Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dream it up and see it through!

'We are going to have to pit our powers of persuasion against the force of habit that drags us relentlessly along a route heading nowhere...draw ourselves onto another path instead.'
This is from Reality by Peter Kingsley

I love this sentence, I must have read it fifty times! In many areas of our lives we are trying to be persuasive. When we go for job interviews, we are trying to make someone think we are the perfect for the position! It is considered a great skill to be able to plant the seed of desire in someone else's mind. Sales people and marketing people must try and finish their conversations with this at very least, if not a deal or purchase fully complete. Managers must persuade their team to stay focused on a mission. Even in our personal lives, we might try to persuade a person that we are a good friend to have around or an ideal girlfriend or boyfriend. I want to remind everyone, though, that we must plant the seed of desire within our own minds and hearts. Desire for what, you might ask?! Desire for our own happiness. Desire for our own peace of mind. We must persuade ourselves to cultivate it every day, nurture it and watch it grow, full of enthusiasm and great expectations. Unfortunately, most people are lost in the very opposite. Lost in external expectations and attempts to meet them. Looking for money, love, acceptance and joy outside. Some may need help clearing the unconscious drives that have had us hell bent until now. Some may need support practicing non attachment to the dramas that have prevailed. This is my speciality.

I heard yesterday, that when asked howcome Bill Gates is a billionaire, someone responded 'versions'. I realized that what we are clearing is aversions! Lets get them neutralized and our attention on versions instead. Versions of our lives, which can only then be dreamed up. And everyone knows, if you can dream it, you can do it!

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