Thursday, December 31, 2015

International Monetary Fund Show Their True Stars and Stripes

I don't want to be ungenerous but the IMF have changed their own goal posts this December 2015 to serve a United States purpose and I wonder if anyone else feels this makes a mockery of their international status and the levels of trust or confidence left in them?
They have a few rules:

 4 Rules of The IMF

1. Don't lend to a country that has an official unpaid debt already.
2. Don't lend to a country that has no way of repaying their debt.
3. Don't lend to a country that does not implement the stipulations of the debt.
4. Don't lend to a country at war.

The two countries in question are Greece and the Ukraine…They did not bend their rules to help Greece avoid complete dereliction but waited about a month and then quickly changed them for the Ukraine.

How Each Rule Was Suddenly Broken This Month

1. Ukraine owes Russia an official debt - registered in London courts - of 3 billion, which they were due to have repaid by early December. The IMF have offered the Ukraine a loan nearly on the very condition that they default on their debt to Russia. How inflammatory is that, in anyone's book?

2. The industrious area in Ukraine is the part that is being fought over and is completely destroyed by war, leaving no feasible means to repay a loan.

3. The IMF have set out its now familiar guidelines of national austerity to meet repayments of debt, which Ukraine has explicitly refused and says it has no intention of implementing.

4. What the Ukraine are doing with the new loan is financing the war and buying more weapons.

If Ukraine, why not Greece?

Greece could really have done with this sort of reasonableness and flexibility too. I gather Greece weren't offered another loan as they are not a strategically-placed country.

I also gather that the IMF don't want Russia reimbursed because Russia are joining in a new economy drive designed by China. This will become an alternative massive banking system which can and is already lending countries money.

What an education we are all receiving!

If the IMF had not totally blatantly and suddenly gone against their own guidelines of the last 45 years, your average person would never have questioned or noticed what their actual agenda is. A few things have come to our awareness.

Purely American Agenda

Firstly that American power and financial control is the IMF priority.

It is who you owe makes your country's financial decisions

The second is that who ever you owe money to has indirect control of all your financial plans, hence the stranglehold of austerity being 'the economic plan of choice' for indebted Europe at the moment.

Austerity doesn't lead to the prosperity that could lead to debts being paid. 

Thirdly, maybe austerity isn't the only way. The Chinese monetary system seems to be going for prosperity planning.

Good decisions, bad decisions!

Now you can point to the pollution, zero regard for life and the fact that they plan to increase their emissions until 2030 or 2050 and then look at the global warming situation again! But is Europe's plan much better? Borrow millions and billions - presumably from the IMF, to buy American technology also sponsored by the IMF and then live in austerity unable to buy the solar panels and our countries like puppets borrowing to buy, on repeat and the environment going down the plug hole and no independence for countries to facilitate any more progressive ideas, along the lines of home grown, chemical free food and promote small kinder ways and means?

Maybe I have read the situation awry but here's the article that caught my attention


They've let themselves down, could we call it fair to call them on it?

I think that following that behaviour, other countries might have been given a sudden excuse to bail ourselves out of their IMF debts and do their own thing, free of the profiteering, warmongering foreign policies and agendas.

Happy New Year everyone, let it be peaceful, compassionate and just!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

21 pressing Reasons for an Animal Referendum - let us ask Do We or Don't We Want to Perpetuate this Nightmare

Animal successes

1. Guinness goes vegan, only then share that until now they have been filtering their product through fish bladders.
Article on the Guinness move and other surprising drinks that use animal ingredients

2. Yesterday, the crushing alive of one day old male chicks was banned in Germany. Until then most people didn't know that that is their fate here in Ireland and everywhere else.
Wikipedia: Chick Culling
People power can force change in animal practices

3. Bullfighting was at last outlawed in Spain, only then it came to light that it was subsidized with public money to the tune of millions of euro.
110 million Euro in subsidies by the EU for Bull Fighting

4. Hare coursing, banned for cruelty in most countries, is discovered by TD Clare Daly as also being subsidized yearly by over a hundred thousand euro of Irish tax payers money.
TD Clare Daly questions why no welfare provision in Agricultural Minister's new horse racing bill and why tax payers money is being channelled into hare coursing

5. A super trawler, banned in Australia, is allowed to fish indiscriminately in Irish Waters, nets the size of two football pitches, sonar to identify every shoal and catch them, on a Lithuanian quota but owned by someone in Holland. Only then did it arise how big a problem Dead Zones (empty miles with no species of fish, crustaceans or algae) are already and the need for 'No take' areas (like the waters around Lundy Island, where fish are able to replenish themselves).
The full impact of these super freezer trawlers benefiting no one

6. The ban (following its 5 year wind down period) came into effect on caging female pigs, in Australia.
Few knew that in Ireland and everywhere else most sows live permanently in crates so small that they cannot turn around. They are inseminated where they stand and cannot help their piglets when they arrive - every 4 months. The public were able to stop the new factory farms planned.
Irish Pig Situation

7. Council dog pound inmates were saved from a fate worse than death, by the Mail on Sunday article, that the public contract was about to go to private for-profit company rather than an animal welfare organization.  Search 'Dog Shelter Tender' on the blog.

8. Fur farming is banned in most countries, the most recent country gave a 10 year wind down period - within which it is anticipated that 50 million more mink will be killed. Ireland refuses.
Fur Farming Stats and Information - It says banned across the UK but Ireland still has fur farms as horrific as any from the past. Mink are semi-aquatic wild animals each family holding an average territory of 2.5km of riverbank in the wild.

9. Govegan Poster Campaign, was a huge success with thousands of people contacting the Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary and for a Vegan Starter Kit. The purchase of turkeys was down world wide this year as well. Go Vegan Starter Kit

10. The World Health Organization report, stating that processed meat was carcinogenic, flagged up 1. the chemicals involved in processing meat 2.  also the antibiotics used in confined farming methods and 3. the chemicals sprayed on the grain and grazing they eat, all finding their way into the food chain. That reduced again the purchase and therefore demand for meat.
Firewurst chain of shops close and blame WHO cancer meat report

All the above developments exposed were tough to hear but also exposed what had gone unnoticed for a long time before.

