Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Live as long as you can and only die when you can't help it

Hi this is the thought police, just checking in! A little reminder to notice what you're thinking about. Let your focus be on a healthy body, a perfect mate (verb or noun - I wasn't sure which it referred to!) and being rich rather than poor. For yourselves but also for whoever your minds alight upon. The outside world is only ever a reflection of what goes on in your mind so lets pull ourselves together and make some positive changes. Clearing today is to preserve a billion trees and the habitat of the jaguar. Wild cats rock.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Kerry Inspiration and others on Saatchi Art

'Natural High'

This is the latest painting to be sold: Susi and I noticed a gap when we were in Esquires for coffee and I assumed one had fallen and broken. It didn't occur to me someone had purchased it! What a result! Mum loved the lebanon cedar carved on slate too. It was fact obviously both the twin's... 70th birthday party on saturday, not at all over shadowed by the oldest twins ever celebrating that day too - their 100th. (Winifred and Marjorie, what great names!)

Sunday was Olwyn's leaving party. I thanked her for giving me her job. Very generous I thought. Please call in if you're passing through Carlow -its Alive and Well in the Fairview Shopping Centre.

On the clearing front, I've been learning more hard lessons this week. That its only worth communicating when your heart's in it and even then it might not go well!

But also been reassured that happiness isn't a place we're going, its actually the way there. x

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Geometry and Salsa

Well they say - the powers that be - that if a wasp shows up its a call to study sacred geometry and how it might apply to your life.

In one sentence, I would recommend that you incorporate eyes, ovals, squares, circles and many spirals into your doodles today. All these lend you an improved coherence and flow in your unconscious and increase your receptivity to time, love and money (all energetically the same peace and abundance frequencies). The architect, Michael Rice, who designed this place, arranges his website into 3 to 10 sided homes! That’s when you really want to create something tangible that will resonate harmony long after you’ve gone! Even buildings have a vibration. Usually low but imposing on its environment. Bio architecture (sacred geometric architecture), however, works in synergy with its environs as it replicates and mirrors natural shapes, that sustain life.

There are many ways to bring grace into form. Don’t miss out on any of them. For me, salsa is my recent favourite by a long shot. The learnings are ongoing and manifold. The feel good factors are ongoing and manifold. It starts with learning basic footwork patterns. Then, no sooner do you feel slightly confident in your tiny area of what you need to do, you have to learn to follow a lead. Quite a subtle lead!... and change direction, spin and not rely on your lead too much either - always have your own momentum! ‘loody hell, all new areas for me, coming from a martial arts background, where everyone is an opponent. Now everyone just wants to take me for a turn on the dance floor.

So bringing grace into form is also a way to personal growth - via relinquishing control, achieving synergy (where two energies work better together than separately) and building trust. Its essential stuff, when you’re wearing high heels, that you’re fully aware that its by the grace of God go I! In Galway, last weekend, at the salsa festival, I had to lead too for one class - due to a shortage of men! For men, I think salsa is an amazing lesson in ... leading basically! - healthy assertiveness, building self trust and developing physical presence, co-ordination and confidence...and imagination! For both sexes, there is the chance of togetherness, so infrequently felt in other areas of life. As my hands and heart are so activated at this stage energetically, dancing with some people can be overwhelming, for example if they carry a lot of pain or are deeply gorgeous. Both in the same partner can be the final straw! But remember that all our bodies are pure energetic fields that respond readily and well to loving treatments so do something! And really, what else would you want to be doing?...Off to practice my spins ... and then a massage!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Up to date events page!

Clearing Possible
Once I start employment at the Alive and Well Health Food Shop in Carlow’s salubrious Fairview Centre!

I can also be found in there if you want me to tune in quickly for clarity on something and to help with any 3D detoxification ideas!


Shamanic Journey
Friday 16th 7-10pm inc. dinner and clearing €20 Harmony Hall

Training in the method
Mondays 7-9pm How to clear €20 Harmony Hall

Home Clearings - Geopathic and Spiritual
Tuesdays and Wednesdays available for clearings on location and one to ones €60 per hr

Personal Healing
Thursday and Friday Mornings in the Carlow surgery. Personal clearings and referrals.


Shamanic Journey
Saturday 8th 12-3pm inc. dinner and clearing €20
(The 8th is called the Day of Atonement. Our event will be, instead, one of Attunement)

Training in the method
Mondays 7-9pm How to clear €20 Harmony Hall

Home Clearings - Geopathic and Spiritual
Tuesdays and Wednesdays available for clearings on location and one to ones €60 per hr

Personal Healing
Thursday and Friday Mornings in the Carlow surgery. Personal clearings and referrals.

Weekend Clearing Workshops can be arranged for groups of 4 or more.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Evolving Quietly at your Own Speed

Everyone has the capacity to make life easier in some regard. Upgrading the world to a happier place. The most obvious way for me to is to teach the energy clearing. A perspective that eases resistance, conflict and pain for yourself and others, what could be better? I’ve been able to show its applications but have ended up leaving the impression that I am the best conduit for the resolution of problems, as opposed to the person themselves. This is partly because I have consciously met a lot of the energetic spectrum and partly because I love to help.

