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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Manifesto: Personal, Ireland and planet as a whole

Working from the rebel society's 30 questions to ask before you die, I sat down to find answers on a grand scale. I will set out New Year Intentions for myself, Ireland and the planet, in accordance with our deepest desires. Could be powerful stuff!!

As Freya Lawton of The Peace Intention would say, we have created our current situations simply by failing to intend anything different. Now we can pull up our metaphorical socks!

Qu.1 How much have you loved?
For me it was 100% of people, animals and nature. A pleasing result due, probably, to my energy clearings for every person and animal to have someone to love and care for them. I must have energetically alighted on every one of the 7 billion of us and all other living things and wrapped them in a bit of love!

Ireland on the other hand has only loved 12% of people, 5.5% of animals and 53% of Nature. We are alerted to the fact that the amount we love is what enriches us. Rather than an impoverished perspective of what we have or have not received, we put ourselves back in the driving seat of what we have offered. I got Ireland up to 100% loving on all accounts.

The planet has loved just 0.5% of people, 0.2% of animals and 0.2% of Nature.This stems back to a warped human use and abuse philosophy, rather than the planet's own desire...which is obviously to sustain life (This is obvious to me as I already know the answers to later questions! even if it isn't obvious to everyone who might point to natural disasters as if the planet is trying to get rid of us! Its not, thankfully!) I got the planet up to 100% loving on all accounts, people, animals and nature.

Qu.2 What are you not doing that you love doing?
Me: Dancing - Rung the Argentine Tango group in the Brog Maker pub, Kilkenny!

Ireland: Caring for each other - Cleared the fragile egos that stop the country from making good decisions.

The planet: Organizing
Remember the infinite organizing power of nature that I'm always talking about? That is what can bring about miracles and healing and life and growth. At the moment there is more chaos, crisis and disorder! The planet loves to organize itself and we need to get our intentions clear as to what sort of party we want it to organize. Cleared space for the planet's natural guidance system to evolve and guide it.

Tune in later for Qu.3!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Things can only happen as a result of us intending it…or fearing it; lets opt for intending it!

Our awareness of our eternal nature and power must increase at the same pace as our social awareness. By this I mean that its no use me suddenly receiving an influx of difficult information - like forced terminations in China, fracking in Fermanagh, export of electricity to the total detriment of Ireland and animal cruelty - if I don't feel able for the task in hand. That task is to change that reality. If we go into over whelm or disillusionment, we give away our power to do anything. The first practical thing we can do is stay positive. Notice your feelings of powerlessness, victimization and inevitability and then let them go. They are only part of the story. In the second chapter, we are coming to remember that we are part of nature, with epic wielding power. If Mother Nature choses to back an idea of ours, she will, in no uncertain terms. The infinite organizing power of nature can thwart the biggest of pylon constructions, the drilling in the arctic and any other drilling for that matter. With a little tremor, she says 'sod off' and puts paid to mere human plans. Then comes the third twist in the tale. We can visualize the outcome we want. In fact, we must give time to cultivating an idea of what we want.

In terms of animal cruelty, one can frame a positive picture of the planet as having food on every table, really enough to go around, and healthy soil, great organic crops and fathomable seasons. This would be a vegan world, where we cooperate with nature. No more chemicals or pollution are made and the ozone fabric repairs itself and our atmosphere with it.

In terms of energy, we can picture the free energy machine in each neighbourhood, no cables, no electro magnetic charge, pylons, fracking or fossil fuel business, no cost to each household or greenhouse gases. Everyone warm and still able to read at night and listen to music.

Spend a few moments every day wishing for every person and every animal to have someone to love and care for them.

These things can only happen as a result of us intending it. 

With clarity, we are powerful beyond measure. Therefore, I am clearing this morning for everyone to 100% feel their connection with oneness, with all that there is, with nature - including the tangible and the divine - and to work with all of it. To this end, I include a photo of Windy in his stable, in the storm of last weekend, with 12 bales of hay. I wish this level of shelter and abundance for all living things!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vegetable healing! They may not have a heartbeat but we still care!

As Roy Orbison sang, "Over-exposed, commercialized, handle me with care!"
This time it was the vegetables singing!

It was a long way from Lidl shopping, thank God. I was out at the dead of night to collect my Christmas organic vegetables and we drank to mother nature and put the world to rights. By the end it looked a lot like planet earth again, minus Monsanto's food-altering genetics... Everyone was well, hospitals were empty and the bees were buzzing in the hedgerows again.

