Friday, May 31, 2013

What on earth is spiritual growth, you might well ask?

Think of it like deciding to use more of your brain. Everyone knows that you have a lot more grey matter than anyone ever uses. We use about 4% or less and the rest of our brain is dormant. At times in life, we seek to improve our memory for exams or a performance. Sometimes we try and learn something new and we can feel our hand / eye coordination stretch and sharpen and the exercise brings great pleasure and increased flexibility.  It is increased flexibility that we need for spiritual growth too. Become more open minded so you can see and understand more of what is going on.

To initiate it, you might have to let go of a standpoint of safe cynicism. This shows up in the form of statements like, ‘That’s just how it is’ or ‘I’m just being realistic’. You can then challenge yourself with the question ‘what is the gift in this situation?’ What you look for, you find. So if you’re looking for something to blame, you’ll find it and if you’re looking for a new awareness you’ll find that instead. The former inevitably leads to stagnancy and the latter leads to personal growth. There is no need to be fussy, spiritual growth can develop as emotional intelligence, mental clarity, an appreciation of the arts, acquiring a healing skill or physical grace. There are many roads to the top of the mountain, so to speak!

The key is to really know that these are remembered faculties. You are not a little person dabbling in a few more things that life has to offer. You are reconnecting with your true nature. This can be pictured as a fluid energy field containing everything from God, to angels, all majestic beings great and small, oceans, skies, the lot and all brilliant past humans and those to come too. So upload the energy of the greats that you need and expand yourself that way.

I’m here to remind you of your mega aspects. Oneness is the way to go!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

How are you?!

How is your spirit doing? Many are routinely experiencing soul loss without realizing it. The signs are a bad mood and a sudden loss of cabin pressure…oh no, hang on, that’s more of an airplane situation!...I mean, a sudden loss of energy. As advised in the airplane, though, you must first tend to yourself when the oxygen masks fall. You are no good to anyone while your spark, values and intentionality have left the building.

The problem with soul loss is that people are rendered unable to do anything for themselves. You simply can’t bandage up this situation, drink your way out of it or sleep it off. You have to find the will to investigate and I would encourage everyone to make the intrepid journey to retrieve theirs. It is a straightforward energy clearing procedure. Ask for it back from the lost soul department, assimilate it fully and clear any adverse effects – these might be conflicts, illness or just despondency. Most importantly, when you are feeling good again, look around you and make a mental note of what is working for you, what has made you smile again. I quite often have to shoot off on the quiet to get mine back, after doing some healing.

One kind client sent me some angels yesterday, to stay with me for a week. It was quite an official process I had to go through to receive them. It is funny to take part in someone else’s ritual! However, I remembered priority no.1, which is to always say ‘yes’ to the universe and not question the medium by which things come. The first angel was a singer in a bar who turned out to be an opera singer, who suddenly illuminated the whole bay with a 7th Dimension performance that left me speechless and mesmerized.

Then I was reminded of the blessing of being able to dance. Even after champagne sangria I found myself like an appaloosa, able to stop and turn on a sixpence and enjoy every combination. The moral of the story is, as always, guard your joie de vive. If you don’t feel like you have even felt it for a long time, set off at once and win your happiness back. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Important Space Clearing Mission

There are several magical and instant ways out of negativity. One is of course splitting to Tenerife for some R and R. It is working very well for me and I can’t help but fully realize that the sun really is ‘going to shine on everything thing you do’. It is 90 million miles away with only a strip or two of cloud in between. That means that the light will be a constant gift, the warmth will be a wonderful occasional plus!

If, however, it is totally overcast where you are and you are relying on the light of consciousness? Well, that can also guide you out of negativity.  Notice and stop yourself when you hear an even faintly miserable or ungenerous thought or word emerge. Ask yourself, do I want to expand this particular frequency into a whole manifest situation. Surely not. Don’t pass it off as a little rant or moan, nip it in the bud and drum up something you’re glad instead…

Talking of drumming. I’d just like to say how grateful I am to everyone who’s always come or ever come to the drumming at Harmony Hall. It is such an unusual event, to shed vast tracts of personal and collective history and explore new levels of consciousness. Sometimes our journeys help each other, sometimes we set a shared intention to bring healing to something in nature. Goodness knows what we’re capable of, but I’ve got a feeling its going to be epic. They say that if people keep showing up and participating in these healing meditations and generally the rising of awareness, we could reach a critical mass.

No! A ‘critical mass’ isn’t a messy brawl  of angry people having a go at each other! I believe it is a certain amount of directed energy that suddenly affects the whole world via positive shift. Just imagine, everyone paying attention to their fellow man and  celebrating the gifts in every environment! Thanks agin good people and beautiful world!   

