Friday, December 9, 2011

A ha moments!

These are realizations that something you have always thought isn’t actually true. Therefore, they are usually experienced as oh no moments.
A few include;

Trying and doing are pointless and illusory exercises.
Everyone you meet is just an unloved part of your self.

I wonder if these sit comfortably as a starting point?!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

If you're clearing, keep your etheric field clear daily!

What is this terrible cough that’s going around? Its the beggar within us arising for healing, bringing up issues of physical survival, self esteem and generosity. We have been feeling desperate about money, ourselves, everyone else and the future and this is how its taken shape in the body. The lungs represent your life force. It is also where we hold grief. These are the true source of affliction. With compassion, or sympathy if you like, acknowledge these feelings, whatever story you recollect. Like stress, the loss of someone you loved, a trauma (or ten!) and then make a commitment to yourself to let them go.

Whenever I check in, I only get a yes to illness being in the etheric field...its not ours! We’re all just taking on other people’s stuff. Its just a bad habit! Don’t emotionally engage in everything. We’ve to tread that fine line between participating...and emotionally jumping in. The first is being conscious, the second is getting lost completely!

The good news is that this is the last remnants of anger, resistance and blame clearing. We're nearly there. People are having flash backs to their teenage years, triggers are being spotted right away. So don't be harsh, just look after yourselves and be as peaceful as you can. If you have an intuitive team of divine aspects, gather them around you and acknowledge the root of your present situation. Then ask to unravel the energetic/spiritual complex that's holding it in place.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I survive!

It might look like I didn't survive 11.11.11 as there hasn't been word from me since! But I am still here and planning a shamanic journey next wednesday 30th November,at Harmony Hall as always and with Tony Dunton. Much clearing afoot as always. I have mainly been busy chilling out with my two new puppies - Don Juan and Cupid!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

11.11.11 - Whichever way you look at it, its the same cosmic number

The 11th of the 11th of the 11th is going to be a significant day perhaps, so just a few pointers as to how to spend it! For those who can, clear your heart, early on in the day, of mundane concerns like customer service, time keeping, money worries and any preoccupations with aches and they remembered, happening or possible.

When you’re resonating at a highly fractal frequency, energetically connect to the earth’s atmosphere and bring it into resonance with you. This is the power of the conscious mind. Prior to this conscious evolution, the outer atmosphere was already responding to the human heart but all it received and reflected back was the chaos held there. Now we have an opportunity to hold a space for the whole. There is evidence of surges of energy, weather extremes and various crises coinciding. Our job, though, isn’t to know what and when or even why- the only fact I can even recall is that last time there was an 11.11.11, a hundred years ago, the temperature dropped 50 degrees in one day. And that I learnt from my radio alarm clock this morning. Our job is much more interesting than research and predicting outcomes. We are actually supposed to take part in what happens next, in the knowledge that we are creating our reality with our every thought and action.

I’d personally like to take part in a shift entirely more beneficial to humanity and all life. So the main objective for tomorrow is spend some time quietly meditating on what you love in nature. Feel an unbridled passion and appreciation for life itself...and then lets see what happens...see what we’re really capable of. I’m hoping we’ve reached the critical mass to bring peace and balance at last.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Twin Flames

About now, my flight to London was taking off. I’m not on it, due apparently to money limitations, but looking out at the gale force winds, I think a higher being may have my back! I am grateful for that. I will dress up warm in a minute and go dragging fallen trees up from the wood. Stef has said he’ll chop the lot, in exchange for half. The first step towards a cosy winter, self sufficiency style.

I had visitors this week who were like a breath of fresh air to my soul. Like me, they were bubbling with excitement, trepidation and gratitude. Already, two and a half thousand years ago, Plato was on about an initial division of souls on this linear plane. As lifetimes go by and lessons are learnt, the possibility of true unity returns, in the form of your twin flame. They can be recognized by a strong desire to be in each other’s company and intense feelings of friendship, love and physical desire. Even then, this relationship won’t last unless each person has reached a strong sense of self and has a developed awareness of the spiritual purpose of the union. Basically, gone beyond ego.

In preparation, I have included Kwan Yin in my panoply of spiritual consultants. I am doing her meditations from the pleiadian tantra workbook. For those who know the constellation the seven sisters? Connect your chakras, each to one of them via an infinity symbol, then your soul to the sun, then your creation rings (three above your head) to Sirius and your earth rings (three below your feet) to the earth star crystal and then just vibe out for half an hour. This is a classic for remembering your connection to source and all things and your creative force, as a result!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Depersonalize the mission

In a matter of decades at most, we will be gone and quickly forgotten. We are here to participate in a much bigger picture unfolding, called humanity. Visualize a humane world and a path of forgiveness through it ... and go for it. Don’t get stuck in destructive ego limitations, thinking you need this or that before you move on. Have confidence that you don’t need anything, you are everything already. As soon as you let it, your inner spirit will be guide enough. Spend your waking hours, paying attention to the love and possibility that underlies every one of your life situations.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The emotional energy field

I do not advocate a denial of our emotional lives nor complete submersion. As with all our energy fields we just need a perspective. To this end I have written down a selection of the emotions that I live with on a day to day basis! I tuned in each time one occurred to me and asked how much of my time is this one around? The list demonstrates two things quite well. We are experiencing countless conflicting emotions at all times. But that is only while we are in our heads. Meaning, while we are still trying to make sense of our lives using reasoning. However, once we move the energy and all operations down to the heart - a tetrahydral shaped muscle capable of harmonizing millions of bits of information effortlessly - emotions can be met and acknowledged, without resistance or very good reason to get clear, get present and get in touch! Bare in mind, 99% of people are going around with this same list, like a pressure pot of difficulty and creating, inevitably, in their lives, endless reflections of this inner chaos.

Once you have the heart based clarity and acknowledgement, you are back in the arena of conscious choice. My approach is to start my day grounding myself in joy and a commitment to balance the material and the spiritual. So nowadays any emotion that doesn’t support those two objectives just passes through. I don’t judge them, but they certainly won’t ever set the tone of what I’m sending out for myself or others. This is the path to a fulfilling earthly life.

This afternoon I will clear some of these emotions that have had rather a lot of air time. I will also identify some action plans towards making my dreams manifest. Might as well be creating something groovy, while we’re here.

excited 90% of the time
lonely 30% of the time
joy 60% of the time
anxious about the future 43% of the time
angry 34% of the time
hurt 29% of the time
relaxed 8% of the time
loving 64% of the time
self conscious 36% of the time
shameless 70% of the time
reserved 20% of the time
grief stricken 8% of the time
nervous 40% of the time
desperate 2% of the time
sweet 30% of the time
sure of myself 30%
able to say how I feel 47% of the time
over whelmed 90% of the time
happy 50% of the time
sad 74% of the time
mortified 40% of the time
afraid 90% of the time
fearless 30% of the time
ineffective 60% of the time
competent 27% of the time
prepared 30% of the time
courageous 50% of the time
blaming 30% of the time
encouraged 7% of the time
calm 70% of the time
close 7% of the time
independent 50% of the time
addictive 70% of the time
positive 100% of the time
negative 25% of the time
caring 60% of the time
past caring 60% of the time
suicidal 50% of the time
invincible 90% of the time
receptive 40% of the time
sensual 80% of the time
mental 50% of the time
enlightened 80% of the time
depressed 93% of the time
accepting 83% of the time
hopeful 90% of the time
delusional 30% of the time
vulnerable 50% of the time
inspired 90% of the time
included 80%
connected 100% of the time
excluded 60% of the time
loved 100% of the time
unloved 40% of the time
Enthusiastic 93% of the time
empowered 70% of the time
victimized 60% of the time
significant 59% of the time
insignificant 70% of the time
wanted 40% of the time
unwanted 70% of the time

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A season, the magic and back to the silence

Our emotional lives are electrifying, tinging every moment with joy, exhileration and expectation or sadness and more turbulent waves. Yet we usually relate our stories to each other in practical terms. We bypass the moment by saying something like we had a hard day because someone was out of order...we’re stressed because we don’t have enough money. By then, we have given our experience away, given something outside ourselves the very key to our well being, chosen to take the old role of a small victimized individual, vulnerable to every passer by...and to cap it all, we have identified completely with what we think is happening.

When you identify with something, you have lost touch with your feelings, your intuition and your objectivity. You’ve met a feeling, harmless in itself and ITS NOT YOURS. But you attach it to a story line in your own life situation and assume its your own feeling. (eg I feel angry, ...oh I know! that’s because so and so did such and such. We might refer to that morning or even back to childhood!). In fact, that feeling you were having was only a sensitivity to a collective feeling that’s bandying around your environment! Then you make a decision to hold on to it. Adding ideas like its yours, its true, its the way things are, its who you are. More often, we reject it and think its really not who we are! We wage an offensive on ourselves, saying this isn’t who I am. I’m strong and generous, I’m not an angry or hurt person. By doing this we are adding another layer of victimization and alienation. We are saying something has MADE me a lesser person. Instead, stop identifying with and personalizing every feeling. Just notice them and say to yourself ‘this isn’t yours or mine’ and let them pass.

