Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to address seemingly massive problems

Happily it makes no difference, with energy, whether you are up against a personal downer or a national disaster. The healing can be done in the same way. For those that wish me to get the big guns out - so to speak! I have decided that I will offer 'Meditation Monday'.

It will be 6pm Irish time, 1pm Florida time and 10pm Moscow time.  I'll work out others if necessary!

Feel free to send word of the thing you would like solved! Add your will and attention for an hour, wherever you are, undertaking only peaceful pursuits such as lying down, swinging a pendulum (see my introductory video on!) or washing up are all valid … as are teleporting in to Harmony Hall to help, levitating and achieving ego-less intention via meditation, for the more advanced participators!

As I'm only just starting this, I get to chose what situations to clear today!

I had asked for Europe to stop Eirgrid putting pylons and / or underground hugely strong electric cables the length and breadth of Ireland. Today I received word that the European Parliament are probing Eirgrid! Sounds unpleasant, but will get the job done that I asked for!
Tonight I am asking that the European Parliament insist that Eirgrid spend their budget and use their pylon steel to bring free energy machines into production and make them available at a low cost to every household, in every community. So that there will be no more cables needed and no more electricity bills…no more solid fuel emissions as well.

I am asking that all horses, ponies, donkeys and other creatures outdoors are warm enough to stay well. Some may not be given hay but if its possible, remember that a horse can regulate its own temperature as long as it has 2 pounds extra hay for every degree below freezing it goes. Its not much, but I ask for every animal to have what it needs.

I ask that the situation for women in China be resolved. There will be no more forced abortions or sterilization. Every life can be supported and recognized as a gift.

I ask that the earth stay steady on her axis and the climate be preserved and valued above any income that people might make from it, in the short term.

I ask that all relationships and friendships have an extra bit of magic in them this month.

Thankfully we don't need to know how these intentions can impact. The first thing I will do each Monday is to ask to clear the energy that we ourselves have contributed, to create the dramas in the first place-this might be through actions or through our fears. We are powerful manifesting entities in thought and deed! So first it is useful to recognize our part, take responsibility for it and then clear any other debri that might be holding scenarios in place (It may be mental, emotional, physical or less tangible, maybe spiritual and you will get better and better at negotiating the light and shadows no problem).

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