Animal failures

11. Aproximately 200,000 tonnes of animals killed per month - sheep, pigs and cows.


12. Puppy farms raided and exposed in Myshall Carlow but had to demonstrate outside courts to make sure license was not given back. 

13. Puppy farmers' profits were protected by our government when the DSPCA had to pay for seized dogs at Dublin Airport.

14. New puppy farms have got licenses, including Mayo where the beagles are to be bred purely for use in laboratories.
Charles River Laboratories' Experiments, breeding and stray animal 'continuum' of abuse
On their own website they call it a 'continuum' of product development and tests.

Vivisection in Ireland

15. Ireland is the worst for animal testing in Europe. 820,000 animals a year suffer in laboratories. 80% for commercial product testing, not even medical. The Hadwen Trust in Oxford amongst others has developed a complete system, exploiting no animals, that could be made mandatory.
Dr Hadwen Trust offers animal-free, human relevant research

16. Conditions for cows at abattoirs was exposed. There is a rush of 'rape rack' training advertised on Done Deal where people can pay and practice artificial insemination skills on a suspended cow before she is slaughtered.
Further discussion about rape rack by a vegan feminist…not me!
Calves are shown dragged from their mothers in order for people to have their milk.

17. They are shown electric-prodded in and then rolled upside down in a form of cat scan tunnel, throats cuts and then thrown still alive onto the floor under another, now hanging up, also still alive, in front of the next one pinned in the tunnel.

18. Massive animal cruelty and abuse exposed throughout the food, science, entertainment and every other industry, including the use of pigs for the military to shoot just to observe blood spatter patterns.
Blood Spatter Experiments

19. The climate summit touches on the environmental impact of animal agriculture - more than half of all CO2 emissions, up to 15,000 litres of fresh water to produce 1kg of beef, all fed GM Round-Up Ready corn - that kills the pollinators, the glysophates are present in all cancers and the massive misdirection of crops that could have fed people directly.
Farmers use three quarters of the world's fresh water

20. Juxtaposed against the big Irish deals with America and China to produce meat and dairy for them. No intention of managing Ireland's Greenhouse emissions.
Minister Coveney doing deals with the devil - negotiating on Ireland's behalf with key Trans Atlantic Trade Partnership Negotiators

21. The undervaluing of Irish produce has already happened by this same TTP - as the US has just decided that meat must not be labelled as to where it came from so that shoppers cant be biassed….!!!  American factory-produced and fractionally better produced Irish produce will not be a differentiation that can help retain Irish meat's value very long if Ireland is not allowed to say its cows are from Ireland anymore. But that will suit Ireland's meat processors who'll stick a label on almost anything saying its Irish and Organic.  Say No to Secret TTP massive power grab that would make corporations more powerful than governments and make courts decide on protecting profits rather than protecting the common good

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wake Up on Christmas Morning!

The Christmas Story

Wonderful carol concert, my Mum in the choir but what the hell has happened to the Christmas story….or has my critical faculty just kicked in? Mary was described as a 'teenage' girl, who was Joseph's wife 'although he had never 'known' her !?wtf and then he was nice as he was going to 'divorce her quietly' for being with child. Even if you pause for a split second and consider how nil women's and girl's say so has been down the years, you can be pretty sure that Mary had little say in what happened to her. 

Peace on Earth

Then he talked about the carols having something in them that we don't see much of. My mind went straight to 'Thank God, he's going to talk about "Peace on Earth" but no he went on about consumer choices. I am starting to think we might well be being farmed by some psychos. How else can we think that its okay to torture millions of animals for treats and products and feel good about ourselves when we use honey and milk shower gel and and use bleach that has been tested on the eyes of thousands of small animals to get rid of the grease and smell of animals in the sink and on the floor. And what about that 8month pregnant lady in the Calais jungle on the news last night? Shouldn't someone offer her a crib for the bed of the new infant? Have we become so blind and selfish that we care about nothing? We've got to wake up as compassionate awareness and choices are the only way we can turn 
this tide around.

Are Humans Being Farmed?

Photo by Manisha

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Freya Lawton of The Peace Intention reports from the Refugee Camp in Calais, Healing From Harmony Hall interview

Described as the most important news and perspective at the moment. Frances Micklem interviews Freya Lawton of The Peace Intention, following her time building stoves and a safe place for children, in the Calais Refugee Camp

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

To stop disgraced ABP monopolizing meat market and export write to TODAY!

ABP Deals Can Still be Stopped

This is a letter that could be cut and pasted or write your own…but do it today as otherwise it will be too late! The decision whether to allow the deal lies with The Competition and Consumer Protection Board today. ABP want to buy 50% of Slaney Foods which would give them 40% of the Irish Cattle Market and 40% of the Irish Sheep Market. Even farmer's are horrified. ABP brought in the horse meat, evaded tax in Luxemburg, sold meat to Saddam Hussein's regime, sells animals fattened on GM grain as organic etc etc etc.  And yes ABP stands for Animal Body Parts so they are behind the BSE cases as well:

My complaint 

"Do not approve the deal for ABP to buy 50% of Slaney foods this week. Or for them to represent the Irish Brand as first exporter to the USA since the ban was lifted. If you do, you will be stitching up all the farmers, the Irish brand and industry and going against Consumer rights, seeing as Larry Goodman director of ABP has been already charged at a tribunal for food fraud, relabeling, selling one species as another.

This is the letter I sent to the head of Sisko, with whom ABP and the Minister have been doing the deal, including the articles so that they might yet refuse the export deal too. Many thanks for your consideration.

This address is given on the front of the Irish Farmer's Journal to register a complaint if you don't want the deal to go through. It says that the Consumer Protection Board has the decision in their hands, your hands, and you can stop it. Please stop it.
Barry Friends – Sisco and ABP

Meat Export Ban

Dear Sir, You must have seen your fair share of grim entrails but you are highly respected as the beef guru, in America and here in Ireland. I have to alert you as a leader of Sysco to put the ban firmly back in place on European beef-particularly Larry Goodman's operation ABP. Its not sustainable, its not any of the things it might say on the label.


This first US beef deal is with a man who's already been charged by a tribunal with fraud. That is Larry Goodman of ABP.

