Sunday, December 28, 2014

Vegan 2015 for the Environment - watch Cowspiracy

I am recommending a plant-based diet…again! I just watched Cowspiracy, to be found on! It shows how fossil fuels etc account for 13% of global warming but animal agriculture is responsible for up to 51%. (It doesn't mention Ireland in the film but here, animal agriculture is responsible for about 35% of Ireland's emissions already, so don't go thinking that because we don't have massive factory farms we're not doing any harm. The environmental damage is caused by the methane gas they release and the muck running off into the waterways…let alone all the water the industry uses - 100 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of milk! So please don't go expanding a herd! More intensive farming makes matters much worse for everyone). I'm serious now, we've really got to all chose the vegan lifestyle asap. Actually nothing else will really sit right once you've watched it! I've got my last vegan guests of the year, for Harmony Hall BioArchitecture Retreat, coming tomorrow from France. And I'm just back from an exceptionally gourmet vegan Christmas in Oxfordshire. So there is a world-wide movement to join in too once you make the change!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


When we hear the word hedonism, we picture wild excesses in the bedroom and of booze and rich food. This was evoked again when I went to stay in a resort in Jamaica called Hedonism 2. There were mirrors over the beds and pink sofas, Bob Marley cocktails and wet T shirt competitions. We were all asked to join in with whatever skills we could. One friend offered scuba diving instruction, another tennis coaching. The original friend who had arranged the trip was doing a documentary on the whole thing. The ultimate overcoming of inhibition was to have last drinks in the nude jacuzzi. This was a small lake covering about a quarter of an acre bubbling away by candle light, but still a challenge for the Irish contingent as no clothes were allowed!

I wracked my brains for what I could offer. As usual, my vision was a little deeper than intended. I had just finished an Ethics module on Hedonism at Queen's University Belfast. I was dying to offer a philosophical discussion group on the beach. A chance to share the real and important definition of hedonism: The purpose of human life is the pursuit of happiness. Even now, I fully agree that our objective should be to seek out the good. See the beauty in ourselves and others. Perhaps this week's homework can be to cultivate our senses - appreciation of art, literature, music, touch and scent. This is different from the possible dulling of the senses that can happen when we anesthetize ourselves with drink or food - maybe its just a conscious version of that! Even as Bob Marley said 'If you know what life is worth, you will look for yours on earth…And now you've seen the light, Stand up for your rights!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Interpretation of Christmas

I think that whatever we know about Jesus, we know he was a merciful man. He would not have wanted turkeys' throats cut and hung upside down on gates or en masse, no matter how farm fed they were. He would not want cows, sheep and pigs killed. They were all around, warming the stable for his arrival and Jesus himself was the vulnerable one that night, just an infant. The sacrifices are too great and Christmas is now a blood bath…unless, that is, you're planning to be kind, compassionate and Christian and don't plan to eat anybody, to celebrate?! I know its radical but just reflect on it for a moment - all life is EQUAL: Man, beast, bird, fish, bee, spider, criminal, saint. Lets rekindle that warmth of inter-species, inter-gender, inter-personal recognition now, while we have the chance; the warmth of forgiveness; the warmth of fun and friendship. Each of us has the choice. Don't let habit or indifference be it!

Just found these quotes from the bible!
1. “And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food.” —Genesis 1:30
2. “The wolf and the lamb shall feed together; the lion shall eat straw like an ox; but the serpent—its food shall be dust! They shall not hurt or destroy on all my holy mountain.” —Isaiah 65:25
3. “But ask the animals, and they will teach you; the birds of the air, and they will tell you.” —Job 12:7
4. “I will make for you a covenant on that day with the wild animals, the birds of the air, and the creeping things of the ground; and I will abolish the bow, the sword, and war from the land; and I will make you lie down in safety.” —Hosea 2:18
5. “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten in God’s sight.” —Luke 12:6
6. “Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your judgments are like the great deep; you save humans and animals alike, O Lord.” —Psalms 36:6
7. “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.” —Matthew 5:7

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

RIP Windy

Yesterday I lost my best friend Windy. I went out to the stable and found him collapsed, the trauma of a prolapse was over but he still had a very faint heart beat. I was grateful that I could see that there was nothing I could do but sad that he had to go through the difficulties alone. The pain and fear of dying is a lonely time for every living thing. I didn't run for the vet or call anyone, I just sat with him for the next four hours. I heard that when you're dying you can only bare the gentlest of touch so I only put Magic's rug over his own to keep him warm. I cleared his chakras with my crystals and stroked his legs and neck asking to bring his soul back into his body, where it had been lost in the trauma. Then I set about setting his spirit free. I asked him what other animal energy guides he needed, if any, for his transition and he asked for the tiger, the crow, the rabbit, the brown bear and the hippo in turn.

I can't really bring myself to talk to anyone at the moment. Everyone loved Windy, knows how much he means to me and how he was my number one support and me his. Everyone reminds me of different amazing times we shared. I have thought of the best ever cross country ride and competition, how he saved our lives on a bad bend, our favourite dressage sheet comment : 'great synergy between horse and rider', the massive advantage of getting to do my road safety qualifications on him as we must have been out 500 hundred times beforehand. The years I rode him in a head collar and me with no hat just to establish that trust pays off and the bit was no longer necessary. The adventure of getting a friend to steal him out of the yard I'd been working in, when I was off injured, and then hitching him up to my car and driving to Valentia island for a couple of weeks. Cantering around the hills in Suffolk when I took him back to England with me for a year. Riding him in arena's at midnight after work. Most special of all were the hours of standing around with him in umpteen stables and fields, just communing.

