Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vegetable healing! They may not have a heartbeat but we still care!

As Roy Orbison sang, "Over-exposed, commercialized, handle me with care!"
This time it was the vegetables singing!

It was a long way from Lidl shopping, thank God. I was out at the dead of night to collect my Christmas organic vegetables and we drank to mother nature and put the world to rights. By the end it looked a lot like planet earth again, minus Monsanto's food-altering genetics... Everyone was well, hospitals were empty and the bees were buzzing in the hedgerows again.

When I worked for Codd mushrooms, 5 years ago, I drove a lorry to Aldi in Piltown, with the mushrooms. They would send them back if they were fractionally too big or too small. That was their quality control: Uniformity, not taste or nutritional content or even healthy looking specimens. It is so contrived and wasteful and appeals to our fearful natures. Vegetables look clean but they have been washed in chemicals. They look perfect but that's because they are already too toxic for the bugs to nibble at, that might have left a blemish.

I am energy clearing for a rebalance.and blessing every ingredient on everyone's table, Dr Emoto style -y! Please sign the petition to stop planning permission for Monsanto's factory in Argentina. Thanks a million!

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