Friday, May 11, 2018

How To Create A Better Reality

I   ❤️   Creating My Own Reality

Some people laugh when I serve up tea in my customized mugs saying how we create our own reality but I think that’s because they think that might make them responsible for all the bad things that happen. But note the
This is really good news but obviously only when you start creating consciously rather than by mishap. It is not about slapping a determined positive thought process over a current one. It starts with a determination instead to notice your thoughts and thereby get a perspective on them – which will consist of making an observation, following a cascade of thoughts, like ‘that is not necessarily true, though’. You will be amazed how strong a hold your mind has over your whole being and life experience. It constantly tells us, ‘look I’ve thought about that already, so it’s true.’ And that is even if it’s the most unhelpful or dark thought, judgement or belief about yourself or anything else that you can come up with. 

Peace of Mind

Your thoughts are not the truth; they are a constant stream of superficial old thoughts replayed. You may not think that your thoughts are judgmental but we are constantly judging situations as good, better, worse, great or terrible, a sorry state of affairs or a turn of events in the right or wrong direction. There is zero neutrality and that means no peace for the mind. You will always be on the up or a down, never a stable place of acceptance, without drama or resistance. 

The Collective Consciousness 

The problem is that if you just try and pour some pristine, crystal, blue lagoon-water-thoughts into such a pool, it is immediately contaminated by the rest. People talk about the collective consciousness but it’s our immersion in the collective unconsciousness that worries me: All that casual intolerance to one another, cynicism, justifying violence and indifference and the cost on all levels. 

So, how to clean the pool without using chlorine and fluoride (which is like the equivalent to a labotamy)?! Awareness is the key. Personally, I take tracts of inner landscape and look for any entrenched ideas. Then, in the light of that awareness, fill all the new headspace with epic alternative ideas, however unlikely and not-yet-true they seem to be. I am a great believer in the statement that ‘the story you tell becomes the foundation of your life’ I shake out the old ideas by not taking them too seriously and stretching the neural pathways a little. 

What are your favourite words?

A quick way to get inside and see what’s going on in your mind is to stop right now and think of the last thing you talked about and the words you find you use often. For example, if you reply, routinely, to ‘How are you?’ with ‘Sure, you know, I’m overworked, underpaid, got a lot of problems with my joints but can’t complain, mustn’t grumble!! Then that is, unsurprisingly a disastrous creation in terms of perpetuating an old reality. You’ve got to change the story line and make it a classic.

If we don’t take this concept on board, a person will be forever at the mercy of fate, whim and accident. So it is at least worth putting time aside to practice.