God I loved that horse and I love everyone else I have known for helping me with him all this time. He was in brilliant order right until the end and I was going to even ride him on Sunday in the sun but in the end just gave him a little massage before I went to work and did his stable. I think he was content as he was at home and so was I and his new little companion Magic and a big massive bale of good hay and a comfy bed and his own stable. He was 24 nearly 25 and I had him from when he was 8 years old. Since the recession and the horse meat crisis, I have cleared more than 80,000 horses, abused, abandoned and killed. Windy gave something amazing and healing to that work. I will miss him with all my heart x x x

Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to grow up, if you forgot to initially!

There is a childish tendency to abuse animals, people and the environment. Its a competitiveness that is encouraged by our society, which wants one's children to thrive and outshine the light  of others. The less youngsters that succeed, the greater slice of the pie for you and yours. The adult dynamics that we are supposed to grow into are friendships and communication.

Also when we are young we are taught to destroy each other's dreams and potential with elaborate justifications for naysaying and begrudgery. As we grow up, we were supposed to learn to release what is destructive and self destructive and prepare to live a new life. A life that we chose and support others in that too.

Also in early life, we learned about conditional love. Even for kindness we expected to be reciprocated, let alone a commitment of solid hard work. It was always an exchange. At some point we supposed to become secure enough in ourselves to provide strength to others in crisis, with no expectation of reward.

As children we were innocent and enjoyed a special connection with Nature. It was awesome, it was magical. We were supposed to take our place in the world and represent that natural beauty with reverence. Instead, we let school and society say that we were all poor specimens! and developed an inability to defend ourselves against any negativity. Most people can barely care for themselves let alone revere the beauty of nature.

Instead of falsifying information to pass exams, cover up bad practice at work and get away with as much as possible, we were supposed to grow into curious, awake people, passionate about the truth and excited by our powers of intuition.

We have made negative judgements about the physical world. Not too much sex, not with the wrong person, not too much money, not the indignity of too little, not too much food but not too fussy either. The judgements have piled up. You are feeling better or worse, more right or more guilty, more angry, more upset than you were an hour ago. We weren't supposed to entrench ourselves in judgement of ourselves and others. We are to dedicate our time to a loftier goal. Do everything that lifts our spirits and those of any nearby life forms.

We started life dependent and we never moved on. So often, we believe what we're told and we do what we're told. We were supposed to grow into resourceful people and trust our own authority in all matters.

All through life there have been private agendas. People call it getting their needs met and getting their bills paid. I can confirm that there is a larger agenda than that at hand. We're on the planet, especially at this time, to realize our vast creative capacity. We can share a great agenda of compassionate democratic governance, for example and attract an epic positive realization of that shared idea.

Many shut themselves off in their houses and try not to think about what is happening for others. Others get lost out in the world, keeping busy. We are supposed to learn how to keep our integrity intact, our wits about us, our compassion still active, our loyalty to our soul and life in general.

So let us be pioneers. There is no need to stay angry in order to stay motivated. Right here, right now is our physical life and our one chance to grow up and create something unprecedented and good.

Life is important, give up anything that you currently do that harms another living thing. Meat, dairy, eggs, leather, chemicals, cosmetics, medicines and yes, if they're part of your job, start looking around asap for a new one. A better job, a job where you can go with your head held high and a smile on your face.  

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A wonderful October 2014 in Pictures

First Harmony Hall Organic Tofu
                      Spelt Pancakes and Fried Tofu breakfast

                           Magic's First Day at Harmony Hall

                          Measuring up for a Geodome
                          Hook Head Farewell to My WWOOFERS
                                                        (Organic Farm Volunteers)
Visit Home to the best Mum and Dad
(Jonah in the background)
Horticulture - Fetac Level 5 assignments in progress!
        In one of my October blogs and on one of my radio programmes too, I cleared that horrendous plan to kill badgers in England where they had already ordered 25,000 badger body bags…and so, brilliantly, when I visited England and asked about it, it hadn't happen! This is the nature of energy clearing. When we learn how to pay attention we can divert all sorts of harm from ourselves and others!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

November's Oregon Vote on Genetically Modified Organisms. To Label or not to label!

It is a fascinating time to live in America. This diagram shows how many of the government are also being paid by Monsanto, the name behind genetic engineering and chemical agriculture sprays. He is being sued as we speak for one billion dollars by the farmers themselves, as no one will buy their GM crops, mainly banned in Europe! He was sued for 90 million dollars for poisoning a whole town. He is also in court against a collective of 5 million Indian farmers who still live on the 'suicide belt'. It was so named following the despair and suicide of thousands of small farmers who bought Monsanto's GM seeds and were then charged a second and third time for them when the farmers saved some and replanted them the next season.

This November in Oregon, there will be a vote on whether foods must be labelled if they contain Genetically Modified ingredients. The obvious answer is yes, of course they should be labeled. If you think of the hoops producers must jump through to label their food 'organic'! Amazingly, $18 million dollars has been spent already by chemical and big food companies to confuse the voters in Oregon. Coke Cola donated a few million and many, many others just randomly donated vast amounts of money to help stop GMO labeling become part of the legislation. It just goes to show how much they want to keep people in the dark.

If you are in Oregon, I would ask you to definitely vote when it comes up. Also notice what happens! For example, I heard that 52 out of 63 government officials voted against giving a license to a new Monsanto spray that contains Glysophates (found in every breast cancer case) and Agent Orange (a chemical weapon developed for use in Vietnam)…Nonetheless, the license was somehow granted. America is not the only place where corruption is rife. Scottish people voted recently on whether they wanted to be independent of England. Half way through the vote count, the fire alarm was sounded and everyone had to leave. CCTV footage shows that several people were not evacuated and could be clearly seen moving around the hall, adjusting voters' choices.

