Thursday, May 30, 2013

How are you?!

How is your spirit doing? Many are routinely experiencing soul loss without realizing it. The signs are a bad mood and a sudden loss of cabin pressure…oh no, hang on, that’s more of an airplane situation!...I mean, a sudden loss of energy. As advised in the airplane, though, you must first tend to yourself when the oxygen masks fall. You are no good to anyone while your spark, values and intentionality have left the building.

The problem with soul loss is that people are rendered unable to do anything for themselves. You simply can’t bandage up this situation, drink your way out of it or sleep it off. You have to find the will to investigate and I would encourage everyone to make the intrepid journey to retrieve theirs. It is a straightforward energy clearing procedure. Ask for it back from the lost soul department, assimilate it fully and clear any adverse effects – these might be conflicts, illness or just despondency. Most importantly, when you are feeling good again, look around you and make a mental note of what is working for you, what has made you smile again. I quite often have to shoot off on the quiet to get mine back, after doing some healing.

One kind client sent me some angels yesterday, to stay with me for a week. It was quite an official process I had to go through to receive them. It is funny to take part in someone else’s ritual! However, I remembered priority no.1, which is to always say ‘yes’ to the universe and not question the medium by which things come. The first angel was a singer in a bar who turned out to be an opera singer, who suddenly illuminated the whole bay with a 7th Dimension performance that left me speechless and mesmerized.

Then I was reminded of the blessing of being able to dance. Even after champagne sangria I found myself like an appaloosa, able to stop and turn on a sixpence and enjoy every combination. The moral of the story is, as always, guard your joie de vive. If you don’t feel like you have even felt it for a long time, set off at once and win your happiness back. 

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  1. Working backwards through your posts at the mo. I so love them Franc. Just what the doctor ordered ;)
    Thank you