When I worked for Codd mushrooms, 5 years ago, I drove a lorry to Aldi in Piltown, with the mushrooms. They would send them back if they were fractionally too big or too small. That was their quality control: Uniformity, not taste or nutritional content or even healthy looking specimens. It is so contrived and wasteful and appeals to our fearful natures. Vegetables look clean but they have been washed in chemicals. They look perfect but that's because they are already too toxic for the bugs to nibble at, that might have left a blemish.

I am energy clearing for a rebalance.and blessing every ingredient on everyone's table, Dr Emoto style -y! Please sign the petition to stop planning permission for Monsanto's factory in Argentina. Thanks a million!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Meditation Monday - World Peace, not bad for a weekend's work! and Глава 2 Параграф 3 of How To Live As One, in Russian

Meditation Monday was busy with long range and short range goals. The wish list was so long that I felt like Santa himself. People want money for Christmas, but brilliantly that is mainly so that they can spend it on everyone else! This altruistic dynamic is handy for energy clearing for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it has the feel good factor. It is selfless and ego-free. It is a wish driven by love which sends the creative energy waves outwards with good intentions. Furthermore it has a target, a time schedule …Christmas! This focuses the intention, thereby revving it up. When we clear energy, via meditation, we are really clearing blocks to receiving what we need and preparing ourselves to receive whatever comes our way, graciously!  By wanting something for someone else, be it money or a present or a healing, we are also linking up hearts. Yours, mine and those further down the line … those looking under the christmas tree or a wider compassionate circle - including groups caring for people and animals in trouble. So well done everyone, I think we cracked it. There will be plenty for everyone after all!

We also achieved World Peace. Thought I'd mention it as an afterthought. We've all wanted it, all our lives. The tag line for this very blog is 'Peace the final frontier'. Well, we've reached it! Good work, all round. Listen to my show from Saturday to hear how it is happening!

Глава 2 Параграф 3

Предрасположенность к заболеваниям - это одна из тех неизбежностей, с которыми нам приходится сталкиваться.  Как с ними справляться - в первую очередь надо их осознать. Видеть их такими какие они есть. Мы думаем о предрасположенности к болезни как о знание о семье и генетических особенностях. Медицинская история подтверждает такие факты как " в семье есть случаи заболевания диабетом" или "история сердечных заболеваний. Причина, по которой мы увековечиваем эти проблемы поколение за поколением, заключается не в том, что эти проблемы инфекционны и гарантировано передаются генетически, а в том, что мы включаем себя в эту проблему. Мы солидаризируемся с этим.  Подумайте о таких утверждениях как " у нас всех проблемы с коленями"...или "проблемы со спиной"...или "проблемы с удержанием мочи". Или " у моего отца это было,  и у бабушки с дедушкой, значит и у меня точно будет".  Вы предполагаете, что это заболевание уже ваше, сознательно и подсознательно боясь его появления, и к сожалению, тем самым давая достаточно энергии, чтобы это приобрело физическую форму в вашей системе. А также потенциально вы наделяете это заболевание большей силой к появлению, описывая его как генетическое или унаследованное.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Water I love you, water I respect you, water I bless you, water I thank you!

I sent this to the 'environmental health' department and to the Planning Office at the following address if anyone would like to amplify the message by sending it again or one of their own composition! Thanks a lot!: bcontrol@fermanagh.gov.uk

Request to stop the fracking in Northern Ireland. A Planning Department of any district council has the authority to not allow fracking in their area. 

Fracking includes the foreseen and well-documented pollution of 10 million gallons of water, per well. Each fracking pad will have 6 wells and there is a pad to be built every 2kms. 

Water is a far more valuable resource than gas. It might not be common knowledge but places as close as Spain are already short of water and running their rivers through pipes to avoid wastage, leaving the surrounding valleys barren rather than lush. In the Philippines there are 10 million people without water. Everywhere you can look needs clean water. What on earth would possess your council to allow the waste of water on this scale? Why not send it to people who need it. Make Ireland’s clean water our export, rather than ruin the health of the land, in the face of 100% public objection. Fracking only returns energy at a ratio of 2:1. (ie. The cost of extracting it is exactly half its yield. The cost on every level – health, destruction, agriculture and water - is too high and the possibility of earthquakes is very present too. Ask that Tamboran (the Canadian-based shale gas company-for whom life on this island is of very little concern) bring into production, instead, free energy technology instead.  See the link below. 

Do not succumb to government pressure to destroy Ireland to make money for just a very few, none of whom will be affected by the process. The wealthy countries pollute the planet and drill away, while the poor countries either get the gas works on their island (as in Ireland, North and South) or the tsunamis and gales (India, Philippines)! We are all connected, be it by oceans and climate and hopefully some common regard for life and common sense. Please stop the fracking.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Giving everyone the confidence they need to act with integrity!