None the less, we do have choices. For me I would say that the only way to guarantee harmlessness and an easy conscience is to buy vegan and organic food. Also cross reference these names above and make sure you are not voting in anyone compromised by a steady second income from Monsanto!! This goes for other countries too. For example, Ireland has the same minister for agriculture as defense Simon Coveney…whoops, money, chemicals, weapons, food, all in a day's work…that is a lot of conflicts of interest.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Letter to the editor of the Independent

Dear Editor,
Are the courts missing an opportunity? To judge the greatest case of all; Money Vs All Other Human Values
Every person in Ireland is asking for positive change in governing and the courts can make that happen.
I am writing about the recent campaigns in Kilkenny against the Central Access Scheme, Poolbeg and beyond against the giant incinerator and country-wide about the water meters, fracking, pylons, wind farms, the victimization of farmers and separately the proposed exploitation of animals in their farms via the intensification 2020 plan to produce 50% more dairy and 50% more cows, while somehow becoming carbon neutral simultaneously, along with all the other suspect international and 'county development' plans forging ahead, in the face of almost complete public objection.

I keep hearing noncommittal outcomes from very expensive cases, heard after many a long stand on the protest line and many a letter of complaint. The judges keep saying that everything comes down to the workers' right to work and the protesters' right to protest. This is not hearing the case at all. The question should come down to whether the work that is planned is legal and just and whether the objections motivating the protest are valid and uphold able. People want the courts to rule that the work should stop. They want the courts to insist that everyone account for themselves, not hide behind a corporate or political party front.

It is convenient to talk about the cost of protests but money is the only value which the government and legal system seem to consider so far. It is those who are protesting, that have a range of important points to address, that need to be offered the long arm of the law. People who protest are motivated by a great number of important values. Listen to any quick opinions recorded from a protest and you will hear the most willingly offered and coherent arguments. They will include considerations of transparency, democracy, the environment, public money, affects on quality of life, personal impact, future impacts, public health, heritage, community, corruption, inappropriate use of public funds and justice. Then a council is asked for their answers and not one is forthcoming. The bunches of authentic, informed, determined people are clearly the ones to trust and listen to.

Judges could decide if the contamination of our air should be allowed or if the threat of increased traffic is tolerable (Poolbeg have been warned 100 trucks a day from the building stage ad infinitum as vast quantities of rubbish will have to be imported to keep the incinerator going). Perhaps judges could also decide if the council, planning office, building contractor, water, waste, food company in question looks even capable of maintaining a safe standard at any time in the future.

Lets not just turn away from the entrenched difficulties of our society, disillusioned, or even penalized for flagging them up. Let us unite through awareness of the different campaigns each community faces (and give me Garth Brooks in my neighbourhood any day of the week, if that's all the Croke Park community has to deal with) - better than all the toxic invites the councils have welcomed no problem onto our shores. The courts can make sure the institutions fall and companies that are unfit for task go too. Like the 5 million farmers suing Monsanto can we too get rid of the pharmaceutical companies that have zero interest in the well-being of the human race. Just because they are rich should not mean they are left in charge of our agriculture and our medicines. We need people at the top that can say no to half a billion or whatever euro signs flash before their eyes, when they see that the actual cost to life is too great. We have such people with the clarity, independence of thought, vision and staying power attending every rally and I would like to encourage others to share my total respect for everyone that makes the effort to turn out. Come on courts, back us up! Don't treat corporations and councils as individuals with rights. They are entities with no moral values and it is the real people who stand alone, but in unity that need you now!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Problems that have taken generations to manifest take more than one session to unravel!

Even though I talk about what energy clearing is a lot, I realized today that I have been emphasizing just one angle! This is perhaps the quantum nature of energy and therefore the possibility of instant correction, miraculous healing and the healthy energetic still point that exists under any drama, discord or illness. Situations both physical and emotional can be addressed directly and there is no end to the scope of energy clearing. It includes love childhood money work creativity health politics values, others and oneself all at once…because we are all connected!

So that is well and good, very well and very good thankfully, but I have been doing energy work consciously for over a decade. Why, I asked myself do clients come for an energy clearing as if it is a one-off service for the life force, soul, health or happiness? Why do I go and clear generations of difficulty, friction and grief from houses over a morning and then the work is considered 'done and dusted'? In my life, every day I see an opportunity for growth, I see a situation in the world or within myself I don't discriminate where it crops up! and start to navigate my way through it. For closure, to stay present, to participate, to be successful. There is miles and miles of landscape for us to explore, inner landscape and outer landscape. Political landscape, wild landscape, scientific landscape, academic landscape and your homework for today is the sensory landscape!

Now I must go to attend to something in the landscape of England. Some group of sadists has ordered 25,000 body bags for a mass killing of badgers. I love badgers as they represent the same philosophy as Aristotle 'Happy is the man who passionately defends that which he loves' That's what badgers do and apart from that, they are shy and mind their own business, only coming out at night and are a beautiful micro society in their own right. Because I've learned how to navigate around information and interact from whatever distance is needed, I will send healing and resolution for the badgers. I will also clear the people who are so determined to kill. I will also clear the part of my own energy field that is still attracting these sorts of cruelties. You might think you are not attracting anything but even the tiniest little feeling of victimization held in your body can mean you are still and always will be attracting and creating your worst nightmares. So my recommendation would be get clearing asap and keep to it, make it an expansive journey into empowerment, success, health and peace. Pity not to!

