Saturday, October 31, 2015

Amazing benefits of plant proteins and nutrition in general and a Harmony Hall-style easy going recipe

The Happy Herbivore plan is so comprehensive and enjoyable that I would recommend anyone transitioning off meat to join their newsletter! Any ingredients that you don't recognize just leave them out!

I have just signed up with the Happy Herbivore to do their 7-Day Plant-Based Challenge and share 
a version of the Meal Plans with you here

They say that there are: some amazing benefits you can expect after 7 days:

1 Better Digestion 

2 Improved Mood

3 Glowing Complexion

4 Increased Energy 

5 Sounder Sleep 

6 Stronger Bones 

7 Weight Loss 

Long-term followers of a whole foods diet can expect even bigger results like 

reversing Type 2 Diabetes, improved immune system function and “curing” PCOS, anemia

and asthma

Now, I don’t know what PCOS is but I’m sure someone who does knows all about it so 

if you want to do the challenge and be sent all the recipes yourselves just go to 

Happy Herbivore

Chickpea, Pumpkin and Broccoli Curry

If you don’t like curry leave out all the spices and put in a little vegetable bouillon!! If you don’t like broccoli eat it anyway because:
These are the ingredients for Chickpea and Pumpkin Curry, at least one or two of which you will have in the house as its halloween! My policy is, lightly fry whatever spices, herbs, onion and garlic you have in the oil and after a few minutes add the broccoli and pumpkin and cover with an inch of water.
When it has reduced down to not much liquid, you can put in chickpeas - as they’ll already be cooked separately - add the almond milk and call it a success. I have gone through the ingredients with extra tips, such as ‘this is optional’ and ‘this is how you prepare x,y and z!’ 
2 tbsps olive oil (organic oil of any sort is best. Coconut oil is the only oil that does not degrade down to carcinogenic when it burns. Coconut retains its unbelievable amazing qualities at any heat).
1/2 tsps curry powder (optional)
1/2 tsps garam masala (optional)
1 tsp chili powder (optional)
1 tsp cumin (optional) 
¼ tsp red pepper (optional)
onions (medium, chopped) (optional) 
4 cloves garlic (chopped) (optional)
½ in fresh ginger (piece, chopped) (optional)
15 ozs tomatoes (diced no salt added) (optional)
15 ozs pumpkin purée (pure) (optional - squash or sweet potato or swede would also do)
1 tbsp maple syrup (optional) other sweeteners that are good are Agave Syrup, Date Syrup
½ tsp salt (skip if using canned chickpeas) (optional) 
(Although they say that if you get the salt and pepper right, the rest just follows!!)
¼ cup unsweetened almond milk (soy milk, hazelnut milk, oat milk, rice milk-whatever you have
3 cups frozen broccoli florets

(Frozen Organic Broccoli & all vegetables sold in The Little Green Grocer, High Street, Kilkenny) 

½ tsp white wine vinegar (Optional but use Apple cider vinegar whenever you can as it clears 
viruses and all sorts out of the body) But any vinegar will do for the dish or none!
30 ozs chickpeas (cooked, rinsed and drained) (optional - yes! Even the main ingredients are optional 
and you can put roasted tofu in or a selection of different vegetables.
One day, though, you will discover the merits of chick peas! Buy them dried as tins are really only a 
starter kit as they are already cooked and tins harbour toxins of their own. The night before you 
want to use them put a cup full in bowl, cover them with water, plenty of water and plenty of space 
to expand! Then rinse them the next day and simmer/boil them in fresh water for 40 minutes or so. 
This soaking over night is crucial to most beans but lentils and split peas are fine as long as you rinse them and cook them long enough.    
Bon Appetite!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Prime Time laughs as the two biggest fear-based industries - Meat and Medicine - call WHO the scare mongerers!