Don Juan got his certificate today at dog training! We learnt a valuable lesson at the same time:

A certain amount of confidence is needed to be able to assimilate new information. Otherwise, it will be intimidating.

I realized that this sums up politicians and experts in any field. So fragile is their personal confidence and so narrow their area, that they simply reject new information, for fear of exposing their previous ignorance. As questions are raised, truths discovered and unbiased research offered up for the greater good, it would be great if they could, instead, put it in their pipe and smoke it for a while. Allow an inexorable mechanical strategy shift into a visionary one... It would be a pity to let insecurity decide what happens next in the world and to whom (!), So our clearing this afternoon is to upload great confidence, self acceptance and a noble sense of personal responsibility to every politician in every country. They don't need to know everything, just manage new information with wisdom.

Its like Who Wants to Be A Millionaire or whatever that programme is (I still don't have a TV!)… now would be a good time to 'Ask the audience' and listen to what we have to say; Put zero point energy machines into production in every country and improve everyone's quality of life. Healthy people, with healthy air, water and soil, make for a healthy economy. As John Carmody from ARAN said yesterday in the radio interview, the three golden rules are 'be kind, be kind and be kind' and the Dalai Lama said 'open your arms to change but never let go your loving kindness.' We shouldn't argue with these two great authorities on the matter!

This is the link to the Healing From Harmony Hall radio show, which happens every saturday.


Okay everyone, tune in and upload total confidence and personal responsibility to yourself and then everyone else you can think of, who needs it!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Letter to Eirgrid offering them a new cable-free technology and cc'd to Philip Lowe European Director General for Energy, who is looking into Eirgrid's plans. All will be well, I think!

Dear Eirgrid,

Please develop the enclosed technology, rather than the grim and out-dated Gridlink cable project (via pylons or underground) and the massively inefficient turbines.

 This would be a real gift to the people of Ireland and the whole planet. If you bring the free energy machine into production, you'll get a Nobel Peace prize rather than the probing that you await from the European Parliament. Plus you have the steel ready and waiting, that you could use instead of making those mad cables and pylons. I  am in touch with the department of Electronic, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the Carlow IT to deal with the technical side of the development! If you need different financial backers, we will help. I understand that your current investors are of the milking-the-public-for-the-rest-of-time variety. But there are other wealthy people who have integrity.

Towards this goal, I would like to invite a representative of Eirgrid to be interviewed. I can meet at a time of your choice. I would love to discuss the above project with you and would like answers to some difficult questions about your current plans. Firstly, do you have any evidence that the new cable is needed at all? Ireland does not need new infrastructure, there is sufficient electricity to the whole country. Why have you agreed to exporting power to England, to the total detriment of Ireland? Why would people in Ireland have to pay for cables to go underground, when there is already a budget and the people of Ireland are 100% in unified objection to the project and it does not serves this country? Who is providing the 3.2 billion? What would be involved in stopping the project altogether and dismantling the pylons already assembled? Why is one underground route from west to east, already in place, not enough to export power? Why is it not being done across Northern Ireland which is just as windy and belongs politically to Britiain?

Turn this around and put Ireland on the map for stopping all energy related world problems, climate wise, war-wise and financial. The wealthy have enough money now, lets shift to a conscious humanitarian focus.
Many thanks, Frances Micklem 

The Research

These concepts are currently being discussed at The Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference.
The Casimir Effect is a proven example of free energy that cannot be debunked. The Casimir Effect illustrates zero point or vacuum state energy, which predicts that two metal plates close together attract each other due to an imbalance in the quantum fluctuations(0)(8). You can see a visual demonstration of this concept here. The implications of this are far reaching and have been written about extensively within theoretical physics by researchers all over the world. Today, we are beginning to see that these concepts are not just theoretical, but instead very practical and simply very suppressed.
Vacuums generally are thought to be voids, but Hendrik Casimir believed these pockets of nothing do indeed contain fluctuations of electromagnetic waves. He suggested that two metal plates held apart in a vacuum could trap the waves, creating vacuum energy that could attract or repel the plates. As the boundaries of a region move, the variation in vacuum energy (zero-point energy) leads to the Casimir effect. Recent research done at Harvard University, and Vrije University in Amsterdam and elsewhere has proved the Casimir effect correct (7).
A paper published in the Journal Foundations of Physics Letters, in August 2001, Volume 14, Issue 4 shows that the principles of general relativity can be used to explain the principles of the motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG)(1). This device takes electromagnetic energy from curved space-time and outputs about twenty times more energy than inputted. The fact that these machines exist is astonishing, it’s even more astonishing that these machines are not implemented worldwide right now. It would completely wipe out the entire energy industry, nobody would have to pay bills and it would eradicate poverty at an exponential rate. This paper demonstrates that electromagnetic energy can be extracted from the vacuum and used to power working devices such as the MEG used in the experiment. The paper goes on to emphasize how these devices are reproducible and repeatable.
- See more at: 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to address seemingly massive problems

Happily it makes no difference, with energy, whether you are up against a personal downer or a national disaster. The healing can be done in the same way. For those that wish me to get the big guns out - so to speak! I have decided that I will offer 'Meditation Monday'.