Yesterday my wwoofer (willing workers on organic farms) and I found a dead cat run over on the road. She asked, why does no one pick it up? I had picked him up and put him in the hedge, shed some tears for his little, cut-short life, sent his soul to the light, cleared the trauma of the death and sent some love and protection to all other cats out and about. Why would you not want to be able to do all that? Why would anyone just want to say that is horrible, drive on and try and forget about the scene? Images stay with you. What you have witnessed in life stays with you until you acknowledge yourself and your history compassionately. That's what clearing is all about, acknowledgment! Still I thought about the wwoofers question and said that up until a few months ago I had not been able to actually handle road kill situations physically either. I could do the healing, feel the grief but not do the gathering up of the body. But then I realized that the main reason people do not stop to help is that most people are anesthetized. 70 billion animals are killed on purpose every year from farms great and small. Scarily enough I realized that very few people actually care about life. 0.00005% of people to be exact. That leaves a lot of dehumanized people! Don't let it happen to you…or if it already has or is threatening to, give me a shout. Learn to 'recognize your brother, darling, in everyone you meet!' ( The 'darling' is from John Lennon but I like it. It shows how much we can warm up, given the chance!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Money doesn't actually make the world go around, it was going anyway!

It is a week exactly since I did the Fast Against Slaughter and realize that the most politically influential combination involved physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of awareness. The tangible evidence for this is the first city to be completely Meat-Free by law! 200 priests fasted in India and said they would continue until the violence and slaughter stopped. That is an epic success in anyone's book and shows that the people there have more priorities than only money.

Closer to home, I spent my day fasting and every hour, on the hour, did an energy clearing for the animals. I sent clean air, peace, freedom. I cleared claustrophobia, fear and grief. I realized that some people live confined and bullied too but not often butchered. Billions of animals are bred for this intolerable routine suffering. One way or another it has got to stop. Thankfully, animal farmers are no longer receiving the trade-off of a big wad of cash for their animals. Thankfully, the big companies and factories are being exposed for their grim practices and institutions and profits are clattering about their ears. Any vegan would say that the changes are not happening quickly enough and many would say that situations are actually getting worse. I particularly refer to the idea of intensifying farming in Ireland next year and allowing sick companies like Nestle to harbor here.

The only question that needs to be asked is can we feed everyone in the world if everyone adopted a vegan, organic diet? The answer is yes. It is not an industry question. It is not a question of jobs or money. It is a question of holding a sustainable vision, harmless to animals and ourselves and harmless to the soil, air, seas and general environment. I know all about this after 14 years vegan and my first successful year organic growing of a usually Asian crop, soya! Don't believe that your land or area is only good for animals. Don't believe that you need animal products. We can prosper via self-sufficiency. Fresh water will be saved, animals will be saved…Dammit, we might all be saved, if we repent now!! Anyway, one thing I really learnt this week was:

For those of us who care, the key is not to be disempowered by becoming upset by what we witness.

Empowerment in this context is
1. Recognizing your own crucial part in Oneness (the life force and light you contribute via your presence and actions.
2. Focusing on the leverage you have, once you remember the inter-connectedness of all things including thoughts. Therefore, with very little effort, we can very strongly influence outcomes using the power of wishing well for someone, something and whole situations.
3. See the flip sides of personal responsibility. As we identify the unconscious hand we have had in harming this beautiful world, sentient beings within it both animal and human, we should simultaneously realize our responsibility and creative ability to heal it,

Another thing I noticed during the fast was that my soul loved the break from gluttony, from instant gratification, from suiting myself. It was a day of camaraderie, communing and heart action. Lets do it more often!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn, Fall, Ruska - a golden time for shedding what is burnt out and returning to your core restoration

It may seem that I wish to change people's minds about reality. This is especially when I say that we are not individuals, we are all connected and reflected energy. Also when I say that being vegan is better for you and everyone than continuing to eat your own choice of foods. These are just conclusions that I have reached. These are just changes that I have made, as I have learnt how to change my own mind. This great gift includes being able to observe  and release attachments to my old ideas and conditioning. It no longer amounts to a true story that I have to keep to for the rest of my life. I can change my mind when more congruent information becomes available to me. I have been careful to check my identification with my thoughts. Just because I feel anxious, does not mean the anxiety is mine. Even if it is, I am not rendered a disempowered anxious person. I remain an eternal being who happens to be experiencing anxiety. As I read recently, detachment is not about not owning anything, it is the experience that nothing owns you. This is the gift I really want to give other people too. The great gift of renewed space within our own minds, so that we can grow, change if we want to, integrate or let go of parts of our lives that aren't in alignment with our passions, peace and purpose.

To this end, I would like people to think of Harmony Hall as a self-sufficiency training centre. First and most importantly, it offers visitors mental independence. Imagine that! Future decisions no longer governed by fear, old patterns or external pressure. Course work involves stopping your own identification with your emotions, past, job or all of the above. Then Part 2 is self-sufficiency in your Environment. Where does all your stuff come from? Furniture, clothes, food, electricity, water? Who is looking after it? Learning how you can look after micro and macro situations from the safe centre of yourself will be next. In Part 3, there is visioning work. Given that what was limiting you is now released, we can ask and get a clear answer as to what your soul actually wants to do. Let the synchronicities, inspiration and soulful energy take the wheel again.

On the Healing From Harmony show every saturday, there is an opportunity to acknowledge several pieces of the jigsaw. If you want to commit to this growth, then feel free to Skype me for a personal or home energy clearing. If you're really inspired, make a plan to come to Harmony Hall in Kilkenny, Ireland. There are 2, 4 and 9 hour courses available.
The two hour intro, includes a substantial clearing by yours truly plus the basics of divining and developing a daily practice. (€80)
The four-hour can be two hours one afternoon and two hours the next, for an individual or couple
(€160 includes accommodation)
Or  a four-hour can be a half day course for a group, including a copy of my book, How To Live As One (€65)
The nine-hour is either for individuals, staying a friday to sunday, or for a group, who meet here three evenings over three weeks.

