Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Meat Preservative Invented!

The Media, eh! Say whatever they're told to!

New Meat Preservative Invented

This article will make you chuckle, as long as you don't have friends or family that still doggedly eat meat.

Is Meat Bad For you, WHO said it was

The discussion on Irish radio went on,meat is bad for you, nonsense said the meat industry, thank God said the veggies (thinking thank God that some research was allowed out that might make people change their diet, even if for selfish reasons rather than a shred of empathy arising!) Probably another health fad said most people.

Did Anyone Say Nitrites? Oh No, Only When They Were Replaced by Fruit

No one knew about or mentioned the nitrites. These are the chemicals DELIBERATELY injected into meat to make it pink, add taste and most importantly preserve it ad infinitum so that the meat industry can flog it to people as food. Only now does the actual quote from the World Health Organization come out, as clear as day:

'Eating two rashers of normal bacon a day increases the risk of contracting bowel cancer by 18 per cent, according to the World Health Organisation, which puts the food in the same danger category as smoking and asbestos.'

Why now? Because now they have invented a preservative made of meditteranean fruit and spices that do the same jobs


Articles That Offer An 'Explanation'... or Don't!

Even in this article they have a bit at the end called 'Explanation' where they loosely justify having systematically poisoned the food chain thus far. I found this interesting too as I went to the Peace Group Christmas Party Quiz and one of the questions was about the media coverage of Israel versus Palestine. They were told they were allowed to put in as many action photos as they wanted but not allowed to put in any 'explanation'. This is obviously as it would raise questions why we have armed Israel up to the hilt to slaughter the Palestinians, who have no resources, food, water, homes, let alone weapons to defend themselves.

Do Explain The Use of Carcinogens Added to Food but Don't Try and Explain Arming Oppressors Against Their Neighbours: Israel Against The Palestinians and Saudi against The Yemen
My least favourite was the fact that we had people in Palestine sharing information about where thousands of Palestinian civilians, many of them children were sheltering in school grounds and splinter bombs well nail scattering bombing raids were immediately carried out to finish them off en masse.
So yes, this idea of an 'Explanation' at the end of an article is all contrived (by the meat industry this time no doubt, arms industry last time) and so we need to decide what we care about individually and do everything we can to bring some fairness to the situation.