It will be 6pm Irish time, 1pm Florida time and 10pm Moscow time.  I'll work out others if necessary!

Feel free to send word of the thing you would like solved! Add your will and attention for an hour, wherever you are, undertaking only peaceful pursuits such as lying down, swinging a pendulum (see my introductory video on www.healingbyfranc.com!) or washing up are all valid … as are teleporting in to Harmony Hall to help, levitating and achieving ego-less intention via meditation, for the more advanced participators!

As I'm only just starting this, I get to chose what situations to clear today!

I had asked for Europe to stop Eirgrid putting pylons and / or underground hugely strong electric cables the length and breadth of Ireland. Today I received word that the European Parliament are probing Eirgrid! Sounds unpleasant, but will get the job done that I asked for!
Tonight I am asking that the European Parliament insist that Eirgrid spend their budget and use their pylon steel to bring free energy machines into production and make them available at a low cost to every household, in every community. So that there will be no more cables needed and no more electricity bills…no more solid fuel emissions as well.

I am asking that all horses, ponies, donkeys and other creatures outdoors are warm enough to stay well. Some may not be given hay but if its possible, remember that a horse can regulate its own temperature as long as it has 2 pounds extra hay for every degree below freezing it goes. Its not much, but I ask for every animal to have what it needs.

I ask that the situation for women in China be resolved. There will be no more forced abortions or sterilization. Every life can be supported and recognized as a gift.

I ask that the earth stay steady on her axis and the climate be preserved and valued above any income that people might make from it, in the short term.

I ask that all relationships and friendships have an extra bit of magic in them this month.

Thankfully we don't need to know how these intentions can impact. The first thing I will do each Monday is to ask to clear the energy that we ourselves have contributed, to create the dramas in the first place-this might be through actions or through our fears. We are powerful manifesting entities in thought and deed! So first it is useful to recognize our part, take responsibility for it and then clear any other debri that might be holding scenarios in place (It may be mental, emotional, physical or less tangible, maybe spiritual and you will get better and better at negotiating the light and shadows no problem).

Monday, December 2, 2013


I'm pondering the thought that everything once slowed down becomes sacred. I heard that in the tantra course I attended on Saturday! I was very relieved that no one was ravished and it was a wonderful day of pure energy work, assimilating at last the whole body into the exceptional healing and manifestation capacity it has…and, therefore, we all have. We were wound up that we might have to be in our birthday suits all day and go 'full circle' with a number of partners who we'd meet on the day! My intuitive guides had still given me a 'yes' to attending, even with my long history of euphemisms like 'going full circle' and 'cooking for yourself' and other wonderful give-aways of a small comfort zone, when it comes to sex!

The actual learning was like going for hypnotherapy; instantly relaxed, neutral and honest. Accessing parts of the self that had blocked sensation and desire! It is the most powerful of the energetic tools, I heard, because it has the realization of desire as its goal. Anyone who  knows about the law of attraction knows that if you can focus on what you desire, you will attain it. Most energetic medicine is about letting go of old conditioning and what is wrong with you! Tantra heals and then re-focuses your conscious mind on an ultimate goal. Some goals might be sexual but that energy can be applied to anything you want. Everybody learnt a lot about what armory they had around their bodies, hardening themselves up against love and synergy of any sort. I recommend embarking on this extraordinary art form as soon as you happen upon a teacher that resonates with you…and not before! We worked with Vesco from Tantra Ireland, who is a very natural teacher, with great integrity. Wishing you all a blissed out evening!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

If you can change your mind, you can change your life!

I have just received another paragraph, in Russian! It is Paragraph 2 of Chapter 2, of my book How To Live As One. The book is a guide to healing, using energetic fields. I have put a ten-minute video on my website this week to show HOW its done, the book takes you through WHAT might need attention! 

The website is: www.healingbyfranc.com
The book is: http://www.amazon.com/How-To-Live-As-One/dp/1481184369

The Russian writing looked so intriguing when it arrived, via email, that I thought I must look up what it says, for myself and any English speaking readers! 