Ludicrous Agreed Suppliers to US

This is the list of agreed suppliers to US so far. Most are owned by Queallys and Larry Goodman (ABP and Dawn Meats too) No food safety, no transparency, tax evasion, several species in any one meal, changing labels.

BSE 2015

BSE isn't old news, more found this year.

Larry Goodman of ABP shouldn't be representing Irish Industry

More about ABP's Larry Goodman, deals with Saddam Hussein, horse meat and other species too.

Minister Coveney Protecting 15 million but Not The Environment

I understand that the deal is worth 15 million to Ireland and so you are not going to be told the truth by probably anyone else. My motivation is to extricate Ireland from these vast environmentally and financially disastrous commitments to produce animals for America, China and Japan.

Stop Exploiting Animals and licenses for Bad Practice

I'm afraid to say I don't believe we should be exploiting animals for any food, drinks, products or tests but that is besides the point. When you visited the sites, all the malpractice was covered up but your brand will be dragged down by association if the deal goes ahead.

Asking Sisko, the US Company agreeing the deal with ABP, to Resume Ban

I also gather that Sysco specialize in natural and organic foods. Larry Goodman is well known for buying calves, bred on organic farms, but then fattening them intensively with GM chemically-ridden grains before slaughter. I really appeal to your good judgement and ask that you believe not a word.

ABP wants to Buy 50% Slaney Foods, Stop Them with a complaint to

There is also a deal going through in the next couple of days, which you could play a part in stopping. ABP are set to buy more of a share of meat processing in Ireland. It will amount to 30% of cattle kills if its not stopped and 40% of sheep kills too. The farmers are extremely concerned as ABP are renowned for their shaming of the entire industry with their processing and repackaging illegal practices. The agricultural minister wants to let the deal, to give them this monopoly, go through, mainly to facilitate the deal with you. Please think again.

Many thanks

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Beyond greedy, specifically abusive politics is all the rage here

I'll tell you something about Ireland's government: If you want a license or funding you're going to have to prove to them you're going to abuse the maximum amount of others. 
You're going to breed puppies to test chemicals on? Oh yes, be my guest.
You're going to take care of the stray dogs and horses by killing them immediately unless you can sell them on for something worse and you can offer this great service up and down the country? Oh yes, can we give you a several hundred thousand euro public contract for that!
You're going to use the 100 thousand to sponsor hare coursing? Oh yes, well don't worry, you can have that each year if it helps because it comes out of tax payers' money.
You want the 20 million, meant for social housing, to go to you at NAMA on top of your wages? Good thinking, its yours.
Oh sorry, that ban on live export of farm animals was inconvenient for you, tell you what, I've lifted that and not put any regulations in for any sort of care, hope it helps!
Can we have some subsidies to change our business to low carbon footprint? No we're not going to support anything 'unrealistic'. Instead we 'grow' the demand for meat and dairy and each time the floods hit we'll ask Europe for some relief funding.
These are a mix of Enda's and Simon's policies. Their maxim: maximum suffering for the maximum number. Maximum duplicity, maximum greed, maximum disregard for life, Well done protesters in Mayo. Say 'no way' to this breeding facility. Its absolutely horrible. Or maybe we should try reverse psychology on them. Tell them its not horrible enough, maybe they'll lose interest in the plans.
I watched Prime Time, "RTE Investigates", last night exposing all the public representatives who willingly negotiated a few quid to facilitate mock foreign companies to get planning permission for wind farms in their areas. The undercover footage was hilarious. They only covered the ethics of accepting money and didn't even mention the content which is that the whole Irish nation is united against wind farms and pylons - it is the most unwelcome energy policy ever. 
Everyone in Kilkenny is keeping fingers crossed that they will investigate Kilkenny next. The public representatives (bar just 2 of deep integrity) are colluding, unconscious wasters but the real sinister characters are the unelected council management. They are not affiliated to any party, they are not accountable to anyone, they hold the purse strings and nepotism doesn't even start to sum it up. This would be laughable if it weren't that all social funding for people and animals in any sort of difficulty are going to privately owned companies with no interest, bar the vested interests and the conflict of interests, in the service they're supposed to be offering.

To add horror to the mix, I watched Whistleblower…and was sorry I did initially as it was so violent. A true story, a female police office is sent for a private company to Bosnia 5 years after the war there ends. She discovers that trafficking of girls for sex was rife. 99% of the trafficking and abuse and violence was the military peace keeping forces, foreign diplomats from the UN and private security firms all of who are still employed by western governments for millions, but now deployed in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is the fastest rising industry in the world. Human trafficking. The problem is that our current government is gagging to join in conflict - even though Ireland is a neutral country, it is sending off groups to 'relieve French Military' so that they can bomb Syria. I realize with a sinking heart that human trafficking and sexual, violent abuse of anyone is right up their street - our government that is. This is a large scale liability unfolding and we need these incongruent, psychopaths out before they willfully destroy the environment and strip the last shred of humanity from the people.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ireland's Political Avoidance - letter to delegates of the COP21

Thank you very much for opening COP21-Paris with the call for the creation of an International Court of Environmental Justice, to punish environmental crimes 
Please do not let Ireland, or any of the other countries, leave Paris without a commitment to stop Animal Agriculture. Ireland’s government is only protecting a corrupt industry.  It is, as you say, that greed has become our worst nightmare.

This is all the information I have in regard to Ireland’s current laws and business strategy. I hope it helps you and other good leaders press successfully for an international court that is powerful enough to charge corporations with ecocide, seize their assets and force governments to re-direct the money to sustainable food production and energy. Use of water in Animal Agriculture

Protected Disclosures Act

Ireland has a Protected Disclosures Act, since 2014, so that corruption can be exposed. It is not working. This year, disclosures were made to the Agricultural Minister himself and he arranged for the major illegal Food Fraud case to be thrown out of court. On the day of the court case, the same Minister for Agriculture was showing Chinese officials around the meat factories and saying what robust food safety systems Ireland has in place.  The case was never heard.

Agag Laws

This is a gagging law that protects Big Agribusiness by criminalizing people who record or monitor the activities, impacts and bad practice on factory farms.  There is a version of these laws here, in the criminalizing of all not-for-profit organizations and demonstrations.

