Saturday, May 25, 2013

Positive change, DIY style

Get your focus and enthusiasm back on your own life. Plan how you are going to move forward in each area. Alight upon your strengths in your minds eye and smile to yourself at the great gifts you have. Even the small things that you wouldn't usually take credit for ... for example, your ability to cook a very nice dinner out of not much and the dubious things ... like how everyone laughs when you talk to them. Hopefully laughing with you as opposed to at you, you might have previously thought! The key is to remember that you are what you think about, so make it positive, make it progressive and make it full of appreciation. Let even tiny details give pleasure.

Many people are lost in dissatisfaction; waiting for some external circumstances to change. With that method, problems are only exacerbated. The dissatisfaction, the externalization of your happiness, the waiting, the lost ness are all re-affirming to the universe, 'I don't want this'. You are not giving any clear message as to what you do in fact want!

Tolle, I think it is, says there are only 3 conscious forms of action. Actions inspired by acceptance, enthusiasm and joy. So get busy exploring your experiences and find anything that matches those feelings. Be ready to own up to your wrong perceptions - that is any that lead to judgement, stress, pain or disappointment! - and be ready to commit to changing your own mind when you come across them. It won't lead to complacency or relativism, as you might fear. It won't lead to being a walk over either. As you make it your routine to stay aware of what is good and mind less and less what is bad, you attract more and more happy events. Furthermore, the clangers cease to show up, because you're not taking an interest anymore!

The ferry to Valentia Island. Where else would you want to be? x

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