For every day from yesterday, when the news broke, I will be sharing something you might like to know, that will keep you and your family both healthy and munching away contentedly at meal times!
First, think about what you already cook. Perhaps it is meat, potatoes and two vegetables? From now make those vegetables more exciting. Start to centralize those as the main flavours. Instead of plain broccoli (which is extremely good for you by the way) put them in a sauce. You might be the queen of the rue sauce already and can just add grated cheese, garlic or lemon. This was last night's instant happiness: Just stirred in curry powder for a light curry mayonnaise.
 Or macaroni cheese or cauliflower cheese. What kids don't love those two complete comfort foods.

 All you need to remember is that carbohydrates break down and give you energy and warmth. Meat never breaks down. Some people have been found with meat in their stomachs dated from 40 years earlier.

What will we do for protein though, I hear you ask? Do not worry!

1. Veggies: Yep, good old greens will pack a protein punch. One cup of cooked spinach has about 7 grams of protein. The same serving of French beans has about 13 grams. Two cups of cooked kale? 5 grams. One cup of boiled peas? Nine grams. You get the idea.

2. Hemp. No, you don’t have to get high to get your protein. But toss 30 grams of hemp powder in your smoothie and get about 11 grams of protein – just like that.

3. Non-Dairy Milk. Got (soy) milk? A mere 1 cup of soy or almond milk can pack about 7-9 grams of protein. Eat with some fortified cereal and you’ve got a totally vegan-friendly breakfast.

4. Nut Butter. Eat up your peanut butter, almond butter and cashew butter. A couple of tablespoons of any one of these will get you 8 grams of protein.

5. Quinoa. I kinda think quinoa is God’s gift to vegans (and gluten-free peeps!), as it’s versatile, delicious and delivers about 9 grams of protein per cup.

6. Tofu. Four ounces of tofu will get you about 9 grams of protein. And at about 2 bucks a pop, it’s a cheap vegan’s BFF.

7. Lentils. With lentils, you can make rice dishes, veggie burgers, casseroles and more. One cup cooked delivers a whopping 18 grams of protein!

8. Beans. They really are the magical fruit. With one cup of pinto, kidney or black beans, you’ll get about 13-15 grams of protein, a full belly and heart-healthy fiber.

9. Tempeh. One cup of tempeh packs abour 30 grams of protein! That’s more than 5 eggs or a regular hamburger patty.

10. Sprouted-grain bread. Pack a sandwich with vegan sprouted-grain bread and you’ll get about 10 grams of protein in the bread alone.

Sources of protein, from
My extra note: Most of these can be found in your local health food shop.
If you're buying from a supermarket buy organic vegetables and fruit. At least just ask for them. The more people ask for them, the more supermarkets will feel the need to have them on offer. This way, gradually we will get the chemically sprayed foods off the shelves!! When I first went veggie, I asked in every restaurant and delicatessen for something appetizing. Now they all offer something. e.g.. O-Briens sandwiches with Guacamole - from Avocados (extremely good for you) and humus - from Chickpeas (extremely good for you)!

It was interesting to watch Prime Time discuss the findings of the World Health Organization report that processed meat and red meat cause cancer. At no point did they ask why? Is this going to be yet another missed opportunity to inform people about
How to look after themselves?
What things they are eating that could be detrimental to their health
Something to try out if you are already ill, that might make you better?

My feeling is that people should take this report as a God-send from an independent organization trying to let us know the truth about cancer, that we are doing it to ourselves through our food choices and to feel empowered by the knowledge and chance to strike a new course in the kitchen!

For more information or support with cooking, nutrition and change management in general, please get in touch or come to Harmony Hall, Co. Kilkenny for a course! We also can provide a week's meals prepared as a starter kit