Transatlantic Trade Partnership (TTIP)

The TTIP is still being negotiated between America and EU and would be a disaster. Corporate Lawyers could sue governments. An example of this: New toxic chemicals (by Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, BASF etc) are refused at first by the European Union, because they are so dangerous. Then the companies bring a counter claim on the grounds that it is anti-competitive to refuse their products a license. Their appeal wins and herbicides and pesticides are used indiscriminately. I understand your hitler comment in Paris as directors of these companies were recruited from hitler’s original team who ran similar experiments.

70% of soil on the planet is toxic now, whereas it was 40% twenty years ago. 

Governments are Owned by Corporations now

At the summit, please raise the problem of governments being owned by corporations now. In Ireland, our leading political party changed the laws so that the government does not have to disclose which businesses they get money from. This means that there is zero transparency and they protect the companies that finance their campaigns to get them into power. Making more profit for these stakeholders has become the only motivation for government policy, without consideration for the environment or people.

Agribusiness Ecocide

In terms of ecocide, animal agriculture has to be stopped. Over 50% of CO2 Emissions are from Animal Agriculture. The intensification of farming is still happening.  Almost all Ireland’s pigs are caged. They are fed antibiotics to keep them alive, which props up the massive pharmaceutical industry, as does the eating of meat full of antibiotics and other processing chemicals, which keeps the people ill and on medication too. The scale of animal agriculture is huge. In England alone, they slaughter over one million pigs every month; also 1.5 million sheep and nearly a million cows. In Italy, all meat and dairy are factory farmed. 71% of their antibiotics are sold to agribusiness. It is worse in America because there is big Pharma, big Ag and Monsanto has much of congress on his payroll. Please do not let the world leaders avoid the issue of animal agriculture.

Politics versus People

The people of the world are ready to try a plant-based diet and some of the big companies are ready to facilitate this change. For example Ireland’s Glanbia Dairy have invested millions into flaxseedchia, peas and soy products in America as the demand for vegan products now outsells their dairy products.

Ireland’s political representatives at the Paris summit really do not care at all about climate change and they have no intention to make changes. However, the Irish people are well informed and active. This means that the summit must find a way to make the commitments legally binding. With a global court process, it is totally possible but governments will have to be legally forced to act.

Energy and Fossil Fuels

Ireland has also let in Shell Petrol, who beat the community off the land and coast, over a fifteen-year fight. Shell bribed the local police, as in other countries, to do their dirty work for them. The government arranged for the courts to look harshly on protesters for the environment for better environmental law and paid the police millions in “over time” as an incentive to protect their financial interests.

The government as well are making Ireland into a power station for Britain. They are putting 100 metre high pylons and turbines the length and breadth of the country. Both of which are very detrimental to health.

Fracking for ‘natural gas’ is also becoming popular even though it uses between 2 and 5 million gallons of water to extract and 1000s of litres of water to clean. In addition, the underground water reserves are also polluted..

The Ocean Environment –Ask for Change to European ‘Open Fishing Quotas’

A Dutch-owned Super Trawler, using a Lithuanian Fishing Quota, is fishing off Ireland’s coast. It is 145 metres long and using sonar and nets that are hundreds of metres wide. They are emptying the seas of fish and all other life and creating dead zones. Fish cannot reproduce at the speed at which they are being exploited. These massive fishing boats are banned from other countries but Ireland lets any one profit off our Nature, animals and people. Ireland has become a tax haven which means that we have Nestle and all the pharmaceutical companies and chemical companies moving in, chem-trailing and contaminating all our resources. The run-off from the untreated animal waste is also polluting the water off shore.

Crimes Against Humanity

If the summit can agree to bring legal charges against corporations, on the grounds of Crimes Against Humanity, it would finance the changes we need to make globally. Poisoning food, destruction of habitat and modern day slavery are all there, in their supply chains. While you have the collective strength of all the elected world leaders, you can make laws that could charge for these crimes.

Seize Corporations Assets

A global court could seize the assets of corporations, on these grounds of crimes against humanity and ecocide. This would provide ample money to re-direct to environmentally responsible operations. For example, incentives and subsidies must be offered to support farmers re-purposing their land to grow crops organically.

In Ireland, our government’s agriculture department has even refused European grants for organic initiatives in the past. They said that organic farming was ‘on its way out’ in Ireland. That means that we are giving it up; that they are not interested in improving our environmental impact. The government is promoting chemical fertilizers. People were promised by the government that no genetically modified crops would be produced here, especially potatoes as they are the staple diet. Meanwhile, acres of genetically modified potatoes are a government-funded project here. They recruit foreign academics and scientists in the hope that the public will not find out.

Climate Instability
Just like America’s Al Gore said in his film ‘The Inconvenient Truth’, the weather has already become unstable. Ireland is being hit with storm after storm. I know that your country has suffered much more because of ignorance and greed of other countries. I am so sorry for that and I hope you get a powerful result at the summit. It is not just Ireland as there are many countries hell-bent on destruction. I really believe that the people are ready for change, responsible choices and less abuse. Please get a Court in place to enforce environmental laws and force the hands of the institutions.

Many thanks,
Frances Micklem   

Monday, November 30, 2015

Challenges to Harmony Hall's 'Move the Pig' Philosophy

We think that Frances has stopped listening to us. She has discovered the 'move the pig' training philosophy and that has somehow pitted her will against Rebecca's. The show down takes place on the front door step once or twice a day. Rebecca is a very determined young lady and wants to stick her snout through the cat flap and get a result. Frances has the hole, where the cat flap was, boarded up with tape. She doesn't want to fit the new cat flap until some ground rules are established that it's out of bounds.
Note the Cat Flap still intact!

So with light pressure from the brush end of a broom, lent against my chest and the word Back! I quickly understood and wandered off to the stable. Not so Rebecca! She tries to dodge the broom and persevere. She squeaks in such indignation that on two occasions I raced over to protect her. Frances, obviously found this quite intimidating. 
This was the last time Frances was a bit intimidated by me; when I turned up in her neighbour's field out of nowhere!

