Thursday, October 30, 2014

November's Oregon Vote on Genetically Modified Organisms. To Label or not to label!

It is a fascinating time to live in America. This diagram shows how many of the government are also being paid by Monsanto, the name behind genetic engineering and chemical agriculture sprays. He is being sued as we speak for one billion dollars by the farmers themselves, as no one will buy their GM crops, mainly banned in Europe! He was sued for 90 million dollars for poisoning a whole town. He is also in court against a collective of 5 million Indian farmers who still live on the 'suicide belt'. It was so named following the despair and suicide of thousands of small farmers who bought Monsanto's GM seeds and were then charged a second and third time for them when the farmers saved some and replanted them the next season.

This November in Oregon, there will be a vote on whether foods must be labelled if they contain Genetically Modified ingredients. The obvious answer is yes, of course they should be labeled. If you think of the hoops producers must jump through to label their food 'organic'! Amazingly, $18 million dollars has been spent already by chemical and big food companies to confuse the voters in Oregon. Coke Cola donated a few million and many, many others just randomly donated vast amounts of money to help stop GMO labeling become part of the legislation. It just goes to show how much they want to keep people in the dark.

If you are in Oregon, I would ask you to definitely vote when it comes up. Also notice what happens! For example, I heard that 52 out of 63 government officials voted against giving a license to a new Monsanto spray that contains Glysophates (found in every breast cancer case) and Agent Orange (a chemical weapon developed for use in Vietnam)…Nonetheless, the license was somehow granted. America is not the only place where corruption is rife. Scottish people voted recently on whether they wanted to be independent of England. Half way through the vote count, the fire alarm was sounded and everyone had to leave. CCTV footage shows that several people were not evacuated and could be clearly seen moving around the hall, adjusting voters' choices.

None the less, we do have choices. For me I would say that the only way to guarantee harmlessness and an easy conscience is to buy vegan and organic food. Also cross reference these names above and make sure you are not voting in anyone compromised by a steady second income from Monsanto!! This goes for other countries too. For example, Ireland has the same minister for agriculture as defense Simon Coveney…whoops, money, chemicals, weapons, food, all in a day's work…that is a lot of conflicts of interest.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Letter to the editor of the Independent

Dear Editor,
Are the courts missing an opportunity? To judge the greatest case of all; Money Vs All Other Human Values
Every person in Ireland is asking for positive change in governing and the courts can make that happen.
I am writing about the recent campaigns in Kilkenny against the Central Access Scheme, Poolbeg and beyond against the giant incinerator and country-wide about the water meters, fracking, pylons, wind farms, the victimization of farmers and separately the proposed exploitation of animals in their farms via the intensification 2020 plan to produce 50% more dairy and 50% more cows, while somehow becoming carbon neutral simultaneously, along with all the other suspect international and 'county development' plans forging ahead, in the face of almost complete public objection.

I keep hearing noncommittal outcomes from very expensive cases, heard after many a long stand on the protest line and many a letter of complaint. The judges keep saying that everything comes down to the workers' right to work and the protesters' right to protest. This is not hearing the case at all. The question should come down to whether the work that is planned is legal and just and whether the objections motivating the protest are valid and uphold able. People want the courts to rule that the work should stop. They want the courts to insist that everyone account for themselves, not hide behind a corporate or political party front.

It is convenient to talk about the cost of protests but money is the only value which the government and legal system seem to consider so far. It is those who are protesting, that have a range of important points to address, that need to be offered the long arm of the law. People who protest are motivated by a great number of important values. Listen to any quick opinions recorded from a protest and you will hear the most willingly offered and coherent arguments. They will include considerations of transparency, democracy, the environment, public money, affects on quality of life, personal impact, future impacts, public health, heritage, community, corruption, inappropriate use of public funds and justice. Then a council is asked for their answers and not one is forthcoming. The bunches of authentic, informed, determined people are clearly the ones to trust and listen to.

Judges could decide if the contamination of our air should be allowed or if the threat of increased traffic is tolerable (Poolbeg have been warned 100 trucks a day from the building stage ad infinitum as vast quantities of rubbish will have to be imported to keep the incinerator going). Perhaps judges could also decide if the council, planning office, building contractor, water, waste, food company in question looks even capable of maintaining a safe standard at any time in the future.

Lets not just turn away from the entrenched difficulties of our society, disillusioned, or even penalized for flagging them up. Let us unite through awareness of the different campaigns each community faces (and give me Garth Brooks in my neighbourhood any day of the week, if that's all the Croke Park community has to deal with) - better than all the toxic invites the councils have welcomed no problem onto our shores. The courts can make sure the institutions fall and companies that are unfit for task go too. Like the 5 million farmers suing Monsanto can we too get rid of the pharmaceutical companies that have zero interest in the well-being of the human race. Just because they are rich should not mean they are left in charge of our agriculture and our medicines. We need people at the top that can say no to half a billion or whatever euro signs flash before their eyes, when they see that the actual cost to life is too great. We have such people with the clarity, independence of thought, vision and staying power attending every rally and I would like to encourage others to share my total respect for everyone that makes the effort to turn out. Come on courts, back us up! Don't treat corporations and councils as individuals with rights. They are entities with no moral values and it is the real people who stand alone, but in unity that need you now!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Problems that have taken generations to manifest take more than one session to unravel!