What would be more useful is encouraging people in their own unusual innovations, promoting confidence in their own abilities to do things differently from the way they are currently being done. All we’re really doing, after all, is trying to navigate our way through life, bringing our soul energy to the party, stop identifying with old hardened ways and chance our arm at making the most of life. Obviously, I don’t mean having the most. I mean simply a willingness to take part with an open mind and hopeful spirit. ... Oh yes, that’s the other thing that most will have to reconnect with: A sense of possibility, power, trust and total confidence that you are here as a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.

This will simplify the navigation process no end. People always say that they don’t know how to phrase the questions to identify and orientate a healing. If you see your soul as having the bigger picture in hand on every level, just make it your routine to ask that part of yourself. If you are using a pendulum, ask simply about each avenue presented to you - ‘Is this a positive?’ Or once you become more fond and respectful of your body as a vehicle for your soul, ‘does this honour me?’ You don’t have to fear that you’re just going to get the answer you want. You’re not asking your mind ‘can I be bothered?’ or ‘is this person having me on?’ All the fear-based, past-based, individually-driven ideas are bypassed. You are asking the ancient, underlying heart beat of all things how to get into its flow, one step at a time. Within every decision, there is a choice you can make that benefits everyone. You can get a clear yes/no and analyze no further. No more revisiting decisions, no more half hearted commitments, instead stand unflinchingly by your intuitions, feelings and actions knowing they’re guided by something beyond fear, selfish need or external pressures.

If your understanding of reality is scientific, clear what you know. One organ at a time, then your lymphatic system, your blood, whatever comes to you is your portal to get in touch with this internal aliveness. Eat your way back to brilliance, nourish yourself in whatever way .

If you’re totally practical, do your clearing through this vocabulary. There is no need to entertain, let alone adopt a whole new modality that doesn’t ring true. Clear for everything that does’t work, as you see it, to now work. Same if you're socially minded.

If you’re mood orientated, keep clearing your mental energy and practice centering your self in joy. This might be a ‘fake it until you make it’ exercise for most people to start with but be disciplined about what you’re putting out there and you’ll see results reflected back in due course. Things in your mental field might be anxiety, responsibilities, habitual negativity, shoulds, guilt and plenty of random limiting beliefs to move on from...oh yes, and intolerance’ll be there too in the form of “I’m definitely right, I’ve given this serious thought” Practice saying to yourself ‘I may be wrong’. Its a relief, I assure you, and more importantly, it allows new, open-ended neural pathways to form, structuring your whole system to become more receptive.

If you’re already energy orientated, clear your chakras every morning. In the evening I also clear whatever information has passed, unnoticed, through my system during the day and then any adverse effects. Also return to your light structure - held in holographic form at the edge of the universe. Clear fractious energy from machinery and people before it manifests further and tune all your friends in to fractal energy - the law of attraction that Einstein called ‘the friendly universe’ allowing them to realize their dreams too.

Here are some fields to clear if you just feel a bit stuck, lonely and knackered:
Your cells. For 100% health. For emotional and physical comfort. Any attachment to a bleak outlook. For acceptance that you’re changing and everything is changing for the better around you. For acceptance in general “It aint good, it aint bad, it just is”. Clear doubts - I had 76 left! It took time over the day but, by nightfall, I was doubt free and in a play time frame of heart for salsa. It really is the way forward. When I say clear it, even letting the pendulum swing with each topic until it slows, is a strong start. Picture your soul energy doing the internal ironing, sweeping clear any turbulence and obstacles. Its a walk in the park for your soul, glad of the acknowledgement and glad to be of service x

Monday, August 15, 2011

You Make it Easy, to Watch the World With Love

Awareness of polarity, separation, turbulence and misdemeanor is one thing. Most of the time we live in a world of relativities and much mental darkness. What about our awareness of the infinite? The times when the path before us becomes quite clear. We readily accept the pursuit of justice, wisdom, loyalty and truth and the requirement to walk humbly and in love and respect towards our fellow human beings. Only once we have cleared our ego triggers like powerlessness, inferiority, anger can we live fully guided by the infinite, without fear of annihilation!

‘This awareness of the infinite around us and pressing upon us is never more vivid than in respect of the bonds and sanctities of home. Here I have not first in mind the transports and ecstasies of youthful love, though even here, it is possible, the lover who idolizes and idealizes the beloved may for the moment have a truer insight into his or her true nature, what he or she is by possibility or by desire, than can those who judge from outside and without the intuitions which love brings. I had rather in mind the love of parents for their children and for one another after long years together. Here are bonds of affection and knowledge which neither life nor death nor things present nor things to come can sever; here too, then, we touch the ultimate. Wonder and affection, awe and reverence become the human family.’