She explained to me, through the window, that she wasn't harming Rebecca, she was just gently trying to get her to take one step back. Every time even one step away, she said she can return to the Good Boy! Good Girl! and we can return to wagging our tails in a contented fashion.
This is like the very first Parelli, natural horsemanship, training she did where you must teach that pressure is an indication of direction that can be submitted to, rather than resisted. 
Windy & The Parelli Finger Signal!

Frances had been told that sometimes matters get worse before they get better, so she is persevering. From my point of view it has been detrimental to our friendship as she is getting so assertive and confrontational, always saying Back! and No! rather than Hello! which she used to say when we came to the door. We get louder, she gets louder. So today, we are collectively back to the drawing board to decide a way forward, a happy training regime. We're all agreed that the 'move the pig' training works, we just want to find a way that involves positive reinforcement of the edible kind! Love Legend xxx 
What a beautiful snout and ears my Rebecca has!
Advice for other pigs and pig keepers? Always keep the respectful communication going. Frances said to me yesterday, 'What the hell, I look after your house, Legend, you have to stop trashing mine' I understood that and apologized. Unfortunately, so far, any constructive criticism of Rebecca is met with complete shock and horror. Maybe she's got bad memories, I must remind Frances to clear those!

Introduction to Dowsing For Healing your Body…and anyone else's! Tutorial One

HealingByFranc Clearing the Emotional Energy Field, Using Dowsing Tutorial 2

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Absurdity of Glanbia Dairy Winning A Sustainability Award

Prestigious Award in the Category of Sustainability
Misuse of Fresh water
I want to give everyone a laugh this morning albeit in an exasperated, No Way! sort of a way: Glanbia Dairy WON the Bord Bia Sustainability Award! It takes over 1000 litres of water to produce one litre of milk. And then more to process the milk and add the vitamin D. what a ludicrous product and company to choose. Statistics on the misuse of scarce resources in Animal Agriculture
It couldn't be less sustainable. It was a massive all expenses paid awards ceremony, I wonder if it was sponsored by Glanbia. Sounds likely!

Environmental Damage by Animal Agriculture
Animal Agriculture is already responsible for 51% of Ireland's CO2 emissions. 40% of fresh water is used by animal agriculture (…maybe Shell have now taken over some of that percentage, using our fresh water to clean their fracked gas in Mayo. No doubt they'll win an award next year!)

Dairy Industry Expanding - Products Swiftly Devalued 
Herds are increasing because of the end of the dairy quota, price of milk devalued. 

Toxifying The Human Body 

Sustainability has another aspect which is to do with human health. The casein (dairy protein) is in every product nearly unless you cook your own food. It is also used to wrap pills. Unfortunately casein is highly carcinogenic. 
Exploiting the Animals

So Glanbia is a toxic wasteland of processes and ingredients that are damaging our environment, ruining the lives of farmers, consumers and lets not forget the poor cows themselves.

 who's calves are whipped away, in order for Glanbia and the Kerry Conglomerate and friends to exploit every scrap of their lactation!

But then we know that Bord Bia are not remotely interested in sustainability anyway. They frown on organic products as they fear that they will show up and expose that their own 'Green' Range is in no shape or form organic. It has been sprayed, it has been preserved, it hasn't been fairly traded. It is only green because it comes from Ireland. Which is a guarantee that holds no criteria of quality. I would not trust that it even comes from Ireland, when it comes to animal agriculture. There are no limits to the corruption and greed!! Well done Glanbia!

Oh yes and Dawn Meats were up for an award as well. Larry Hagman - can that be his name? didn't even recall their mad ecoli products when his supplier told him that they could be lethal.

So I meditated this morning and the topic was forgiveness. I asked forgiveness for those I haven't treated well, I forgave myself and then the guided meditation by Lucinda Drayton said to call to mind someone who has caused me pain. Simon Coveney came to mind. His treatment of good people, his militarizing of Ireland by joining us up to NATO, his Kim Jung Un dream to make Ireland the drone capital of the world and test weapons here. His lifting of the ban on live exports of farm animals. His distribution of licenses to the worst animal testing culture in Europe. 80% for commercial gain. Simes special licenses allow companies to test without anesthetic. 820,000 animals a year. The sick reality of a minister in charge of animal welfare and animal agriculture and defense. The fact that that isn't even a conflict of interests for him as he cares only about his own position. This government agrees and licenses any systematic abuse that brings them money. There is not a shred of principle or consideration in any one of their decision making processes. 

So my loathing of this all came to a head with the vision of Simes arriving into my meditation. Desperate tears ran from my eyes as I held a space for all the suffering that happens and will happen at his hands or at his blind eye. Or at the delegated hands of his 'vets'. These vets bully farmers about tags and other details but oversee and overlook the daily slaughter of thousands of animals. 1 million pigs a month and more sheep and slightly less cows (This was just in England, these were the last stats I saw) and then a couple of ads found today for Abattoir-Based Artificial Insemination Training, fully Supervised by department vets. This is where you can see the picture of the rape-rack that they say doesn't exist. But if you want milk, you need a pregnant cow and I can guarantee there is no consent…except from the Minister to do what you want to who you want.

So anyway, I managed to forgive him and glad not to hold on to all that bad feeling anymore. Now, can we get them out of government and get a responsible adult in or a leader or even, may I be forgiven, a real human being!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

When You Compost Your Waste You Are Making New Soil! What is not to like?!

Masters in Composting.

I am excited to report that the penny has finally dropped. I knew that doing the Master Composter training, I would learn how to compost! I planned to find out exactly what could and should go into the compost bin and I was enjoying asking my questions, of which I had many. There is some thing about learning that is so stimulating. Subjects get more fascinating the more you learn, I find. So I knew that one of the days we would be building the physical systems for composting. This is what is possible beyond the green bin for kitchen waste and the brown bin for garden waste. 

From left to right, we made a giant wormery, a leaf store, a green bin, a ready made slatted compost bin (€60 and flimsy and no lid at which we all tutted knowingly) and a 3-compartment compost system made from reclaimed pallets.  

More than a bin…a means to save lives!

