Monday, May 24, 2010

Conscious Community gets together next on 26th June

I have been asked two important questions recently. One is 'Who is Sybil?' As far as I know, her story started as one of hardship and neglect until she was rescued by PAWS, about five or six years ago, who were then in Wicklow. She was re-homed with Susi Allen, a committed animal lover who has travelled all over the world working with endangered species and helping pet, working and wild animals. They have a few wonderful rescue dogs, including a besotted doberman, a gentle alsation and two tiny cream whippets but it is Sybil who must and does go everywhere in the car. The blockage that we were clearing was probably a direct result of the fear that she might be left behind one day! She needn't worry though as she will also come on the road trip for animal welfare - a bed is already made up in the back of the lorry.

The other question is 'Why is oneness a good thing?' There are several answers to this. The first one being, that its neither good nor bad, its just the way it is. Reality is just a quiet space underlying the chaos and drama. We have an apparent civilization and its trials and tribulations but the stillness is more fundamental. Ninety percent of the time we are drawn into the illusions of linear time. We herd ourselves on like lemmings, thinking there is somewhere to go and things to do and time may run out or we may lose control. Eventually we notice that we are not in control at all. Instead of then relaxing into the flow or a rhythm of life, we go more mad and feel dangerously unhappy and out of control. Embracing oneness is really just consciously relinquishing control.

We are also drawn into other intoxicating illusions like love and beautiful things and knowledge. This is all well and good but they are accompanied by more fear - of losing it all, failure or unworthiness so we have to let our attachment go to the good too.

On a grand scale, we have to accept that we are not separate individuals, we are all just glittering reflections on a vast disco ball...most aren't glittering at all, they are tarnished and unilluminated. That's why we should clear for everyone. Difficult people are also parts of our own self showing up to be acknowledged and accepted. If we do, we will stop perpetuating judgement, conflict and resistance. Bear in mind that everything has consciousness, otherwise it would not be. That ranges from inanimate objects and buildings to plants and obviously animals and people. Acknowledge as much as we can and our edges soften. We resonate with everything around us. We become a fractal light energy as opposed to the grating friction of solidity.

Like everything else, this can only be done moment by moment. The only faculty you need is common sense. Not in the modern sense of what is obvious but in the original sense that you start to use your senses fully. They are common to all but activate them! Listen to yourself and everything apparently external too. Pay attention to what you see, taste, feel. It takes practice but there is a lot at stake. When we are aware, through being in clearing mode or just really present through our senses, we are living authentically. There are no more memories and anxieties twisting our perceptions, we are taking a peaceable part at last in proceedings! That'd be pretty good wouldn't it?!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Healing people and animals this Wednesday 19th and this Saturday 22nd May

Wednesday we have a night here at the house to start raising money for PAWS and the SPCA.
7pm start and it looks like it'll be a very interesting introduction to a different model of healing. Everyone will get to try it. As it also uses awareness, people who are clearing will find it natural...I'll be new to me too. I know its going to bring our animal healing forwards though as it really focuses the mind on body awareness and animals are always expressing themselves physically!

Saturday we have the next conscious community lunch. Everyone who comes is going from strength to strength and I'm hoping to make it a bit more national. There are really insightful and gentle people everywhere so please let them know. Partly because of the party atmosphere, partly because of the support and mainly because of the sheer possibilities; you see a definite butterfly effect from the clearing every day but the group brings about a flock of butterfly effects - a colourful, targeted shower of missiles.

I got my phone back from the menders beautifully functioning, just like like new infact that very few numbers are still there! So, please sign your name when you text me so I know who you are, how you are and who's coming to which occasion. Thanks alot!