Friday, August 30, 2013

Lets get clear about what life is really about!

Our physical lives here and now on the planet are really about productivity. The only thing we have, that ethereal beings don't have, is the ability to weave, to build and to create. There is a 3rd dimensional, semi-solid fabric with which we are supposed to interact. After years of manipulating and using up the good bits, many have realized how destructive our incentives are and opted out. There are suicides but there are also lower level cynics, despondent and rendered unable to participate at all. There is also some crazed characters who are still sure they can strip a bit more off the apple...or whatever that metaphor is! I happen to know that we can free our minds of both previous illusions and disillusionment. This is in fact priority number one. If you can keep your head during this clearing process, acknowledging everything you have witnessed with equanimity, your perception will start to change. You will start to see ways you can bring your skills to the party.

Oh yes, that's the other thing. Be careful. Notice your environments and which ones do you good. Mind yourselves, there are challenging but immensely productive and rewarding times ahead!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The only thing that can guarantee a happy and healthy life is high self esteem

Esteem is an old fashioned word. You can imagine Richard Burton saying 'I held her in high esteem' but maybe not Matt Damon, although he looks like he has the capacity for it. It means to assign a favourable opinion, regard and respect. If you do not value your existence and your character, it is impossible to enjoy any experiences however great a success, however exciting or however adored you might be by everyone else. If you berate yourself as a bit of a burden to someone, or inferior to any of your peers, that difficult frequency will eventually manifest in the body...perhaps as cervical cancer! as that is what is under discussion at the moment! It is related to being 'sexually active' they say. Well, I guarantee that if you love yourself and love the people you spend your time with, you will not be disturbing your emotions, having ambivalent interactions and nor will you be disturbing any cells and kicking off a nightmare for yourself. It is as simple as that. For several people this week I have cleared their self esteem up to 100%. For most it was at about 40%. This is a reasonable figure but easily thwarted by what someone with a more fragile ego might throw at you, at work or in the street for example. Today, I am asking what tangible actions raise your esteem for each of your energy fields.

Emotional Energy Field - affirm to yourself first thing in the morning 'I am loving, I am loved'. Who cares then what arbitrary challenges you might face.
Mental Energy Field - Give merit to your open mindedness. Get comfortable with the realization 'I may be wrong' This cuts through the polarity of both defiance and doubt. You realize that all that matters is that your mind is quiet and receptive and you're confident in keeping it that way.
Spiritual Energy Field - Toy, regularly, with the idea that we are all energy so we are all connected. That makes you powerful whenever you choose to identify with a great bit. Say 'I am as much Einstein, Rockefeller, Branson, Ginger, Mother Earth (and insert any great musicians, leaders, artists, celebrities, dignitaries that you admire) as anyone else is'. Identify with majestic or divine parts of all there is more and more to expand your personal identity beyond your current physical experience.
Physical Energy Field - Eat one organic item, at least, every day and spend a moment receiving that healthy nourishment and congratulating yourself on your decision to support Mother Nature and her way of doing things. That way you will thrive in her care!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Life at Harmony Hall

This is my idea of a busy day at the office: Healing arising for all and sundry, even with no one actually sitting at the desk! John and Yoko hold court in my absence and Cupid's certificate for obedience training is my accolade of choice! 

This is where I usually am to be found...Magic and I communing at the fence! Heaven x

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dream it up and see it through!

'We are going to have to pit our powers of persuasion against the force of habit that drags us relentlessly along a route heading nowhere...draw ourselves onto another path instead.'
This is from Reality by Peter Kingsley

I love this sentence, I must have read it fifty times! In many areas of our lives we are trying to be persuasive. When we go for job interviews, we are trying to make someone think we are the perfect for the position! It is considered a great skill to be able to plant the seed of desire in someone else's mind. Sales people and marketing people must try and finish their conversations with this at very least, if not a deal or purchase fully complete. Managers must persuade their team to stay focused on a mission. Even in our personal lives, we might try to persuade a person that we are a good friend to have around or an ideal girlfriend or boyfriend. I want to remind everyone, though, that we must plant the seed of desire within our own minds and hearts. Desire for what, you might ask?! Desire for our own happiness. Desire for our own peace of mind. We must persuade ourselves to cultivate it every day, nurture it and watch it grow, full of enthusiasm and great expectations. Unfortunately, most people are lost in the very opposite. Lost in external expectations and attempts to meet them. Looking for money, love, acceptance and joy outside. Some may need help clearing the unconscious drives that have had us hell bent until now. Some may need support practicing non attachment to the dramas that have prevailed. This is my speciality.

I heard yesterday, that when asked howcome Bill Gates is a billionaire, someone responded 'versions'. I realized that what we are clearing is aversions! Lets get them neutralized and our attention on versions instead. Versions of our lives, which can only then be dreamed up. And everyone knows, if you can dream it, you can do it!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Get Creative

Today would be a great day to randomly question one or two of your beliefs. I gather, from my thorough research method (divining for a definitive statistic!) that 99.9% of people think they are 'too busy to spend any time at all on their creative interests'. Most would quite like to play an instrument, many used to love drawing and nearly everybody would like to grow their own vegetables...but hardly anybody does.

The problem seems to be that these tasks do not serve any immediate purpose. The daily tasks take precedence. That is okay and I am all for physical participation and accomplishing what one sets out to do each day...but! If every thought and action is goal orientated, you are setting yourself up for more and more objectives. Its like an anxious energy that tells you that you are not there yet, there is still more to do. You will never achieve peace of mind!