This is a quote from my grandfather’s book! Who’d have thought his’d be the first romance novel I’d happen upon...My Cherry Tree by Nathaniel Micklem. He also wrote at least 10 others including Religion for the Agnostic, Religion for the Sceptic and Religion for the Atheist. The man had a calling, you have to give him that! He was also deeply interested in Aliens, so it turns out I’m a bit of a chip off the old block, as they say. Most importantly, he’s one of my two guardian angels and speaks to me telepathically daily. Do you know who yours are? Because it’d be worth tuning in to those parts of you that have a broader perspective. The 3D one can only be holding you back! What was also really cool about my grandfather was that he was a conscientious objector in the second world war and addressed the German people every day of it, in German obviously! to let them know what Hitler was doing. The moral of the story is that life really is all about raising awareness, compassion and putting 100% into love.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The web of life

Whatever we do to ourselves we do to the whole web of life. So what are you doing to yourselves these days? Is it possible that you're harbouring some guilt and anger? Anchoring your private mood on your most repetitive, bleak thoughts? ... It reminds me of a joke I liked. What did the inflatable teacher at the inflatable school say to the inflatable boy, who brought a compass in to class? You haven’t just let me down, you’ve let yourself and the whole school down! (...I had that said to me about 10 times at school so it particularly speaks to me)

My understanding of what needs to happen is to practice harmlessness in every action and thought (that at least stops the tide of chaos and cruelty when it meets you. The alternative is really only ignorant perseverance). Then, don’t stop there in a paralysis of horror, consciously choose for the toxicity we’ve identified externally and identified with personally, to fall away (clear ourselves, basically). Then we get to the good bit: limitless powers of manifestation. Lets use the new space we’ve created within to remember happiness and plenty and conjure up a vision of a world of it. This isn’t a trying to be good or do good. Its a remembering of the love that underlies every situation and letting it emerge.

You can say violence is erupting everywhere and hardship faces everyone unequally but we have an unprecedented opportunity here. In the great stream of consciousness there is every thought, possibility and outcome. Pluck out of this stream visions of peace, mutual respect and abundance and hold onto them, with trust and hope. Hold on to them at least with the same tenacity you’ve held on to all the troubles you previously closed and clouded your hearts with!

This isn’t delusion. This is the principle ‘what you think about, comes about’ so choose your thoughts carefully. This isn’t a hopelessly small drop in the ocean of turmoil either; a coherent heart is powerful beyond measure...and way beyond any amount of unconscious endeavour.

What is harmlessness: vegan, simple, eco, friendly, loving, living on purpose, always centred in joy, fearless, tolerant and receptive.

What is clearing: noticing what is going on in your own heart, taking responsibility for all of it, by remembering to see everything as an energy field, simply waiting to be acknowledged. Every trauma you heal in yourself, you heal for all. The healing takes place by learning to judge nothing as good or bad and in the recognition that we are all one and connected. Disturbed energy just dissipates. First you do it for those you love, then you have to show yourself the same courtesy and compassion and put the time in to self acceptance.

What is conscious manifestation
As you clear yourself, you’re no longer drenching every cell in your body with your old problems. You literally clear the surface of the cells of their receptors to those difficult situations (Say, karma had you attracting abuse, or a solitary childhood had you attracting a pattern of loneliness) So now we have an opportunity to write the script ourselves. Through visualization and a disciplined stock piling of beautiful moments, we start to create a new reality. (Trust me, I have success with this process several times a day! If I apply myself to visualizing you well, you get well, you can do the same).
While you’re developing it, you will notice more stuff to clear like imbalances between giving and receiving in your life, a lack of receptivity, trust, hope and imagination. Just upload what you need as you notice it. Play with seeing yourself completely differently from your old self images. Affirmations like ‘I’m so grateful that I’m good at ...’ and ‘I love ...’ when actually in the past its been something that was a complete no no, for you! Your old ideas are literally that, old ideas. They were no more true than your new ideas. except you adopted and held old ones usually indoctrinated by someone else and society and your new ones are useful, consciously chosen, confident and expansive experiments.

What is the extent of the positive change we can bring?
Well this just dawned on me this week. We can change the whole entire world. Possibly, as well, we should be getting on with it as it might well be exactly why we’re incarnated at this transitional moment in history. To this end, I’ve come up with a few meditations that I’d appreciate you spending a little time visualizing. The first is an image of there being food on everyone’s table around the world. Compassion and fairness in place of every instance of chaos and injustice. Healthy soil on every continent and clear water. Once I uploaded these possibilities, I went down to the dance floor in the wood and sent the vibrations down the stream. Dr Emoto would like it as a system! Anything will do though, but lets just start encouraging our hearts and minds to alight on solutions, for the micro and macro picture every day. Don’t worry about the ‘how‘, the universe will conspire to bring about whatever we ask for ... I received the intuition that he/she would be delighted to receive the positive input!