Saturday, May 18, 2013

Keep your head up, so you can glimpse the future

Fota Olympics

What can the giraffe tell us? You can call on their energy if you are a bit short tempered and want to be more relaxed and friendly. In my case, they showed up in three forms, in this one short day.
1. At the Private Collectors Gallery in Innishannon, I found my painting of a dance floor, elevated by giraffes, reserved for someone, praise the lord. I had thought they might want me to take my pictures away, as slow movers! but I wasn't allowed to even exchange any.

2. Then I went to Fota Wildlife Park. It was sun drenched and not a breath of wind. I had a heart to heart with each giraffe individually, got them up to a hundred percent happiness and took on their message. I thought it would be about perspective because they are so tall. Instead I was struck by how direct they are. Be a better listener they said. That's the second time I've been told that today too, dammit! I stop and listen big time to everyone and everything but I'm obviously going wrong somewhere. Think it might be where I then anticipate what's called for and join in the communication. Ah yes, just hear and accept and don't be triggered to action. Thank God I have three weeks to crack this new way of being.

3. Then I was sent this link to a two minute french film (Click on Fota Olympics underlined at the top!) It is classic.

The main insight of the day was that all diseases are diseases of unforgiveness. Every heart beat of every life form is asking us to let go of bad feeling before it makes us ill. And maybe listen more carefully so that we don't run rough shod over every last bit of natural habitat we have.

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