As we accrue more and more infirmation...there’s a freudian slip if I ever saw one! ... anyway where was I? When we accrue more and more information like this we get fat, we go into overwhelm and one way or another we get sick. And then, fantastically foolishly, we talk about that! We only want to address that! Oh yes, maybe a doctor can help or medication or a change of diet. Well, I’m afraid if you loathe yourself and are denying yourself even a basic acknowledgement of your own feelings and what’s making you will definitely ‘go off‘! Maybe you’ll keep ticking and then go off like a time bomb, maybe you’ll just go off like an old forgotten carrot, rotting on the vegetable rack! But, please, this isn’t the way to go. We are many things before the physical manifestation. Call it spiritual counselling, call it energy work, call it practical mindfulness, it doesn’t matter but I’d say Do It! Each moment is a new chance to get to know yourself, heal and resonate like mad, border even on reverberating if you want to! I’ve always loved a bit of reverb myself. This is our season, our lives are happening now. Value it, make it magic and keep returning to your connection with all life, peace and silence in your hearts. That’s where we’re all going eventually.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Clearings for a peaceful heart

Today's clearings
1. perpetuating (the past)
2. accumulating (information)
3. the idea that we shouldn't suffer.

The physical realm is about suffering at times. At best it is about conscious suffering. To attach a recurrent resistant thought like 'dammit I shouldn't be suffering' or 'that's terrible, they shouldn't have to suffer' is to fight it, give it a special corner in your body and mind to chew over. You are holding on to it and going unconscious again. Let the ego burn off and practice contentment. This doesn't mean we have to follow the consensus like sheep, blind or afraid to mention injustice and unfairness. Practice saying exactly what you see, good and bad...and then make sure the emotional charge is gone. Honesty is never going to be a big seller but it leads to health, balance and flow, all of which are good I think.

The best lesson I learnt at the Salsa Congress was that everyone can shine at once. It was an amazing event full of drop dead gorgeous people in their element. It took a moment to run with that, having been so used to troubled, unassuming people.

I also noticed that we do have it all here, think we need to start making the most of it. Give me fertile land versus the desert any day of the week...except the last five where I had the five star oasis to swim and get clean water!

Every step of down town Marrakech has to be seen to be believed. Loved every one, every dance, every song, every party. Go if you can x

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Playtime at last!

I'm at Dublin airport heading to London then Marrakech for the salsa party. I have four words for myself. Magic, enjoy, relax and respect. So far I have been able apply them all. I have not brought a loaf of bread to keep me going even though the mortgage came out of my account and I am travelling with 70 euro to my name. Sure, I never eat any way when I'm dancing. At least I have a return flight now. For a week there I only had the outward bound ones and Windy was worried I wasn't coming back.

I was asked to like the Fairgreen Shopping Centre on Face book, so while I'm away I will be doing some soul searching to see if I can do it! Last night, I did an eleventh hour space clearing for a Carlow home. Geopathic stress arama and much volatile energy expressing itself too. Trying to let that fully go now. Lovely family, really see steady progress in everyone at the moment. I'll try and keep up when I'm away. Thanks Kate for the white shroud loan for the White Party that's the last night, classic.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

What can you hear?

In troubled times it is important to retain the validity of your own thoughts. This means not giving your power away to any entity outside yourself - like a person or a job. Obviously, there is an impact on you by others who are engaging in negative processes and patterns.
This can lead the most powerful energies to falter, but not necessarily for long. These ripples of chaos, conflict, illness and depression pass through more and more quickly as your own conscious comfort zone expands.

     In linear reality, it is easier being clear with your own thoughts than exchanging thoughts and energies with others. That is why many of us are making sure we have a space to ourselves for some part of every day. The sensory onslaught would otherwise be overwhelming, immersion complete and we would be lost...I’m perfecting Karma Police on guitar this week and its fantastic hook ‘for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself. Phew, for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost my se e elf! Repeated a satisfying 6 or so times. Don’t get lost and stuck in your karmic patterns as they arise. Just notice them, clear it and celebrate your steady progress!

 As we gradually become completely comfortable with all aspects of our energy (let all the self judgement, insecurity and apology go), I guarantee we will be ensuring better manifestations during our co-creating and mass consciousness creations. Got to be done!

How we give and take the essence of our energy is the way we physically participate in life. The journey is one of practicing loving assertiveness. We must stand strong with what we know is a product of our own energy-that loyalty to self I was talking about. We must stick up for ourselves fearlessly and not waste a moment’s time with people who are less committed! They are having their own journey and they are not showing you the same courtesy of passionate interest and engagement so let them off. Save your energy for those who really want to participate on every level. That way we really get a productive partnering or grouping of energies and can make a significant improvement in the experience of many in the world. Drumming was one such group last night. Epic, really explored some clairaudiant (?!) dimensions... well really heard a lot that I suspect no one else will ever hear anyway. Thanks everyone x


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Listen as long as you don't mind hearing

I'm trying two things today:

Firstly, really trying to listen, not just hear what I want to hear in my illusions!
So, on my way in to town I paid attention and heard 3 sentiments...well three songs with just the one lyric each really!
School of thought one
1. Grab somebody sexy and say hey give me everything tonight.
School of thought two
2. I aint saying she's a gold digger but she aint messing with no broke, broke, broke.
School of thought three
3. Its a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do, hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.

I think its a strong start.

Secondly, I've been trying not to step into despair. Full time work subjects one to a huge amount of interaction. All day and most of the evening I am in my head doing calculations and dealing with stressed people, who only want to address the physical aspects of that stress. Home time is spent trying to clear my headache. Last time this happened I was helping a woman with her masters, well actually doing 40,000 words of it for her. I am grateful for my ability to concentrate in this way but its scary how I repeatedly put myself in environments that don't support my personality or soul... And then blame myself when people are critical, to boot! The learning is always within and today I committed myself to unflinchingly stick by my decisions and not allow anything to diminish the validity of my thoughts and disturb my well being. So far so good! Unequivocal loyalty to oneself is called for first, no more berating!

 The more clear we are, the better able we are to participate with other energies, so I anticipate some amazing developments soon. Whatever you are doing, remember who you are.
     It is possible.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Try embracing the new consciousness...or crack up, the choice is yours

One of the most dramatic phases of the 
clearing process is moving through the distortions of the emotional 
mass-consciousness belief system into the stability, freshness and harmony of 
the higher dimensions. General belief systems are powered by negative, hostile thinking and a resistance to new concepts and change. The majority of the masses are frozen in 
a reality of pain and suffering and are unwilling to entertain new expansive 
ideas, which would relieve them from their self-imposed prison of limitation.

Clearings done this week in body, mind and auric fields (aura being the invisible magnetic field surrounding the physical body).
The emotions of
1. pain which was at 80%
2 and 3. suffering and resentment which were at a pleasing 0% already!
They all exist as thought forms and by clearing them in your auric field as you go along, too, you set the intention to not identify with them again: You clear any chance of the difficult or turbulent information bouncing back in to your sensory experience.

Those emotions and the following are the ones which are keeping you from embracing
 and becoming the happy, healthy resonant being you were meant to be!

For various cosmic and political reasons, most people are completely under the influence of their base personality and the ego desire body made up of these other things I've been clearing:
4. unfulfilled yearnings from the past, cleared my remaining 8!
5. emotional imbalances, cleared my remaining 5!
6. feelings of being unworthy, none left thank God and/or unloved - cleared the 5 I had left!

Remain in... or get yourselves into, if its not a familar one!... a quiet receptive state and keep listening for whispers from the universe. There are sparks of inspiration, help and love everywhere. The more you hear them, the more you raise your frequency and enter the serenity of other dimensions. If that’s a bit ambient for you this afternoon, I’m really saying keep shifting your perspective until you see perfection. Stop filtering out the bigger picture and staying limited to an old dissatisfied viewpoint! I’m not saying you were...but just in case you were!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Live as long as you can and only die when you can't help it

Hi this is the thought police, just checking in! A little reminder to notice what you're thinking about. Let your focus be on a healthy body, a perfect mate (verb or noun - I wasn't sure which it referred to!) and being rich rather than poor. For yourselves but also for whoever your minds alight upon. The outside world is only ever a reflection of what goes on in your mind so lets pull ourselves together and make some positive changes. Clearing today is to preserve a billion trees and the habitat of the jaguar. Wild cats rock.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Kerry Inspiration and others on Saatchi Art

'Natural High'

This is the latest painting to be sold: Susi and I noticed a gap when we were in Esquires for coffee and I assumed one had fallen and broken. It didn't occur to me someone had purchased it! What a result! Mum loved the lebanon cedar carved on slate too. It was fact obviously both the twin's... 70th birthday party on saturday, not at all over shadowed by the oldest twins ever celebrating that day too - their 100th. (Winifred and Marjorie, what great names!)