You are here right now and many people will tell you that there is only this moment to play with. It is only through creative activities that you can get fully into this moment. Let go of the belief that your creations are pointless. I have 17 pictures up in Stonehouse Books this Arts week and I must have sold at least twenty in the last two years. Every one of them was done for pure pleasure. I have played piano on and off since I was little and only yesterday had another fantastic musical evening here. Any old tune is enough. No one minds and your heart expands with every new expression that you allow it. Even now, peace still reigns. One person is reading a book, another playing the harp and me here, writing. Stop believing you don't have time. Take the time, warp time if you have to or let someone down by five minutes...what harm?
A man and his dog Fired and luminously glazed...A prime example of time well spent with a little clay! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You are already everything you need to be, pause and revel in it!

Stay interested in your own career however humble, it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time! I think this is a direct quote from the Desiderata found in St Pauls Cathedral in the 16th century. Every day and every moment is a chance to reignite your enthusiasm for what you are doing and what you are capable of. Sometimes your energy can seem to flag a little, as if you definitely need a rest or a break. In reality you actually have limitless energy. It can be subdued by your surroundings or by not looking after yourself but it can be restored instantly by the injection of some gratitude. The task in hand might be changing bed clothes, sorting out some finances or sitting at a desk responding to a full day of communications but, whatever it is, it is your attitude that will determine whether its a great day or not. There is no such thing as an arduous task or someone being out of order. Try and rise above the mundane and look at the bigger picture, the bigger gift of life and choices we all have. Stand by your own authority with conviction and that way guarantee a series of brilliant outcomes. That's my plan! It is also the way to excellence like Jose and Vanessa, in the picture above, teaching at the salsa bonanza in Cork. An epic inspiration!

It wasn't me in hospital by the way, but thank you for your well wishes! I was merely the visiting friend!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The apparent rift between healing and hospital treatment...only apparent obviously as its all one! But I know which one I would choose!

How can we heal the discordant riff/rift between healing and hospital treatment? When in pain, the mind cries out for relief. It also cries out for someone to assuage the fear that the pain is something serious, dangerous or life-threatening! Yes something definitely needs to be addressed but maybe by us ourselves, not an external specialist!

So, an old painful injury spirals to a new peak of pain. One's threshold is breached and life is unbearable. You go to the hospital and they start painkillers with paracetemol and dyphene. You point out that they do not address nerve pain and you're allergic to diphene and your insides are now bleeding. A nurse says 'you've got a mouth, why didn't you say?' You had said, when you were admitted. As the days go on, you are more sick and increasingly confused than before. You find out they're now giving lyrica, another tablet you had said your system couldn't tolerate. It leads to sleeplessness and depressed moods.

You get a friend to write down all the questions you have for the doctor. You hope to find a pain relief that works and a long term plan, like how you might get better! You gather all your previous GP and Specialist notes and wait there expectantly. The doctor says I do not want to read your questions or the background to the problem.  He announces 'You sound low, I'm going to recommend you see a psychiatrist'.

No chance to mention the lyrica mood side effects. (All the pharmaceuticals must be tested on animals or a test group of people but isn't it a pity not to listen to conscious feed back on the actual experience of someone taking them!) No chance to see if the scans had revealed anything helpful. No relief from the pain but, instead, an offer to be carted off to a psychiatrist where, no doubt, yet more tablets would be prescribed and, low and behold, the right to refuse them taken out of your hands!

At this point, you book yourself out asap!

I looked at a pack of Love Hearts sweets for an alternative treatment.
They read, in order of appearance: Hug Me, Spoil Me, Relax, Kiss Me, I Hope, Love You!
Now, there is a plan much more conducive to recovery!

I would add to that, to keep clearing and acknowledging yourself. Two other pearls of wisdom I have heard today too - Any day you cast a shadow is a good day! That keeps it real doesn't it! And 'Magic is the kitchen of the earth!' It is the way we can cook great things up!

I am glad to report that here at Harmony Hall we still believe in rehabilitation without medication!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Even Flow

Take a moment to do a body scan...of yourself...or you might get a well deserved slap! For once, pay no attention to your outside appearance, having gained or lost a few stone or millimeters. Do not compare your hair or skin to a random, airbrushed ideal you saw recently or to what you were like 10 years ago. This is a time to go inside. Right in the centre of your chest, you will feel something, in the pit of your stomach too. Even in your knees and calves, there are messages being sent to and fro. Before you can start to read them, intend to feel them atleast! Then, with gentleness, ask to bring any tension or turmoil back to an even flow. The peaceful undercurrent is constant and more true to form than any more edgy physical expressions you've come up with! All we had to do was ask!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


It feels great to have my salsa shoes on again. There's a lovely atmosphere here at the Cork Bonanza and I'm looking forward to a full day of workshops tomorrow. Once you know some patterns and can lead, follow and spin, salsa becomes a mainly spiritual matter: A race against time to get past one's fear of not being as good as everyone else. When faced with your equivalent of this experience, I recommend clearing beforehand. On my drive down I cleared for 100% grace and zero bleak moments. You always get exactly what you ask for and this way you guarantee success. For fun, invite an animal to join you. For me tonight, it was the energy of the wolf. A wolf ensures you don't get lost for long and total protection from inadvertent energy drains - you can imagine a night when you might have 10 men in your arms! Or women, if you are a man! And one of them is bound to have something going on unconsciously! More importantly, love all your dances and outings of any kind. Thank you to everyone who took me for a spin this evening! What about now as a good moment to explore your wild side?!