Here goes, Para 2 Ch. 2:

"The clearing process starts with noticing what you believe already. Getting even one momentʼs
objectivity - for example, ʻoh look, I totally believe that my health is going to deteriorate each year until I become totally decrepit in old ageʼ - allows you to use discernment - ʻI do not want to make that a self fulfilling prophecy!ʼ and also expand your horizons, using positively framed questions - ʻwhat if...I grow old gracefully, enjoying the active and quiet phases of my lifeʼ. ʻWhat if...I am still surfing, traveling the world and surrounded by people who love me, in my twilight yearsʼ. These things are possible, all these things can happen. Currently you believe what you have always believed, maybe what you were told or maybe ideas that you were born with or think you worked out for yourself."

Глава 2 Параграф 2

Процесс очищения начинается с того, что вы уже замечаете то, во что верите. Понимаете объективность момента, например, - " Я прекрасно понимаю , что мое здоровье будет ухудшаться с каждым годом пока я не стану совсем дряхлой старушкой (или дряхлым стариком) " - позволяет использовать проницательность - "Я не хочу, чтобы это было самовыполняемым пророчеством" а также  расширить свои горизонты, используя позитивно поставленные вопросы - " а что если... Я состарюсь грациозно, наслаждаясь как активными так и спокойными фазами моей жизни". " А что если... В моем очень преклонном возрасте я все еще занимаюсь серфингом, путешествую по миру и меня окружают любящие люди". Все это реально возможно. На данный момент вы верите в то, во что всегда верили, может быть в то, что вам говорили или идеи, с которыми были рождены или к которым сами пришли. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Clearings we can do to sway the course of history

(I have highlighted the clearings to do in bold and am sending out a supporting frequency transmission)

It strikes me that the important things in our world are

The Environment

Animal Rights

Peace (Human Rights)

The distribution of wealth (Human Rights)

The correction of these major topics can all be implemented by the individual … simply by recognizing the infinite power we have.
First we must learn an objectivity and a neutrality. This can be cultivated as an ability to not get 'steamed up' about the things that matter to you. Being angry or afraid gives you a negative point of attraction. Like a pylon, you will magnetize all passing toxic information and rain them down on your future experiences… you will be making matters worse!

Second, we must clear the depressing sense of inevitability that clouds our perspective. Many people say to everything 'well, its going to happen anyway'. That is not strictly true. We can do something and that something is realize what we are capable of, as a united force.

Third, we can call on the 'infinite organizing power of nature' to work on our behalf. Come to recognize our connection to each other and all living things.

When we learn to trust ourselves and know that our vision is clear and for the greater good, the universe will conspire to help. Guaranteed. In the past, people would talk about having God on their side. Now, we might say that Mother Nature is bringing crops…or catastrophes, as she sees fit. Realize that you have both on your team, you are a brilliant expression of God AND the earth. Come to recognize that you are part of everything there is and you can tap into, and identify with, the magnitude of that sway. You can change your reality and for everyone else too if you master your mind and perspective, in this way.

If you're still not sure how to clear your energetic presence and participation, I have put a 10 minute video tutorial on my Home Page, which is entertaining and should get you started! www.healingbyfranc.com

If you need a deeper understanding of how to systematically heal and master your mind, my book is available on Amazon 'How To Live As One' which is very light and might be a good present for any subdued friends you may have! It can be found on this link


If you need help with the healing journey, via training in the method or distance healing or a space clearing for your home, please contact me on 00353 87 137 0859 or via Harmony Hall BioArchitecture Retreat on Facebook or via Frances Micklem on Linked In.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Raised awareness can cause even more stress until you learn to change your ways in pace with your wisdom!

The transition, from energy healer to radio show host, has been very interesting indeed. I am learning from my guests as fast as I am sharing information. I hadn’t realized until yesterday how much I know, we know and they know! For example that there is fluoride put in our water, on purpose, to keep us docile and interfere with our brain cell health. We are trained from the start to savour rubbish like fast food and coffee and turn our noses up at coconut water and the faint unusual scents of herbal tinctures! We absorb 60% of what we put on our skin, chemicals and dye from new cloths, creams and make up.  The main cause of our reduced fertility as a race is this self-inflicted pollution! I gathered that, the cosmetic industry must only include 1% natural ingredients to register a product as ‘natural’.

I laughed to myself after yesterday’s show, where we talked about all these things and the importance of organic food so we don’t give the powers that be a total monopoly on the very basic food grains, via one or two patented seed varieties being left….So I laughed because I remembered that the radio network is called Creating Calm and we were more likely to be creating worry with this new awareness! Maybe that’s the point; we should only raise awareness when we are offering a choice. The best choice is shopping in health food shops, where the bags are full of complete proteins, organic food and interesting alternatives to processed, corrosive foods.

