Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Acceptance, Joy and Enthusiasm

I gather that all actions should be done with acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm. Acceptance, actually, as a last resort if you can't muster enjoyment! All other approaches to your 'to do' list, I'm afraid, are unconscious! The puppies seem to be even more conscious than I am already so! Nevermind, come if you can to the drumming on Friday night and we'll push on through to some new dimensions x

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kilkenny Paved With Gold Series of Paintings on Saatchi Art but then this one from Valentia Island

This is the latest painting I have sold. The beach on Valentia Island...if its not immediately obvious!

I started doing a few paintings set in Kilkenny, called the Paved with Gold series but no matter how much gold leaf one uses, buildings are, on the whole, grey! So I’m taking a break from urban scenes again. Last night I captured paradise finally and then made a start on a venetian sky line with dolphins in the foreground. The appearance of particular animals, as with the appearance of a particular ailment, always has a symbolic meaning. For example, sinuses represent the emotions, often stuffy or sometimes streaming. Lungs are where you hold grief and quite literally how you breathe is how you live your life so one can be totally subdued by the former. Sometimes you’ll breathe deeply and realize that you’ve only been inhaling to quarter capacity all the previous day! With animals, dolphins help with difficult communication. If a hare shows up, it may mean you are fooling yourself about a plan or a relationship and need to take a reality check. I saw a hare recently and realized I was fooling myself about nearly all my plans and relationships!! Killer! The snake can get you out of a tight squeeze financially and a dog is a reminder to trust yourself whatever is going awry in your life. Don’t get me started on the other organs of the body. I am great on source and healing, but not great on physiology and what resides where exactly!

I was thinking of doing an opening or a clearing day at the Regazzi coffee shop in loughboy as it is they that are kindly letting me put up my work as it comes. Maybe angel readings or maybe just coffee. Hope everyone is on a creative roll x

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Things to do in 2012

It is 2012, the end of the Long Calendar, written by the ancient Mayan people. The calendar marked the ‘evolution of consciousness’. This can be understood as the process of human beings becoming aware. We were supposed to widen our circles of understanding. With that would have come the realization of how we are intrinsically connected to everyone and everything. Compassion and regard would have followed. But no! People widened their circles of knowledge instead. Some saw how they could use that information and everyone else started to get distracted from any meaningful pursuit at all as they became preoccupied with their poverty and basic survival. Those that are ready need to step out of these effects and into our appropriate causal role. The goal of the conscious individual is not power, greed or disempowerment through conflict. Neither is it hopelessness and a fight for fairness. It is leadership based on the recognition that we are creating all of this. It is the honesty to notice our own contribution objectively. It is making the choice to come up with and implement a new vision. If you are ready to embark on this spiritual adventure and awaken your innate gift, then I would love to help clear the way. This might well include clearing the toxicity from your home, releasing the memories and mental habits that sabotage and freeing you from the overwhelm piped into your system from the television. Or go ahead without me, that's fine too! For many, their attachment to being the underdog is too great.Hopefully not for us lot x

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Campaign Tonight

The Property Tax
How can your household take part in the Anti Property Tax Campaign? Mother Theresa said she would never attend an anti war rally but would accept any invitation to a pro peace event. I have been tuning in to establish how I can participate in political activities without being anti loads of things and opposed to another load of things. I understand deeply that we are all connected and resistance is futile! It leads to anger, stress and vicitimization. Luckily, I have found the way. In any healing journey - which applies to the personal and the country’s - the process is to notice what we have been doing. Identify unhealthy practices, addictive or fear-based behaviours and STOP them. This creates a space in our neural pathways (brainwaves!), heart and daily itinerary (time!) to explore new, more mindful, compassionate practices that honour ourselves, each other and hopefully all living things - animals, woodlands, the ocean etc. So I have my sign up ‘I am not paying the property tax’. In my understanding, I am stopping a collective, unhelpful practice of asking more of the poor, in a crisis. I am also supporting others to stand by their conviction to make a change in their lives. The result, at best, is that it will free up our imaginations as to how to tap into the real riches in Ireland - how to motivate the key five percent, who have the money, to invest. Please don’t think this is too difficult. In the even bigger picture we are already abundant. In terms of the world, we are all in that top, most wealthy, five percent. I recommend getting your sign up and practicing being grateful and thanking, especially, the wealthy for willingly coming forward with the money, to turn the economy around. If we can all feel this, it will come about.