WHO- Nutrition, Detox, Absorption

For those transitioning off meat, I think I'm going to write a helpful 'thought of the day', every day from now on! 1) Nutrition 2) Detox 3) Absorption
Try and consider at least one of these every time you put something in your mouth!!
eg Banana: 
1) Happen to know it has vitamin K which helps keep your blood inside your body where it should be. 
2) It is a natural sweetener and so no need for processed sugar. We need to detox from sugar as it demotes the immune system in lots of ways.
3) Banana is easy for the body to absorb as it is a fresh fruit, nothing added.
Something else I learned yesterday was about Bulmers and probably all ciders. Buy the one in a glass bottle, not one in a plastic 2litre as they are completely different drinks. The first is made of fruit juice 'nothing added but time' they say! But the latter is made of concentrate and buckets of sugar and preservatives.
Another way of looking at the 3 aspects of food are
1) is it good food?
2) Is it clearing out my system of old badly made choice food and toxins (i.e. does it have antioxidants in it?)
3) Can my body absorb any nutritional quality this food has to offer? (i.e. a juice or smoothie is easy to absorb and carbs must be given more time to release heat and energy and keep us warm…Yes, home made chips are still very much on the menu - thank God!
Featured below are the optimum chip experience this year: Grown with no weedkillers (Roosters are often sprayed up to 18 times in their one short growing season) and harvested by the Bagenalstown Community Garden, washed and turned straight away into a couple of plates of chips by yours truly! This is the way to live! Pure happiness of Rebecca and Legend too in front of the house.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

World Health Organization confirm that meat is cancerous - Can Ireland be the first to go Veggie?

Anyone up for making Kilkenny the first totally vegetarian city in Ireland? This news broke yesterday as I was driving home. It was so exciting to hear it, every hour on the hour transmitted to every radio in Ireland and presumably world wide. I told every cow, pig and sheep I passed. We wept with the stirrings of renewed hope for the animals and the empowerment of people not to blindly feed themselves cancerous foods anymore. Farms can keep the animals, as we need the manure for organic growing, grim Glanbia and Kerry Group can go next - we can find something else to do with all their machinery. Next thing to do is for every family food shopper to attempt a stealth mission to the health food shops and Wong's delicatessen for veggie mince - that is great and cheap, comes dried so goes a long way and has never been recognized as meat free in all my years using it! Then there's the freezer sections where you'll find veggie sausages, pies and sausage rolls that really are to die for, mainly made by Linda McCartney. Just say nothing to fussy kids or partners stuck in an old way of eating, just use the plant-based ingredients. You'll be saving lives of all shapes and sizes. Thanks at last and again to the World Health Organization.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

They are trying to militarize space again. England gets 400 billion sterling from Saudi Arabia alone a year for weapons

Bad news from the Peace Rally in England. Surveillance and nuclear warheads were never going to be ingredients for Peace.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

This place is corrupt and its a full time job staying on top of it!

Don’t vote for the same time wasting morons next election or we’ll never get on with our lives or get justice: I did a preliminary audit which I called:! It shows my full time job as being “staying on top of the lies and fast ones of our council and government”. It is a unpaid position and no costs were covered. 
Loads of us have been employed like this as far as I can see.
As I reflected on the 18 months ish since I signed off the dole in April 2014, in order to be independent and self employed, this is what I noticed:
Petrol, administration, level of responsibility and worry time would warrant €40k salary
Central Access Scheme Bridge 
Demonstration in medieval Kilkenny, over 3 months. 32km round trip and the emergency call sometimes came at 3am when the council contractors would try and sneak in trucks. Supporting fundraising events to bring the council to court which we did, were vindicated on Environmental terms but look at what’s been built anyway to the foot of the medieval cathedral. The few councilors that did ask questions were ganged up on and there was attempts to banish them from the council chamber.