My vision, and the vision of everyone that I have interviewed so far, has been informed by the present. Rather than complain about it, the shared master key has opened their imaginations to work out their own manifesto and start their own campaign for a happier, healthier future. That’s the plan and if you have something you intend for the greater good and you want to put it ‘out there’, in an ever-expanding way, let me know and I will get you on the programme!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Submission to Eirgrid to stop the pylons, please share and copy and paste a bit you like to them as well by 26th November!

Dear Eirgrid, (gridlink@eirgrid.com)
Pat Rabbitte (pat.rabbitte@oireachtas.ie),
Phil Hogan (philip.hogan@oir.ie
Philip Lowe, European Director General for Energy philip.lowe@ec.europa.eu

Rejection of Ireland’s Eirgrid’s proposed new overhead, 43 metre high pylon route from north to south and rejection of Ireland’s agreement to sell all its excess windpower to England exclusively, rather than let the resource make Ireland prosperous eventually, in a competitive market.

Dear Eirgrid,
We request that your full 3.2 billion euro budget be spent exclusively on undergrounding cable, both the 400kV cable and domestic cable upgrades too and even the power substations be built underground. Also that all pylons be dismantled, that were erected before the public had a chance to stand together to refuse them.

Request that a 5 year emission test takes place to record loss of power and deterioration of peoples’ health around existing pylons.

Make no mistake, 100% of the Irish public, 100% of councilors and everyone who loves to visit Ireland for work and as a tourist, all reject your plans to erect pylons from north to south; all of it, all the four proposed routes through Carlow and all the stretches further north and further south. You will have no agreement from us and we will ‘lock down the land’ and officially and physically support any farmer who is locking down his land, in any part of the country.

These are our grounds of rejection:

1. There has been no fair process, (the public have only just found out and some still do not even know of your plans. I, personally, live on proposed route D16. I only found out yesterday.) There has been no information shared or consideration of concerns raised. Eirgrid, Pat Rabitte and Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan all continue not to answer any of the difficult questions. That is because there is an unjustifiable threat to public health, water, the landscape and it will leave a shoddy legacy for our children rather than future proofing the infrastructure by laying cable underground. Undergrounding the cable would answer many of the difficult questions for you. (Except why the hell did you not lay them along the motorway last year when you were building that? Where it would not bother anyone?)Pylons are widely considered out dated technology as exposed lines lose so much power. This letter is to confirm that pylons are unanimously considered not an option for your current project.

2. Massive Health Concerns about increased magnetic fields causing childhood leukaemia, infertility, melatonin hormone reduction, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, motor neuron disease and alzheimers to name but a few.

3. The obvious safer choice is to lay cable underground.

4. The immediate and lasting depreciation of property.

5. The noise, known as the Corona Effect – which is well documented and can be heard on You Tube.
Although I am sure you know it well enough yourselves and will be sure not to have one in earshot of your own homes…or are you, Phil Hogan, going to Europe next year to get well out of harm’s way?

6.  24 hours a day exposure to electro magnetic full power charge – the figures on how unsafe that actually is, you may or may not have. But you have been asked for the figures and they have not been released. This is because you know that we will be blown off the richter scale. We know that it will be full power all year around and not just when its cold here because you intend to sell electricity on.

7. The implicit agreement that you can sell out lives (eg.cancer) and livelihoods (eg. Tourism and animal farming) of people in Ireland to facilitate the sale of power generated here, to England. Making Ireland a power station for Britain.

8. Eirgrid’s continued mis- information. Significantly, you have said that homes need be only 50 metres from a pylon, when in other countries, 200 metres is the very minimum considered safe. Eirgrid has given false information – for example saying that laying the cable underground would be 25 times more expensive, then only 12, then 7, then 3. At the meeting in Carlow yesterday, Eirgrid said that the problem was not one of cost at all, it was technical and we ‘wouldn’t understand’. I request that that exact question be answered. ‘What is your problem with undergrounding the cable?’ We are all educated and have teams of people in each community who can shed light on any technical problem. The public know that you are well able to lay cable underground as that is how you laid the west to east cable and under the sea. Has laying the cable around the coast as a marine route been considered? If not, why not?

9. Magnetic fields change the composition of milk and negatively affect sheep, cows and horses, let alone wild life.

10. The scale of the pylons. Average ESB pole is around 7 metres, these pylons are on average 43metres.

11. The line is completely unnecessary. There is already electricity to all of Ireland, on even the coldest days.

12. This line is only the beginning.
You intend upgrades to cable on existing pylons and poles and new substations too. Well, we the public, intend that every single strand that you lay from now on should be underground. Even the substations should be underground. This is because anything more than the current current (!) of 110 is dangerous to the human body, especially to the development of brain cells in children. The cable for the pylons is 400 and the more domestic lines might go up to 200 +. Pat Rabitte, I gather you have refused to organize emissions testing. This is a reasonable request, by the public, that you register for 5 years at least what discharge there is from existing pylons and more importantly what increase in chronic health issues around them.