This was the moment I realized, (mid conversation with the amazing tutor Nuala from the Preserve the Pete Bogs centre) that what comes out of a compost system is SOIL. We are making soil! I thought we were getting rid safely of waste, letting it biodegrade. I thought we might, once we knew what we were doing, cream off a bit of fertilizer from our compost bin. A nutrient rich substance that could be added to beds, like broken down horse manure…but no it is literally the creation of soil itself. Did everyone else know this?!
Waterworld - One of my shows touching on the world wide water situation


I have been on a bit of a campaign, on my radio shows, to raise awareness about the plight of mother Earth. 2015 is also the Year of Soil! If you think about it, we shouldn’t take soil for granted. The whole massive planet only has a a foot or so of soil on its surface and it is from that that all life feeds itself, via grazing, growing crops or gathering nectar. More nerve-wracking again, I learnt that 70% of all the soil world-wide is now toxic from having been stripped of its nutrients and over fertilized to compensate. That has gone up from 40% in the last 20 years (same speed perhaps as Monsanto's sales of the poison Round Up). I dreamt of facilitating the delivery of water to drought ridden place to start the recovery of their soil and their independent growing capacity.

But now I see we can literally make soil from waste. That is so epic. Furthermore, a hot pile that a gardener can keep turning and keep at 60 degrees, will make compost in just 8 weeks. This is a whole lot faster than the two to three years it would normally take to break down. So transfer that information to a hot country: waste broken down into friable, rich, fertile soil in a matter of weeks. That could be revolutionary! 

Why Start Gardening? 

Gardening and Composting are really relevant to everyone. We need to focus on organic growing and independence from all the destructive food industries – the chemicals of preserving, fertilizing, pest- and herbiciding and flavouring. They are all totally toxic and accumulate in the body. They are on every item, in the supermarket but invisible, on our vegetables and fruit. Even if you’re not growing yet, your household is pretty much definitely producing waste. Lets make sure that its all going to make some much needed soil! 

Here at Harmony Hall, I got my Geodome built and it shone like a Venetia beacon of sacred geometry and hope. I had some brilliant broken down horse manure that    

I now realize was actually a gift of completely new great soil.

Life is still full of highs and lows. The geodome was there, providing potatoes, sprouts, courgettes, carrots a little flourishing fig tree… until storm Barney tore it asunder last week. 

As for the horse, today is his first anniversary. 

We must pick ourselves up and keep our courage and conviction strong, that we can make a difference in this world. He surely did!

To honor Windy, I handed in an assignment and then went to meet the great friend who helped me the day he died. By sheer amazing coincidence, today was the day he was dropping off 5 cubic metres of soil to the Community Garden I'm involved in, in Bagenalstown. I thought to myself, it might take us a long time to make that much soil but not if everyone is composting their waste. Peelings and pips and cores and twigs and leaves and lawn trimmings. Put them all in the pot and we will have a significantly healthier nature world-wide to play with. Poster Campaign

 In terms of reviving hope, I must say that seeing this poster at the end of my own road completely made my day! This is the poster campaign. Sandra Higgins who is one of the lady's behind it from Back to Daylight Sanctuary, has been interviewed on Newstalk and many other radio stations, in the last month. What a star, what a movement. At last its happening! 

It reads "Milk, A Mother's Worse Loss" and the dear little calf is off to the right deprived of its mother's milk and of course no particular future ahead either. It was great as the Interviewer said "but surely cow's have to be milked". That was such a great opportunity to point out that cows only produce milk when they give birth like other mammals and so they don't need to be milked, they can be either not be made pregnant of their calf can have the milk, for whom the milk was produced in the first place. Really well done everyone who standing up and sorting out these misconceptions and illusions about animals.

Today, I was bogged down by people talking about certain plants being harmful to livestock. "Livestock" just think about that word. Surely its so inappropriate to think of something whose life means as much to them as ours does to us, as stock? Still, I have a few days to wind down and think about what I am going to say on Kilkenny Community Radio this Friday at 5pm when I am being interviewed. 

Stay calm, I think, don't try and say it all at once. One friend even said to me, who is your audience?! That is funny that I didn't even think of that, I have so much information that I can't wait to put across, I just go for it…could it be time for a rethink?! NO!!

I haven’t even got started into explaining the second weekly challenge we did at the Master Composters course. Suffice to say it is run by the global organization called Stop Food Waste so maybe you can join up at one near you. I guarantee you'll love it!

Raw Vegan Organic Diet 
Go for it, No Half Measures!!

And what about going vegan, you'd probably love that too! I for one have been getting into raw organic vegan recipes. Here are some chocolate covered bananas. Just coconut, raw chocolate and agave syrup. Then I made a raw cheesecake featuring cashew nuts and berries. Then there were some epic main meals like Easy Asian Sauce on Broccoli. I will look out the recipes maybe and share them here or just look on line, as my last attempt at a recipe took hours and was a formatting low point of any blog to date! Not this time, everything is going to plan!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

32 Reasons for an Animal Referendum, from the Pigs' Perspective

1. Avoid Cruelty When Shopping 
No animal products, no tested on animal productsthat means basically nothing from a chemist and 90% of your 'usual' brands need to be reviewed too. Give the animals a break by sparing us a thought. Ireland is the worst in Europe; 820,000 animals a year suffering in laboratories. Every animal has a soulor should we say HAD a soul. 

This is the story of our journey at Harmony Hall to return all those souls to peace, preferably while they still have a life to lead!

Thought for the morning: Where there are feathers, there were birds! Don't buy or lie around on cushions and duvets full of downy feathers. Too much suffering for so many other little beings will make them uncomfortable to at least your soul. Cuddle up for warmth instead, love Rebecca xxx

2. Grieving the loss of millions every single month
God bless Frederick and his brethren. His anniversary was yesterday, the Animal Equality group said. May St Francis, Pope Francis and our own Frances be right when they say we'll see you in heaven. Thinking of you and sending lots of love from Legend xxx

3. Ireland needs a Political Party for the Animals  
Public Comment: An Animal referendum for Ireland is a "Great idea, it's about time. You know that in Holland we've a Party for the Animals political party. It looks at everything from the usual animal cruelty issues, to climate change, a green economy, etc. Ireland, by the way, apart from it's appalling involvement with intensive livestock farming, has been creating a huge environmental issue. While the country exports, or consumes at home, the meat, milk and it's products, Ireland is left with this enormous pile of dung. It's one of the reasons why the groundwater has become undrikable and why it needs extra purification. In the south of The Netherlands, some water purifications plants had to close down because they simply could no longer purify such water. Ireland is doing the same. It's no longer a 'green' country. Check it out on global air/water/ground pollution maps, Ireland is now red, that's one down from the worst areas of the world (and yes, unfortunately, that includes The Netherlands)."