Dog Shelter. 
1000s of administration hours, investigating the council’s lie that the dog pound tender was going to a charity when they were giving it to a carcass collection service. Days and cost of putting a public tender together in the first place, in good faith – thinking what would I really like to do? Run an animal homeless centre, as its on my road, I’m qualified and get to look after animals and employ all the good animal lovers I know there. Thought the council were afraid of the travelers but actually they are protecting the operations of an animal body parts trade. Only found out how much trouble the Kilkenny Council were in when I went to County Clare's council meeting to help protect their shelter and found out Kilkenny were in court, as they were letting the contractors sack the current staff.
Family and holiday time nearly spoilt: I found out at the party for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary who the deciding engineer was giving the shelter to. I found out on day one of my holiday 8 months later that it was the very same week that the collection service were to take over Kilkenny dog shelter. Expenses: Had to buy a dongle that worked in Kerry and work all day every day, on line and on the phone to get an article into the Mail on Sunday, which thankfully persuaded the ACS to pull out. 
Pylons & Wind Farms
These pylons and turbines were 100 metres tall and were planned to go the length and breadth of the countryside to make Ireland into a Power Station for export. The electro magnetic fields were making community after community sick. My job: Drive to Carlow to protest against the pylons on the Blackstairs Mountains … only to find that the most likely 'corridor' Eirgrid would choose to put the pylons was running through Paulstown, where I live. No one had been told. Counties were set against each other, as they tried to fend off these plans. Each group trying to raise money to do environmental reports to prove they had more rare species to protect, more risk of water contamination, more natural beauty and livelihoods to ask them not to ruin. I spend endless hours researching, writing, attending meetings and fundraising, to bring Eirgrid to justice. Signs went up everywhere, 'Bury the cables not the people'. The motorway had been built only 12 months earlier and could have held the 400kW cables but no. The government only went after the idea, when they were sponsored 360 million to do it. Then it came to light that the Green Party minister had signed the deal. Then it turned out that the head guy at the National Planning Office was now head of Eirgrid. So they were not going to meet many real objections to the plan. Nonetheless, the individual had to pay the councils and national planning office to make an objection as well €70.
New Frontiers Business Funding
This was a funding course which I did to develop magnetic technology that would mean that no grid was needed at all. Certainly not pylons and not even windmills. The windmills Ireland has are 10 years out of date. Gaeltech put them up and argue they are bringing jobs to the area. All their engineers are shipped in from Portugal. There is not one local benefit to the area at all. They will certainly see no discount on their electricity use. What I had designed was a one-off generator that you could purchase and no further electricity bills. In reality, this included at least 10 meetings for me with the 'Enterprise office'. They had no intention whatsoever of giving the engineer and I even minimal funding at all to start. For those that want to know more, Hope Moore is having great success with developing this technology in severe countries.
Shell Liquified Natural Gas - Drilling off Mayo
Then I heard that Shell needed one last license to drill. I thought that there was no way the Environmental Protection Agency would pass an emissions license for Shell. We put in a massive petition and a few individual objections as well (which cost us personally €126 each, while a funded body could object for €60…though none did) Instead of listening to our objections, they sent Shell all our names. Yes, Shell who have killed off the last few hundred people who stood in their way. Then it came to light that Shell had bought 25,000 pounds sterling-worth of alcohol for the Mayo police and that is why so many local people have got in trouble for asking questions about Shell (Masked men came aboard one man's boat and sank it - somehow the fisherman himself was sent to prison and branded a thug and there were no repercussions for Shell for their violence to the man). If I can find the article about the alcohol I'll put it in here as it makes for the funniest most damning read. Almost a one scene play, in the making!
Food Industry 
5 million crop farmers have committed suicide on the 'suicide belt' in India because Monsanto sold them treated seeds and then insisted they pay for them again the second and preceding years, claiming their patent. At a high brow meeting in Ireland, we refused grants for Organic farming here on the basis that it was 'on its way out'. The Round Up and other chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers are just versions of chemical weapons that needed new branding. The average rooster potato has been sprayed 18 times. Then there’s the meat industry. Billions of people turning a blind ey to the killing of 160 million animals a day. As soon as the animals hit the factory floor, there is no telling what happens. Totally above the law. Selling one species as another. Getting every disease past the Dept of Agriculture and out into the shops.
Trying to raise awareness of how to look after ourselves rather than give our health over to them. 96% recovery rate from cancer with raw food. 2% from Chemo - Pancreatic cancer figures. Selling flu vaccines and other vaccines that are introducing live viruses into infants and the elderly's bodies. 
Writing to whoever will listen, in the hope of stopping the chem trailing. Pouring chemicals indiscriminately out of planes over crops and residential areas. Learning Horticulture to expose and influence the mad wild use of pesticides and herbicides on all our food and the vast cruelty behind all the exploited animals. If they weren't cramped in, they would not need antibiotics to keep them alive.
Hideous unmanned weapons. Our government wants to make Ireland the drone capital. Some are military, some are information gathering, some carry weapons. They are all intrusive and mainly dangerous. This is because they are removed from the situation: Who they're bombing, who they're watching. Its not surprising that the agriculture minister is the defense minister as well. Same man in charge of Big Agriculture is in charge of Animal Welfare too. God help them - how many conflicts of interest there are there. But actually not as the ego means his only interest is himself. So yes, intensification of farming, puppy farms, live export of animals, producing for China and the states, food fraud ring protection and pure chemicals and unconsciousness all the way are alright with everyone in power at the moment.
It amounts to zero regard for life. Ours or any other life forms – animal or plant. The councils and government are not just ignorant of welfare, they are actively cruel to pursue profit.
In conclusion, Ms Micklem, you have got to foot a big bill.
Somehow Shell got 50 million to insure themselves for contaminating the land and sea. Somehow I found myself still liable for a hefty tax bill for the bed and breakfast guests I had through Airbnb. Yes, this is for my 20 annual guests at 45 euro a night, minus time, laundry, breakfast, cleaning and meeting and greeting at my vegan and organic retreat. The revenue were determined to gather the records on anyone using their spare room to earn a small living and fleece any last remaining good from it. 
Be it on our own heads if we let these people run things for any longer. The best way to deal with it is stop buying cruelly produced products, working for companies that do and openly disgrace anyone who needs telling. Sure, its the truth, so we might as well spell it out.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tens of thousands do 24hr Fast Against Slaughter