Sunday was Olwyn's leaving party. I thanked her for giving me her job. Very generous I thought. Please call in if you're passing through Carlow -its Alive and Well in the Fairview Shopping Centre.

On the clearing front, I've been learning more hard lessons this week. That its only worth communicating when your heart's in it and even then it might not go well!

But also been reassured that happiness isn't a place we're going, its actually the way there. x

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Geometry and Salsa

Well they say - the powers that be - that if a wasp shows up its a call to study sacred geometry and how it might apply to your life.

In one sentence, I would recommend that you incorporate eyes, ovals, squares, circles and many spirals into your doodles today. All these lend you an improved coherence and flow in your unconscious and increase your receptivity to time, love and money (all energetically the same peace and abundance frequencies). The architect, Michael Rice, who designed this place, arranges his website into 3 to 10 sided homes! That’s when you really want to create something tangible that will resonate harmony long after you’ve gone! Even buildings have a vibration. Usually low but imposing on its environment. Bio architecture (sacred geometric architecture), however, works in synergy with its environs as it replicates and mirrors natural shapes, that sustain life.

There are many ways to bring grace into form. Don’t miss out on any of them. For me, salsa is my recent favourite by a long shot. The learnings are ongoing and manifold. The feel good factors are ongoing and manifold. It starts with learning basic footwork patterns. Then, no sooner do you feel slightly confident in your tiny area of what you need to do, you have to learn to follow a lead. Quite a subtle lead!... and change direction, spin and not rely on your lead too much either - always have your own momentum! ‘loody hell, all new areas for me, coming from a martial arts background, where everyone is an opponent. Now everyone just wants to take me for a turn on the dance floor.

So bringing grace into form is also a way to personal growth - via relinquishing control, achieving synergy (where two energies work better together than separately) and building trust. Its essential stuff, when you’re wearing high heels, that you’re fully aware that its by the grace of God go I! In Galway, last weekend, at the salsa festival, I had to lead too for one class - due to a shortage of men! For men, I think salsa is an amazing lesson in ... leading basically! - healthy assertiveness, building self trust and developing physical presence, co-ordination and confidence...and imagination! For both sexes, there is the chance of togetherness, so infrequently felt in other areas of life. As my hands and heart are so activated at this stage energetically, dancing with some people can be overwhelming, for example if they carry a lot of pain or are deeply gorgeous. Both in the same partner can be the final straw! But remember that all our bodies are pure energetic fields that respond readily and well to loving treatments so do something! And really, what else would you want to be doing?...Off to practice my spins ... and then a massage!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Up to date events page!

Clearing Possible
Once I start employment at the Alive and Well Health Food Shop in Carlow’s salubrious Fairview Centre!

I can also be found in there if you want me to tune in quickly for clarity on something and to help with any 3D detoxification ideas!


Shamanic Journey
Friday 16th 7-10pm inc. dinner and clearing €20 Harmony Hall

Training in the method
Mondays 7-9pm How to clear €20 Harmony Hall

Home Clearings - Geopathic and Spiritual
Tuesdays and Wednesdays available for clearings on location and one to ones €60 per hr

Personal Healing
Thursday and Friday Mornings in the Carlow surgery. Personal clearings and referrals.


Shamanic Journey
Saturday 8th 12-3pm inc. dinner and clearing €20
(The 8th is called the Day of Atonement. Our event will be, instead, one of Attunement)

Training in the method
Mondays 7-9pm How to clear €20 Harmony Hall

Home Clearings - Geopathic and Spiritual
Tuesdays and Wednesdays available for clearings on location and one to ones €60 per hr

Personal Healing
Thursday and Friday Mornings in the Carlow surgery. Personal clearings and referrals.

Weekend Clearing Workshops can be arranged for groups of 4 or more.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Evolving Quietly at your Own Speed

Everyone has the capacity to make life easier in some regard. Upgrading the world to a happier place. The most obvious way for me to is to teach the energy clearing. A perspective that eases resistance, conflict and pain for yourself and others, what could be better? I’ve been able to show its applications but have ended up leaving the impression that I am the best conduit for the resolution of problems, as opposed to the person themselves. This is partly because I have consciously met a lot of the energetic spectrum and partly because I love to help.

What would be more useful is encouraging people in their own unusual innovations, promoting confidence in their own abilities to do things differently from the way they are currently being done. All we’re really doing, after all, is trying to navigate our way through life, bringing our soul energy to the party, stop identifying with old hardened ways and chance our arm at making the most of life. Obviously, I don’t mean having the most. I mean simply a willingness to take part with an open mind and hopeful spirit. ... Oh yes, that’s the other thing that most will have to reconnect with: A sense of possibility, power, trust and total confidence that you are here as a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.

This will simplify the navigation process no end. People always say that they don’t know how to phrase the questions to identify and orientate a healing. If you see your soul as having the bigger picture in hand on every level, just make it your routine to ask that part of yourself. If you are using a pendulum, ask simply about each avenue presented to you - ‘Is this a positive?’ Or once you become more fond and respectful of your body as a vehicle for your soul, ‘does this honour me?’ You don’t have to fear that you’re just going to get the answer you want. You’re not asking your mind ‘can I be bothered?’ or ‘is this person having me on?’ All the fear-based, past-based, individually-driven ideas are bypassed. You are asking the ancient, underlying heart beat of all things how to get into its flow, one step at a time. Within every decision, there is a choice you can make that benefits everyone. You can get a clear yes/no and analyze no further. No more revisiting decisions, no more half hearted commitments, instead stand unflinchingly by your intuitions, feelings and actions knowing they’re guided by something beyond fear, selfish need or external pressures.

If your understanding of reality is scientific, clear what you know. One organ at a time, then your lymphatic system, your blood, whatever comes to you is your portal to get in touch with this internal aliveness. Eat your way back to brilliance, nourish yourself in whatever way .

If you’re totally practical, do your clearing through this vocabulary. There is no need to entertain, let alone adopt a whole new modality that doesn’t ring true. Clear for everything that does’t work, as you see it, to now work. Same if you're socially minded.

If you’re mood orientated, keep clearing your mental energy and practice centering your self in joy. This might be a ‘fake it until you make it’ exercise for most people to start with but be disciplined about what you’re putting out there and you’ll see results reflected back in due course. Things in your mental field might be anxiety, responsibilities, habitual negativity, shoulds, guilt and plenty of random limiting beliefs to move on from...oh yes, and intolerance’ll be there too in the form of “I’m definitely right, I’ve given this serious thought” Practice saying to yourself ‘I may be wrong’. Its a relief, I assure you, and more importantly, it allows new, open-ended neural pathways to form, structuring your whole system to become more receptive.

If you’re already energy orientated, clear your chakras every morning. In the evening I also clear whatever information has passed, unnoticed, through my system during the day and then any adverse effects. Also return to your light structure - held in holographic form at the edge of the universe. Clear fractious energy from machinery and people before it manifests further and tune all your friends in to fractal energy - the law of attraction that Einstein called ‘the friendly universe’ allowing them to realize their dreams too.

Here are some fields to clear if you just feel a bit stuck, lonely and knackered:
Your cells. For 100% health. For emotional and physical comfort. Any attachment to a bleak outlook. For acceptance that you’re changing and everything is changing for the better around you. For acceptance in general “It aint good, it aint bad, it just is”. Clear doubts - I had 76 left! It took time over the day but, by nightfall, I was doubt free and in a play time frame of heart for salsa. It really is the way forward. When I say clear it, even letting the pendulum swing with each topic until it slows, is a strong start. Picture your soul energy doing the internal ironing, sweeping clear any turbulence and obstacles. Its a walk in the park for your soul, glad of the acknowledgement and glad to be of service x

Monday, August 15, 2011

You Make it Easy, to Watch the World With Love

Awareness of polarity, separation, turbulence and misdemeanor is one thing. Most of the time we live in a world of relativities and much mental darkness. What about our awareness of the infinite? The times when the path before us becomes quite clear. We readily accept the pursuit of justice, wisdom, loyalty and truth and the requirement to walk humbly and in love and respect towards our fellow human beings. Only once we have cleared our ego triggers like powerlessness, inferiority, anger can we live fully guided by the infinite, without fear of annihilation!

‘This awareness of the infinite around us and pressing upon us is never more vivid than in respect of the bonds and sanctities of home. Here I have not first in mind the transports and ecstasies of youthful love, though even here, it is possible, the lover who idolizes and idealizes the beloved may for the moment have a truer insight into his or her true nature, what he or she is by possibility or by desire, than can those who judge from outside and without the intuitions which love brings. I had rather in mind the love of parents for their children and for one another after long years together. Here are bonds of affection and knowledge which neither life nor death nor things present nor things to come can sever; here too, then, we touch the ultimate. Wonder and affection, awe and reverence become the human family.’

