Monday, January 30, 2012

We are all of one skin, same blood, same soul

The dynamics of nature work more successfully if we nurture growth, rather than take a stand against pollution. It is the same with money. We are more successful if we feel enriched rather than fight poverty. So it is in disagreeing, resisting and fighting with each other that we set ourselves apart, weaken ourselves and assume a victim role. Victims are both bully and bullied. Both ways of life assume, wrongly, that we are separate and need to defend ourselves. Be it against a big bad world, government or other people. In relationships too, this power struggle rages on. In this microcosm, don’t try and corner each other by being against betrayal. Be for building trust instead. In the past, people thought the options were ‘free and single’ or ‘trapped and married’. There is a new term, however, ‘mature monogamy’. This is the ongoing creation of a safe space between you where you can be one hundred percent honest, hopeful, hopeless, silly, serious, imaginative and loving. No pretence, true to yourself, the good and the bad laid bare.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Evolve or devolve further?

With patience, we can actually observe that humanity is devolving. People pay little attention to each other or the world around them. Their minds are already on their own destinations or fear of observing what is disfunctioning, lest it be catching. Indifference is resolute and hardened to the information that should shock. We tolerate and even condone this disregard. My eternal optimism that love underlies every situation is seen as a dangerous dream. The real illusion though is that we are not all connected. People seem to think they can criticize or ignore each other without any repercussions. But it destroys the very fabric of your soul, your self esteem, your relationships, your work and your health. Don’t be justified and right, be patient and breathe fresh air and warmth into your daily interactions!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Etheric Residue

So 2012 is here at last, notable for being the end of the long mayan calendar. If we are ever to do it, now is the time to see ourselves through our spiritual eyes rather than the eyes of judgement. We have given our energy away for far too long, to minor tasks and demeaning anxieties and comparisons. We have given our power away too, to the more ambitious ego personalities, the employers and other authorities. We haven’t succeeded in fixing the external reality. Some have made some money, some have participated in great families, some have achieved impressive goals but even those are kept on the run, through fear of losing it again.

We neither gain nor lose anything in life. It is always here in its entirety. It is just our internal world that is shut off from it, most of the time. Stuck in illusions of being separate, unique, better or worse than everyone else, we have kept looking outside. Sometimes we look for reassurance, for love and a feeling of belonging that we lack. More often we look with distrust and fear, in a ‘small dog‘ mentality, hackles up, certain that the world is a big bad place and we are small and powerless.

Our lesson for this year is to participate fully, in the confident knowledge that, if we are awake, we are an extremely influential part of the whole. Refuse to get lost in details and apparent differences. Always see the spirit in the people you're speaking to, it is there. In the morning practice visualization of a happy outcome. Then do your list of ten things or so you are grateful for. At some point in the day clear your energy fields. Finish with clearing your etheric field as it is residual bandying around in this field that is taking its toll on your current reality. Freshen up, do something different!

Friday, January 6, 2012

DIY Soul Retrieval

Most of the people we meet have come through many life experiences and their souls are damaged. Often lost altogether. In the past, soul loss was considered the primary cause of death, above any illness or accident. Nowadays, it is only alluded to by the term ‘losing the will to live’. So this isn’t occasional or only happening to people who get mixed up working with spiritual forces. It is commonplace and I would guarantee that if you ask about your own, you will find some part missing, awol, stolen, lost, exchanged or splintered. I recommend retrieving it at your earliest convenience. DIY is the only way, I’m afraid, as I’m worn out trekking off to negotiate. Many people think they can’t or are fearful. My feeling is that as its 2012 we have to get empowered fairly sharpish. So, the order of events is get your team together. They can be holy like Jesus for compassion, God for power and the holy ghost for the transition between worlds you’ll have to make. Or angelic, maybe Azrael for grief and Sandalphon for strength. Or shamanic, the polar bear for protection and eagle for vision. Or inter dimensional; Pleiadians from 5D to heal, Sirians from the 6D to repair the soul’s structure. Then off you go.

I dowse to see how many parts the soul is in. Then to find where they are. It may be underworld, where there is a lot of darkness and they tend to covet the light. Here one has to be firm. It may be in purgatory where there are countless lost souls, which you will probably see as shadows. The work I do here is to clear all I meet. Then they’ll bring you what you’re there to collect. Then there’s Olympia, the seat of the Gods. The likelihood is that you will have negotiated your soul in a previous existence to save someone you loved or save your own skin. Happily, at the moment, these divinities have stopped competing with each other and have expressly said that we need as much light on earth at the moment as possible. It means they’ll give you your soul back literally on request. Parts can also be left with or stolen by individuals. You don’t need to find out who or when. Just visualize the meeting and asking for your soul to be returned. Clear for everyone you meet to go to the light or be at peace and clear all attachment to you and vice versa. This process has an epic ripple effect as you are clearing residual difficult information for thousands.

When you have retrieved all the pieces, clear any resistance to accepting them back in to your body. I have heard that it is very painful when it is done by a shaman but we have the tools to clear our resistance and accept whatever it brings. No doubt you will have interesting dreams and some deep changes. Just go with it and remember that now at last you have the chance to live fully. Ring me if you run into problems. Happy New Year x