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Healing From Harmony Hall Radio Show today!

Healing From Harmony Hall radio podcast

Friday, May 22, 2015

Vote now, there's an hour or so left!

There is an hour and half to go, for the voting. If you are wondering and looking for a sign, then let me be the magic rook that flies from right to left at the crucial moment. First, vote for equality - vote yes to the changes in the constitution to allow same sex marriage. This isn't an opinion, its meant to be a reassurance that there will still be the rigorous arrangements for the agreement or refusal of adoption of children into that scenario. Don't worry about it, just know that anyone who choses to love anyone else is probably a good thing and those that take time to get to know the children that cross their path are a God send and a good few steps past many heterosexual couples.
Then there's the age of suitable presidential candidates for Ireland. Should it be reduced from 35 to 21? Intuitively I get a Yes. Goodness knows, we'll only actually vote for someone who makes sense, has the charisma and integrity to do the job so it would be no harm to be able to vote for the great-president-in-the-making that we notice and not be stopped by a random bit of legislation, if they're too young.
And Yes
If you're based in Kilkenny or Carlow then we're also voting for the right person here. If you don't know who any of them are and you're feeing that they're all suspect then let me just tell you the two I know to be one hundred percent sound, conscious and powerful: Cllr Breda Gardner and Cllr Malcolm Noonan.  Thank God those two exist at least. I would sleep easier about the future if I knew that either of those got in.

So, what I'm saying is, don't fall for the discussion of what should and shouldn't be allowed! You don't have any choice about the important reprobates. The big companies, the government as we speak, the local council managers, the ones we invite in to … provide job opportunities…. No thanks. Lets get a yes/no vote on them. Much more interesting.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Healing by Franc Objection Letter Sent To The Environmental Protection Agency, to stop Shell!

EPA want to grant Shell A License to frack in Ireland and the government keeps us divided over gay marriage! 

Office of Climate, Licensing and Resource Use
EPA Headquarters
PO Box 3000
Johnstown Castle Estate
County Wexford

7th May 2015

Objection to Industrial Emissions Licence Review Application on Register of Licenses PO738-03  Shell

Postal Order for €126 enclosed.

To the EPA,

Millions of litres and euros-worth of fresh water used pumped out gas from sea bed.

Fresh water again must be used  to 'scrub' the gas of traces of salt water.

Will Shell pay for this water? - This week when the Irish people have been told that they can have the cost of their water use taken out of their benefits.

Fracked mainly methane gas from the sea bed produces 20% more emissions than carbon dioxide.

Contamination is definite, earthquakes are possible.

Shell is connected to Nepal's earthquake, due to fracking in West China.

Shell's own emissions went up 10% per barrel in 2012.

They are not accountable, not taking responsibility for and the EPA know it.

I hold the EPA responsible if they don't stop this license as they know that Shell will destroy the land and sea. 

The drilling will upset sea life, thousands of sea mammals and birds are disorientated and/or dying already. Can you imagine being subjected to that massive vibration and toxicity under water, permanently. You might come back in a next life as a fish and you’ll regret having trashed the place.

30 to 70% of the chemicals used in fracking re-surface.

Ireland and its ocean currents that hold its climate in balance are already threatened.

Shell have shown no remorse for damage done to people already. They are connected to Newmont who are the other violent miners in Peru.

Shell are connected to China's CNBC, where there is some of the greatest pollution in the world, that goes on unchecked by their Environmental Agency.

This week, the people of the city of Seattle are stopping Shell drilling in the Arctic. They will not let Shell’s boats use their bay.

Ireland's EPA should have at least this regard for Ireland and use
1. The authority bestowed on them as licenser and
2. This eleventh hour opportunity to stop Shell and
3. Insist they return the bay to its natural state.

If the EPA want they can find out plenty more of the valid environmental concerns about fracking, drilling into the sea, bringing the toxic unrefined gas ashore, the use of water, the waste, the contamination, the lack of fair recompense.

The EPA can establish that its a false economy to jeopardize and destroy so much of a country for 3 year's only supply of gas.

Please don’t let the ‘American driller’ in either who wants to expand on Ireland’s gas fields. These companies only want to use us up and spit us out.

Of all the fracked-up countries in all the world, the only country that stands to benefit less than Ireland is the Cameroon. Ireland doesn’t even get profits, they get a ‘service agreement’. 

There will be 150 jobs max created and at least that many have been lost in the area.

The ruination will be completely on the EPA’s head if they don’t stop it. The EPA can find many other claims against Shell and well founded evidence to justify refusing them this license.

They can see that Shell being given 123 million euro last week to pay for insurance is a blatant admission of danger and a blatant decision to be covered by insurance rather than mitigate the risks.

I am enclosing the required fee of €126 to make this objection. Shame on the EPA for setting a price so high, for people to defend their country from a multi national.  
I am sending this letter to the paper as well so that everyone knows Shell’s license is up and the EPA can and should refuse a license to shop Shell fracking this summer or ever.  