This is a quote from my grandfather’s book! Who’d have thought his’d be the first romance novel I’d happen upon...My Cherry Tree by Nathaniel Micklem. He also wrote at least 10 others including Religion for the Agnostic, Religion for the Sceptic and Religion for the Atheist. The man had a calling, you have to give him that! He was also deeply interested in Aliens, so it turns out I’m a bit of a chip off the old block, as they say. Most importantly, he’s one of my two guardian angels and speaks to me telepathically daily. Do you know who yours are? Because it’d be worth tuning in to those parts of you that have a broader perspective. The 3D one can only be holding you back! What was also really cool about my grandfather was that he was a conscientious objector in the second world war and addressed the German people every day of it, in German obviously! to let them know what Hitler was doing. The moral of the story is that life really is all about raising awareness, compassion and putting 100% into love.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The web of life

Whatever we do to ourselves we do to the whole web of life. So what are you doing to yourselves these days? Is it possible that you're harbouring some guilt and anger? Anchoring your private mood on your most repetitive, bleak thoughts? ... It reminds me of a joke I liked. What did the inflatable teacher at the inflatable school say to the inflatable boy, who brought a compass in to class? You haven’t just let me down, you’ve let yourself and the whole school down! (...I had that said to me about 10 times at school so it particularly speaks to me)

My understanding of what needs to happen is to practice harmlessness in every action and thought (that at least stops the tide of chaos and cruelty when it meets you. The alternative is really only ignorant perseverance). Then, don’t stop there in a paralysis of horror, consciously choose for the toxicity we’ve identified externally and identified with personally, to fall away (clear ourselves, basically). Then we get to the good bit: limitless powers of manifestation. Lets use the new space we’ve created within to remember happiness and plenty and conjure up a vision of a world of it. This isn’t a trying to be good or do good. Its a remembering of the love that underlies every situation and letting it emerge.

You can say violence is erupting everywhere and hardship faces everyone unequally but we have an unprecedented opportunity here. In the great stream of consciousness there is every thought, possibility and outcome. Pluck out of this stream visions of peace, mutual respect and abundance and hold onto them, with trust and hope. Hold on to them at least with the same tenacity you’ve held on to all the troubles you previously closed and clouded your hearts with!

This isn’t delusion. This is the principle ‘what you think about, comes about’ so choose your thoughts carefully. This isn’t a hopelessly small drop in the ocean of turmoil either; a coherent heart is powerful beyond measure...and way beyond any amount of unconscious endeavour.

What is harmlessness: vegan, simple, eco, friendly, loving, living on purpose, always centred in joy, fearless, tolerant and receptive.

What is clearing: noticing what is going on in your own heart, taking responsibility for all of it, by remembering to see everything as an energy field, simply waiting to be acknowledged. Every trauma you heal in yourself, you heal for all. The healing takes place by learning to judge nothing as good or bad and in the recognition that we are all one and connected. Disturbed energy just dissipates. First you do it for those you love, then you have to show yourself the same courtesy and compassion and put the time in to self acceptance.

What is conscious manifestation
As you clear yourself, you’re no longer drenching every cell in your body with your old problems. You literally clear the surface of the cells of their receptors to those difficult situations (Say, karma had you attracting abuse, or a solitary childhood had you attracting a pattern of loneliness) So now we have an opportunity to write the script ourselves. Through visualization and a disciplined stock piling of beautiful moments, we start to create a new reality. (Trust me, I have success with this process several times a day! If I apply myself to visualizing you well, you get well, you can do the same).
While you’re developing it, you will notice more stuff to clear like imbalances between giving and receiving in your life, a lack of receptivity, trust, hope and imagination. Just upload what you need as you notice it. Play with seeing yourself completely differently from your old self images. Affirmations like ‘I’m so grateful that I’m good at ...’ and ‘I love ...’ when actually in the past its been something that was a complete no no, for you! Your old ideas are literally that, old ideas. They were no more true than your new ideas. except you adopted and held old ones usually indoctrinated by someone else and society and your new ones are useful, consciously chosen, confident and expansive experiments.

What is the extent of the positive change we can bring?
Well this just dawned on me this week. We can change the whole entire world. Possibly, as well, we should be getting on with it as it might well be exactly why we’re incarnated at this transitional moment in history. To this end, I’ve come up with a few meditations that I’d appreciate you spending a little time visualizing. The first is an image of there being food on everyone’s table around the world. Compassion and fairness in place of every instance of chaos and injustice. Healthy soil on every continent and clear water. Once I uploaded these possibilities, I went down to the dance floor in the wood and sent the vibrations down the stream. Dr Emoto would like it as a system! Anything will do though, but lets just start encouraging our hearts and minds to alight on solutions, for the micro and macro picture every day. Don’t worry about the ‘how‘, the universe will conspire to bring about whatever we ask for ... I received the intuition that he/she would be delighted to receive the positive input!

Monday, July 25, 2011

How to be a spirit warrior

As Aristotle said, “Happy is the man who passionately defends that which he loves.” I see a spirit warrior as a spirit who has freed itself from obligations, ideals and other unconscious motivations. A spirit that whole heartedly loves who and what they’re drawn to. Many people passionately oppose what they don’t love...but that’s not quite the same thing! And it can keep you busy for a lifetime.

We’re not to get excited by victories and defeats, by differences, debates and power struggles. We are all one, so the exhilaration must come from the unity, the togetherness and the gentle reflections, reminding us that we’re all the same. In passionate defense of love, these moments are the focus. Happiness the result.

Don’t stay in a divisive mood, comparing this to that, wasting your energy starting things and stopping things, trying to stay in some kind of control. Clear your heart of bitterness, don’t justify it! Get some clarity about what your heart desires and then go for it.

Soul is your best friend for implementing these sorts of changes, spiritually.
In the physical, it ties in with no longer drawing on our kidney chi to push on with one’s life but allowing ourselves instead to express our self through our lymphatic systems - infinite, regenerative, sustainable. (I’m on a herbal buzz at the moment and have found Cleavers does this for you..Don’t know if its a plant, mineral or an inanimate object but who cares. I say give it a go).

I recently cleared my ideals. I had 70 tucked away it turned out. Here's to keeping it real while making it magic!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 5th (unconditional love) and 6th (sacred geometry) dimensions and their impact on 3D

Well, I’ve decided to turn this into a sort of Mills and Boon blog...her lips trembled, her chin quivered...a passion stirred like a curl of smoke arising through autumn leaves. She did not know herself if it would be a forest fire or a slow burning flame...meanwhile back at the ranch the world news comes on the radio. 30 million dying from drought in Somalia and Kenya, 10,000 a day. Should I do something? The inner team says no, the news is a distraction, its not really happening. The only thing I get a yes to is that it is the greedy side of the world’s fault. We’ve used up and unappreciated nature. We’ve received the gift of life and the support with an occasional thank you - maybe when a baby is delivered safely and a few other emotionally charged situations that thankfully go our way in life. Maybe a thank you if someone makes the dinner. The other thing I get a yes to is, nature’s climate can only rebalance if we pay attention to it. Don’t watch on with horror, powerlessness and blame as things go wrong but also don’t look away; watch on with compassion and gratitude. An increase in these vibrations can resonate around the whole globe, nourishing everyone and everything on its surface. Same goes for your inner landscape, reward yourself every day by receiving some love and affection. Once you make the decision, the whole universe conspires to manifest it.

Oh yes, sacred geometry. Have a think about how it applies to your life. For me, its about aligning with all that is. For example, aligning my little schism of energy with the laws of attraction, oneness and manifestation. In this sense, Harmony Hall - because of its design - creates an intersection between the possible and the actual. Living here also requires an acceptance of the law of detachment: Nothing is happening to anyone but everything is happening. The result of this is that, as we become more and more conscious, we need to choose our company carefully, creatively express every bit of information trying to come through us while, at the same time, taking nothing personally. What sort of mad plot is my Mills and Boon love story going to have? to incorporate all this brilliant stuff, when the ammunition for most of them is forbidden pleasure? If I come up with anything good, I’ll say. Most of all, the geometry has an application in healing. God knows, I’ve put the hours in this week on that front. I've also received some amazing energy. Salsa on the new dance floor with my favourite dance partner, the shamanic drumming, a dinner with old friends, mega angel input near Grange Mockler, an exotic fruit bumper harvest near the Pike and my paintings framed beautifully... so I’m very nearly in balance. Thanks for all that. Off out to treat myself to a good time! Please try not to speculate...I’m trying not to! One must trust that we are all fully guided at this stage and that this is where the party starts!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The heart sees deeper than the eye - five languages of love!

