Saturday, August 25, 2012


Up until now, we have had our lives upside down. Taking action is only the tip of the iceberg, of our participation in life. There are emotions, just under the water, intensifying our motivations and intentions. There are mental processes, even further below, comparing our actual experience to our beliefs and expectations. There are constant environmental forces, lapping against the edges. Our history, both individual and collective, is embedded in every ice crystal. 

We can understand peace in this way, whether it is peace of heart or world peace, that you want. It is actually the deepest spiritual energy that needs to be healed first. We know we need to relax and practice forgiveness but no one knows how to do it. Out of the gloom, war has erupted or stress on a grand scale. The human being is not at its best when out of control and reactive. Try not to DO anything! Look beneath the conflict that has manifested  and shed light on the gloomy undercurrents. Every personal, social and global problem is due to lack of acknowledgement. It is not important to trace your historical and geographical background or its likely progression and prognosis for your life. We can, instead, use energy work to give each other the recognition we need. It is the recognition that we are not even separate. The realization of our fundamental unity and brotherhood. You can melt back into that ocean whenever you are ready and take shape as something else, entirely more fitting for who you are right now!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Perfect Timing!

Timing is important, until you realize that the time is always now. Until then, you must worry about punctuality; consider when you are ready to talk; decide when somebody else is ready to hear. If you are dancing, you must count the beats and follow the music. If you are performing, you must embody the rhythm in your playing or movement. It is all structure and adherence to someone else’s composition or timetable. Don’t get me wrong, millions of magnificent projects, books and buildings have been created and completed in this way. The down side is the rush and the fear and the external goal. The best thing you can ever give anyone or any situation is presence; your full, unhurried, attention and acknowledgement. That is what everyone needs. Denial and avoidance have run their course, lets cool down the pace for some quality time.      

Monday, August 20, 2012


Living well does not involve a lengthy analytic process of doing the right thing, what you should do and at the right time! An attempt to act in accordance with right and wrong and should and should nots is exhausting. The good news is that, at this stage, you can assume that you make spontaneously correct choices. You can follow your intuition. As you develop this trust in your own inner compass, guiding you moment to moment, to communicate, tidy up, rest, play, exercise, finish a job you have started, you start to get into a flow. One of the meditations you can try is visualizing yourself climbing into a rowing boat and finding, as you push away from the pier that there are no oars. Sitting in the stern is Jesus Christ himself though and he says ‘Don’t worry, have faith that you are completely taken care of’. Most people are hanging on to the shore for dear life and not letting themselves be carried by the rhythms of life, the natural direction of the water let alone any kind of hope that they are participating in a bigger picture, a wonderful sustaining ocean, which is always happening perfectly. There is one thing you can do right away to allow yourself to move forwards. That is practice non judgement. Every other living creature is in the same boat as you. Keep remembering that everyone is doing their best. Furthermore, we can help each other through loving connections and being catalysts for change. Continually recognize our common ground. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A cluttered but perfect environment!

Are you living your life with complete acceptance today? Imagine someone sitting smiling in front of you, reminding you that you are perfect as you are. You don't have to fix anything. Priority number one is to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Soften your heart to the world around you. From a compassionate perspective, every environment is sacred. Even a factory teaming with life. A hospital, in its race against decrepidation - that's a word I made up myself - sort of a mixture between trepidation and disintegrate. Fear of becoming decrepid! Then there are of course the obvious places and people that make it easy to watch the world with love. Wherever you are, have confidence that you are part of that sacred splendour...even if you don't feel like it!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


How can we develop patience in ourselves and with each other? We could be hard on impatience and say its source is always fear. We are being driven by the fear of losing a person or an opportunity. We might, alternatively go too easy on impatience and say its source is love and the wish to live life right now. But focusing on our impatience will never lead us to patience. Looking around for a definition of it, I understand it as fresh air. It is both a celebration of there being something you’re looking forward to and a trust that it is coming your way. Each breath brings you closer. That’s all we need to know.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Life's a lot more than what you make it!

