Thursday, May 31, 2012

Move On

What sort of atmosphere do you bring to the party? As you start to realize that a generous and ongoing awareness of yourself and your partner is all you need to be happy, you often quickly see how clouded your own energy is. It is mainly clouded with judgements that you think are true. You have thought them so many times, that you have compromised your mental health with them. You have depressed yourself! This dynamic, or rather stagnancy, is not easy to pivot into a positive spin because it stems back to some old horror tucked away in your unconscious. What people don’t realize is that, in a relaxed and methodical manner, they can wake up and heal these aches, pains and fears. When old feelings don’t dominate you, you can really start to live. Instead of all your neural pathways leading backwards, strands of intuition, creativity, solutions and forgiving explanations start to flood in and show a way forward.