13. You irresponsible, greedy, hard faced company Eirgrid and 2 politicians, Mr Rabitte and Hogan, have 3.2 billion to play with. You are obviously the wrong people to handle such a project as you will not even include what you yourselves know from the May 2008 Ecofy’s report on renewable energy. Namely that undergrounding would minimize the magnetic field damage to health and livestock. That undergrounding would keep Ireland a tourist attraction rather than forcing a toxic hell on us, where no one will want to visit and we will not be able to sell up and leave. So far, Ireland is described by visitors to every area as ‘unspoilt’.

The Ecofy’s report also shows stark statistics on how devalued property will instantly be as a result. In fact, no one will buy your house in the vicinity of a pylon at all, for any nominal sum.

14. Your methods.
It has been a hugely unfair procurement process. I am forwarding this letter to Philip Lowe, Director General of Energy in Europe too to help us – the Irish people, make sure you undertake due process. Phil Hogan, your comment on KCLR radio, that the pylons are going ahead was completely inappropriate as it calls into question the role of An Bord Pleanala, the planning department, who are supposed to be considering this and our objections and making the decision. The date for objections to this part of the planning application is 26th November. No household, on any of the Eirgrid proposed ‘corridors’ of pylons, received even a flier, let alone a booklet notifying them of your proposal. It is only in the last 2 months, it has come to light and many people still don’t know.  We are also in communication with Europe about this embarrassing disregard and inappropriate manner by which you are proceeding with this dangerous project, in the face of full, 100% public rejection. The only people who are not totally against it are the ones that do not know yet.

We do not fall for your idea of offering 4 routes through County Carlow and letting one area’s public argument appear weaker than another and making that route the sacrificial lamb. Kilkenny and Carlow and Waterford and Wexford and people from further north as well are all showing up to help us, having battled with you before. This is a unified rejection by all the people of Ireland. There will be no pylons. Furthermore, you must take down the ones you have so far forced on people and see if they can recover their health at all. Some serious compensation is due.

Eirgrid have have not demonstrated any interest in precautionary or safety awareness or measures. I draw your attention to Eirgrid’s own mission statement that says Eirgrid intends and must build a reputation of trust, integrity and honesty with stakeholders. I confirm that what you have achieved is anger, frustration and disbelief.

Cable should obviously have been laid when the motorway was built along the same route. That can still be done. The only reason it wasn’t was that one state run organization didn’t talk to another to combine projects and costs.

So we furthermore reject your pylons proposal due to the underhand and dismissive way the actual information has been treated. Pat Rabbit and Phil Hogan and yourselves all have seen the independent report from May 2008 that states in some detail how the undergrounding can be done and that it can hold a better cable and that the overhead cable loses between 10 and 20% of electricity as it travels

If you were in charge of any other project, you would have been sacked long ago. You have failed to come back with any answers to serious and important questions and you do not have any agreement to move forward with this.

Regards, Frances Micklem

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Look at where you live, in a new light and clear the electro magnetic charge!

Two healings for today are a real space clearing and enhancement for your home and releasing all negative electro magnetic charge.
Your career area is represented by the middle room or part of a room, at the front of the house. Have a little think where this is, in your own house now. If you don't see yourself as having a career, think of it as a space that can reveal your life purpose and clarity as to how to move forward in your life, with intention.

For me it holds the fridge, a freezer and two ovens. That is a lot of electric equipment and that is perfect for me as
1. A large part of my career is clearing electro magnetic stress for people and their environments.
2. The appliances are all new and part of my lovely new, beechwood fitted kitchen.

It needs attention because
1. There was not much apart from some gems in the fridge and freezer; As in 10 amazing, homemade chutneys and condiments but not a stick of celery to eat them with.
2. The shelves were not sparkling in readiness for the next thing.

Tidy up this area in your own house or apartment and spend a few moments there, thinking what ornaments or tidy-up would improve the energy there.

More serious is the electro magnetic charge. People are suffering chronic fatigue syndrome and a huge variety of dis-ease because of it. Experts in the field say that we could only protect ourselves from the electricity fields around us by putting a metal mesh on our windows…which no one's prepared to do. They say that magnetic fields cannot be shielded from at all. Our only hope is that some of it is sent under ground so the earth absorbs the disturbed energy. Luckily, with the modality I use, both electric and magnetic fields can be dissipated harmlessly from individuals and properties and then shielded against.

After any clearing you do, using the pendulum, continue for another few moments to clear yourself. God forbid, you get overpowered too. Paying conscious, fearless attention is always the solution.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Epic reviews of Harmony Hall to show how much visitors to Ireland love it just as it is!

