only vision I got was a massive bird floating flapping its wings in the middle of our circle. The ceremony was a celebration of the wind and communication. Windy! It made me think of him and thank you for your update Ann Marie. I have spent time with geccos, dogs and cats and saw the chimpanzee again this morning. I have been developing my understanding of humanities relationship with the animal kingdom so hopefully no longer will anyone be able to slow me down by saying I'm sentimental in my affinity with them. Its all key to our accessing new dimensions and any non ordinary reality. So I recommend everyone pauses for thought today and spends some time meeting or communicating with their own power animals. Could be interesting. Also practice connecting with your inner core where memories of health and peace exist. They're deeper than memories of stress and fear that have defined and made up your current body and lifestyle. Happily by making those reconnections we can heal anything and make a completely different future for ourselves.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Holographic re-alignment today

I returned to two fundamental dynamics this morning. That everything in life is a reflection of something in us. So I cleared whatever in me the war and the Japanese disaster were reflecting. Secondly I remembered that we individually hold sickness and conflict in place by traces from ourselves, be they emotional, beliefs we unconsciously hold or environmental programming or any other dimension of our being. So I cleared any traces reaching from me that were holding misery in place for the target places and for me. Feeling fairly uplifted now and off to Gozo to camp on the beach. I think it will be a good place to align situations to the hologram of how things are supposed to be. The hologram exists at the very edge of our galaxy, which I think I can see from here.

Friday, April 1, 2011

First Malta Clearing

I have various clearings underway. I am using a slightly expanded team of spiritual aspects, including Quan Yin, who is representing trust in the divine feminine. I am also using an improvised technique - sending my spirit out to do the clearing, rather than inviting the weight of the war and tsunami in to my body. I don't send my spirit very far, just as far as a giant wind chime that's on the roof here. There are the added benefits that it audibly responds when I'm on to something and it is also able to disperse the harmonized energy back to where its needed.

So, when I went in to the war I was able to connect with Obama, Cameron and Gadaffi and introduce the possibility and trust that peaceful resolution is as present as the conflict and for whatever powers, that they individually listen to, to make a way forward clear to them. In Japan,, I felt in to the feelings of the people and especially the women. I noticed that in times of crisis, women become invisible when it is the intuition and support that is needed. I asked nature why it had happened. I got that the death of the coast dwelling japanese had been mercifully quick, rather than facing the karma of the radiation, the rest of us must process.