Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Allowing your energy to expand

Culturally there has always been a missing ingredient. People have been pushing along, doing their best to get ahead or even merely support themselves. Everyone I know is thoroughly educated, super intelligent, competent and multi talented. Some have inherited wealth, some are flat broke and some have great business savvy and are careful and productive. The difference is not between lucky and unlucky or how much effort you're putting in. The ingredient that spices things up is how much influence you are prepared to have. That is what will make you great! The happy flip side of total personal responsibility for all the past drama we have collectively created, is our capacity to be a powerful influence for good, from now on. Clear all your old perceptions about use of power, misuse of power and abuse of power. Once that limiting residue is out of the way, upload a new identity as a powerful force for good, love, life and all those sorts of things!

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