A little positive feedback goes a long way...a huge amount of positive feedback goes a very long way. So if you're trying to decide whether to come on retreat here, read on!     

Staying at Franc was like visiting a good friend. She welcomed us very warm and lovely. Right after the arrival we had an excellent tea together and a very long and lovely talk. Her 2 cute dogs were lovely. Franc laughs a lot - so we had a wonderful time. Our room was located in the first floor. Franc placed there an extra heater - so the room was convenient warm. The vegetarian breakfast (with self-baked bread, fried mushrooms) was delicious. We recommend Harmony Hall for all that are looking for a quite, harmonically accommodation in the nature. On one evening Franc took us with her boy-friend to her Salsa-Class. Thank you very much, Franc, that we could relax so good at your place!

Our stay with Frances and Jani was very positive. They were incredibly hospitable, friendly and welcoming. They got us going each day with a big and yummy breakfast and we were very thankful for the hot home made soup and home made bread that we received upon arrival. We loved the comfy bed and found it hard to get up in the morning. Jani was very helpful and thoughtful one night when I was sick and made me a hot tea and prepared a hot water bottle. They really went above and beyond. Thank you to Frances and Jani for a comfortable two nights!


Franc and her family were all very friendly and we got along very well. They are very generous and welcoming and even took us for a walk to meet their horse. All their animals were just as welcoming too! Breakfast was very substantial and accomodation was great. Highly recommend!


Stay with Franc! She is a wonderful host, both giving space during your stay and making you feel most welcome the minute you arrive. The house is a pleasure to be in, and the countryside nearby is virtually primeval forest. I loved having friendly animals around the house too - a real treat was when Franc walked us up the road to visit her horses. The other guests staying were lovely people - Franc clearly attracts goodness!


We stayed one night from franc and was a night to remember! Fabulous people that we had the good fortune to meet in our lives! Thanks for everything! I highly recommend this place!!

Frances' house is so gorgeous, calm and peaceful! We only have 1 regret: just stayed 1 night in her home: it's too short! We talked a long time with Frances and Jani and we really appreciated their kindness. We warmly recommended this place!


Frances was the best person we could have met to start our road trip in Ireland. She is sweet and very good cooker. Just one word to describe our visit : brilliant !

Yoann and Matte

Very very nice stay at Frances' home! The home and the room are big, it's a very quiet and peaceful place. Our hosts Frances and Jani were just perfect : sympathic, interesting persons, respectful, and made us feel at home! The only problem is that the stay was too short! It's the place to go!

...And then u find the place.. "Harmony Hall" and as the name says we spent a nice Mozart kind of weekend with Franc and her aura, and her bio- architectural house resonated harmoniousness in every wall.  Exterior seems nice, two cute little dogs greets us, the horse tied on one corner shakes itself a way of appreciating our presence, then we happen to see a small little waterfall in the front of the house..ethereal beautiful. Frances came out of her house, divinely pleasing smile and her clothes that she cared less about. She was kind of woman who exudes peace at sight. You would like to listen to her for hours as she will give you points to ponder upon..me n my friends still pondering on what she said "the meat which we eat - takes 40 yrs to disintegrate in human body" :D                                                                      

Her vividly beautiful interior of house have some kind of positive energy that will make you feel comfortable. I would say I liked her instantly and her disposition was so full of warmth. She offered us some herbal tea and we got instantly connected and comfortable with her and chatted away at the dining table..soon as we arrived. She was no more than an angel.. oh btw she actually has a paper made angel wings which I wore and clicked a pic or two :) and as we were shown our rooms to refresh we could hear symphony ... She started playing the piano downstairs.. & the notes were " only love is real". 

Cozy little rooms with a nice sweet bathroom was enough to make us feel at home. Her house was made in a way to bring the best of energy as she explained the architectural style of her eye shaped dining area and the ventilation shaped like an eye above..ever watching eye of some karmic god I guess...The spirals to upstairs are spirals of good vibes and as u climb you consume good energy and release the negative ones. We had  a wonderful time snacking her scrumptious breakfast- waffle, organic (veggie) sausage etc. We in turn invited her to our place, because we haven't had enough of this divine looking woman (btw she resembles a bit of Drew Barrymore), and greedy for more good times. 

Well cutting my long review short I would say we would love to go back and spend some long weekends just listening to her playing the piano..talk a para or two and take silent long walks, imbibing energy, freshness & also we are yet to try her good friend's culinary delights, who she says is an amazing chef..our taste buds will have to wait. We ended up rejuvenating our souls and I recommend solely to try and feel the good vibes of the place if you go..Bon voyage!