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Next Shaman Journey is Thursday Evening 6th June

We're having our monthly drumming at Harmony Hall, Co. Kilkenny. Shaman Tony Dunton will lead the journey, I will be energy clearing and there will be dinner.

The evening runs from 7pm-10pm on Thursday 6th June and costs €20. For more information or to let me know that you are coming please email me on We can also tune in effectively, from a distance, if you let me know. There are directions on the Contact Page. It is always a wonderful healing night amongst a small, but growing, conscious community! Everyone is welcome.

Monday, May 27, 2013

This is the link to book Harmony Hall as a venue or accommodation

You can also find out more and contact us direct through the website

This is the full link to buy my book at last!

Swimming heals, guaranteed

Swimming is a great way to return yourself to a connection with all there is. It takes some of your edges off and there's an element of merger. For a moment you feel like a little tiny head bobbing about in a vast expanse of water. Your fears sweep across your mind. Might I freeze over? Have a heart attack? Get caught in seaweed and dragged to the bottom. Even if you can't totally eliminate the possibility of sharks or congereels or  marauding herds of jelly fish, eventually you let the alienation go and start to feel like a part of something majestic.

If you are struggling with soul loss, hangover or isolation, the water breaks through. You have a chance to identify with your beautiful life spark again. In a pool, I tune into a dimension for each length I do. 7th dimension is sound, 8th has intergalactic pathways and 9th, interaction with life on other planets. Above the tenth dimension, goodness knows what we're accessing but don't let that hold you back, blend away with your energy. Even simply in order to dissipate a little of the smallness that can keep you busy in 3D!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Positive change, DIY style

Get your focus and enthusiasm back on your own life. Plan how you are going to move forward in each area. Alight upon your strengths in your minds eye and smile to yourself at the great gifts you have. Even the small things that you wouldn't usually take credit for ... for example, your ability to cook a very nice dinner out of not much and the dubious things ... like how everyone laughs when you talk to them. Hopefully laughing with you as opposed to at you, you might have previously thought! The key is to remember that you are what you think about, so make it positive, make it progressive and make it full of appreciation. Let even tiny details give pleasure.

Many people are lost in dissatisfaction; waiting for some external circumstances to change. With that method, problems are only exacerbated. The dissatisfaction, the externalization of your happiness, the waiting, the lost ness are all re-affirming to the universe, 'I don't want this'. You are not giving any clear message as to what you do in fact want!

Tolle, I think it is, says there are only 3 conscious forms of action. Actions inspired by acceptance, enthusiasm and joy. So get busy exploring your experiences and find anything that matches those feelings. Be ready to own up to your wrong perceptions - that is any that lead to judgement, stress, pain or disappointment! - and be ready to commit to changing your own mind when you come across them. It won't lead to complacency or relativism, as you might fear. It won't lead to being a walk over either. As you make it your routine to stay aware of what is good and mind less and less what is bad, you attract more and more happy events. Furthermore, the clangers cease to show up, because you're not taking an interest anymore!

The ferry to Valentia Island. Where else would you want to be? x

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Allowing your energy to expand

Culturally there has always been a missing ingredient. People have been pushing along, doing their best to get ahead or even merely support themselves. Everyone I know is thoroughly educated, super intelligent, competent and multi talented. Some have inherited wealth, some are flat broke and some have great business savvy and are careful and productive. The difference is not between lucky and unlucky or how much effort you're putting in. The ingredient that spices things up is how much influence you are prepared to have. That is what will make you great! The happy flip side of total personal responsibility for all the past drama we have collectively created, is our capacity to be a powerful influence for good, from now on. Clear all your old perceptions about use of power, misuse of power and abuse of power. Once that limiting residue is out of the way, upload a new identity as a powerful force for good, love, life and all those sorts of things!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why not try forgiveness...unless you have a better idea!

I know it looks like a meeting of the wise white hedgehogs of old but, today, they've come together to share what they know, as pendulums!

Further explanation on a lack of forgiveness being the root of all problems:

Finding out that we ourselves are responsible for everything that happens to us is supposed to be empowering!! Don't go out of your way to persuade me or yourself that your illness or injury is particularly un precedented or definitely caused by some external factor. Don't hold on to an idea of injustice, that you or your loved one is particularly innocent and couldn't have deserved such suffering.