I spent the day of fasting with my two pigs and other animal friends. They seemed anxious to communicate. '160 million animals killed every day', Legend said. 'How much karma is that?' I had seen 2 cows being forced down a narrow crush with an electric prod to be killed once. I remember their beautiful rumps, something that perhaps only an at-some-point dressage rider like myself would notice. No muscle wastage, perfectly even tone and fabulous gleaming coat. Massive animals in their prime, great friends and completely aware that they were going to be violently killed. Because this isn't the fear of danger, some sort of possible risk, chance taken or uncertain terrain, this was the fear of murder. They were in the lair of someone who had done it many times before, this was definitely happening. We all cracked up watching their gentle eyes wild with terror. Both nearly broke their necks trying to turn around in the corridor. I'm sure many do. There wasn't one person who wasn't crying with the horror of it. Some covered their eyes. There was no blood or noise just the cctv footage of two cows at an abattoir. Business as usual. Times that by 160 million and its insane beyond justification. We just cannot do it anymore.

I do understand that people didn't and couldn't focus on it until now. That it has been argued as some sort of necessity to feed everyone (and please relax about that, there is enough grain grown already to feed 13 billion people). Some people also say that animals don't mind being part of the food chain. Maybe they don't but that is a far cry from being explicitly bred to be eaten and exploited by another species. Think about it, it is horrific. If we all start asking our souls what they want to do, we might just be in time to make amends.

Dogs represent your emotional life, cats represent your mental life, pigs represent your heart and soul, cows represent your physical instinct to look after yourself and others (and think what we do; routinely take their calves away). How corrupt and sick have people become?

Horses your spiritual life and guinea pigs your sex life! Then chickens represent your ability to organize and cooperate - they can easily organize a respectful pecking order up to 100 chickens (please contact me if you can take any of the 2,500 that are being disposed of by a farm here in Ireland this week - yes that's the farmer killing them as so ungrateful for the years of pushing out eggs in total confinement that they've done for him or her. Most have hardly any feathers left but they'll come back with love and jumpers are available in the meantime.) How greedy and thoughtless people have become!

