Friday, August 30, 2013

Lets get clear about what life is really about!

Our physical lives here and now on the planet are really about productivity. The only thing we have, that ethereal beings don't have, is the ability to weave, to build and to create. There is a 3rd dimensional, semi-solid fabric with which we are supposed to interact. After years of manipulating and using up the good bits, many have realized how destructive our incentives are and opted out. There are suicides but there are also lower level cynics, despondent and rendered unable to participate at all. There is also some crazed characters who are still sure they can strip a bit more off the apple...or whatever that metaphor is! I happen to know that we can free our minds of both previous illusions and disillusionment. This is in fact priority number one. If you can keep your head during this clearing process, acknowledging everything you have witnessed with equanimity, your perception will start to change. You will start to see ways you can bring your skills to the party.

Oh yes, that's the other thing. Be careful. Notice your environments and which ones do you good. Mind yourselves, there are challenging but immensely productive and rewarding times ahead!

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