Other autumn missions are also under way here; I have draft-proofed the windows, cut and stacked the fire wood, cleaned the chimney and the winter paddock is fenced for the trusty steeds. This means that people might also survive a visit here in midwinter, if that's the time you have to play with!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

How's That Environmental Protection Agency working out for you?

Here's the complaint I had to send in citing section 63 and specifically my copy to Ann Phelan TD (Minister of State at the Departments of Agriculture, Food and Marine and Transport, Tourism and Sport) who maybe does not even realize herself how much information is being overlooked!

Dear Ann, I saw baby salmon in the river yesterday and was worried that maybe you didn't know how the EPA is working, in regard to the CAS. They are not doing any monitoring, they are passing on concerns to the council's own Environmental Department. Essentially saying the council can monitor itself. The EPA promised they would get involved if a formal complaint was made, citing section 63. So this is a copy of mine so you see the whole process.
"I rang the EPA and I was told that Kilkenny County Council should have 'the chance to do their own investigations'. The independent EPA will only get involved if there is a formal complaint. I think that a person taking Kilkenny Council to the High Court on a matter of Environmental concern is enough to be considered a formal complaint. Furthermore, it is not appropriate to ask the Council to investigate their own project. That much of a vested interest, in the outcome, makes a mockery of their assessments. I asked, yesterday, Friday 26th September, that the EPA collect at least a sample from the river when the contractors were digging out their stone. I said they need not pursue an investigation or analyze it even, unless it was asked for by the Court later this month. Dermot Burke refused and again said that the council should have 'a chance' to do their own investigation. This is a serious decision to overlook an environmental disaster and take no responsibility for monitoring it, even in the face of more than 200 people spending shifts on Greens Bridge, night and day, to highlight their concern.
(The person in the photo when the guards eventually escorted the dreaded pile driver in was the head cardiologist of St Luke's and another working man from towards Urlingford. Many teachers and respected people from all walks of life and even ministers are concerned, let alone the senior ecologist who has stated the desperate damage associated with the CAS work.)
It begs the question, how much are you (the EPA) being paid to stay out of it and let the whole thing go unaddressed or maybe there is no direct benefit just pressure? I would also like to say that I appreciated the EPA's Mr Burke's time on the phone clarifying this closed shop of procedure. We collected samples yesterday anyway & saw breathless baby salmon. If you (the EPA) want to be seen as independent when the case is heard, perhaps you would be kind enough to analyze the samples. If not, it will be duly noted by the court and added to the list of unashamed coercion."
I am sure you yourself are concerned, in your position in charge of Marine life etc. I know its a big topic but you must agree that a project only benefiting a few should not override care of the Environment or democracy. Please note that the Save Kilkenny page has now received 1000 likes and the petition was signed by over 9,000 people. Thanks a lot in advance for your support in sorting out this democratic process, I remember you are actively against the pylons and energy plan and I hope that means you have the same clarity about the plan for the Kilkenny Centre and its effect on the River Nore, which also provides the city's drinking water. Thanks again, Frances

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Live and let live! Healing by Franc is doing the Stop The Slaughter Fast on 2nd October!

I'm doing this fast on the 2nd October, if anyone would like to sponsor me? Think I should make it a fundraiser at the same time! I have set a bit of a target to stop the slaughter of farm animals. The government are helping by penalizing farmers every step of the way with tests and fines and devaluing animals. Yes, on top of the killing, secret brutality and terror which doesn't really value them you've got to admit, the Department of Agriculture are technically devaluing them too, by standing by while the farmers receive 40% less per cow at the factory, than they did last year. While we have such disillusionment on our side, I'm going to be sussing out the grants and tax breaks for crops and natural farming methods (non spraying) and see if we can turn some farmers to growing something sustainable. Ireland spends 850 million euro on importing feed for their cows each winter. It just doesn't add up to a good industry on any level, economy or, ethical. You know how much I like my avocados, Bute Island vegan smoked cheese, Plamil egg free mayonnaise and home grown tomato sandwiches on the hour, every hour?! Well, on that day, I will be going on hunger strike. A protest fast like Gandhi did more than twenty times in his lifetime.
I was also looking up pigs. They have an energy and heart too. A heart so similar to a human heart actually that transplants are regularly considered. A 75kg pig has the same heart rate and capacity as a 75kg person. They also have the same membrane around their hearts as we do. Some sick loonies have bred human genes in to pigs and bred out some pig genes, to lower the rejection likelihood of a donated heart. Lets have a think about donations… do we usually say we've 'donated' something when our throat is cut to take it off us? Not on the whole I would say. You cannot be passionate about life and take another's.
Each animal has a symbolic meaning. The pig, brilliantly, can lend us the power to respect each other and be mentally independent. They have the very energy we need to facilitate a quick turn around by farmers and consumers too. Who knows how it can happen. But it can happen. Living harmlessly is the way forward. I also looked up the meaning of Mink. This was having heard that 45,000 Mink are killed in the local Portlaoise Fur Farm every year. It read that Mink energy gives us the power of silent observation. The first observation I was read was chillingly true:
"Deep, old magic of the dark
Warrior balance of the light,
Teach that evil lies within,
Never in the day or night"

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to deal with interference from HAARP, nano technology and other deliberate contaminations.