Lambs are baby sheep, they're none of our business. They represent playtime and the freedom to frolic. They should be on mountain sides, amongst rocky outcrops and heather. Instead I see in the animal feed shop 'castration rings' that come in packets of 250! The instructions are that they are to be stretched around the lambs' goolies and tail in its first few weeks of life so that their bits and tails drop off through  the stopping of circulation.  What sort of sick distortion came up with these ideas. The tail, in case people didn't realize it, is part of the spine. Since when is mutilation okay with us?

How distorted and ignorant the individual has become, keeping eyes closed.

If you're not at all alright with mutilation and worse, then I wish you many happy times, adventures and experimental successes in your transition to veganism. It really isn't extreme, its just the obvious outcome of thinking things through.

At Harmony Hall, my place, we work constantly to align compassion with power. So its not about identifying with all the victims. Its not about getting depressed. Its about embracing positive change, celebrating a renewed connection with all of life in its rich tapestry - including your own. It is also about passionately defending all life and speaking the truth as it comes to you. Surely that sounds inviting?!

This is the FARM animated video called "Have We Been Lied To?"

It replaces their video "10 Billion Lives" that did not spare the gore of the situation!

For help with a holistic, conscious and kind time for the second half of your life and even a new lease of life, contact me on Alternatively you can buy my book on Amazon

If you are equally interested in positive change, whether its:
To get the Animal Collection Services (Knackers Lorry operators) out of our dog and horse shelters;
To stop the absurdity of the Department of Agriculture being in charge of Animal Welfare when they routinely approve the killing of such a multitude of animals under the heading 'agriculture'.
To Make Cruelty to Animal History or
You just want to know what animals themselves want.
You just want support and motivation during all the changes
then join our group on Facebook: Animal Referendum for Ireland - Rebecca and Legend.  This is the profile picture to look out for!

First tip for motivation is to find a way to absolutely love what you have to do. Let me know how it goes!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Animal Welfare Helpline: 0761 064408, Dog Pounds Management, Puppy Farming and Live Export response from Dept. of Agriculture

I refer to your recent correspondence to Mr. Simon Coveney, T.D., Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine regarding Animal Welfare.

The matter of awarding local authority contracts referred to in your correspondence falls outside the remit of this Department and should be addressed directly to the relevant councils.

While the Dog Breeding Establishments Act 2010 remains a matter for the Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government and the Local Authorities, a joint inspection regime of Dog Breeding Establishments involving both the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine and the Local Authority Veterinary Service had been inaugurated.

These inspections of puppy farms by officers of this Department will result in prosecutions under the Animal Health & Welfare Act 2013 if the evidence supports the view that a prosecution is sustainable. In addition, where improvement in the facilities or management is identified, Animal Health & Welfare Notices are issued.
Over fifty prosecutions have been initiated under the Animal Health & Welfare Act 2013, including a number taken by this Department based on field inspections by Department Inspectors, authorised officers of the ISPCA and DSPCA and An Gardai Siochana. Several prosecutions have been successfully completed and the remainder are at various stages in the court system.

The Minister has no plans to restrict live exports from Ireland. This Department maintains an environment in which live exports can continue in an economic and sustainable manner with due regard for the welfare of animals. Ireland applies stricter national rules in relation to transport of animals by sea and continues to apply its stricter and more detailed national legislation in this area. In this regard, Ireland has a comprehensive legislative framework in place for some time to ensure that vessels authorised for the carriage of livestock by sea are designed and fitted out in a manner which ensures the welfare of the animals. The Department operates a strict licensing system in respect of ships who undertake this trade and continues to work closely with the World Organisation for Animal Health (01E) to ensure that welfare standards are raised internationally. The OIE is the intergovernmental organisation responsible for improving animal health worldwide.

I would like to reassure you that this Department will continue to work to ensure that animal welfare is protected. The public are urged to continue to report cases of animal neglect and or abuse to the animal welfare helpline in operation by this Department or on the helpline Lo call number 0761 064408.
Yours sincerely
Private Secretary 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Holistic and Planetary Themes in Healing From Harmony Hall and New Directions this week - Links here

New Directions Radio Show this week!

                                        Healing From Harmony Hall Radio Show this week!