In a sixth language - the canter of hooves - Windy said to me last night ‘Yes, a rug please!’
At the same time, in a seventh language, I heard the wind under his tail and in his weather swept eyes, whistling full of exhilaration. Both are true. In the same way, we can be both flying it and laid low all at the same time. There is just a lot of information arising for everyone and for the planet as a whole. For the people I’ve been meeting there are lots of physical expressions of this acceleration of input, for some stress and injury, for me a tiredness, a recurring feeling of being in need of an urgent lie down! Simultaneously, we are also able to run with the new information. I’ve been painting and sculpting for Arts Week - (my exhibitions will be in Esquires, High Street and the Coffee Bean in Loughbuoy and hopefully ceramics in the William Street Gallery), been reviving a beautiful nocturne by Chopin, the Prokofiev Sonata and some love songs that have been on file for ages and wild amounts of energy work are coming in. So its a state of receptivity we need to bring ourselves to, hand in hand with a strong confidence that something amazing is working through us, hand in hand (this is becoming a bit of a barn dance) with an established inner guidance system of how to honour ourselves as we go along (honour the self as opposed to honour ourselves with accolades and/or protect ourselves due to fear!)

So, to honour ourselves we need our love tanks full. And the five languages of love are

Words of affirmation - I will always be there for you!
Physical touch - great chemistry and lasting peace
Acts of service - I pay attention to your physical and emotional needs
Quality time - All time spent in unity is quality time
Gifts - Whatever we bring is a gift, be it an apparent good or bad.

So find the depth of those acknowledgements in yourself and know they’ll be reflected in your 3D!

The most important thing to remember at the moment as far as I can see is that there’s nothing to worry about. Expect the best, fear nothing!

Friday, July 15, 2011

How to keep body and soul together

If any one was wondering, yes this particular moment is your best opportunity to be totally present, to be totally alive. In a constant movement of regeneration, keep recreating your linear reality with more colour, love and integrity. Also notice the ebb and flow - not zeniths and nadirs and mood swings from top to bottom but a giving and receiving flow that is possible in each moment and aligns us to our underlying hologram of happiness and perfection. To spend this moment lamenting the past and worrying about the future does not allow you to participate in the creative abilities of your soul energy. Nor does a sedentary approach of being past caring.

To create the perfect now it is important to go inward to the soul to find clarity (that's not evidential proof that the world is a bad place and certainty that not a thing can be done about it! but more a clarity consisting of a cleared inner landscape where old perspectives that were aligned with chaos and powerlessness take up none of your time and visualization of what resolutions are possible are what your mind alights upon). The outward flow is when that intention resonates from you in movements fuelled by friendship, interest and inner knowing of what we're capable of at our best. Positive change and healing can take place in undreamed of ways.

Our physical reality is meant to be an expression of our soul. Make it so, No.1 !

Monday, July 11, 2011

If in doubt, make your own angel cards.

Shamanic journeying is coming up on friday and I'm looking forward to that. Hope some of you'll come. There's a definite party atmosphere about this summer so far, is that the same for everyone? I've cleared one shop, 72 people, 4 horses and 12 dogs since my last message and starting to feel fairly lively again. That may have been the swim in the sea off Valentia. If you've got time but no clarity, I recommend swimming this time. Or meditating... This is me meditating above! As always the arms are only 'implied' But I'll have life casting perfected one day!

I'll share the entertainment of the alternative angel cards 'channelled' over the weekend when the illustrations are ready to go with them. Think there could be a small fortune in it....a very small fortune probably!x

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happiness in clay , trouble passing in the more subtle fields

Man and his dog

Angel on the wall

swan mates candle sticks

canoe, couple testing the water and Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Couple kissing
Back to the dark side of the soul for a moment. Home truths time! It became apparent suddenly that I was still 1. striving away from the present moment. 2. motivated by external phenomena 3. willing, with the slightest of encouragement, to be there. Be there in every sense, turn up, apply myself, be present emotionally, physically and consciously. I am the same regardless of feedback or response.

After clearings, I’d come back here, clear myself and pass out, processing and releasing the residue of what I had tuned in to. Responses range from one short text saying I won’t be coming again, I feel no benefit from the sessions... Nice! Appreciative! One long text saying thanks so much, I am delighted with how things turned out-steady, calm, totally confident, magic here. Another saying loved it, I am sure that will have a lasting effect and so much food for thought too. Several just wanting to talk on the phone and question my methods - blatantly drawn to my resonance but fantastically unwilling to credit me for any of the positive change happening, let alone book a meeting or pay me. Probably because they’re totally unaware of their own resistance to looking at any of the unconscious material I’m dealing with for them.

What’s it all about, I said to myself. What’s the mirror? Its obviously that I have to master giving 100% but with no attachment to the outcome. The I, ego, must fully disappear and simply become a channel for the attunement, alignment, resolution and clearing. Thankfully this comes completely naturally at this stage and I can do it effectively for myself as well and bring myself back to peace. What flummoxes me though is when I want someone or something for myself. I only want one person and I only want little bits of money to keep the home improvements and weekends away going.

Doesn't seem extravagant but the only way forward I came up with was clearing these dynamics. I think I have rebalanced giving and receiving and getting back in the flow. I have also reminded my over active chi to take a chill pill and stop striving and pouring synergy into every interaction and instead start dreaming of being met half way. Now my little beam of light from source should be able to shine more brightly as a sort of established oasis rather than a willow the wisp, candle in the wind vibe. I am having a cup of tea to celebrate this falling away of another bit of illusion!

I don’t think these fleeting disillusionments are just mine though. Everyone I meet is struggling with something similar. I can only suggest keep clearing, day dream of love and utopia and try and keep showing up for the positive 3D occasions! Show your love! For me that was Shaun and Siobhan’s wedding last saturday, veggie night on sunday, dancing on tuesday and Bonny Belle’s wedding on Valentia on Friday. The photos are my latest creations, glazed and out of the kiln yesterday! I welcome feed back but only positive. I'm so over constructive criticism, think we all are at this stage?

Monday, July 4, 2011

"How are your magnetic fields?"

This is a question we could ask each other during a Tropicana juice break in the morning. . . "Spending a little too much time over fault lines, it feels like!!" we might answer. Our bodies are dealing with levels of radiation and electrical currents that did not even exist a hundred years ago. That's quite a short time in relation to how quickly we can evolve. Adapt or die become our options. Our only means to do that is consciously upgrade our systems. Through space clearing using divining we can explore the different draws on our health, emitting from our environment. We can instantly track the main sources of disturbance to the human energy fields. You already will have noticed some of the effects a place is having on you. Illness, tiredness, insomnia, conflict. All these are just resistances to the information being fired at you from your environment. The clearing gives you a way to meet these frequencies comfortably. The potential is to walk in a lamina flow (a slip stream that does not follow the path of the river or the masses. It finds its own path but creates no friction, turbulence or conflict)

Every time I come home, I clear any low energies that may have taken up residence there. This might be emotions like pain and guilt, they may be toxicity from paint and building work, they may have been left by visitors. Really try and pay attention to where you are and how you're feeling about it ... and then pull yourself together and make the changes you need to make. Clear the darkness you find and choose happiness and gratitude in its place. Then, wherever you go, you're creating a harmonious flow to others and to yourself.

Drumming is on the 15th in the evening, I'm hoping it'll be sunny enough for us to all be on the new dance floor over the stream. I have finished at last the latest tryptich and sold one from my first...above. I'm not sure why I paint, this one must have simply been for peoples' amusement! Its the third from the Billy Joe Trilogy story I wrote. Hope everyone else is feeling creative and leaving time for at least some foolishness every day. Oh yes, I caught the bouquet at the wedding on Saturday so might not be space clearing for too much longer, if you've been procrastinating about having your place done? I'll be off to the Maldives for the rest of time having beautiful moments...In the meantime, count me in for anything geopathic, karmic, animal, vegetable or mineral x

Friday, July 1, 2011

Attending everything without missing Salsa

I'm reporting in from Suffolk, where its 40 degrees at least. Tomorrow I will put my navigational, divining and driving skills to the test by driving into London to SDF's wedding. Already a legend. I have a slight Meet the Focker's feeling as I didn't get any insurance on my hire car as I fully believe I'm having a lucky week and have the angels on my side. Hope no one throws a brick my way to put me straight!

Back in time for the 'No meat and greet' dinner on Sunday, hopefully see most of you there. And then dancing on tuesday. They say happiness is having a lot to live for rather than having a lot to live on. Suddenly, I have something great to live for, thank God, hope everyone else is feeling that lift too. Tonight is a new moon eclipse that will, I gather, get us all in gear to make a move...make it up, rather than downhill fast!x

Monday, June 27, 2011

Got a good attitude?

