Monday, May 27, 2013

Swimming heals, guaranteed

Swimming is a great way to return yourself to a connection with all there is. It takes some of your edges off and there's an element of merger. For a moment you feel like a little tiny head bobbing about in a vast expanse of water. Your fears sweep across your mind. Might I freeze over? Have a heart attack? Get caught in seaweed and dragged to the bottom. Even if you can't totally eliminate the possibility of sharks or congereels or  marauding herds of jelly fish, eventually you let the alienation go and start to feel like a part of something majestic.

If you are struggling with soul loss, hangover or isolation, the water breaks through. You have a chance to identify with your beautiful life spark again. In a pool, I tune into a dimension for each length I do. 7th dimension is sound, 8th has intergalactic pathways and 9th, interaction with life on other planets. Above the tenth dimension, goodness knows what we're accessing but don't let that hold you back, blend away with your energy. Even simply in order to dissipate a little of the smallness that can keep you busy in 3D!

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