Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to grow up, if you forgot to initially!

There is a childish tendency to abuse animals, people and the environment. Its a competitiveness that is encouraged by our society, which wants one's children to thrive and outshine the light  of others. The less youngsters that succeed, the greater slice of the pie for you and yours. The adult dynamics that we are supposed to grow into are friendships and communication.

Also when we are young we are taught to destroy each other's dreams and potential with elaborate justifications for naysaying and begrudgery. As we grow up, we were supposed to learn to release what is destructive and self destructive and prepare to live a new life. A life that we chose and support others in that too.

Also in early life, we learned about conditional love. Even for kindness we expected to be reciprocated, let alone a commitment of solid hard work. It was always an exchange. At some point we supposed to become secure enough in ourselves to provide strength to others in crisis, with no expectation of reward.

As children we were innocent and enjoyed a special connection with Nature. It was awesome, it was magical. We were supposed to take our place in the world and represent that natural beauty with reverence. Instead, we let school and society say that we were all poor specimens! and developed an inability to defend ourselves against any negativity. Most people can barely care for themselves let alone revere the beauty of nature.

Instead of falsifying information to pass exams, cover up bad practice at work and get away with as much as possible, we were supposed to grow into curious, awake people, passionate about the truth and excited by our powers of intuition.

We have made negative judgements about the physical world. Not too much sex, not with the wrong person, not too much money, not the indignity of too little, not too much food but not too fussy either. The judgements have piled up. You are feeling better or worse, more right or more guilty, more angry, more upset than you were an hour ago. We weren't supposed to entrench ourselves in judgement of ourselves and others. We are to dedicate our time to a loftier goal. Do everything that lifts our spirits and those of any nearby life forms.

We started life dependent and we never moved on. So often, we believe what we're told and we do what we're told. We were supposed to grow into resourceful people and trust our own authority in all matters.

All through life there have been private agendas. People call it getting their needs met and getting their bills paid. I can confirm that there is a larger agenda than that at hand. We're on the planet, especially at this time, to realize our vast creative capacity. We can share a great agenda of compassionate democratic governance, for example and attract an epic positive realization of that shared idea.

Many shut themselves off in their houses and try not to think about what is happening for others. Others get lost out in the world, keeping busy. We are supposed to learn how to keep our integrity intact, our wits about us, our compassion still active, our loyalty to our soul and life in general.

So let us be pioneers. There is no need to stay angry in order to stay motivated. Right here, right now is our physical life and our one chance to grow up and create something unprecedented and good.

Life is important, give up anything that you currently do that harms another living thing. Meat, dairy, eggs, leather, chemicals, cosmetics, medicines and yes, if they're part of your job, start looking around asap for a new one. A better job, a job where you can go with your head held high and a smile on your face.  

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