4. Love At First Sight
Thought for the day: Think of the first photo that you saw of your girlfriend or boyfriend! Life is all about making memories. This is the first picture I saw of my gorgeous girlfriend Rebecca! Love
Legend x x x and this is my song for her - "I see you, Baby, Shaking that Ass"

5. Ah Legend, this was my first sight of you! I love the fact you traveled so far to find me. This is my song for you - Dolly Parton, "...he's a gentleman and a gentleman is getting mighty hard to find"

6. Pig In A Blanket? 
Thought for the day! Its World Vegetarian Day today. Its time to decide what pigs in blankets you really want to see. Is it the loved up, looked after, kind like my pink friend and Rebecca here? Or is is it the chopped mercilessly into tiny pieces for a snack kind? I hope everyone will choose to mind ALL animals, as of today. When Rebecca came, she was called Bacon. Frances thought No Way! of course but remembered, from the horses, that it can be unlucky to change a name. So she kept the Latin root and went with Becky. Things like roots, beautiful names and being tucked in at night under blankets are some of the things that make us glad to be alive. Question is, can Rebecca & I, alongside Linda McCartney Sausages, inspire you to become vegetarian? Believe me it'll do your hearts good x x x

7. PAWS Charity Ball - Don't forget they only rehome until the end of November 
- Adopt someone right away, so they know the ropes by Christmas!!
Here are some of our girl friends who love animals at the PAWS Charit
y Ball last night. Beautiful bunch I think and looks like they had some nice vegan nosh, or at least plenty of cutlery in readiness for it! Love you lots, love Rebecca xxx

8. Make Cruelty To Animals History - ARAN's Campaign in Dublin sees 5000 people demonstrate!
Thanks for seeing me off to Dublin this morning guys! I'd never have made it without your focus and enthusiasm to Make Cruelty To Animals History!

9. Friendly Fish Feelings 
Legend, did you see this? Fish feel the same about each other as we do!

10. What rights should we vote on, in our Animal Referendum in Ireland?
Legend, do you think anyone reading this actually knows what we need to call for a referendum? Is there a bit of legislation that stops farm animals having welfare rights or a right to life or the five freedoms? Or do we need to argue that we have 'personhood', like that chimp did in New York recently? Do we need something taken out of legislation or put in?!! If anyone knows the way forward, please comment! Thanks a mil, lots of love Rebecca x x x

‘The fundamental rights of life, liberty and bodily integrity – rights that every person reading this piece demands or takes for granted – should not be exclusive to humans.' 

This is what Gary Yourofsky says and his speeches have woken up more people to the animal holocaust - 150 billion innocent animals a year -than maybe anyone else!

11. Respect life
It sounds like Keurig care about nothing and noone. Each of us makes our own choices though. With a moment's thought, its pretty obvious that we shouldn't kill and other ways exploit animals for food, we shouldn't buy from companies that trash the environment, we should be able to get past a sugar addiction and we should not eat processed foods. Its basic respect for life, our own and everyone else's.

12. WHO Report 
spells out that eating meat kills you because processed meats are preserved with massive amounts of chemicals that cause cancer.

Fast Against Slaughter 
Fasting Against Slaughter today, well at least Frances is! One can achieve so much more in a day if there's not endless meal preparation, toast, elevensies, nibbles etc etc. Her radio shows are to help us get past the linear and obvious and work with the bigger picture! Today's the day to be the change you want to see in the world! Animals deserve a break, even people deserve a break from the toxicity of the food industry. No more pandering. Complete independence, complete compassion! Why not? DId you have something else more important planned?! 

Frances is doing the Fast Against Slaughter today! Thousands of people are doing it as they love all our brethren!

14. Where are those 5 Freedoms that the government's Animal Welfare Act promised?
Thought of the day: Reflect on your physical freedom. You can go outside, you can go inside, you can go on line, talk on the phone, make a cup of tea, put some music on, turn some chat show off. Being able to make decisions about your environment is a very, very great joy. I have been free as a roaming pig for a few years and I'll tell you about that one day.
Since I got here I've chosen to stay around. We want to share information about pig priorities and trigger a big change for pigs in trouble - which, scarily, is nearly all the other pigs you might come across. Today we helped Frances trim the willow fence and learn the latin names for the bee- and bird-friendly garden she's designing for college. The first picture is Rebecca and I under the Leycesteria Formosa (Pheasant Berry) and the Buddleja (Butterfly Bush)! Lots of love Legend xxx

15. Pigs Might Fly!
Look Legend, this is much better even than the eclipse! Actually, this is what people say to Frances, when she talks about the idea of everyone coming vegan. What's that Rebecca? They say 'Yes and pigs might fly'...And here I am doing it. I knew we'd show them one day! xxx
by Lesley Dempsey, Equine Physiotherapist Carlow

16. Thought of the day! 16th of October is going to be the Raise Your Voice day. This is for bloggers and any writers and we're going to collectively try and stop slavery - of people and animals! Please add a post if you fee like it and thanks a million, love Legend x x x

17. Creating Calm Network - Healing From Harmony Hall & New Directions podcasts 
Hey, two celebrations today - Frances' birthday and a work anniversary for her as well -2 years as a radio host for the Creating Calm Network. If you are wondering what she would like for her birthday, it would be a day without any of her friends eating meat. She mentioned that she herself pays 100 dollars a month to put the healing show and the social awareness show out each week. Her intention was to raise compassion for all living things and would love for animals to get a break from being eaten and otherwise used and abused! Thanks a million, love Rebecca and Legend xxx

18. Transgenic Animals
Legend and Rebecca are praying for the herd of 16 genetically modified pigs to be killed unless someone maybe could rescue them?! They were reflecting on the words: "When the first such pig was created in 1999, “I had the feeling in seven or eight or nine years that transgenic animals probably would be acceptable. But I was wrong,” Dr. Forsberg said." The doctor (loosely applicable title) went on to say that the herd would be killed but their sperm frozen ''until the world catches up and it will catch up'' Pigs across the world are rather hoping that it won't and that no one has frozen the doctor's sperm so he'll go down in history as an unrecoverable error.