I think it might be time we made a declaration of intent. It plays on my mind that many people, who know how to clear their energy, don't. They blow hopelessly, or ricochet chaotically, from one day to the next, wondering what will come next. The only reason for this complete inability to take the reins and make life s*** hot, is a lasting belief that it is the outside world that tells us how we are doing and what is going on.This is just not true; if your inner self is secure, your life is secure. Set the intention to keep returning to an inner, eternal reference point from the external ones. . . they are ever changing and elusive and therefore inevitably hard to keep up with. Inside, is a stillness and your team of experts ready and willing to bring clarity and ease. Do it this way around and just watch the outside world align.

The troubles and insecurities we face now, we created a long time ago, so don't get disheartened if 5 minutes of positive thinking doesn't address and correct the dynamics in every area of your life!! Stick with it. Elevate your thoughts daily to your best possible - both in expectation and contribution. If you still think you don't know how to clear or need someone else to do it, start by keeping things very general. Ask yourself the question, is there anything wrong with me that I can acknowledge and release right now? You'll probably start yawning or eyes watering or get a little shiver and then you know you're away. Your system, physiological, emotional, spiritual and etheric KNOWS what to do. It is innate knowledge, a deep intrinsic healing dynamic of nature, that turbulent energy seeks to be expressed, let go through acknowledgement and harmonized. Just allow it to happen. You are powerful beyond measure. Start defining what you want. No need to tell what it is, but make it loving, grand, a testament and a legacy and a wave of good feeling will course through your veins, changing toxicity on a cellular level to joy, the highest energy of all.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Apologies for going awol. The next drumming is the 15th July, evening, and by then the dance floor over the stream should be complete! Suffice to say, its beautiful down there and the sound of the chain saw and hammers will be long gone and replaced with a Dominican Bachata sound track by then.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Page on My Website - Events and Accommodation at Harmony Hall

Harmony Hall Holistic EventsHarmony Hall Schedule


Friday 10th 7-10pm Conscious Community: Shamanic Journey, dinner and clearing €20
Monday 13th 7-9pm Personal Clearing €20
Wednesday 15th 7-9pm Space Clearing €20
Monday 20th 7-9pm Personal Clearing €20
Saturday 25th 12-3pm Conscious Community: Shamanic Journey, lunch and clearing €20
Monday 27th 7-9pm Personal Clearing €20
Wednesday 29th 7-9pm Space Clearing €20


Fri-Sun 15th-17th Three Day Workshop €150 Friday 7-10pm, Sat and Sun 10-4pm
Monday 11th 7-9pm Personal Clearing €20
Wednesday 13th 7-9pm Space Clearing €20
Wednesday 20th 7-9pm Space Clearing €20
Monday 25th 7-9pm Personal Clearing €20
Wednesday 27th 7-9pm Space Clearing €20
Friday 29th 7-10pm Shamanic journey, meal and energy clearing €20


Monday 8th 7-9pm Personal Clearing €20
Wednesday 10th 7-9pm Space Clearing €20
Saturday 13th 12-3pm Shamanic journey, meal and energy clearing €20
Monday 15th 7-9pm Personal Clearing €20
Wednesday 17th 7-9pm Space Clearing €20
Monday 22nd 7-9pm Personal Clearing €20
Wednesday 24th 7-9pm Space Clearing €20


Friday 16th 7-10pm Shamanic Journey, meal and energy clearing

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Follow the guidelines for Life!

So, what are we doing during a clearing session? Merging the esoteric wisdom of life with the energetic principles of life's processes. We finally and fully grasp that the roots of disquiet and illness lie at the meeting point between spirit and matter - so we understand that all we need do is harmonize the relationship between the two, as we go along. I, for one, synergize that relationship so often in the day that, sometimes, I align to the original hologram held at the very edge of the galaxy, just for fun. Any one else trying this? Very expansive and very recommended x

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spirit Centred Business

I ate my second harvest of 8 strawberries from the garden yesterday and felt pleased with my and nature’s efforts! Saturday’s drumming was a ‘giving back’ event. We decided ages ago that two of each year’s twelve meditations should be geared to sending healing to the earth rather than a focus on personal relaxation and healing. It was pretty epic, with many animal spirits coming in. I was lucky enough to be greeted by a red panda, which must be rare enough these days. Mark’s party that night was great for sound healing too; voices, guitars, fiddle and the low whistle - which is my favourite tone in the whole world, except maybe Richard Burton’s voice at the beginning of War of The Worlds! Sunday again, I found myself drumming, on The Parade in a Happy Africa Day celebration! It came to an end there as that night an innocent rendition of Crowded House’s Fall At Your Feet turned into a row that went on for hours!

What was there to be learnt from the weekend?
Non alcoholic beers are better than Prosecco
Only spend your time with positive people
Notice the signs of divine intervention in your life
Practice an appreciation for what is, however apparently humble an offering!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

How Essential is Energy Clearing?

I recommend taking possession of what has been given to us - this method of energy clearing and cultivating our inner stillness. We are so used to things coming and going that we want more. We keep reaching out in insecurity. But this particular gift is the gift of a lifetime. There'll be no more separation at all, unless you're careless enough to let it go. It will never leave if you want it, though. But we need to attend to it all the time, not just in bursts or episodes. Live with all our cares focused on whether this invisible, inside work is going well.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Divine Love Visioning Synopsis

Hi, this is just a quick reminder to look at what you're creating! There's four stages to our evolvement, the victim stage where we think things are happening to us and we are in constant reaction. Then there's the manifestation stage where we realize that we can create anything and take responsibility for what's happening and go exploring a bigger multi dimensional reality. Then there's the channel stage where we allow the bigger picture to speak through us, usually through our words, our music, our art and every other gift we're lucky enough to have a chance to cultivate. This is a great confidence building stage as we realize its not us as individuals trying to think big, its our ultimate potential and job to shine as much light on the world as possible. Then finally there is being love, where we have got our personalities completely out of the way and we are bringing and expressing a synergy and balance by literally our presence! So today, maybe say no to drama and yes to love, notice where you are in the four stages and move up a gear. Why not!

If you don't feel like doing this, maybe start dancing instead...equally uplifting and illuminating. What on earth else would we want to be doing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Energy Clearing Events To Make You Smile

Pet Most Like Its Owner:
Your dog represents your emotional life
Your cat represents your mental life
Your horse represents your spiritual life
Your guinea pig represents ... maybe its better not to say!
Bring your pet, large or small, for a joint clearing with you

We’ll clear memories and spirits around you both. Mental, physical, emotional and environmental stresses. Find out your animal spirit guides and how to work with them to reach a harmony and synergy between you.

Couples and Best Friends:
Your partner is your closest mirror of how you are doing in life. They are a great gift.
We’ll clear all stress on your relationship. Old feelings like guilt and anxiety can be a kill joy so we’ll clear those. Current pressures like finances and health can also be a passion killer, so we’ll clear those too! An easy going session of laughter and relaxation.

Shamanic Journeys - 28th May Saturday 12-3 €20 & 10th June Friday 7-10pm €20
A classic shamanic drummer and healer, Tony Dunton, leads a guided meditation followed by a vegan meal (prepared by yours truly!) and an hour of energy clearing. This is official time out for yourself. The meditation gives you quiet time to explore your huge inner landscape and relax. Then the energy clearing and gathering sets you up to make harmonious life changes when you get home.

Accommodation: B & B and vegan evening meal

Space Clearing - Wednesdays €20
Learn how to clear your home of negative energy, both environmental and personal. A day of divining, personal development and renewal.

Personal Clearing - Mondays €20
How to deeply change your life in every area, from love to money. Learning to clear your energy, shifts your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. Instead of a repetitive and limited life experience, we start a healing journey where you become someone for whom everything is possible.

Some aspects that open up are: Healing: Clearing suffering for friends and family living or already passed on: Animal communication and healing: Connect with your soul journey and purpose: Give back top the planet/community etc by holding a space for healing major turbulences such as environmental upheaval and man-made conflict: Develop self trust and esteem: Reach your full potential by releasing all fears and self defeating habits: Unlock your creativity, emotional and tangible: Understand and love yourself and others without exception, taking exception or being the exception!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The next step for working with energy

If the clearing has become a way of life, you will already be paying attention to the people and animals and conflicts and opportunities that present themselves - both tangible and etheric. The next step is to embody that clarity. The difference will be apparent in your every movement and action. 99% of the population on planet earth use kidney-generated energy to motivate themselves. The mind says 'come on' or 'better get off now' ... these thoughts race through the body and draw on the kidneys to stimulate a response. Kidney chi is not finite but neither can it be replenished. We have to completely change the way we look at it. Its 'sort of' possible to go on using it, in the same way as its 'sort of' possible to go on relying on our mental energy to organize ourselves and decide what's important. Its one dimensional, unhealthy and frenetic. So, what can be done to bring grace and fluidity to our being in the world? Allow the light of all energy to impulse you instead. The light informs your soul which informs a response - delivered, or rather conveyed in to your 3D experience via your lymphatic system.