A much better idea, if the EPA are looking for one, is to protect Ireland’s fresh water and export that instead of cleaned gas. Water is the natural resource that is really needed in every other country. Shell must not be allowed to use it up.

The people shouldn't need to have the petition. Even senior An Bord Pleanala are quoted as saying that Shell are wrong.

The repercussions of Shell are no less than Ecocide. That is what the EPA are sanctioning if this license is granted.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Export Water not Gas - Opportunity to object to Shell's Fracking in Ireland - ends 11th May

Shell are on a roll. The lowest ever payout to a government - 25% of profits…in fact profits aren't discussed its a 'service agreement'. Shell's emissions went up by 10% per barrel in 2012 and they just excused it. 1o% per barrel! Shell have been in court for having lied about how much damage they'll do. Shell have done the same in Ireland by recently being given the 123 million to pay half of which to AXA Insurance - to pay for inevitable damages rather than even attempt to mitigate risks. As we speak, Shell have been stopped drilling in the Arctic by the people of the city of Seattle! Well done them! Seattle has refused to let Shell boats land or moor in their bay. They know that to facilitate Shell will ruin the environment for everyone. In Ireland, the people tried to protect their bay too, in County Mayo. But in Ireland, those brave people who have maintained a stand against shell have had abuse, intimidation and their land ruined. One refused a payment from Shell of €300,000 to stop fishing. Instead of receiving the clear message, that the Irish people don't want Shell to destroy the land and sea, the same person had his fishing boat boarded, by masked men, and sunk. Unbelievably the same brave person was put in prison. This is our time to stick together and collectively make up a Seattle-size objection that really works. Fracking will effect everyone in Ireland and the Environment.

So put your objection in to the EPA…yes you speculate right, the Environmental Protection Agency, who are planning to grant Shell an Emissions License! Tell the EPA that methane released from the ocean floor releases 20% more emissions than carbon dioxide. Tell them that 30 to 70% of fracking chemicals, sent down into the sea bed, surface again? Ask the EPA, who is paying for Shell's humungous use of fresh water. Fracked gas must be 'scrubbed'. Thousands upon thousands of litres of fresh water are used in the process. Everyone else in Ireland is now paying for theirs. I am currently being charged for mine twice! Once by my local scheme and one by the officious loopers who want to charge again. Ask what Shell are going to pay for theirs. Ask if Shell, in addition, will be piping fresh water out to the drills - a few km off shore. Ask if salt water can be used for that part of the process. Please note that all salt water must be 'scrubbed' from the gas to make it usable. Please note that chemicals, waste water and anything else scrubbed off is being released back into the sea again.

Please ask them to refuse Shell on grounds of Ecocide. Ask the EPA to investigate the fracking process further and ask them to confirm beyond reasonable doubt that the earthquake that happened in Nepal was nothing to do with Shell's investigations with CBNC in West China - next to Nepal. Ask that the EPA resist collusion, arrogance and indifference and not grant a license to Shell. Even if the price is right? Even if it is the government department that is dictating. I wrote to the Minister for the Environment, Alan Kelly, and his secretary said he'd passed it on to the Minister for Natural Resources. ...A great chance for fresh thinking around an unforgivable atrocity against Ireland and its people….na, he said, I don't fancy it, I'll pass it on to another department, in case they're interested. Ask the EPA who is going to be accountable once the process goes wrong. Ask the EPA to follow other countries in banning Fracking, as too dangerous and too great a likelihood of explosion, leaks and earthquakes. Tell the EPA it would be easier to insist Shell returns the area and their God forsaken refinery, pipe and fractious sea faring instrumentation. The Earth cannot be restored once it is ruined. Tell the EPA that Shell are only offering just over a hundred jobs and there is only natural gas there that will last 3 years. It is not worth destroying Ireland for.

Whatever happens, put in your objection to the EPA. I know it costs a lot (€120 I think) to object to this wealthy abusive company and that has been deliberate to prohibit people objecting. Nonetheless, get a few households together - not just in Mayo but everywhere - and each put in a tenner. Shell to Sea, the website that keeps people informed, will no doubt help structure an objection too. Tell the EPA  to not grant the license, there is so much evidence against Shell's emissions performance and claims against them already, it would not be difficult for the EPA to state reasons for not granting the license.  So the points are: the contamination of ground water and drinking water: The absence of charge for it. The escalations of emissions. The promise Ireland has made to reduce emissions. The fact that only a few jobs were to be offered by Shell and set that against the cost to all other life on the planet. All lost livelihoods - all boats off the water, contamination of the bay, contamination of local fresh water source, the 20 times strength of the methane. The lies to other governments and Shell's idea of drilling in the Arctic: the most challenged, vulnerable and important ecosystem on the Planet. Take your pick or mention the lot.