19. Military Experiments
We are also campaigning to stop our friends being used in blood splatter experiments by the military. Its more horrible and unnecessary the more you think of it.

20. Reflecting on What Arguments Really Work
'Yes darling Rebecca!' 
'What do you think people need to see or hear that would make them realize its horrible to eat us?' 
'Good question, but its not the sights and sounds of the slaughterhouses, or the sights and sounds of animals at liberty and play. Nothing engages people. Its a terrible and total heart and soul loss. The lights are on but no-one's home in many people. Or maybe the lights are on but no one dares look out the window!'
'Is there any hope, do you think, my Legend?'
'Oh Yes, Rebecca! You don't think its a coincidence that us two communicative and ready-to-get-political pigs have ended up here in this loved up household with Frances standing by to take note of our every word!? We are here to make changes and answer questions. She is here to retrieve hearts and souls and maybe give a few tips on how to cook some good vegan grub!'
'So that's good, you're saying that Nature is conspiring with us to help all animals and this is a perfect head quarters for operations?
'Exactly, my love'
'Sleep well'
'You too!'


21. We love Mercy For Farm Animals, Compassion Over Killing and the World Wide Pig Saves … and everyone else like that!
We made friends with 'Compassion Over Killing'! Their message is that if something is too horrible to look at perhaps people shouldn't be tolerating it!

22. The happiness that this little piglet is feeling while playing in his pool will make your day! (via:

24. Already looking forward to the ground being dry enough again for a love-in like this!xx :

25. Veg Fest in Dublin turned out to attract 1000s more people than expected!
Veg fest today in Dublin! Thanks to everyone who's going. One day we'll save our pig brothers and sisters…and beloved sheep and cows too. When did a sheep ever do anything to anyone?We're all just mellow creatures, set us free! xx

26. Stop Factory Farming
Plans for mega pig farm in Belfast successfully opposed - 1000 letters objecting, 2 in favour!! Thank God. Both life and death are intolerable in those places.

27. Go Vegan Advertising Campaign
Brilliant vegan bus ad campaign by Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary and Mathilda's Promise. All over Ireland!

28. Pig Spirit Guides and Mink too
This is brilliant, Frances just found a blog from over 12 months before we got here, talking about the unique energy of the pig and now she has us two! This is what she had written:
"I was also looking up pigs. They have an energy and heart too. A heart so similar to a human heart actually that transplants are regularly considered. A 75kg pig has the same heart rate and capacity as a 75kg person. They also have the same membrane around their hearts as we do. Some sick loonies have bred human genes in to pigs and bred out some pig genes, to lower the rejection likelihood of a donated heart. Lets have a think about donations… do we usually say we've 'donated' something when our throat is cut to take it off us? Not on the whole I would say. You cannot be passionate about life and take another's.
Each animal has a symbolic meaning. The pig, brilliantly, can lend us the power to respect each other and be mentally independent. They have the very energy we need to facilitate a quick turn around by farmers and consumers too. Who knows how it can happen. But it can happen. Living harmlessly is the way forward. I also looked up the meaning of Mink. This was having heard that 45,000 Mink are killed in the local Portlaoise Fur Farm every year. It read that Mink energy gives us the power of silent observation"

29. Moving Mountains
"You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved!":

Here's our mountain, Rebecca, lets get started! Love you, love Legend
Is it a mountain of animal concerns?
Yes, darling, but we've got to show others it can be moved! and, hey, its World Vegan Month so now's a good time to start!

30. Pet Farm and Grooming Regime
How is Harmony Hall going as a pet farm, you might well ask? Well nine times out of ten, its only Frances fully enjoying it. The last two nights she said that she has had two of the happiest connections and scenes of her life. She has taken to grooming us, Legend and Rebecca, at the doorstep. The first night, when she finished, Legend maneuvered around to lean his massive head and shoulders against her leg. She said, she could palpably feel the heart connection of a 20 second hug - this is a phenomenon she said that she will elaborate on later!! What was the funniest thing was the next night. She started brushing me, Rebecca, and I right away fell over sideways to suggest a belly rub. Then Legend saw what was going on and literally tippled over on his side, nearly on top of me, to get in on the action!

31. Pig Feeding
As the wind picks up, so is our feeding regime! Frances, praise the Lord, spotted that Rebecca was getting all the grub as I take such slow and small mouthfuls! Now we are fed separately and I can take my time. Dear Rebecca, I love her but she really does find it difficult to share! Maybe that sort of self preservation affects many people and animals, fear based greed that there might not be enough to go around. Well we're back on track and now my ribcage is just about covered, I can start sharing my wisdoms again here! Lots of love in the meantime, Legend x x You can kind of see in this picture that she's twice the size she was and I was nearly half the size (see Don Juan on the left who came into the shot to add scale!) Well, never mind, keeping pigs is a new venture and being kept rather than being a roaming pig is also a new venture. We all remain great friends and have a shared 
destiny, that's the important thing to remember!

32. Pig Training
Move the pig' training has begun in earnest! Frances thinks that this is when you practice moving the pig from where he or she is, almost just to prove you can, mainly to interact with us and require a response, also perhaps to establish some manners and then of course tackle her original problem: How do you live alongside animals that don't know the word no!!?
So today, as usual, we were trying to come in the cat flap, which is in smithereens and creating quite a draught with the gaping hole!
With just one five-minute interaction while she pushed us quietly back with the broom, we understood Back! No! Good Boy! and Good Girl! with total clarity.
Some grunting initially but as soon as the one step back and the accompanying Good Boy was heard! we found our tails started wagging again like mad. I would go as far as to say, we enjoyed the session as much as she did.
She hopes to make progress before the new cat flap goes in and hopes that we might leave it alone! Our snouts are so seriously strong and dammit its so tempting to stick them in the cat flap after those pesky dogs!