Trust me on this. If you know how to clear and set new alignments in motion for yourself and others then its easy but if you don't understand energy clearing you can still move in to this new way of being. The quality you need to establish is gentleness. Breathe gently both in and out, no sudden movements. Even with hard physical work, you can bring smooth, channelled power rather than brute force. The change for the better that accompanies this soul centred movement is manifold. Not least, it creates its own space for you to lead a life based on self-made choices not those imposed or even stimulated by an outside influence.

Do keep clearing the air around you though too. Limiting feelings I've been clearing for all and sundry this week include - being ashamed of your feelings, fear of performing, arts, music and interviews. Also healed for people to gain a real sense of wanting, appreciating and listening to oneself. Its raised some very powerful and deep rooted material as you can imagine.

I also discovered that healing horses is completely different to healing people or environmental energy in one, very important, way: The clearing leaves no residue, no toxicity or fear. They really are the spiritualized nature of mankind. Obviously, I am clearing man-made problems of neglect, cruelty and environmental impacts from their systems but they are clearing other oceans of our beings back to a flat calm at the very same time. So, spend as much time communing with horses as you can and notice what happens.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The value of a five year plan, even a vague one!

At last I've noticed that I've realized my five year plan. It involved building, setting up and operations for an ethics centre, offering education, healing, accommodation and food. All this has been achieved and much light and lightening of heart has taken place. Two guages - relationship and money - had blinded me to a full appreciation of this multidimensional blessing. I had felt occasional failure and fear in those areas but even they have now changed. My heart is healed. I trust myself. I see and connect with the loveable spirit in others, without exception. I cannot put a put wrong as I am guided and supported by the divine aspects of myself that I seem to be continually in touch with, broadly understood by other people as intuition.

Financially I am also more secure. I am not earning more but I have a network of income that covers food, mortgage, travel and a social life. This change has been gradual. I am surprisingly building tangible and reliable results simply by being true to myself.

My next 5 year plan involves an intention to keep writing and sharing the unfolding of my world vision and the healing that is possible for and happening for everyone. I will eventually encapsulate a programme that is an accessible inviting prospect for men, women, children, animals, homes, businesses and whole countries. Or maybe, instead, some other way to share this gift will present itself. I know that gratitude and generosity are the keys and releasing the inclination to help or try.

The clearings I’ve been doing this week are 1. going with the flow. 2. etheric energy. 3. eyes. 4. simple pleasures of being together 5. tolerant and openminded 6. noticing how my personality affects others...I noticed I mainly cheer people up! Better than wrecking heads, you’ve got to admit! I wonder what effects you would see yourself having on others?

The shamanic meditation was great and I cleared everyone there from attracting endless karmic lessons to attracting only love. Think we might be creating a whole new world! Recommend all those clearings if you have time. I will report back when the next meditation is x

Friday, April 8, 2011

Warmth and Clarity

I heard of one great thinker from Malta, Edward de Bono. Brilliantly, his speciality is clarity! He is still a professor at the university there. He’s famous for his model of reasoning using six distinct hats of thinking. This is taught as part of the business studies masters. Since I got home, I've even seen his books in several friends' houses, so its a sort of self development system too that we can all try. So the colour system is:
Think of a life or work situation you want to move on then identify
Blue - Overall Objectives
Red - Feelings
White - Facts
Green - Possible Creative Solutions
Yellow - Pros
Black - Cons

1. When problem solving you should start with the blue, outlining the whole picture.
2. Then feelings should be acknowledged, so the red mode of discussing the effect on the individuals involved has to be addressed.
3. That allows the white, the facts to be set out dispassionately.
4. Then creative solutions can be proposed, from the Green thought processes.
5. Then pros and cons explored. One should always look at positives first and then negatives. If you outline negatives first, even at this stage, they tend to saturate and stall the process of resolution.

On top of hearing this man’s theory, I received another instruction to practice distinguishing my thoughts. (I had previously assumed they were all good, intuitive and guided ... or... dredged up bleakness from the past and my main job was to notice and not fall for the latter!) So, the second message I got came from that brilliant yellow monkey I met. I looked up the meaning if a monkey shows up and it read - ‘be very distinct, congruent and clear in your thoughts, body language and actions’. So I’m going to put some of my current ideas about love, reality and music through the Edward de Bono system and see what happens. In regard to aligning my body language and actions, I made a leap of faith instead! This was in the form of some cliff diving at St Peter’s Pool. There was the clearest water at the bottom that I’ve ever seen but still I was scared stiff for a very long time before I did it. I hope it will be the start of many leaps of faith and confident steps in to the unknown and completely exhilerating. For me there had not been flight or fight, only freeze! Thankfully, the thaw has begun.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ireland and Imagined Love Limitations

Well, its taken a trip away to realize how intolerable the atmosphere here in Ireland is. I watched all the faces on the street as the bus passed through Dublin, Naas, Castledermot and Carlow and didn’t see one smile - Grimace Central! There is still something to smile about isn’t there? Maybe people are saving their facial muscles for when they get home and their eyes alight on their family. Hopefully. I am listening to Rumi’s love poems set to music. No. 14 goes

From the beginning of my life, I have been looking for your face.
But today I have seen it.
Today, I have seen the charm, the beauty,
the unfathomable grace of the face that I was looking for, the day I found you.
And those who laughed and scorned me yesterday
are sorry that they were not looking as I did.

I am bewildered by the magnificence of your beauty
And wish to see you with a hundred eyes.
My heart is burning with passion.
I have searched for ever for this beauty that I now behold.
I am ashamed to call this love human and afraid of God to call it divine.

Your fragrant breath, like the morning breeze, has come to the stillness of the garden.
You have breathed new life into me. I have become your sunshine and also your shadow. My soul is screaming in ecstasy, every fibre of my being is in love with you.
Your effulgence has lit a fire in my heart
And you have made radiant for me the earth and sky.
My arrow of love has arrived at the target.
I am in the house of mercy and my heart is a place of prayer.

As well as the smiling that only goes on behind closed doors, maybe this is how everyone’s talking when they get home too! Stirred up with the feeling and wonder of each other...hopefully.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Experimenting with Instant Quantum Healing

Practicing quantum healing. Deepak or as we affectionately refer to him, six pack, gave two definitions of it. One is that one mode of consciousness - the mind - spontaneously corrects mistakes made in another mode of consciousness - the body. The second definition is that quantum healing makes peace! This caught my attention. A fragmented consciousness manifests conflict and illness. So I cleared from fragmentation to wholeness for myself and Ollie who I'm staying with. Feel rock solid now.

Then I did Libya and Japan. The current Maltese problem with Libya is that Libyans are doing a runner from there and seeking asylum here. I did what they called a Temple Walk yesterday. An archeologist, historian, lightworker and dowser man led it. We traced the history of some energy points back 50,000 years. Most amazingly, yesterday was the actual day in the calendar of awakening consciousness called the Malta Cross Porto. Like a download from celestial beings aimed here in particular. Perfect timing for me to be here. I also gathered that Malta is the Pancreas and Solar Plexus of the earth energetically. You know how Glastonbury is supposed to be the heart or the head or some other key part of the anatomy/earth chakra key point. Well the role of the pancreas and Malta is to process the negativity of the earth and transmute is back into light. How uncanny is that, that I picked here for the mission? Anyway, it was wonderful to meet at least 30 like minded and energized people and do a meditation in the sun with them all. The only vision I got was a massive bird floating flapping its wings in the middle of our circle. The ceremony was a celebration of the wind and communication. Windy! It made me think of him and thank you for your update Ann Marie. I have spent time with geccos, dogs and cats and saw the chimpanzee again this morning. I have been developing my understanding of humanities relationship with the animal kingdom so hopefully no longer will anyone be able to slow me down by saying I'm sentimental in my affinity with them. Its all key to our accessing new dimensions and any non ordinary reality. So I recommend everyone pauses for thought today and spends some time meeting or communicating with their own power animals. Could be interesting. Also practice connecting with your inner core where memories of health and peace exist. They're deeper than memories of stress and fear that have defined and made up your current body and lifestyle. Happily by making those reconnections we can heal anything and make a completely different future for ourselves.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Holographic re-alignment today

I returned to two fundamental dynamics this morning. That everything in life is a reflection of something in us. So I cleared whatever in me the war and the Japanese disaster were reflecting. Secondly I remembered that we individually hold sickness and conflict in place by traces from ourselves, be they emotional, beliefs we unconsciously hold or environmental programming or any other dimension of our being. So I cleared any traces reaching from me that were holding misery in place for the target places and for me. Feeling fairly uplifted now and off to Gozo to camp on the beach. I think it will be a good place to align situations to the hologram of how things are supposed to be. The hologram exists at the very edge of our galaxy, which I think I can see from here.