Today I would like to remind everyone about their spirit. Your being here on the planet is a really good thing. Underneath daily life, stress and differences you have some love to express. Everything is energetic and so let some of that spirit seep through the cracks of your everyday tasks. You will notice by new feelings. Instead of effort, you will feel you are taking part in the natural cycle of existence. Whether you are a man or a woman, take a break from your regular perspectives. These might include; you have to make a living, you have to get up in the morning, you have to look after your family, you have to pick up washing up liquid and so on. Adding the arduous nature of thinking you ‘have to’ do anything, ‘should’ do anything guarantees a zero joy rating, a zero appreciation rating, as you look back on your For a time every day, develop new ideas. Instead of actions you must take, look around for ways the world is supporting you. Choose to receive glimpses of the eternal and the beautiful and let them sustain you. For example the air, the oxygenating trees, the rain or sun, the gaze of your partner, the playfulness of the swallows...or perhaps they’re preparing to move on. But all these things are transient. They are all things that money can’t buy or that you can go out and get in any other way. It is your spirit that can be nurtured like this purely by being, forgetting about your personality for a time. Be sure to receive what is already there and freely offered! Pity not to.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Final Sublaw 16: Mastery

Mastery is almost the most important sublaw to making the law of attraction work for you. This is because you must agree to being the powerful conductor of your own orchestra, rather than continue playing second fiddle in a cacophony of white noise! If you think you are hopeless and stuck, you are. When you know yourself to be an evolving masterpiece, you are. You are being offered the most valuable power of all, to direct your thoughts. The mindfulness training makes you steadily and comfortably aware of initial ignorance; through to noticing revelations; through hopeful anticipation; seeking solutions; decision making; discovery; energy clearing; out-picturing current situations; release; participating in the one mega energy field; keeping a focus on your objective; secrecy until you have made it happen for yourself; seeing yourself as a nature reserve; nourishment for all aspects of yourself; resistance as a good thing; through to this - mastery. Bring it on. Every experience is of your design, so you are now at the end of a cycle of victimization in your life. Happiness and personal achievement awaits! Its a time of transition, savour every moment! 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sublaw 15: Resistance

Now you have set out your desires with great clarity, cleared all the self defeating habits and beliefs from your past and are racing towards your goal. It feels good, you smile at your partner every morning and say ‘I am so grateful everything always works out for us’. You are very very close to mastering the law of attraction. You are remembering that the better the story you tell of your life, the better your life gets. Be ready, though, to acknowledge resistance when it arises. This, penultimate, sublaw of resistance might sound at first more like Sod’s Law. Until now, when you met a pitfall, a hold up or an obstacle you will, no doubt, have had one of two reactions. Either, feeling thwarted - what’s the point, it was never going to happen anyway - or bloody minded perseverance - Do I look bothered? I’m carrying on, if it kills me. The understanding we actually need of resistance is that it is crucial, positive and a very good indicator that change is really happening. Any negativity around resistance will only block progress. If you welcome resistance in any form, you will start to get the consistent results we’ve been priming ourselves for. What you touch will turn to gold as long as you don’t stop the transformation every time it gets uncomfortable! 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sublaw 14: Nourishment

When we describe someone as malnourished, we suppose they are both impoverished and neglected. Hardship and ignorance are the same two atmospheres we put around our dreams though too. We assume they will be hard to achieve and we don’t know how to achieve them. On this sort of fallow soil, nothing much can grow. The sort of nourishment needed is encouragement. This is from the inside out, from you, not waiting for external support. Mentally, this will mean feeding your mind with positive imagery. Physically, it will mean investing time and action, every day. Emotionally, it will mean loving what you’re doing and making yourself laugh - one woman cured herself of cancer completely in three months by reducing stress, I gathered from The Secret DVD! She watched non stop comedies and released all the toxicity she had held in her body through having the craic and cracking up. The same woman demonstrated the spiritual nourishment needed. She would say, every morning, ‘Thank you for my healing’. This attitude of gratitude literally facilitates your interaction with the great sea of possibilities there are.  You are letting the universe know what you want and how glad you are of it. These, in combination, are a feast for your creative force.

Friday, August 3, 2012

No.13 Sublaw of Reserve: You are an ocean wave

Think of yourself, for a moment, as a huge reservoir, maybe stretching a mile across! Your edges are concrete and your water is dark blue and silver with occasional white horses and many ducks gathering on the far side. On the nearside, there are fifty little dinghys and a hundred youngsters come every afternoon, in their life jackets, to sail around buoys, race and practice retrieving ‘man overboard!’ Life is good; sailing skills improve, friendships blossom and ducklings arrive. You offer your water to everyone and yet nothing depletes your supply. Pipes draw gallons to households in the city nearby and the rain replenishes your levels to the brim again. You are a nature reserve. You can only be successful if you value yourself as such! Maintain your boundaries and welcome only healthy living pursuits.