Sunday, October 23, 2011

Twin Flames

About now, my flight to London was taking off. I’m not on it, due apparently to money limitations, but looking out at the gale force winds, I think a higher being may have my back! I am grateful for that. I will dress up warm in a minute and go dragging fallen trees up from the wood. Stef has said he’ll chop the lot, in exchange for half. The first step towards a cosy winter, self sufficiency style.

I had visitors this week who were like a breath of fresh air to my soul. Like me, they were bubbling with excitement, trepidation and gratitude. Already, two and a half thousand years ago, Plato was on about an initial division of souls on this linear plane. As lifetimes go by and lessons are learnt, the possibility of true unity returns, in the form of your twin flame. They can be recognized by a strong desire to be in each other’s company and intense feelings of friendship, love and physical desire. Even then, this relationship won’t last unless each person has reached a strong sense of self and has a developed awareness of the spiritual purpose of the union. Basically, gone beyond ego.

In preparation, I have included Kwan Yin in my panoply of spiritual consultants. I am doing her meditations from the pleiadian tantra workbook. For those who know the constellation the seven sisters? Connect your chakras, each to one of them via an infinity symbol, then your soul to the sun, then your creation rings (three above your head) to Sirius and your earth rings (three below your feet) to the earth star crystal and then just vibe out for half an hour. This is a classic for remembering your connection to source and all things and your creative force, as a result!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Depersonalize the mission

In a matter of decades at most, we will be gone and quickly forgotten. We are here to participate in a much bigger picture unfolding, called humanity. Visualize a humane world and a path of forgiveness through it ... and go for it. Don’t get stuck in destructive ego limitations, thinking you need this or that before you move on. Have confidence that you don’t need anything, you are everything already. As soon as you let it, your inner spirit will be guide enough. Spend your waking hours, paying attention to the love and possibility that underlies every one of your life situations.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The emotional energy field

I do not advocate a denial of our emotional lives nor complete submersion. As with all our energy fields we just need a perspective. To this end I have written down a selection of the emotions that I live with on a day to day basis! I tuned in each time one occurred to me and asked how much of my time is this one around? The list demonstrates two things quite well. We are experiencing countless conflicting emotions at all times. But that is only while we are in our heads. Meaning, while we are still trying to make sense of our lives using reasoning. However, once we move the energy and all operations down to the heart - a tetrahydral shaped muscle capable of harmonizing millions of bits of information effortlessly - emotions can be met and acknowledged, without resistance or very good reason to get clear, get present and get in touch! Bare in mind, 99% of people are going around with this same list, like a pressure pot of difficulty and creating, inevitably, in their lives, endless reflections of this inner chaos.

Once you have the heart based clarity and acknowledgement, you are back in the arena of conscious choice. My approach is to start my day grounding myself in joy and a commitment to balance the material and the spiritual. So nowadays any emotion that doesn’t support those two objectives just passes through. I don’t judge them, but they certainly won’t ever set the tone of what I’m sending out for myself or others. This is the path to a fulfilling earthly life.

This afternoon I will clear some of these emotions that have had rather a lot of air time. I will also identify some action plans towards making my dreams manifest. Might as well be creating something groovy, while we’re here.

excited 90% of the time
lonely 30% of the time
joy 60% of the time
anxious about the future 43% of the time
angry 34% of the time
hurt 29% of the time
relaxed 8% of the time
loving 64% of the time
self conscious 36% of the time
shameless 70% of the time
reserved 20% of the time
grief stricken 8% of the time
nervous 40% of the time
desperate 2% of the time
sweet 30% of the time
sure of myself 30%
able to say how I feel 47% of the time
over whelmed 90% of the time
happy 50% of the time
sad 74% of the time
mortified 40% of the time
afraid 90% of the time
fearless 30% of the time
ineffective 60% of the time
competent 27% of the time
prepared 30% of the time
courageous 50% of the time
blaming 30% of the time
encouraged 7% of the time
calm 70% of the time
close 7% of the time
independent 50% of the time
addictive 70% of the time
positive 100% of the time
negative 25% of the time
caring 60% of the time
past caring 60% of the time
suicidal 50% of the time
invincible 90% of the time
receptive 40% of the time
sensual 80% of the time
mental 50% of the time
enlightened 80% of the time
depressed 93% of the time
accepting 83% of the time
hopeful 90% of the time
delusional 30% of the time
vulnerable 50% of the time
inspired 90% of the time
included 80%
connected 100% of the time
excluded 60% of the time
loved 100% of the time
unloved 40% of the time
Enthusiastic 93% of the time
empowered 70% of the time
victimized 60% of the time
significant 59% of the time
insignificant 70% of the time
wanted 40% of the time
unwanted 70% of the time

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A season, the magic and back to the silence

Our emotional lives are electrifying, tinging every moment with joy, exhileration and expectation or sadness and more turbulent waves. Yet we usually relate our stories to each other in practical terms. We bypass the moment by saying something like we had a hard day because someone was out of order...we’re stressed because we don’t have enough money. By then, we have given our experience away, given something outside ourselves the very key to our well being, chosen to take the old role of a small victimized individual, vulnerable to every passer by...and to cap it all, we have identified completely with what we think is happening.

When you identify with something, you have lost touch with your feelings, your intuition and your objectivity. You’ve met a feeling, harmless in itself and ITS NOT YOURS. But you attach it to a story line in your own life situation and assume its your own feeling. (eg I feel angry, ...oh I know! that’s because so and so did such and such. We might refer to that morning or even back to childhood!). In fact, that feeling you were having was only a sensitivity to a collective feeling that’s bandying around your environment! Then you make a decision to hold on to it. Adding ideas like its yours, its true, its the way things are, its who you are. More often, we reject it and think its really not who we are! We wage an offensive on ourselves, saying this isn’t who I am. I’m strong and generous, I’m not an angry or hurt person. By doing this we are adding another layer of victimization and alienation. We are saying something has MADE me a lesser person. Instead, stop identifying with and personalizing every feeling. Just notice them and say to yourself ‘this isn’t yours or mine’ and let them pass.

As we accrue more and more infirmation...there’s a freudian slip if I ever saw one! ... anyway where was I? When we accrue more and more information like this we get fat, we go into overwhelm and one way or another we get sick. And then, fantastically foolishly, we talk about that! We only want to address that! Oh yes, maybe a doctor can help or medication or a change of diet. Well, I’m afraid if you loathe yourself and are denying yourself even a basic acknowledgement of your own feelings and what’s making you will definitely ‘go off‘! Maybe you’ll keep ticking and then go off like a time bomb, maybe you’ll just go off like an old forgotten carrot, rotting on the vegetable rack! But, please, this isn’t the way to go. We are many things before the physical manifestation. Call it spiritual counselling, call it energy work, call it practical mindfulness, it doesn’t matter but I’d say Do It! Each moment is a new chance to get to know yourself, heal and resonate like mad, border even on reverberating if you want to! I’ve always loved a bit of reverb myself. This is our season, our lives are happening now. Value it, make it magic and keep returning to your connection with all life, peace and silence in your hearts. That’s where we’re all going eventually.