There are organizations who would like to see the individual rooted to the spot in terror or 6 feet under ( – preferably through suicide – so that no blame can be pinned on them) or addicted to a small life of persecution, poverty and illness.
One such organization is HAARP. They use electro magnetic waves to transmit the darkest of human emotions direct to their target groups, to use mass demoralization as a weapon. They also mess about with the weather, taking risks with temperature peaks and troughs at an atmospheric level that would send a chill down anyone’s spine. This is truly powerful technology being used destructively. Similarly, the nano technology is being spread around in crop sprays. These microscopic robots gather data but also have long been programmed to reach the seat of the emotions in the human brain. This provides a means for remote viewing and remote control, combined. So! If you’re feeling a bit down and wondering what came over you? That was probably someone turning down the dial away from enthusiasm, consciousness, acceptance and joy 
And setting you up for a bleak moment and eventually total overwhelm.

People with a developed awareness and empathy are particularly susceptible to this sort of interference. If I give you the example of an organic farmer: He is a threat to Monsanto by raising awareness of non organic methods, just by his choices. He has chosen not to use pesticides. In his efforts to justify his more expensive produce, he explains that extra labour of love it involves, to avoid sprays, for weeds and pests. He notices things like Genetically Modified food creeping on to the market. He notices that the chem–trailing planes are flying and spraying even over his land and even over non-agricultural land! He asks questions and everybody who already knows and trusts him listens to the answers too. Maybe this aspect of listening is the most important of all. The  organic farmer is training himself to listen to the land again, listen to the forecasts of weather and coming seasons and listen to his own attitudes. For one it might be that nature is kind to those who mind her and everything grows just as well without chemically. Some feel they are fighting the good fight against the odds. These are the people I hope to help today.

You can literally fill in the blank
“I feel strongly that what is happening to ………… is wrong, tragic and deplorable.”
I know many people who care deeply about animals and are rendered in a permanent state of devastation, the more information filters down to them. Much of that information is being fed deliberately to us, via the internet, TV and the News.

Then someone like me says you have to let it go! Not only do you think you can’t let it go, you also feel strongly that you should hold on to it. If you stop caring, all hell will let loose and all sorts of atrocities will get past you, because you’ve taken your eye off the ball. The facts remain that you are no good to anyone if your minds are full to bursting with everyone’s suffering. I am going to tell you the mechanism for letting go and a few things that will need to go. Be systematic about it and I guarantee that once you’ve navigated your own way out of the quagmire, you will realize where your true power comes from and still have the will to wield that power for the good.

You need to let go of the emotion about the thing. In the bigger picture there is an unfolding and so you can also take this opportunity to find out what your worst nightmares are. Lets get them out of the way before you create them in reality! You can either keep creating your unconscious fears, inexhorably repeating scenarios…. Or! You can get conscious, get an objective perspective and then you are in a position to hold a space for resolution within yourself and to ripple out to the situation you want to address.

So, without further ado, say to yourself  ‘It doesn’t matter if all humanity goes to hell in a handbasket (I love that expression of Freya Lawton’s  from www.thepeace Or you can say ‘It doesn’t matter if ……’ and fill in the blank. For example, if you have dedicated your whole adult life to saving animals, it will be difficult to say they don’t matter but trust yourself enough to know that you will still care. It’s the ‘mattering’ not the animals that you’re intending to let go of. The outcome will be that you can stop searching for resolution in an overcrowded mind of suffering, cruelty, vivisection, factories and ignorance. With your heart and equilibrium restored, you are in a much better position to hold a space for animals, to take meaningful actions to help and allow clarity and creativity to really come up with a positive intervention.  Deepak Chopra says that merely allowing a gap between your thoughts is sufficient to allow in the ‘infinite organizing power of Nature’. We don’t need to sort it all out but we do need to contact someone who can! This takes place by reconnecting with our inner selves, others, Nature, our divine aspects.

But before we can really get on with tackling our own stuff we need to get HAARP and nano infiltrations off your case.

To do this, pick up a pendulum. It is not really healing using divining. It is using it as a gauge to see when each section is completely cleared. Swing it clockwise to get things going (on Home Page there is a video introduction to using the pendulum to start from the very beginnng).
Swing it and ask that all HAARP and nano  are cleared from your body. When it stops, swing it again and ask that any negative effects, from having carried that stuff around thinking it was yours for so long, be cleared. Then swing it and ask to clear your etheric energy field; your environment, to all intents and purposes.
Swing it and ask to clear anything else working against you, again the adverse effects and again your etheric. Do this often. It is not that it is done once and you’re free. Once you’re on top of the external influences on your well-being, then it is time to go deeper inside and see what else you have in store. This is both good and bad but never indifferent; you are learning navigation via compassionate acknowledgement, at its highest level. Once you crack it, you’ll be unstoppable.

If you want a blast of concentrated support to launch this mission, let me know!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Phil Hogan is scary enough without giving him the title of Commissioner for Agriculture

Dear Nessa Childers MEP,

Phil Hogan: A liability as Environment Minister and a liability as Commissioner for Agriculture

