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How To Live As One by Frances Micklem. A Guide From The Old Paradigm To The New

"Everything You Could Want" White-washed Wooden Frame €2000

"Waiting For The Farrier" - White Wood Frame €1500

"Synergy" White Wood Frame €1500 

"Coming Ashore" SOLD

"Don Juan and Cupid" White Washed Wood Frame €1300

"The Climate Summit The Day The World Turned Day-Glo" White Washed Frame €1300

"Evening Meeting" Natural Wooden Frame €450

"Blue People Sans Souci" Gold Frame €1100

Windy and Beckett - Sold 

"Deer Family" Gold Frame €750

Love In The Weeping Willow - Sold
"Reunion" SOLD

"Abundance Arriving" Gold Frame €1100
"Twin Flames" White Wooden Frame €1000 

"The Billy Joe Trilogy 1" Gold Frame €1000
Billy Joe Gets A Haircut

"The Billy Joe Trilogy 2" Gold Frame €1000
Billy Joe & The Great Escape

"Beautiful Tink" Black Frame €1000
"Baby Love" Gold Frame €1100

Mr Autumn SOLD

"The Billy Joe Trilogy 3" Gold Frame €1000
Who Would Like To Ride Billy Joe
"Valentia Regatta Insane Boat Race"
Ceramic, Fired and Hand Painted €500

"Tryptich Part 1" SOLD

"Composing" SOLD

"Power" SOLD


Ceramic, Fired and Glazed €15

"Out Boating With Magic For Ballast" €500
Ceramic, Fired and Hand Painted

"Tryptich Part 2" SOLD

"Hydroponic Kitchen" Sold

"Full Moon Party" SOLD
"Paradise" SOLD

"The Future, If We're Lucky" White Frame €1500

"Kilkenny Paved With Gold" White Wooden Frame €1500

"Our Ships Coming In" €1250
"Down On The Farm" White Washed Wooden Frame €1200

"Dove of Peace" SOLD

"Pelicans" Watercolour White-Washed Wooden Frame €800 

"Natural High" SOLD

"Happy Family" Gold Frame €950
"Dance Planet" Gold Frame €1250

"Just Home" Black Frame €1200

"Giraffe Dance Floor" White Washed Wooden Frame €1300
"Soul Mates" Retro Gold Frame €1050
"Lynx Moment Amidst Dancing Ladies" White Washed Wooden Frame €1300  


"Girl Meditating" SOLD
"Light At The End Of The Tunnel" Natural Wooden Frame €1000
"Let's Look After This Place" SOLD

"Inkie" Gold Frame €1100 

"Happy Pirates" White Wood Frame €1700

"We Were Together In The Field" SOLD

"Tryptich Part 3" SOLD 

"Wisdom Passed From Old To Young" Gold Frame €950

"Oasis" On board, unframed €1000 

"Man & His Dog" SOLD
Ceramic, Fired and Glazed
"Summer In Bat Valley" SOLD
"Henny Penny 1" Gold Frame €1400 for the pair
"Henny Penny 2" Gold Frame €1400 for the pair 

"Glanleam Beach" SOLD

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