Monday, May 13, 2013

Why To Live As One!

How To Live As One
By Frances Micklem
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I have just noticed that my blog has had over 8000 views so I had better be clear in what I'm saying!
It occurred to me that 7,999 of those might be wondering why would they even want to learn to live as one. These are a few reasons:

1. Once you realize you are connected to everyone and everything else, you are no longer subjected to your reality, you can consciously improve it.
2. You recognize that you have a choice whether to associate with suffering or harmony. You can release your attachment to old mind sets and get some focus and good attitudes going.
3. You will harm no one and no one'll harm you.
4. It will lead to forgiveness of yourself and others, ending depression - with all its alternative interpretations.
There's more but I will stop at four as that is the most coherent number in the universe and coherence is surely always good!

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