Please do not confirm Phil Hogan's appointment as Agricultural Commissioner. He is loathed and distrusted by the Irish people. He has a proven track record of total disregard for public interest and total commitment to Corporate Interest, which he looks set to perpetuate in the new role, with only a quick glance at who his colleagues might be. Here he was the Environment Minister and has tried to turn Ireland into a power station, with pylons, substations, wind farms, fracking and oil enquires everywhere. Here he is in Kilkenny, his likeness repeated many times over a whole crowd. He represents all the corruption, lack of transparency and integrity and ignorance of what matters.
Then there is the Harvest 20/20 plan. This is sick. It is an agricultural version of the power station plan. It offers Ireland up to produce 50% more meat and 50% more dairy by the year 2020. Anyone with 20/20 vision, or even partially sighted, can see that Ireland is not equipped to feed the world or whatever the hair-brained plan is. Already we buy in 850million euro worth of grain each year to feed the animals we have. Farming is not even sustainable as it is. What is being suggested is a intensification of farming in Ireland. That means more cruelty, less care, more importation of non-organic grain to feed the animals. Phil Hogan has said that he just doesn't want GM directly in human food. Well, that is not going far enough as this intensification is a guaranteed way to necessitate more chemical sprays, GM and other environmentally destructive practices being used. And don't start me on the carbon emissions from increased animal farming. Phil Hogan has said, even the agricultural sector has to be carbon neutral. This is not going far enough because it is an impossible combination. Ask for more delivery and less emissions, just a taxable ignoramus of an idea, like the increased power supply…which isn't taxable but they are just planning to add the costs to our electricity bills. We need an Agricultural Commissioner who is competent, compassionate and able to make coherent decisions. The sooner we stop killing animals for food and start using our green and pleasant land for crops, then everyone can be fed. The statistics show that keeping animals uses an incredible amount of water and land. For the same acreage, lots of arable, fruit, grain and vegetables could be properly, organically produced. This is what is needed. The farmers are already getting 40% less for each cow than they did last year. The government has just this year started charging for water. The abuse of the individual is exemplary here. So I think even the farmers are ready to get out of their corner of raising costs, tests, dropping values and try something different.  Employ an environmentalist and give them the power to make the changes Europe needs to make. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lets stay focused on peace ... but make sure that all parties are really truly keeping the cease fire as we go along!

It seems a bit unfair to me that FInland has given over 2 billion to third world countries, over 1 billion to join Europe and now finds itself 4 billion in debt, themselves. Its easy for us and central Europe to say, Right! no trade with Russia as of now but for the Fins, they are their immediate neighbors. Half their business is not allowed to happen, at the stroke of a pen, by someone whom it does not affect at all! Its like boycotting England at the drop of a hat…very difficult to do - whether we're thinking food, motor or any other industry. Also all their energy comes from Russia and they basically share an air space, so lets spare a thought for those directly affected by the grim developments, military operations and New World Order being played out around the world. Lets make sure that all of Europe is looked after. Ireland has been on the periphery before and it wasn't a nice feeling. At this precise moment, though, I think Ireland is a very blessed distance from strife - except for the one family made homeless every day, poverty, political unrest, environmental ignorance and long-standing, underlying cruelty between people and species. It really is a walk in the park in comparison to what some nations are going through.
I have always called my blog 'Peace, the final frontier' but at the moment, I think its important to have quite an active awareness of what is happening, rather than a totally Zen perspective. A great example, again, is my own beloved city Kilkenny. On the one hand, we won the great Tidy Towns nation-wide competition this week. On the other, the council (and the contractors doing their dirty work) are behaving like teenage boys who've been grounded. Straight out the window, defying authority, not accepting any responsibility. Lying in court about expenses. They were ordered by the high court to stop work on the motorway bridge over the river Nore, last week, and every single day there's been someone into the site anyway, some lorry in, edging the project forwards regardless. So contrary are they, that the very day of the injunction, they continued to trundle their machinery around in the river until half past 7 at night! The dark side, which includes greed and the use and abuse of people, is obstinate. It is always still seeing what it can get away with. That is why we have to monitor, record and stay vigilant. So don't give in to fear, war, despondency, random laws, guarda threats and imposed taxes, pylons and food sprayed with chemicals way beyond your worst nightmares. This is our chance to take the power back!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Casting off the ball and chain of oppression

In my morning reflection, I asked the question, how far back do problems go. We tend to think of situations being created in our lifetimes, by our set of circumstances and experiences. However I got as far as 700 years earlier.

A hundred years of family problems, unexpressed feelings, unmentioned abuse.
A hundred years of superiority, inferiority as men and women, rich and poor.
A hundred years of dirt and hardship. No facilities, light, water, food not yet freely available.
A hundred years of domination. Of other people abroad, animals, land and Nature
A hundred years of pain and endurance. Bad teeth no dentists, no hygiene. Illness and injury, no relief
A hundred years of vulnerability. Short, low impact life spans. Dependence on land and weather.

Cleared all that, for all of us, and realized that that is what has been stopping this generation's empowerment. We can do anything we like, but we had still been feeling like victims. There has been disillusionment, bullying, inertia and despondency. But that is the weight of our collective past. Or rather, that WAS the weight of our collective past! I cleared it!

Now it is dispersed, we can each bring our potential to realization. For me, it will be my musical performance to total resonance, dance to the height of synergy, healing to a new level and clarity to everyone lost in, or disarmed by, confusion. This sense of purpose crystallized yesterday as I started Horticulture Level 5. This comes at the end of Harmony Hall's first year as an organic grower. I recommend identifying just 7 things that your heart really longs for. Then structure an informed and well-planned mission to get there. Our hearts are healing, thank God, so we can now practice going for it!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Farmers, pay attention! Give up raising animals, go arable for self sufficiency and make weapons for real profits!

Simon Coveney TD is not busy working out how to get a fair price for animals from the factories and establishing that they can live longer than a measly 14 months. He has been over at a meeting with NATO in Wales, ironing out the possible winnings Ireland might get if we join the arms trade. So lets give up raising animals, let them run free and instead tinker about in your sheds with anything that looks like it might be explosive. This is his interest now. 6 Other Irish Officials, including one military, were with him and the Government asked the media NOT to cover the story attached!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

County Groups Joined to take Legal Action against Government Corruption and the Destructive Energy Bill

Class Actions are not legal in Ireland but that is the sort of thing planned, nonetheless!

