Wednesday, July 14, 2021

How to frame the questions for using the pendulum

How To Live As One, episode 3 by Frances Micklem 

In this short episode (under 2 minutes) you will learn how to use the pendulum both 

1) to identify an area that needs attention, and 

2) also to address it. 

Everyone who has read the book wishes I would dedicate some new chapters in a revised edition, to really teach this fantastic energy clearing method. But I was told many moons ago, and I’m telling you now, Just do it! If you run into problems listen to this episode again or give me a call. 

But it’s much better than just reading about it. Feel the difference. The power, the know-how, coursing through your veins!  

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Our Physical Conditions Start With Our Mental & Emotional States

 Where to find your power

Here is the second episode (2 minutes) of How TO Live As One, inviting you to look at the deeper part of you. It may not be your usual sunny disposition that you show the world but in that backdrop, there is all your awareness. Also your creativity and fire and spirit. So if you want to heal, and the bandaid of medicines aren't working. Here lies the way to heal yourself

2nd Episode How To Live As One

Monday, July 12, 2021

Healing From Harmony Hall Resumes

 It is surely right to assume that as we gather together to help the sick, so also do the spirit people assemble. Let us recall that a healing needs a given force intelligently directed to overcome a given condition.

I have decided to start healing again. My offering is to treat young people, probably between 12 and 20,  whose parents are being put under pressure to medicate them. I don't mind if they are physically, emotionally or mentally disturbed, we can sort it out and I don't want paying. My friend in the West is also  willing, so that is available to children at crisis point, on both sides of the country.

Secondly, and people will know this from my posts! There is no better woman for heavy information. No sooner do i try and do something for animals, something terrible is revealed about the animal industry. Every time, I start doing something for the environment, something outrageous is revealed about what is being allowed to continue destroying it. 

I have always had an enquiring mind and clarity. The fundamental truth I've discovered though is that underneath all the practical responses to our physical experience, there is an unlimited peaceful ocean of energy, where everything can be resolved (and that includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disturbance). This is the healing place where this second resource will take you

Whole Book: How To Live As One by Frances Micklem, for sale from my  Alternative Health Consultancy or on line.

It is a 'How To' book, which I recorded as an audio last year and made into a 'headspace app' of a daily one to two minute-clip. Each one designed and fully intentional in clearing your energy and any toxicity or grief from the past.

There is a saying 'Better than a thousand words, is one word that brings peace'. I hope these words will bring you happiness, entertainment, self awareness, peace and health. It brings an understanding of reality and tools to keep your perspective, which have worked for me and others for years. 

Thirdly, I am starting my regular meditations, energy work, and dinners again. This is to celebrate two things. One, that Harmony Hall outside and inside is now officially registered organic and most importantly (as it gave me this idea), was that I have cleared (weeded with considerable help) the water garden and it is calling out to us to gather and spread some good vibrations. Music, booze and food are all optional but all possible and, of course, free as well. 

I have learned to live on fresh air and high frequency water and homemade bread and it feels good.