Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The choice is to heal yourself or ask someone else to do it!

There are many very illuminated and intuitive healers to go to, once you have identified a need. That need might be physical, in the form of an unexpected illness or injury that just won't go away. Or it might be a grim experience with pharmaceuticals and you suddenly realize that there must be medicines that are actually beneficial to the human body. Then of course there are the extreme allergens these days and people want someone to tell them what they need to avoid!

All these situations are on a different tangent to the Energy Clearing we're working on here. Here at Harmony Hall, we have realized that we ourselves have created our every experience. Yes, that means that our allergic reactions are our very own aversion to something. The unexpected injury is recognized as one of our very own unacknowledged sabotaging dynamics shooting us in the foot, just when we set about doing the thing we always wanted to do. And also, the grim pharmaceutical side effects are the clues we've all needed, to at last wake up and realize that we have been operating with a slight victim mentality: We would rather put our well-being in the hands of others. We put our money in the bank, take our illness to the doctor, our fear to the psychiatrist and sweep our feelings under the carpet... or off to the anti-depressants to keep a lid on them or throw our weight around in an abusive, projected attempt to shake off the bad feeling.

Some great people on the alternative health circuit will meet people half way with this mentality.  It is a valid booking after all. Miracles are worked and incredible intuition is levied and great healing occurs. They include the masseurs and everyone who offers a treatment. They are saying, in effect, we will take some responsibility for your condition for you and try and cure it, or ease it. The thing about pain is, however, that it is only the person's own acknowledgement it needs. No one else's.

So with energy clearing, we hold a space for people to compassionately look at themselves and realize their own ability to heal. That is the thing about energy. It is quantum healing, instant. It points to the fact that nothing is really solid or damaged, there are just energies seeking expression through us. It is up to us every time, whether we share the good, the bad or the indifferent. The sink of indifference is the worst, the bad is the negative drain on our spirits and literally negative creation in action. The good is the commitment to allow love to shine through all our interactions and to genuinely see the gift in every experience. Responsibility becomes no longer a source of added guilt, but instead a source of empowerment. It is also a motivation to set our intentions well and clearly, as we know that 'what we think about will come about'. We had better make it groovy.

So the people who will benefit from energy clearing are those that have seen that their own thoughts are having a negative  effect on their lives and they want to take the power back. Also it will help those that have taken the healing journey already, as far as they can, and are ready to reap the rewards of their expanded awareness.

How To Live As One by Frances Micklem - a guide to healing negativity and moving from an old paradigm way of thinking to a new

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Clear Description of the Personal and Professional Wellbeing & Advocacy service offered by Frances Micklem

Healing by Franc offers an internationally traded healing service. It is a knowledge-based service, offering an innovative reconnection to your real self, in all its glory and potential. Via a deep acknowledgement of your past and aspects of the present, a person is freed from the misplaced identification with narrow roles and limiting beliefs. During the process, the person learns skills of objectivity, perspective and empathy themselves. This continued clarity and ability to navigate through previously emotionally charged situations, leads to self mastery in the highest degree. Energy clearing guides the client from a disempowered way of life, believing that everything happens to us to a new life of peaceful presence and future creations, each consciously chosen, to look forward to.

Energy Clearing is part of the growing culture of alternative health and sustainability. This service is unique, my clients have said, as it offers the missing part of the jigsaw for many people on a spiritual path. I think this may be because I always deal with soul retrieval first. 94% of people across the globe are living without any connection to their soul. Rather than this being a necessary survival mechanism in a busy world with many unfeeling practices, it is actually life threatening. Back in the days before modern medicine, soul loss was documented as the number one cause of death - preempting every disease of the body, mind or even accident.

There are so many ways to work that living in the wilds of Harmony Hall BioArchitecture Retreat seems to offer a perfect setting, rather than a remote location. Some clients send me a greetings card with details of which of their offspring they want cleared - the son in Australia who couldn't find work - the son in Dublin who was being harangued at work - the daughter with Fibre Mialga (spelling always tricky with that ailment) who hadn't been able to get out of bed for months. Others come for a first clearing and then have phone appointments for clarity and support. I work with others on Skype and then there's the fun part when I'm flown in, in person, to clear a new house of its predecessor's traces or a troubled trusty steed. This is crucial work, a real investment in yourself and a chance at a clean slate.

If you like the sound of it but you are more DIY in style, I have a book out called How To Live As One How To Live As One by Frances Micklem - a guide to healing negativity and moving from an old paradigm way of thinking to a new and a video shows the simple tools in action on the Healing by Franc website. Radio shows every Thursday and Saturday on The Creating Calm Network and more videos to follow on my you tube channel. Maybe see you on the dark side…but will definitely see you once you come back into the light, lots of love Frances

Monday, June 9, 2014

In our green and pleasant land of heroes, poets and wilderness!

2000 babies found in an unmarked grave in Ireland! They were killed effectively by a drug company during a trial of drugs for diphtheria. I think they could have safely assessed, after the first one or two, that the drug wasn't great. Then there's talk about nuns handing over babies born or letting them die. So we make our choices about who to blame. The church for their cruelty, righteous judgement, abuse and neglect….or the drug companies for their extreme disregard for life, their misuse of money in covering it up (this particular heap of bodies has been known about for 36 years!) or their systematic degradation of the human life form, oh yes and animals, oh yes and our food and not forgetting our environment! Hang on, we have a common theme here. Are the drug companies our new religion? Governments daren't challenge them, they hold most of the money and they are completely unaccountable….there seems to be a common thread forming here!!

Often I come across horrible old and new practices from other countries, abuses that would've shocked but have now been assimilated into education and thought. Today I am gobsmacked by our very own Ireland and its heavy secrets. Children fostered out as slaves for sexual abuse, 7 days of work, zero food … The government oversaw the system and rather than acknowledge and make amends to those who suffered, they cover it up and denied all knowledge, right up until now. Lets face these glaring malfunctions as they come to light. This is not an old boys' club it is a country of 7 million ish people, all with something to contribute. Well done to the queen of England for taking the decision that the people can sack members of parliament. Lets empower ourselves with clarity and get creative about how we're going to heal the nightmare we've woken up in the middle of. We can't do it as victims but we can can definitely do it as conscious agents.  

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Getting centred on a Sunday!

The top ten things I love to do:

Romance - a tantra course should expand on that aspect of life, where desire and conscious manifesting work together for the good, bordering on the totally groovy.

Heal - an energetic adventure into releasing the illusions of separation that keep us from the ocean of life force available to us and that we really are.

Magic - those moments when you realize the whole universe is conspiring on your behalf to bring the people and situations you need, right on time

Ride the horse - to sit on Windy and set off is to instantly transport myself into the the best day of my life, so far…every time.

Write - 'telling it like it is' and 'envisioning it like it could be' documents. It is an area of self-trust and a gift of clarity that I will always be grateful for.

Play the piano and guitar - not usually at once! That 7th dimension of sound is important to me and a God-send in reaching beyond the mundane perspectives.

Dance - It has always been salsa for me but I saw Irish dancing like never before recently and it was as rhythmic and embodying as any flamenco drama I've had the pleasure to watch. Turning any music up and moving is enough though as no-one will know choreographed or graceful my actual dance was.

Garden - There's going to be soya, potatoes, peas and 50 million other things but even tending the soil and breaking it up by hand takes me down in to first gear, peaceful and purposeful.

Chat to the animals in my life. Its the way I have to keep learning and keep loving.