Yesterday, representatives of all the groups against pylons and wind farms met to decide a Month of Action. The most exciting agreement was to take a joined legal action against the Government’s Energy Policy in its entirety. Yes, that is all concerned individuals in the country and yes, that is probably everyone in Ireland. The action will be against the plan to lay or hang heavy cable the length and breadth of Ireland, fed by hundreds of massive inefficient wind farms, set to overshadow community after community. Until now, it was still open for debate as to whether developments should go ahead. Some people might still say ‘wind energy is good isn’t it, at least its not fossil fuels?’ It was every man for himself. Some looking to meet profits, Green Energy targets, investors' needs, developers, local councils, individual households, communities and organized groups, appeals to An Bord Pleanala, the National level Planning Office, and eventually the high court as well, to get a judicial review. If you were an individual going to the High Court to try and stop a wind farm next to your house, you had to have your special appeal ready – the unique flora and fauna, the protected species and habitat, an EPA and/or SP or whatever they are, to prove it! Until yesterday, each person was on their own, relying on their own funding, their own environmental survey, their own solicitor.

But, at once, in the table-by-table discussion at the meeting, the common denominator arose. Corruption. This is the one thing that can be said for each and every case. We have oceans of evidence for a claim that the national planning office is routinely granting permission to build wind farms against the guidance and ruling of its own officials, at local level. What happens is that local councils refuse the Wind Farms planning permission, having received hundreds of objections by residents. Then the developer, eg Gaeltech immediately appeal to the national planning office and are given the go ahead.

One person asked, who really has ‘the dirt’ to blow the whistle like that on the government? Another said, every one has at least one experience of how the system has shafted democracy, common sense and human decency. Thirty groups, possibly more, giving even spoken evidence would go a long way to exposing 1. the willful destruction of peoples’ homes, the environment and rights. 2. Even past interviews, on line, demonstrate how key politicians intend to export power, not merely 'do a necessary upgrade to the electricity grid' as they told the people. 3. New technology has not been explored and the wind farms they’re putting up are inefficient rejects, 10 years outdated. At first, an injunction could certainly be justified, stopping the further erection of windmills and pylons. The policy change, we will ask for, is the extension of the step back distance to ten times its current few metres. This is what distance a turbine must be from a house. 

The government are relying on an old divide and conquer approach. If you go into local planning office, you will be told that planning applications for wind farms are ‘Confidential’. These should be public offices and papers. Pylons, even a hundred metres high do not seem to need permission at all. I was even told by an ESB (those who manage the grid) representative that they have ‘squatters rights’ on my garden. How low is that? If they don’t happen to have a line across your garden already, they can make a compulsory purchase of it. (Look on facebook for the inspired man here who made the end of his garden a fine art installation and charges €500 an hour to even talk to him).

So, suffice to say, it was a good meeting. We worked out how to turn the tables. Instead of people having to prove that life and places are valuable to people who don’t care about life and nature, now the orchestrators will individually have to prove that they are not corrupt. I think we all know how that kind of a case will go. So, everyone, don’t hold back. Ring, they are part of Transparency International – an uncompromising not-for-profit organization to whom you can give a name. For example, Phil Hogan and Pat Rabbitte who have masterminded the least environmentally sensitive plans for Ireland and made sure they happened. Transparency International will check out if they have been compromised by ‘vested interests’, bribes, affiliations and generally monitor the transparency of their behavior. By the time we get to court, there will be so much ammunition that these two and many more at every level will be cringing and resigning. One good example of how this works is John Connor who moved from An Bord Pleanala, National Planning Management, to a management position at Eirgrid, the incompetent authority over the 300 billion pylon/substation/wind/frack/oil exploration… you name it, we are in for it, if we don’t stop it, policy.

Also, the meeting brought up some great protest places – The Wind Energy AGM in Kilkenny next month. The Eirgrid talk, up in Dublin Castle, and generally raising awareness of the plans and corruption happening. The exciting win for the Save Kilkenny Campaign, which saw an injunction put on Kilkenny Council and Contractors to halt work on the CAS bridge, was demonstration of the New Paradigm winning against the old. The old is entrenched, compromised by inappropriate loyalties and greed. The New is now forming a system for achieving positive change. It is fluid, each person operating as an individual, doing what feels best for them. It might be writing letters, talking to the politicians/public/press. It might be direct action, like a picket line and protest, to frustrate the inexhorable brazen implementation of plans, unchecked. It could be exercising legal weight. It is the combination of these that actually worked quite quickly, someone pointed out today. What was it, 9 weeks? If it was just legal, it could have been years to raise funds and get it heard in court. If it was just protests, the tide of public support could have been turned away by bad press and manipulative strategies to undermine the efforts and ignore the content of the objections. If it had just been political, the few councilors with integrity would have been suspended and the rest batoned down the hatchs with these words ‘our hands are tied’. A fluid, committed group, working with integrity

Plan of Attack 
So, join a group, local or national, officially request, of your local planning office, that you are notified of all planning applications for Wind Farms or any other Energy related applications. This means you don’t have to scour every daily paper to keep an eye on what they’re doing. They are obliged to let you know. Get one representative of your group to each council meeting, again to hear what is being planned. Also, send the names of developers, groups, institutions and individuals who you think might be working with an ulterior motive, to Transparency International. Basically, lets pool our skills and take heart, confidence and inspiration from a commonly-held goal: Save Ireland. The government can do better than make Ireland a power station for other countries.

Can I take this opportunity to invite you all to the World Wide Frack Down Party on the 9th October. This was John Lennon’s birthday and is my chancery birthday. Here in Kilkenny, we will again shine a light on appalling ideas, badly executed and suggest first that they should stop and second what we can do instead! That is, lets explore new technology. No grid, no turbines, just plausible power for all. As they used to say, in the Bionic Man, ‘We have the technology!’