Even though I talk about what energy clearing is a lot, I realized today that I have been emphasizing just one angle! This is perhaps the quantum nature of energy and therefore the possibility of instant correction, miraculous healing and the healthy energetic still point that exists under any drama, discord or illness. Situations both physical and emotional can be addressed directly and there is no end to the scope of energy clearing. It includes love childhood money work creativity health politics values, others and oneself all at once…because we are all connected!

So that is well and good, very well and very good thankfully, but I have been doing energy work consciously for over a decade. Why, I asked myself do clients come for an energy clearing as if it is a one-off service for the life force, soul, health or happiness? Why do I go and clear generations of difficulty, friction and grief from houses over a morning and then the work is considered 'done and dusted'? In my life, every day I see an opportunity for growth, I see a situation in the world or within myself I don't discriminate where it crops up! and start to navigate my way through it. For closure, to stay present, to participate, to be successful. There is miles and miles of landscape for us to explore, inner landscape and outer landscape. Political landscape, wild landscape, scientific landscape, academic landscape and your homework for today is the sensory landscape!

Now I must go to attend to something in the landscape of England. Some group of sadists has ordered 25,000 body bags for a mass killing of badgers. I love badgers as they represent the same philosophy as Aristotle 'Happy is the man who passionately defends that which he loves' That's what badgers do and apart from that, they are shy and mind their own business, only coming out at night and are a beautiful micro society in their own right. Because I've learned how to navigate around information and interact from whatever distance is needed, I will send healing and resolution for the badgers. I will also clear the people who are so determined to kill. I will also clear the part of my own energy field that is still attracting these sorts of cruelties. You might think you are not attracting anything but even the tiniest little feeling of victimization held in your body can mean you are still and always will be attracting and creating your worst nightmares. So my recommendation would be get clearing asap and keep to it, make it an expansive journey into empowerment, success, health and peace. Pity not to!

Yesterday my wwoofer (willing workers on organic farms) and I found a dead cat run over on the road. She asked, why does no one pick it up? I had picked him up and put him in the hedge, shed some tears for his little, cut-short life, sent his soul to the light, cleared the trauma of the death and sent some love and protection to all other cats out and about. Why would you not want to be able to do all that? Why would anyone just want to say that is horrible, drive on and try and forget about the scene? Images stay with you. What you have witnessed in life stays with you until you acknowledge yourself and your history compassionately. That's what clearing is all about, acknowledgment! Still I thought about the wwoofers question and said that up until a few months ago I had not been able to actually handle road kill situations physically either. I could do the healing, feel the grief but not do the gathering up of the body. But then I realized that the main reason people do not stop to help is that most people are anesthetized. 70 billion animals are killed on purpose every year from farms great and small. Scarily enough I realized that very few people actually care about life. 0.00005% of people to be exact. That leaves a lot of dehumanized people! Don't let it happen to you…or if it already has or is threatening to, give me a shout. Learn to 'recognize your brother, darling, in everyone you meet!' ( The 'darling' is from John Lennon but I like it. It shows how much we can warm up, given the chance!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Money doesn't actually make the world go around, it was going anyway!

It is a week exactly since I did the Fast Against Slaughter and realize that the most politically influential combination involved physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of awareness. The tangible evidence for this is the first city to be completely Meat-Free by law! 200 priests fasted in India and said they would continue until the violence and slaughter stopped. That is an epic success in anyone's book and shows that the people there have more priorities than only money.

Closer to home, I spent my day fasting and every hour, on the hour, did an energy clearing for the animals. I sent clean air, peace, freedom. I cleared claustrophobia, fear and grief. I realized that some people live confined and bullied too but not often butchered. Billions of animals are bred for this intolerable routine suffering. One way or another it has got to stop. Thankfully, animal farmers are no longer receiving the trade-off of a big wad of cash for their animals. Thankfully, the big companies and factories are being exposed for their grim practices and institutions and profits are clattering about their ears. Any vegan would say that the changes are not happening quickly enough and many would say that situations are actually getting worse. I particularly refer to the idea of intensifying farming in Ireland next year and allowing sick companies like Nestle to harbor here.

The only question that needs to be asked is can we feed everyone in the world if everyone adopted a vegan, organic diet? The answer is yes. It is not an industry question. It is not a question of jobs or money. It is a question of holding a sustainable vision, harmless to animals and ourselves and harmless to the soil, air, seas and general environment. I know all about this after 14 years vegan and my first successful year organic growing of a usually Asian crop, soya! Don't believe that your land or area is only good for animals. Don't believe that you need animal products. We can prosper via self-sufficiency. Fresh water will be saved, animals will be saved…Dammit, we might all be saved, if we repent now!! Anyway, one thing I really learnt this week was:

For those of us who care, the key is not to be disempowered by becoming upset by what we witness.

Empowerment in this context is
1. Recognizing your own crucial part in Oneness (the life force and light you contribute via your presence and actions.
2. Focusing on the leverage you have, once you remember the inter-connectedness of all things including thoughts. Therefore, with very little effort, we can very strongly influence outcomes using the power of wishing well for someone, something and whole situations.
3. See the flip sides of personal responsibility. As we identify the unconscious hand we have had in harming this beautiful world, sentient beings within it both animal and human, we should simultaneously realize our responsibility and creative ability to heal it,

Another thing I noticed during the fast was that my soul loved the break from gluttony, from instant gratification, from suiting myself. It was a day of camaraderie, communing and heart action. Lets do it more often!