Friday, April 1, 2011

First Malta Clearing

I have various clearings underway. I am using a slightly expanded team of spiritual aspects, including Quan Yin, who is representing trust in the divine feminine. I am also using an improvised technique - sending my spirit out to do the clearing, rather than inviting the weight of the war and tsunami in to my body. I don't send my spirit very far, just as far as a giant wind chime that's on the roof here. There are the added benefits that it audibly responds when I'm on to something and it is also able to disperse the harmonized energy back to where its needed.

So, when I went in to the war I was able to connect with Obama, Cameron and Gadaffi and introduce the possibility and trust that peaceful resolution is as present as the conflict and for whatever powers, that they individually listen to, to make a way forward clear to them. In Japan,, I felt in to the feelings of the people and especially the women. I noticed that in times of crisis, women become invisible when it is the intuition and support that is needed. I asked nature why it had happened. I got that the death of the coast dwelling japanese had been mercifully quick, rather than facing the karma of the radiation, the rest of us must process.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is compassion and is it for me?!

What is compassion one might ask? Is it not just something for Mother Teresa or Florence Nightingale? I met a relation of hers last week! Or is it not just ordinary kindness? Well, that would do nicely...Except, maybe that ordinary kindness is a bit like common sense. Its not that common! I think what I'm asking for are those two things - common sense and ordinary kindness. To get them operative in daily life. So first to use the senses,to really see, hear, touch and feel. Common enough capacities but assumptions get in the way of the sensory information really having an impact on us. We are anaesthetized.

Historically, we've also tried to impose our will on the world, rather than listen to and allow what life has in store for us. When we live in our senses -at least occasionally - we are inclined towards the appropriate response of ordinary kindness. Not resistance, not trying to come up with a different outcome. Who are we to think we can come up with a better master plan than nature? So lets get back in touch with it, stay alert, trusting that what is happening should be happening and ready to respond and take part...It literally can't be any worse than fighting every day for justice or recognition or a few extra euro. Live every moment to the maximum.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

International Ambassador of Good Will

I applied for a scholarship a few years ago that had this title - International Ambassador of Good Will - and always fancied it so I'll just say that's what I'm doing now! I am going to Malta to meditate on peace and see what can be restored energetically. Also, I hear the radiation has already reached Irish and English waters. I guess they're keeping it quiet but I recommend not falling out with anyone unnecessarily and keeping the bigger picture in mind. I also recommend not falling out of a boat now I think of it. Hopefully the oceans are so vast that everything is well diluted and rendered harmless but still! The world is a small place in some ways and I think it needs us in a way. On a personal level, I think its important to spend one's time not worrying or complaining about the small stuff and appreciating everyone and everything that has crossed our paths so far - as part of life's rich tapestry. Globally, I think that the chaotic environmental energy is bringing a lot of fear to people who don't know how to assimilate it. What we can do is remember we actually do have the power to balance everything ourselves. Its not out of our hands. Every drop of positivity and compassion - wherever it be directed - helps.

Also the key is to not judge difficulty and situations too harshly. Keep centred in your abilities and creativity and realize the lessons we're learning. One expression of fear is that people are being triggered back to their past. They are literally regressing to being as powerless as children. Angrily they lick their wounds, many too hurt to give any love to anyone else. So lost that they can spare neither interest, openness, trust, play or friendship. If you get that triggered, remember its the fear that's bandying around the place, its not yours. It might remind you of something that happened in your life but its only a tiny aspect of your spectrum and ...more importantly, a real waste of precious time. The clearing that cracks it starts with the decision to acknowledge your own heart fully. It breaks down mental barriers and the connection creates new energy that can be released into your reality. We need to embrace a new perspective. It is much bigger than the ordinary.

I also read somewhere that anyone who is attached to their physical appearance ensures a lifetime of suffering as they fight the process that started at their conception! So clear for 1. non attachment to appearances and 2. acknowledgement of your heart. 10% at a time works for me and gives plenty of time to notice what you're learning as you go along.

I think its all about participating at the moment in any way we can.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I reckon redirect the war funding to help Japan

I hope everyone will find twenty minutes every day to clear for Japan and clear for Libya. Obviously, there's other things going on that are personal and global that might be close to your hearts too, so don't let me hold you back on any topic arising for you!

I heard yesterday that there was still a question mark over whether Gadaffi himself was a legitimate military target. As far as I can ascertain from every dimension, he's the only legitimate target. Every one fighting for him is only doing so because they have been threatened with death if they don't. I would be interested to see how many Irish or English people backed an independent uprising here. Sweet f all I imagine, seeing how closely we adhere to any old laws, down to not parking on a double yellow line. It takes great courage to put one's head above the parapet, so to speak, and a conviction that hardly any one has. So the one's fighting for change are brave and the ones fighting for the regime are scared, neither of those groups are legitimate targets. The two 'supporters of the regime I have heard interviewed said Gadaffi is a bad man, I had no choice but to follow his orders or he would have had me killed. Another one was pictured, about twenty something years old, pretty stressed out looking, unarmed, with a poster of Gadaffi held up in front of him. The paper said it was to show his loyalty but I doubt that very much. He was trying to give a big visual clue as to who he was, to reduce his chances of getting shot at as a suspected opposer.

I also don't know where the funding for the military intervention is coming from. That money should be going to Japan to help if there's enough to bandy around. If those radiations keep radiating, life won't be worth living over there, let alone their homelessness and general vulnerability. Energetically, I think we need to keep our focus on peace and off war. At drumming meditation tomorrow night and over the coming 7 days, we will be holding a space for recovery and restoration. Please tune in if you have a moment. I think there's strength in numbers x

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hold On To Unity if Possible

Conflict can appear out of nowhere amongst even our strongest comrades. This is pressure on our inner circle. I don't know if its personal or intended on any level. Disaster can happen on the most monumentous level, like the earth plates moving. We can acknowledge everything the same, via sensitive truth-telling. Like acknowledging that this is all karma and maybe heading our way. Send love to each situation if you can and this will heal disunity on the micro and macro levels. Try not to let divisions last.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Old friends - How it all can work

Some people think I just do some healing modality which has helped or not helped them feel better. I have actually got a complete vision that I hope to manifest. The seeds of this vision were the realizations that:
We create our own reality.
We are awakening a consciousness of what we have created so far.
We can notice this information and learn not to judge it.
This increasing acknowledgement and acceptance of ourselves, others and our life situations dissipates the pain and other tension around events
- past and present, conscious and unconscious, environmental and personal.
As this inner turbulence subsides, the outer reflection of our lives quietens too and a space appears for the conscious creation of reality.
It is a new reality that is intended not inadvertent.

The clearings I've done today to move this forwards were
All resistance to what is.
All tendency to be prescriptive.
Allowing help from happiness and wealth.

I am staying with and helping an older couple at the moment. Therefore, I have also cleared all environmental information here that culminated in a stroke for one and all personal memory that resulted in a heart attack for the other. You might be well to do those clearings for your households too, while we think of it. I am learning about the joy of simply being. Here, they have a life and friendship where there are no longer lofty goals and ambitions, no hoping for a complete change of scene or anything new. They enjoy breakfast, the garden, conversation and looking out for each other.Its quite a refreshing perspective for me who has been fairly driven all my life (driven to sit down and mull it over admittedly but driven all the same!)This is a new level of acceptance. It is also a celebration of one's friends' continued existence full stop. No more expectations or fears just a mood that says 'glad to see you're still here!'

How To Live As One by Frances Micklem - a guide to releasing negativity and from old paradigm thinking to new

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrating Spring

I would be interested to hear how everyone else is planning to make transformational changes this year? I for one have somehow managed to get my self esteem up to an all time high of 110% if there is such a figure. This has been a huge relief on my whole emotional and physical system to which such affirmation is almost completely brand new!I also find myself enjoying true feelings, true friends and true stories (although I don't feel any need to check them!) Just to know they're there is exciting.

My paintings I think were a wonderfully cheerful and zealous expression of my life path and recaptured the innocence of being a kiddliwink. Please feel free to give me feedback if you see the exhibitions either in Castlecomer Library or Esquires Coffee Shop Kilkenny(You have to give me that I am atleast productive and prolific!) Meanwhile I am writing my novel and that's my creative outlet for the moment.

Joining the two projects together is a box set I was kindly given by my recent B and B guest: Transform your life through handwriting. There is a soul quality to each letter and ways to manifest its intention. There is also a lot of no no s when you look at your own old writing afresh. The one tip to check for is never loop backwards, always forwards. The former says, I half think this but don't mind me. The latter states, I think sunny jim you'll find that this is the case so listen up.

I will let you know as the transformations form. One shift was in regard to caring. It used to be accompanied by the inner conflict that I have to, its my job or calling and I know how to. Then it would swing to I don't have to, resisting caring and feeling dragged, used up and spat out. That polarity has gone now and been replaced with an ease and a willingness and an inner knowing that we're making an epic difference for the good. When I say 'we' I mean everyone who is taking the trouble to wake up, get conscious and get creative and healing with it. Luckily everyone I know at this stage!