...These are perspectives that are barking up the wrong tree. Instead, if your pendulum also gives you a 'yes' to unforgiveness being the root of all disease, then explore it. Surely it is worth at least asking 'am I holding on to any grievances?' 'Is there someone I can forgive right now to free up my own health?' Just go through the motions and clear until the pendulum stops. Better than arguing it out or dismissing it out of hand, just do it and feel good about it. Why not!

Another experiment for the day is to try and perceive without thinking. Can you give something your full attention without judging it? Being present like this is the greatest gift of love you can offer...with the added bonus, for you perfectionists out there, that it brings you ten steps closer to synergy with your horse, your car, your partner or your musical instrument etc. No more power struggles, just beaming with flow!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Keep your head up, so you can glimpse the future

Fota Olympics

What can the giraffe tell us? You can call on their energy if you are a bit short tempered and want to be more relaxed and friendly. In my case, they showed up in three forms, in this one short day.
1. At the Private Collectors Gallery in Innishannon, I found my painting of a dance floor, elevated by giraffes, reserved for someone, praise the lord. I had thought they might want me to take my pictures away, as slow movers! but I wasn't allowed to even exchange any.

2. Then I went to Fota Wildlife Park. It was sun drenched and not a breath of wind. I had a heart to heart with each giraffe individually, got them up to a hundred percent happiness and took on their message. I thought it would be about perspective because they are so tall. Instead I was struck by how direct they are. Be a better listener they said. That's the second time I've been told that today too, dammit! I stop and listen big time to everyone and everything but I'm obviously going wrong somewhere. Think it might be where I then anticipate what's called for and join in the communication. Ah yes, just hear and accept and don't be triggered to action. Thank God I have three weeks to crack this new way of being.

3. Then I was sent this link to a two minute french film (Click on Fota Olympics underlined at the top!) It is classic.

The main insight of the day was that all diseases are diseases of unforgiveness. Every heart beat of every life form is asking us to let go of bad feeling before it makes us ill. And maybe listen more carefully so that we don't run rough shod over every last bit of natural habitat we have.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Coming Ashore

I am delighted to announce that I have come ashore from the mother ship, Harmony Hall. I intend to relax on terra firma for a full three weeks, writing here every time that I come across something new or crucial. First some acknowledgements though.

What struck me before I even set off was thank God for my unbelievable neighbours. I had the defender packed up and then it wouldn't start. Simon Carroll stopped and gave me a lift to Gowran and back. His understanding of it all was:' If you can't help a neighbour, what good are you?' What a generous attitude. Hope he got to where he was actually going in time, to help the cows calf!

Dear Sally Ann who tried to feed the horses the first morning only to find one missing. So kind to keep an eye and feed Windy up to max fortitude again.

James and Kate Powell totally provided instant happiness and sanctuary for Windy who had suddenly grazed off his whole patch and needed new pastures and a safe place to be...after his relationship issues.
A thoroughbred gelding of 23 years was never going to win a power struggle and he just couldn't impart an understanding that we're all brothers and sisters, in time!

Ann Mullins who found out where I lived and like an angel arrived up there. Very happy to collect Don Juan and Cupid and their vast array of vegan dog dietary requirements, hot water bottles and bedding. So I could perfect the house for the people staying without them running amuck and undoing it again.

Liz and Gary Davies who came with their great little horse lorry and collected Tiny. I was worried that the journey might have to be vetoed as Tiny initially sat down in the box. Liz said simply 'She will work it out'. She totally did and relaxed and travelled well and arrived safely.

That is the confidence we need to have in each other and ourselves: Sure, nothing is very difficult, we will work it out!

You might be wondering how I measure up as a neighbour? My contribution is usually ambient but constant...keeping and expanding a good atmosphere. However, I did help Heike get her ducks back from my stream to their enclosure yesterday too! It was only a small and highly entertaining incident but  still gave me great pleasure as Heike and Klaus have been like no.1 technical support for me for ten years!

So go ahead and enjoy your neighbors, share and help when you get a chance. Its all part of the magic.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Why To Live As One!

How To Live As One
By Frances Micklem
Title ID: 4086089
on Create Space . com

I have just noticed that my blog has had over 8000 views so I had better be clear in what I'm saying!
It occurred to me that 7,999 of those might be wondering why would they even want to learn to live as one. These are a few reasons:

1. Once you realize you are connected to everyone and everything else, you are no longer subjected to your reality, you can consciously improve it.
2. You recognize that you have a choice whether to associate with suffering or harmony. You can release your attachment to old mind sets and get some focus and good attitudes going.
3. You will harm no one and no one'll harm you.
4. It will lead to forgiveness of yourself and others, ending depression - with all its alternative interpretations.
There's more but I will stop at four as that is the most coherent number in the universe and coherence is surely always good!