Friday, August 16, 2013

Get Creative

Today would be a great day to randomly question one or two of your beliefs. I gather, from my thorough research method (divining for a definitive statistic!) that 99.9% of people think they are 'too busy to spend any time at all on their creative interests'. Most would quite like to play an instrument, many used to love drawing and nearly everybody would like to grow their own vegetables...but hardly anybody does.

The problem seems to be that these tasks do not serve any immediate purpose. The daily tasks take precedence. That is okay and I am all for physical participation and accomplishing what one sets out to do each day...but! If every thought and action is goal orientated, you are setting yourself up for more and more objectives. Its like an anxious energy that tells you that you are not there yet, there is still more to do. You will never achieve peace of mind!

You are here right now and many people will tell you that there is only this moment to play with. It is only through creative activities that you can get fully into this moment. Let go of the belief that your creations are pointless. I have 17 pictures up in Stonehouse Books this Arts week and I must have sold at least twenty in the last two years. Every one of them was done for pure pleasure. I have played piano on and off since I was little and only yesterday had another fantastic musical evening here. Any old tune is enough. No one minds and your heart expands with every new expression that you allow it. Even now, peace still reigns. One person is reading a book, another playing the harp and me here, writing. Stop believing you don't have time. Take the time, warp time if you have to or let someone down by five minutes...what harm?
A man and his dog Fired and luminously glazed...A prime example of time well spent with a little clay! 

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