Shell are not fit to take responsibility for what they're doing and they have no intention of taking responsibility either. I know I mentioned it before but just think for a minute how intolerable the vibration is if you've your ears under water in the bath and there's a machine running. In my instance it was a tumble drier…Imagine being a sea creature of any sort and quadruple the tumble drier by thousands maybe millions for the vibration of deep sea bed drilling. Its not worth it. It is wasting a natural resource - fresh water - that no country has enough of, definitely Africa and definitely Spain as they're piping water now and rendering valleys barren around the piped supply.

Ireland would be much better off exporting water and even exchanging it for energy. Don't just waste the fresh water to facilitate a plan of Shell's. They're beyond the pail. They're unscrupulous. Its really obvious to the naked eye so don't give up now, people. Your objections are valid and this just might be the time when they can be heard. So I'm just saying get the objections in. Somehow we must stop the permission that EPA want to give Shell, to trash everything.

There are details of the links to  how to object, on the last blog! Thanks a lot for getting your objection in! Fx

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Links to formally object to Shell starting fracking in Ireland

EPA proposing to grant Shell a pollution license and it costs €126 to object

On the 13th of April, the EPA proposed to grant Shell an Industrial Emissions Licence to operate Bellanaboy refinery.
This proposed decision can be objected to but it will cost €126 to object or cost €100 to ask for an oral hearing.  That it costs residents of the area  €126 to put in their views of pollution being allowed in their area is a disgrace.
The proposed decision can be viewed here: Shell license 
Or the entire application can be viewed here: 
EPA link The deadline for submissions is the 11th of May.

This licence is needed after the High Court quashed the previous EPA licence after a court case had been taken by Martin Harrington. RTE News Article 
Posted Date: 18 April 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Letters to and from Minister Coveney re: Dog Shelter Carlow Kilkenny Council Corruption meets Public Tender system failure!

 Dear Minister,
I am asking to request an intervention by your good self to stop an animal disposal company getting the contract to run the Local Authority Dog Pound, for Carlow Kilkenny. I am not sure if you have been following the story but Kilkenny Council lied to the unsuccessful tenderers by letter saying that the contract was to be given to the Animal Care Society, Cork. I congratulated them and offered my help and they responded that they had not even heard of the contract, let alone put in a tender. I understand that this is new territory as the ISPCA have been running the pounds for the last 20 years. I also understand that the council do not want to admit that the tender process was flawed or not well managed as there would be legal implications. That being said, it is clear to absolutely everyone from elected councillors to rescue centres, to the general public that hundreds of thousands of euro of public money should not be given to a private company who will profit from the contract, then the disposal of animal carcasses and possibly from selling unwanted dogs for research - as the company has connections with research companies. 
Because of more than eleven and a half thousand objections, Kilkenny Council let the shelter be discussed by the elected representatives. Now there is a committee.This was formed to decide how the shelter should be run but instead it is a token gesture to appease opposition. I don't mind how you do it, but you must stop the collection service getting this contract. It is totally against any animal welfare objective and will not promote responsible pet ownership. 

I have attached a copy of my plan for the shelter to prove that it can be run properly, for the amount the councils' have and real changes can be made. This story is being covered by the Mail On Sunday and I would love that article to be sharing the fact that you made sure the shelter was put in safe hands. I know you have worked with Four Seasons Promotions, in other areas and I don't want you to have to defend them. Please just make sure that this tender, which relies so heavily on there being a dedicated director, goes to an animal welfare concern.

Kindest regards, Frances Micklem

 I refer to your recent correspondence to Mr. Simon Coveney, T.D., Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine regarding Animal Welfare.
Firstly Minister Coveney thanks you for taking the time to write on the matter and he wishes to let you know that the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine devotes considerable resources in protecting animal welfare and is continuing to work closely with An Garda Siochana, Local Authorities and animal welfare bodies throughout the country in an effort to minimise the risks to animals.
Minister Coveney also introduced new legislation, namely the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 which places a greater responsibility on those individuals and/or bodies to look after animals in their care and protect and safeguard their well being.
In December 2014, this Department announced funding of €1.8m to 142 organisations including PAWS, involved in animal care and welfare services throughout the country. The level of funding being provided to these organisations reflects the importance the Minister places on their work. The details of the organisations who received awards in 2014 can be accessed on the Departments website at sations
In addition to funding animal welfare bodies, this Department has a very active engagement with local authorities and An Garda Siochana on control of horses issues. DAFM refund local authorities for expenses incurred in operation of the Control of Horses Act, 1996. In 2014, this Department paid some € 2.25 m to the local authorities to assist them in their work in dealing with stray, abandoned and unwanted horses.
The matter of awarding local authority contracts referred to in your correspondence falls outside the remit of this Department and should be addressed directly to the relevant councils.
I would like to reassure you that this Department will continue to work to ensure that animal welfare is protected. The public are urged to continue to report cases of animal neglect and or abuse to the animal welfare helpline in operation by this Department or on the helpline Lo call number 0761 064408.
Yours sincerely
Graham Lennox Private Secretary